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Katris, the unique modular scratching system that you can arrange in endless configuration to please yourself and your cats just got even better. Remember the computer game Tetris? You get the idea.

The makers of Katris believe in modern design that is functional as well as eco-friendly. The 5 different shaped scratchers are created with top grade 100% natural recyclable cardboard, made from 90% post-consumer materials. They use non-toxic glue, and they’re extremely durable – something I can certainly attest to. We’ve had our Katris blocks for over a year now, and they do get used every day. Katris gets four paws and two thumbs up from us because it offers endless catification options.

Katris collage

Up until now, Katris was only available in one neutral color. This will soon change: on August 17, the makers of Katris are starting a Kickstarter campaign to create special covers for making the Katris blocks more versatile and allowing you to choose covers in different colors to fit your home decor better, or to make them the focal point of your home.

The new covers come in 3 variations:

The Wood Collection


The Wood Collection offers covers in two wood tones made from high quality veneer real wood.

The Mono Collection


The Mono Collection offers simple but clean black and white covers made of 100% recyclable paper. The covers are as strong as wood.

The City Collection


This colorful collection printed is with non-toxic soybean ink, and gives a nod to the Katris HQ in San Francisco. It’s made of the same material as the Mono collection.

The new covers will ship in time for the holidays, but don’t wait to order: you can take advantage of Early Bird specials now!

Click here for more information
and to take advantage of Early Bird special pricing

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  1. But since they are cardboard, don’t the cats scratch them, leaving little bits of cardboard all around and eventually ruining the art? How much mess do you really have from these? And then do they eventually disintegrate from all the scratching? I like them, but not sure about the longevity of the product if it is only cardboard.

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