As cat guardians, we strive to make every month “Happy Cat Month” for our cats, but the Catalyst Council has designated September to celebrate a month that is all about ensuring that cats are happy, healthy, and valued.

Cats are often viewed as self-reliant loners who don’t need much beyond a species appropriate diet, water and a place to sleep, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats need companionship, environmental enrichment, daily play, and most of all, they need us to love them just as much as they love us.

The Catalyst Council will focus on one topic per week this month, and share information via its social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter, and on the Happy Cat Month website.

Topics covered will include:

•Week 1 – Happy Healthy Cat (September 1-5)
•Week 2 – Happy Enriched Cat (September 6-12)
•Week 3 – Happy Multi-Cat (September 13-19)
•Week 4 – Happy Valued Cat (September 20-30)

Allegra and Ruby are ready to celebrate. Ruby wants to know whether Happy Cat Month means that she’ll get tuna every day this month.

3 Comments on Happy Cat Month 2015

  1. In our home there are cat toys, cat furniture, special areas for our furr babies to get away from the floor and each other it they choose to. Our home is a happy playground for 2 rescues who have every thing that a cat could want, except the freedom to go outdoors. Since I am disabled, and spend most of my time with them, my feeling is that if this place is a happy “age” for me, then it is a happy cage for them as well. Everyday is Hapy Cat Day for us. Just ask them.

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