Today’s post title sounds like the name of an indie rock band, doesn’t it! Ruby has become fascinated with the first dried up leaves that have been blowing onto our deck for the last few days. To me, they’re a sad reminder that summer is coming to an end soon, but to Ruby, they’ve been a source of endless entertainment, as you can see in the video below.

Ruby: What leaves? Can’t you see that these things are alive? They’re running and jumping all over the deck! I must vanquish them! Wee!!!!

Allegra: You’re such a silly goose, Ruby.

Ruby: Sheesh, Allegra, I though you knew everything. I’m not a goose, I’m a cat!

Allegra: sighs.

Interestingly, Ruby shows absolutely no interest in the leaves when I bring a few inside for her.


And in case you’re wondering about the scratching post she is sitting on, it’s the new Scratching Beam from the Felix Katnip Tree Company, which we recently reviewed. It has become Ruby’s favorite spot for some early morning birdwatching.

16 Comments on Ruby and the Leaves

  1. So cute the way she paws at the window. My daughter’s cat Winston does that to their patio door every time one of his humans goes outside. He also meows with a very sad little voice. He does love to get out the front door and rolls in the sand where their landscaping will go. He doesn’t run, just relishes the sand I guess. One of us has to go outside and scoop him up and he’s perfectly happy to be back inside. Weird. If my Charlie gets out accidentally he takes off in a flash and won’t come back until he’s done exploring. One time he even brought a friend back with him, a stray I had never seen before. So cute.

  2. she is totally precious!!! Cody stands and scratches like that at our patio window, it cracks me up!! He does it with NO leaves there lol!
    Where in the world did you get those gorgeous lavender colored chairs? I LOVE them!!

  3. A friend had an used playpen and one day she filled it with a bunch of leaves and put her cats in it. It was a riot. They got to experience the crunch of the leaves. It became a tradition with her. It was before the time of cell phone videos sadly. 🙁

    Piper prefers the squirrels that come to frolic in them and taunt her when she is inside. She too has no interest when I bring them in. She prefers the ones in my decorations. 😉 Cats!

  4. Adorable video clip! Mine are the opposite regarding leaves; they don’t care what’s going on outdoors but if a leaf gets tracked in? Oh MY — game ON!

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