Cat trees are a must have for indoor cats. They satsify cats’ need to climb, they provide a great view of the outdoors if placed near a window, and they offer an outlet for cats’ natural instinct to scratch. Cat trees are especially important in multicat households, giving cats opportunities to share territory on more than one level, without bumping into each other and creating possible altercations.

There are almost unlimited options for cat trees, ranging from basic carpeted models to wooden works of art, offering plenty of choices for discerning cats and their humans. One of my requirements for a cat tree is that, in addition to being fun for Allegra and Ruby, it has to look good and fit in with my home decor. The gorgeous trees made by Pet Tree Houses don’t just look amazing, they will become a focal point in any room in your home.


We reviewed the Seedling Tree House last year. To this day, it’s being used every day, and I love how it looks in my living room.

Pet Tree Houses trees range in size from the 36 inch Sprout to the 7 foot tall Mature Tree House. Each tree is hand crafted and takes up to 1,000 individual cuts to build it. The real trees used to make the tree houses are hand selected, as is the cedar that is used for the platforms.

15% OFF any tree from Pet Tree Houses

Pet Tree Houses is offering a 15% discount to Conscious Cat readers on any of their trees through June 30, 2016.

To purchase, visit and use code CC15 at checkout.

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