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I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than a cat getting lost. I’m a firm proponent that all cats should be indoors, but I also realize that keeping cats indoors can be a controversial topic. But even with indoor only cats, accidents happen, and a cat may slip out and disappear.

When Sebastian Langton’s best friend Rango went missing in Sydney, Australia, two years ago, Langton was devastated. After losing Rango, who Langton called “the coolest cat on the planet,” he was determined to find a way to prevent other pet owners from going through the same pain.


The idea for Pod was born. Langton wanted to develop the best pet tracker in the world. He and his team built a prototype, kicked off a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $150,000 and generated massive global awareness.

What is Pod?

Pod is a small, light, real-time GPS tracker designed to attach to the pet’s collar. It will let you locate your pet on demand, monitor his activity and record adventures on a smart phone or computer via an app.


Unique features

The app has some pretty unique features that won’t just allow you to track your pet, but also let you monitor his activity and fitness levels. If you’ve ever wondered just how much  your cat sleeps during the day while you’re at work, this app will uncover her secrets. Alternately, if you’ve been curious about what your cats do while you’re sleeping, the app will answer those questions, too.

Since the app was originally designed to locate lost pets, it features a “locate now” button that will always tell you exactly where your cat is at all times.

Another unique feature is the “Perimeter Alert.” It will allow you to set customized safe zones and alert you when your pet has left a zone.

Lightweight design


The Pod is the size of a wine cork, and only weighs a little more than one ounce. The rounded design attaches easily to any collar and there are no uncomfortable edges to bother your pet’s neck.

Sadly, the Pod came too late for Rango. Langton was notified by a note someone had pinned to a tree that said a person had found a beautiful tabby cat by the side of the road. “I’m not saying the Pod would have saved Rango,” Langton told the Daily Mail, “but it would have helped me make sure he was safe. It would have allowed me to find him straight away and be there for him.”

The Pod retails for $199 – a small investment for peace of mind.

For more information about Pod, and to purchase, please visit Podtrackers.com.

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23 Comments on Pod: Because Your Cat Is Too Precious to Lose

  1. Sorry about Rango mate, my male cat decided to play with a moving car and somehow managed to jump a series of 6ft high fences and get home at 2am in the morning on 3 legs. He’s now sat in a cage in the front room with a spiral fracture being held together by pins and wire, has been for 3 months. I’m now terrified of letting the little sod back out as I’m worried about him doing it again but not surviving this time, I can’t keep him in as he’ll destroy the house (plus the other cat goes out so he’d find a way out there, devious bugger that he is). At the very least this will make him easy to find (assuming he doesn’t find a way to slip out of it).

      • Thanks Ingrid, he’s fine, he might lose his leg (we find out on the 24th) but he’s still an absolute floozy and still behaving like a kitten. The main thing is that he’s alive, not in pain and still the same lump as ever (6kg of fluffy tomcat).

  2. Brand new pod because our Barney British blue went missing for 2 weeks. Really not sure why he ran away vet believes something to do with another cat moving into his territory. After 2 weeks he was found over 1.5k away 2 kg lighter. pod arrived this week no great for us due to living near so may trees. Any help would be great. Plus how to clear what I have already tracked. I won’t my safe zone to be my property boundary but this seems really really hard to achieve.

  3. The pod is fantastic! It has worked perfectly for finding our cat on our 5 acres (and neighboring parcels of 5 acres+). Mac now enjoys life “exploring” to his heart’s content and I can find him whenever I want to leave for several hours and at night to bring him inside.
    However, the new Pod “update” that we received yesterday DOES NOT WORK WELL AT ALL. There must still be a LOT of bugs to work out – the old one works MUCH BETTER. After trying it for a full day on two different phones, we had to delete it and find the old version to re-install in order to find Mac.
    I have recommended this device to many friends and was just getting ready to tell our cat vet about it, but I would like to know if someone buys it now if they will have access to the “old version” because if I would have had to use the new version when I bought it, I would have returned it within a few days stating it simply DID NOT WORK to be able to find my cat.
    However, I can’t state enough how much I LOVE the Pod with the old version of tracking/locate etc.and would recommend it to EVERYONE.
    Please either “fix” the updated version – or, give customers the option of selecting the older version for tracking…

    • Hi Judy,

      So sorry to hear you’ve been having difficulties with the new app. Testing at our end had not revealed these issues which is why it was released. Our team is now hard at work fixing the identified problems and I can assure you that the new version will be much better than the last very soon.

