I’ve been using Spirit Essences successfully for several years, both for my own cats and for my clients’ cats, with results that sometimes seem to be almost miraculous. This line of remedies was formulated by Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian with more than a dozen years’ experience working with essences, and Jackson Galaxy, who helped develop and refine the remedies based on his decades of working with cats. The remedies are constantly updated and refined, incorporating Jackson’s experiences as he uses them in his work.

Another thing that makes Spirit Essences unique is that they are infused with Reiki energy. Three years ago, I was asked by Jackson to provide the Reiki that goes into the essences, and I’ve been doing it ever since. It brings me great joy to be a part of such an exciting company that helps so many animals lead healthier and happier lives.

The Ultimate Peacemaker 3-remedy set is an effective combination of remedies for longstanding aggression or conflicts between cats (and dogs). All three remedies in the set are formulated for all animals.


This remedy helps to reduce or eliminate aggression or jealousy between animals. Peacemaker is the primary remedy for conflicts between animals. It helps soften the edges and reduces tension and territorial “attitude.” It’s also ideal for the re-introduction process after cats have had to be separated due to discord.

Bully Remedy

In multi-cat situations, it seems there is always one bully who wants to be the boss and tell everyone else what to do. Bully Remedy reminds the “big cheese” that things are fine without needing to patrol everyone else, and that it is not necessary to dominate in order to live harmoniously.

Self-Esteem Remedy

This is the remedy for the picked-on “undercat,” the doormat with a victim attitude. Some animals just seem to invite being picked on. They have a passive, docile attitude and run from conflict. This remedy helps the victim stand up for himself and stop tolerating teasing and abuse. Studies in cats, for example, show that once the victim confronts its attacker, the attacker generally stops picking on it as vigorously.

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41 Comments on Giveaway: Ultimate Peacemaker from Spirit Essences

  1. I would LOVE to try this for my little family. I have two cats, Dax and Deli, who get along pretty well, unless Dax wants to play. My mother and I moved into an apartment last year, along with her cat, Homer. Homer was young and very high energy. Dax is fine with everyone – he’s Mr. Friendly. Deli has had some rough experiences with other cats in her life before coming to live with Dax and I, so she is very defensive. Homer just wants to play and doesn’t understand why Deli gets so upset, and Deli just doesn’t want to be touched. They actually get along pretty well until Homer gets too playful. Plus, they do like to antagonize each other, like any siblings. I would love to use these to help them keep the peace!

  2. I tried this trio once and didn’t notice a difference but I’d like to try it again. Our household is finally pretty peaceful but a little fine tuning of behaviors would be welcomed. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. This stuff worked wonders with my 3 cats, one of which tends to have aggressive spurts. I still havent really figured out what triggers his spurts other than sometimes its being startled, but peacemaker alone was the first step that helped him and one of my other 2 cats become friends again. I started the third, shy kitty on Self Esteem and he immediatly started hangingout in the same room with us more, and even met me at the door. He has started standing up for himself with kitty number one ,so much so that Im going to start him on bully remedy instead. Im hoping this will create the perfect balance and everyone will get along.

    It has worked WoNDERS! I am a true believer and Id love to have another sest to further my kitties progress!

  4. I have one cat who is the cat version of an obnoxious little brother. He sits really close to Diva and then does the I’m not touching you act until she starts growling. He really needs help and so do Diva and I.

  5. What a timely and absolutely perfect giveaway! Our fifth (the latest and the last for now) rescued cat is a BIG BULLY. We have exhausted numerous avenues of peace making, unsuccessfully. As a result have had to segregate the cats in the house for safety and sanity. We’d love to try Spirit Essences in effort to restore peace and happiness into our kitty-kid filled home!

  6. I really enjoy Jackson Galaxy products! We have a few toys. Why I would like to win the spirit essence pack is because I have 3 cats with an odd relationship. The queen of the house is Bugs. She likes to be left alone except when She wants or is feeling saucy! She is the mother to second kitty Skid. Who is a lover boy. He is also the protector of the pack and the territory. But wouldn’t know it otherwise because he acts very skiddish. That’s how he got his name. Third kitty is old man rescue Lokie. He is a bit of stalker and his hips bug him sometimes. He gets masage to help. They all pick on each other like brother and sisters would. Bugs can’t go to box without the boys bugging her. They can’t just walk by each other in peace. They have to growl or poke at each other. I think maybe the essence might help calm them for a little peace. I’m afraid bugs will run away one day from being picked on.

  7. We have four Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats – all rescues. They all get along – except for my cat, Moko, who loves people and dogs, but who simply doesn’t tolerate other cats. I would love something that would help her accept our other cats.

  8. I operate a private cat sanctuary for feral cats in South-central PA. Our residents pretty much have their territorial issues worked out. However, in the next town, the local government is planning to trap all the feral cats and have them all killed. A local effort is forming to try and trap and save these cats before this happens and I have offered to take some of them into our sanctuary. We WILL need the Peacemaker set as there will definitely be territorial issues as we are cage-free. I am keeping my paws crossed that we will be fortunate enough to win this.

