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Tortitude: The BIG Book About Cats With a BIG Attitude in Stock and Shipping From Amazon Now


It looks like all of those gorgeous torties that will be featured in my new book, Tortitude: The BIG Book About Cats With a BIG Attitude didn’t want to wait until February 5, which was the scheduled release date, and decided to move things along a bit. The book is in stock and shipping from Amazon now! If you pre-ordered your copy, you should receive it in the next few days.

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, because this wasn’t supposed to have happened, and I won’t get a chance to talk to my publisher until after the holidays, but I’d say it’s safe to say that a hefty dose of tortitude had a little something to do with it, don’t you think?

I will continue to donate $1 for every copy ordered before the original release date of February 5, 2016, to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.

Advance Praise for Tortitude from Jackson Galaxy

“To call torties misunderstood would be the understatement of the year; the misinformed and un-initiated might just see them as moody, grouchy or mean! In this book, Ingrid brings all of her talent, skill and heart to the job of setting the tortie record straight. Anybody who has had the honor of sharing their life with a tortie (like me, as you can see from these pictures of my dear, departed Chuppy) owes Ingrid a debt of gratitude, because she has taken the stereotype, turned it on it’s head, and opened the world’s eyes to the true meaning of tortitude.”

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk animals by transforming the places they live and by helping the people who care for them. They believe that the best dreams are big and that no animal should die waiting for a home. They are working to make this dream a reality.

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Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cat With a BIG Attitude Pre-Order Update


Thank you to all of you who have already pre-ordered Tortitude: The BIG Book About Cats With a BIG Attitude! I’m very excited  that the book has been showing fairly consistently at #1 in “New Releases – Cat Breeds,” and even though torties are not a breed (read the book for more on this!), I’m not going to argue with Amazon about being #1!

Unfortunately, it appears that Amazon has gotten a little ahead of themselves, Continue Reading

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Help Feral and Stray Cats in Cold Weather


Even though feral and stray cats, often also called community cats, are used to fending for themselves during the winter months, they can use some help, especially during severe winter weather. Feral cats are descendants of a domesticated cat that have returned to the wild. Feral cats are born in the wild, as opposed to stray cats, who are usually cats who have been lost or abandoned.Continue Reading

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Coming in June: Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style


2016 is going to be a big year for me! In addition to my new release, Tortitude: The BIG Book About Cats with a BIG Attitude, which will be published by Passionfruit Press on February 5 and is available for pre-order now. The second volume in the popular Purrs of Wisdom series will also be published by Passionfruit Press on June 5.

In Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style, I explore our relationships with cats Continue Reading

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Stella & Chewy’s Recalls Two Cat Formulas


Pet food manufacturer Stella & Chewy’s is voluntarily recalling some of its products sold in the United States and Canada over concerns about the possibility of listeria. A recall of 990 cases of products was prompted by a positive test for Listeria monocytogenes in Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Morsels for dogs in 8.5-ounce frozen bags during routine surveillance testing by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.Continue Reading

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Art Inspired by Cats: Meet Cathi Marro, Musician, Artist and Consummate Cat Lover


Cathi Marro is a professional free-lance musician, educator and artist. She specializes in flute and alto flute, playing in several ensembles ranging from classical symphony orchestras, to flute choirs, rock bands, sacred ensembles and even a performance art troupe. Four fabulous cats and a patient husband allow her to live with them in the Miami, Florida area. Daily cat painting is an important part of her day.Continue Reading

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Mews and Nips: San Antonio College Cares for Feral Cats


At San Antonio College in San Antonio, TX, faculty and staff encourage the campus to responsibly care for feral cats. Scattered feline aid stations throughout the campus provide food and water for colonies of feral cats that call this college home. Vernell Walker, dean of professional and technical education, started feeding the cats about a year ago. “It just looked like they were starving; they looked so thin and they’d be following folks,” Walker said. For more about this caring college and the resident cats, read the full story on The Ranger.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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Bravo Recalls Select Lots of Chicken and Turkey Blend Diet for Cats and Dogs


Bravo Pet Foods of Manchester, CT is recalling select lots of Bravo Chicken Blend diet for dogs& cats due to concerns of the possible presence of Salmonella.

The recall was initiated after routine testing by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture revealed the presence of Salmonella contamination in a single package of Bravo Chicken Blend diet for dogs & cats (2 lb. chub only) made on 11/13/14 with a best used by date of 11/13/16.Continue Reading

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Review: Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat


“Some books about animals warm your heart. Others touch your soul.” This is how I opened my my review of Gwen Cooper’s New York Times bestselling memoir Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wondercat, three weeks after it was first released in August of 2009. Little did Gwen know then how much this book would change her life. It hit the New York Times Bestseller List two weeks after its publication and was eventually translated into more than 20 different languages. Homer became a celebrity cat before there were celebrity cats, and Gwen and Homer made a difference in the lives of more special needs cats than anyone will ever know.Continue Reading

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New York City Cat Sitting Adventures


I previously introduced you to Rudy and Fanny, my New York City friends’ new kittens, after I met them for the first time in August. I fell in love with both of them at first sight. And yes, I’ve come clean about this to Allegra and Ruby, and they grudgingly accept that they now have New York cousins. Continue Reading

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Catit Oasis Review: The Ultimate Kitty Playground


This review is sponsored by Catit and contains affiliate links*

I’ve always loved the Catit line of cat products. The folks at Catit really know what cats like, and how to keep them engaged and challenged. They’ve outdone themselves with the new Oasis Kit: this collection of products has something for every cat’s preference, ranging from products to enhance play, eating, drinking and relaxing.Continue Reading

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