      It is great to hear that you’re such a fan of the device, and we absolutely want to keep it that way, if you like I am willing to invite yourself and Mac to the beta group to help us test future devices and versions of the app.

      Kind regards,


  4. Thank you all for such lovely comments. Rango was a very dear friend and is still missed greatly to this day. It makes me so happy that he is remembered in this way, as a symbol for the company and our efforts in trying to help others avoid the pain of losing a pet. This is why you’ll find the words ‘for Rango’ on every Pod.

  5. I didn’t get a chance to meet Sebastian in March when I got a demo of the Podtracker, and I think it’s just as well. The story about Rango always makes me misty-eyed, and that would have been embarrassing! It’s admirable that he turned such tragedy into something that helps other pets.

  6. This is a GREAT idea. Both of my cats have lived feral — one was born feral and moved in with me after I spent a year making friends with him, and the younger one was found living with a feral colony but is too friendly (tho with a lot of feral traits when I adopted her) to have been born feral. They both Must Go Outdoors. They have a very large, safe outdoors — but Rosie is very, very curious and has gone into other apartment buildings and other apartments. She disappeared for two weeks in Feb. I spent those weeks creating “wanted” posters and searching the neighborhood. Afterward, I didn’t think she had actually left our area. She disappeared on a Monday morning and came home (1.7 lbs lighter) late on a Sunday night. I think she got locked in someone’s apartment while they were on vacation. I’ve seen her go into other apartments, other buildings, when there’s an open window or door. She moves like a flying shadow.
    But the pod tracker is too large for her. She’s only 9.3 lbs, wears a collar and tag because I shopped on Etsy and found a handmade collar which is cotton and very thin and light, and a tiny hand stamped tag. She would notice the pod and be unhappy about it. I would expect her to do her best to get it off. I messaged this creative young man and let him know, I’ll be watching for a smaller pod and will definitely buy a couple of those.

    • Sorry Cheri,

      I’m currently in China working with the manufacturers so a little slow on the response rate. Our unit is currently the smallest and lightest device in the world, we are always working on improving the unit and I have no doubt that as technology moves on we’ll be making it smaller.
      Your cat should have no issue wearing the device, my two boys Smokey & The Bandit have been wearing their units since they we just 4 months old. As with anything you pop on a cat it takes them a little while to get used to it, once they do its size and weight will be no issue.

  7. Indeed, how very sad about Rango. I recently found my lost indoor cat and I can say I was honestly not prepared when it happened. I felt that by following him I pushed him further away from home. I reacted too quickly and had no idea that I was doing more harm than good. If you lose your pet by accident don’t do what I did rather stay in your yard and continue to call. Leave a litter box and food/water outside and inform your neighbours about your missing pet. Also, check the pound on a regular basis. The pod is an amazing device however, if price is an issue making sure you know what to do in the case of a missing pet is important.

  8. It would be better for dogs than cats, IMHO. If your cat is wearing a collar it should be a break-away. The last cat I allowed to go outside lost his break-away collar almost immediately. OTOH, I guess you could track the device and find the collar – over and over again.

  9. Wow! This looks like an amazing device! There’ve been so many on the market that just aren’t quite right for cats. Either too big and bulky or the app wasn’t well tooled… this looks like a real solution. I love the fact that it’s so small and lightweight.

    We’re so sorry to hear about Sebastian’s kitty. How wonderful that he turned is tragedy into something positive for all cats.

  10. I could’ve used this for lost cats in my life and I’m glad it is on a collar. It is surprising how many ignorant people freak out about shelter pets being microchipped. They are livid because of a foolish belief that the government can track them. If you are going to be paranoid, learn your facts, and always protect your pet.

  11. This is awesome but is it waterproof? Sid has a tag that is the same size and he always dips in the water bowl when he drinks

  12. My heart breaks for this awesome human, and how admirable of him to create something so that others don’t have to go through the same sadness.

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