  9. One of my cats if very aggressive towards the other. I would love to try this product to bring peace to the cats in my home.

  10. I have a bully cat who picks fights with the other cats and even dogs. Our bully cat weighs 23 pounds so he is used to winning every fight! The oil is definitely worth trying.

  11. I have a cat with a very sensitive soul, and two brash and outgoing young male cats who beat up on her regularly. I have tried calming collars, stress food, behavioral medications…Feliway Multicat helped a great deal, but now it is on backorder! I would love to be able to try out the Ultimate Peacemaker package on my group of kitties!

  12. I have 8 rescued cats of my own plus 3 foster kitties that I raised from birth. There are sometimes conflicts arising from the different personalities, & I try my best to sort it out. But I was wondering if Spirit Essences would help me with that. Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. Our family would LOVE to try this trio of your remedies because we have a cat clan of five, and we have different personalities involved, so these remedies could help each of them in individual ways! We have been puzzled as to which ones to choose to help with these issues, so this would give us a chance to work it out! We believe in holistic therapies for our kitties so much!

  14. I have 1 mama cat and her 2 sons (when we rescued her she was already pregnant). One son is very outgoing and sometimes bullies his brother, who has been taking Prozac for a few years to help with his anxiety (otherwise he compulsively licks and gets hot spots). I would love to see if this combination of Spirit Essences would allow him to be weaned off of the Prozac.

  15. These days we have two roaming cats (Lisbeth and Tyler) that we are feeding on the porch. They are still half year kittens and impossible to catch or hold. Soon we will have to trap them and take them to FixNation. We have a third nominal roamer (known as The Doppelgänger) who is fixed and ear clipped and now behaves essentially as though he were a house cat, or a yard cat at least. Then there is the prince of pussies, the indoor/outdoor Leonardo. Leonardo alternates between complete indifference, the need to slap the little ones around/ and a terrible insecurity that makes him tremble in my lap. The two little one’s play-fight, then bam – they are real fighting. Maybe these essences could calm everyone down.

  16. Wish I had known about this when Cholla was alive. He would always pick on poor little Zoe. It would be worse when one of them had to go to the vet without the other. I would put a little vanilla on each of their foreheads so they would share a scent. Worked every time! Now Zoe is the only kitty in the house and is loving it!

  17. I really could use this since I gravitate towards fostering the fearful kittens.. it really would help set them up to becoming pampered house kitties instead of barn cats

  18. I have 4 indoor only kitties that for the most part get along well. One of my kitties, a 7 yr neutered boy kitty is a fearful cat. Unfortunately, instead of fleeing he’s a fighter – these essences would be wonderful for times like that.

  19. All these of these essences would be most helpful to my many indoor cats & the feral so care for. They too deserve the best! Thank you!

  20. I would LOVE this! with all the fosters and my own cats in a small house there is bound to be a freaked out scared cat that needs calming, this would be a life saver!

  21. I’d love to win this for my crew! I’ve used Safe Space for cats in the past, especially when we introduce a new cat to our crew or when we are fostering. I have 2 that don’t see eye to eye and I’d like to see if these would help but I can’t afford to buy them. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  22. I have two that bully sometimes and one that needs some self esteem sometimes. Would love to try this to see if it helps. Thanks for the chance.

  23. I would love to try the Peacemaker. I was thrilled to read about these Essences, and this information arrived in a timely fashion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I would like to win it because I’m about to start fostering in a few days and need all the help I can get when integrating new cats with our own 4 so we can keep PEACE in the house and make everyone happy. The kitty I’m taking in is deeply traumatized, she exists under a towel or a blanket, very badly matted and I don’t even think she grooms herself. I’ve never heard her meow or purr or make ANY kind of noise. Can’t wait to start working with her and help her to feel better about herself and the world around her! Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. I would love to win this because my youngest cat is always bullying the middle age cat. The middle age cat is very shy and scared of everything. It would be nice for them all to get along.

  26. I tried a couple of these formulas on my cats it helped some but with one being a bully and another being a female alpha it got interesting real quick. No one got hurt thankfully. I would love to try them again or donate them to my local shelter for them to use might help get more cats adopted!

  27. I am very interested in these products. I have a multi-cat household with usually at least one foster cat who is out and about with the resident cats once it’s determined s/he will be ok with them. Currently one of the boys is picking on my oldest girl and stalking her. It saddens me to see her hiding and trying to avoid contact/interaction with him. I’ve been taking her in the spare b/r and sleeping with just her to give her some undivided attention hoping it will help her confidence but worried it will backfire if Thumper perceives this to be preferential treatment. I would love to try the essences to see if they can help, in conjunction with extra play time for Thumper

  28. Oh My Gosh is is this ever needed at my house; there had never been a case of multiples not getting along since 1975 — until about 3 to 4 years ago and it has been terror ever since. Rarely the same one but there are 3 that like to fixate on at least one cat and seriously attack; almost killed two of the others even when I’m within 3 feet of the skirmish, the attacker will not stop until I physically break them up. So stressful and dangerous for all concerned. Nothing has worked so far. The aggression was uncharacteristic for any of them all together for nearly 2 years then BAM.

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