Two weeks ago, I attended a one-day Mastermind event with the amazing Peter Shankman. Shankminds is designed to get CEOs, entrepreneurs and small business owners out of their comfort zone and help them take their businesses to  the next level and beyond. What does this have to do with cats?

Hang in there with me, you know I’ll get to that.

Last Sunday I wrote about how important it is to not get stuck in a rut. My day spent in the company of other entrepreneurs from all sorts of different industries took me way out of my comfort zone – and that was a really good thing, because it helped me focus on the kind of life I want, not just for my business, but for my whole life. And what I want is an amazing life.

with the amazing Peter Shankman

After attending Shankminds, I also read Peter’s book Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Raving Fans. While the book is about customer service (and if you’re in a service business – and what business isn’t – this is a must read,) the final chapter inspired me to write this post. In it, Peter paints a picture of how our future economy will be a sharing economy, where trusted peer reviews from those we’re connected with across all of our social networks will determine where we shop, how much we spend, and whether we’re going to tell our friends about it. And the best way for a business to capitalize on this future is by “bringing random amazement into normal situations.” Since the book uses the zombie analogy, Peter created the acronym BRAINS for easy reference.

It occurred to me that BRAINS doesn’t have to be limited to business. Why not bring random amazement into everything you do in your life?

Figure out how to be amazing. What is your dream? Live it! Let the life of someone you admire inspire you: how did they get to where they are? There’s wisdom all around you, whether it’s from the person who is sitting next to you on the train, or the friend who always seems to know just what to say when you need advice. Find unconventional wisdom in the most unlikely places (I certainly never thought I’d find inspiration for a Conscious Cat Sunday column in a business book.)

And of course, when it comes to amazing, you have the best examples purring in your lap, or sleeping in the sun puddle next to you. Cats naturally know how to bring random amazement into everything they do. If you’ve ever watched a cat’s delight in chasing a toy across the room, or her contented stretch after a really good nap, you know what amazing looks like.

What will you do this week to bring random amazement into normal situations?

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  1. My human wishes this event was coming closer to her than San Francisco, which for her requires a plane flight. She emailed them and suggested them coming to either L.A. or San Diego.

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