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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that we love our pets. Just how much do we love them? Pictarine, a multi-platform app that allows you to order prints of your favorite photos from your phone and pick them up at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade store, recently announced the results of their survey around American consumers and pet photography.

“We’ve spent so much time over the last year on delivering a great, simple photo experience, and that means looking at a LOT of photos,” said Guillaume Martin, CEO of Pictarine. “We noticed that our customers, across all platforms, took more pictures of their children than anything else, but pets were a very close second.” This inspired the company to take a closer look at the connection between people and their pets.

The survey found that

  • 72% of women consider their pet a member of the immediate family, vs. 59% of men
  • 46% of respondents would most like to spend an afternoon with their spouse/partner. But pets (29%) still win out over parents (25%) and siblings (20%)
  • 40% of respondents save photos of their pets on their phone, but only 6% keep a picture of their pet in their purse or wallet
  • 32% have posted a photo of their pet on social media
  • 45% talk to their pets as if they were a person
  • 39% let them sleep in their beds
  • 27% buy their pets presents, but fewer than that (17%) celebrate their birthdays

Some of these percentages are quite a bit lower than I would have expected them to be – maybe that’s because in my world, every cat is considered a family member?

What do you think? And how many of these apply to you?

For more information about Pictarine, please visit http://www.pictarine.com.

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6 Comments on Pictarine Survey Reveals Just How Much Americans Love Their Pets

  1. Sooo true: most of my women friends call their cats their baby. I personally keep pictures and videos of both kitties in my phone and you will see them whether you want to or not. Last time I made such a fuss over pictures was 40 years ago when I was a new mother and kept an accordion-type album of pictures of my babies in my purse. See?

  2. Before there were mobile phones that also are great cameras, I kept a photo in my wallet of my first cat (Nalle 1983-1999).

    My cat, Kajsa, is not only my companion and friend, she is my “furry baby” and I give her presents every week – little treats or homemade toys, doesn’t even have to cost $1. All my pets, except for the snake I once owned, have been welcome to sleep in my/our bed.

    I would say, if the survey was not about US citizens, but about Swedish people and their pets, the result would be just as high, perhaps higher on how we consider our pets to be a member of the family, and that we consider the pet to be a “person”. I would never refer to my cat as “it” – it’s “she”.

  3. “pets (29%) still win out over parents (25%) and siblings (20%)”

    This one made me laugh out loud because I SO agree and have been practicing this all my life.

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