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Ruby is always up for reviewing a new cat bed, and while Allegra usually doesn’t really care for beds, she, too, got in on the act for the super cozy All Purr Puss Cat Bed from Marvelous Melissa. These beautiful handmade beds are created from wool sweater scraps, upholstery fabric remnants, chenille, and micro fiber.

The beds come in oval and round shapes. We received a 19 inch round bed. The bottom is made from microfiber, and the top is a super soft, velvety upholstery fabric. The bed is extremely well made, and turned out to be a big hit with both Allegra and Ruby – and the fact that even Allegra liked it is quite the endorsement!


The bed can be easily cleaned with a lint brush to remove loose hair, and is machine washable in cold water. It can be tumbled dry on a warm setting.

Allegra and Ruby give this new addition to their napping spots four paws up!


For more information about the All Purr Puss Cat Bed, and Melissa’s Darn Sock toys made from recycled socks and Three Blind Mice toys made from felted wool sweater scraps, please visit Marvelous Melissa’s Etsy Shop. You can also find MarvelousMelissa on Facebook.

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  1. I have one of these beds and like others, liked the idea of the recycled sweaters and fabrics being used. And I know how much the cats like laying on my clothes so I thought it would be a hit. I did have to find the right spot for it (inside a wicker basket) but I think the cats find it warm and comforting!

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