Like so many of us, Gwen Cooper watched the news coverage of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April with horror. The quake killed more than 8,000 people and injured thousands more. Tens of thousands of survivors are homeless. Even though the news coverage focused primarily on human needs, any large scale disaster always affects animals.

In a country such as Nepal, whose economy relies heavily on agriculture, helping the animals is not only the humane thing to do, it will be critical to the country’s recovery. The quake did not just affect farm animals, it also affected cats and dogs. Some are stray, but many are beloved pets whose guardians may now be homeless, or who may have gotten lost. These animals need medical care, food and shelter.

Gwen created a fundraiser for Animal Nepal and raised over $13,000 in just under 24 hours. But she wanted to do more. She decided to create Kittenish, a crowd-sourced collection of cat selfies sending up Kim Kardashian’s bestselling Selfish. The 200-page book showcases hundreds of photos of cats taken by the cats themselves, submitted by cat guardians from around the world.

Thumper, Brooklet, GA
Thumper, Brooklet, GA

Gwen received more than 8,000 photos in just five days, and ended up including 403 cat selfies in the book. Choosing the photos for the book was quite a task. “All of the photo submissions were adorable.” says Gwen, “but many of them weren’t actual selfies–they were photos of cats that were pretty clearly taken by someone standing a couple of feet away from the cat.” Gwen also gave preference to rescue cats and adds “nearly all of the cats in KITTENISH are rescues.”

Aleksandr, St. Louis, MO
Aleksandr, St. Louis, MO

Kittenish retails for a suggested $3.99 in ebook format, and as a physical book for $23.99. Either version may be purchased at 100% of the proceeds from KITTENISH will go to Humane Society International, to support their ongoing animal-rescue efforts in Nepal.

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8 Comments on Kittenish by Gwen Cooper Raises Funds for Animal Rescue in Nepal

  1. I commend your intention to ‘feed the cats of Nepal’, but I fear the funds of well-meaning and themselves needy AMERICANS will be confiscated’stolen before they ever get near to a cat shelter..if indeed shelters exist in that part of the world! We are making SOME headway over here..lots of GOOD people sacrificing to catch, neuter, release.. although the idea; would be gor no cat to not find a good home. It sickens me to see so many ferals, kitties killed in traffic, by predators, and in weather such as thie past two winters. Yes, I hve put my $$ where my heart is for several years.

    • Hi, Linda! All the money from “Kittenish” is going directly to Humane Society International to support their ongoing animal-rescue efforts in Nepal. This includes cats, of course, but also includes dogs, goats, horses, donkeys, and so on. You can visit the Humane Society website to learn more about their disaster response in Nepal.

      “Kittenish” retails for $3.99. I don’t imagine that anybody’s $4 contribution is going to interfere with any other efforts they may wish to make on behalf of feral cats here in the US or in other parts of the world. 🙂

      Chipping in a little bit as part of a larger effort to help those in dire need is one of the very greatest things we as humans can do. Thank you for everything you do on behalf of cats in need!

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