Do you have a vision of where you want to be a year from now? January is a good time to think about your dreams and goals for the year, but there’s a difference between planning and having a vision of where you’d like to be. Planning usually involves concrete steps on how to get to a defined goal. A vision statement answers the question “what would it look like if I achieved all of my goals?”

I recently had an opportunity to have a vision statement created for me by Dr. Heike Jung, the owner of DBL Coaching. Heike is a life coach, business owner and healer. She began her career as a veterinarian working with large and small animals. She soon expanded her skills to become an equine chiropractor, a co-owner of a vet clinic, and a certified horse trainer. And it was the horses who taught Dr. Jung how to be a better leader. I met Heike at a continuing education seminar for veterinarians, and quickly realized that I had met a kindred spirit. Horses are to Heike what cats are to me: Heike’s book, Even Unicorns Need to Learn How to Fly: Horse-Inspired Lessons about Health, Wealth, and Relationships, is a collection of stories of how horses have been teachers and healers in her life.

How a Vision Reflection helps you achieve your dreams

The purpose of a vision statement, or Vision Reflection, as Dr. Jung calls it, is to gain a clear understanding of where you want to go, so you can then implement specific strategies and goal-oriented steps to get you there. “Focusing your mind on where you want to go (on the outcome), creates a shift in your sub-conscious mind,” explains Heike on her website. “You will become more alert to all the possibilities and the opportunities that are presented to you on a daily basis. Opportunities that you had not acknowledged before but that you now see as possibilities to make your goals come true. You’ll be surprised at how your sub-conscious will find opportunities for you now that you’ve let it know what’s important to you.”

How Dr. Jung created my Vision Reflection

To create my Vision Reflection, Heike interviewed me for an hour. She asked in depth questions about my personal and professional goals for this year. I had already done quite a bit of work on setting intentions for myself for this year, but I was surprised how Heike managed to draw additional goals out of me that I hadn’t even acknowledged were part of what I wanted for this year.

Heike then takes the information she receives during the interview and crafts a Vision Reflection. A few days later, she called me to read it to me over the phone. It was a transformational experience. Heike did not just create a list of my goals – she wrote my story, from the vantage point of a year from now. She added personal touches that made this Vision Reflection unique to me, which only added to the experience. There was something incredibly powerful about having someone read the story of my future to me.

How the Vision Reflection shifted my energy

Instead of thinking about my goals in terms of “this is what I’m going to do to make something happen,” the Vision Reflection presented them as already accomplished. It touched me on a level beyond rational thinking and planning. In Heike’s story, I had not only achieved my goals, I actually felt the joy and pride that comes with achieving something you dream of.

Before the Vision Reflection, I was excited about my goals for the year. After all, all of them revolve around making The Conscious Cat an even better website, and improving life for cats and their humans. These are things I’m passionate about, and I was eager to get to work on these goals. Hearing about my future accomplishments in story format created a picture in my mind. Stories have power: they delight, inspire, motivate, and touch our hearts. Hearing my own story in the form of this Vision Profile gave me the confidence that I will achieve all of my goals this year.

Allegra and Ruby don’t understand what the fuss about visions is. Allegra says cats just do what they want, when they want it. Ruby says her vision involves getting more tuna every day.

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  1. Great article and it made me think…I have been putting off helping my Angel Clark Kent Superkitty to put paw to paper in a book…so maybe this will help us both:) Thank you for all the great articles!! So many have been helpful to me and my Furkids!

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