Cats are masters at hiding pain. By the time a cat guardian recognizes that a cat is painful, chronic pain may already have a considerable impact on the cat’s quality of life. This can be especially true when it comes to arthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects as many as 3 in 10 cats. Only 7% of cats with arthritis receive treatment for this often debilitating condition.

While there are conventional pain medications that can help control feline pain, most come with considerable risk and negative side effects. The Assisi Loop provides safe and effective pain relief without adverse effects.

How does the Assisi Loop work?

The Assisi Loop features targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™). This modality was first studied in the 1970s and is FDA-cleared for use in humans. It uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to help relieve pain and swelling. For a detailed explanation of the technology, please visit the Assisi Animal Health website.

Assisi Animal Health found that this technology works especially well on feline arthritis. It is a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment. Cats tolerate it much better than many medications. Not only that, but a lot of cats really enjoy receiving Loop treatments. Because the Loop stimulates the body’s own healing process, rather than introducing a new substance (like a medication), even a sensitive cat body can handle it easily.


Treatment couldn’t be easier: simply place the Loop on or near your cat while she is resting! As Shakespurr in the photo above demonstrates, Loop time is relaxation time! Shakespurr is being treated for nerve pain.

Happy Assisi Loop customers


The Loop’s most famous feline customer is Lil BUB, who has a rare condition called osteopetrosis. It causes her bones to become overly brittle and dense, prone to pain and breakage.BUB had already achieved internet stardom when she began to lose mobility and soon was hardly able to walk. Her “dude,” Mike Bridavsky, was worried that she might have to be euthanized. Thankfully, a fan came forward and told Mike about the Loop. He began using the Loop and was shocked by the improvement in BUB. Now, after two years (as of this writing), BUB has gone from being practically immobile to playing, running, jumping, and climbing the stairs with ease.


As cats age, they often develop arthritis, but it can be hard to tell when they are in pain. Thankfully, 18-year-old Maine Coon Autumn’s guardian Ellen was very tuned-in to her cat’s needs, and was able to tell that Autumn needed some help. Ellen took her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. After using the Loop, Ellen could see a difference in the way Autumn was walking. She improved quickly, and while she still gets physical therapy and pain medication, she is much more comfortable with the Loop than she would be without it.


Pixie was 15 1/2 years old with a number of problems including an ongoing upper respiratory condition. Her vet initially prescribed the Loop for an anal gland abscess because of the Loop’s effect on wound healing and reduction of inflammation. Since Pixie’s guardians reported that her ability to jump had been greatly reduced for over a year, her vet took radiographs. They showed significant bilateral hip arthritis and lumbosacral spondylosis which can cause pain and reduced mobility of the lumbar spine. Pixie’s vet prescribed the Loop to be used for 15 minutes every 8 hours to help with wound healing. After a few days, her appetite improved, and after two weeks, the abscess had healed. She was also more active than she had been long before the anal gland abscess. Pixie’s guardian continues to use the Loop as part of her regular pain management.

For more information about the Assisi Loop, please visit

Enter to win an Assisi Loop for Your Cat

Please note that the Assisi Loop requires a prescription from a veterinarian.
Winner will need to provide a prescription in order to claim their prize.

For up to seven ways to enter, see the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only, and ends Thursday, June 11. Winners will be chosen by random drawing*. BUB not included.

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*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Prize winner must provide The Conscious Cat with a physical address to which the prize will be mailed within 72 hours. If this information is not received, an alternate winner will be chosen by random drawing. Winners will be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

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Photos of Lil BUB ©Mike Bridavsky, used with permission. All other photos via Assisi Animal Health, used with permission.

60 Comments on The Assisi Loop: Effective Pain Relief for Cats – Enter to Win

  1. Our cat Mugi had rickets when we found him and it caused him to have malformed muscles and joints in his lower body. I dont know for sure but, it is possible this causes him pain and discomfort.

  2. our sweet girls are getting older and they are slowing down, this would be a blessing if I won this. Thank you so much for the opportunity

  3. What a fantastic giveaway, thank you! We have two 11 yo cats and I would enjoy having this available if it’s needed or even if our vet feels it would be beneficial now for any of our guys. They are so very dear and important to us that we will try everything possible to relieve any discomfort they may experience.

  4. I have a sweet older boy who is getting arthritic and is having a difficult time getting around. He loves to snuggle on the bed, but now has increasing difficulty negotiating the jumps off and on. I am sure this would help him so much. Thank you for the chance!

  5. Our Jackie kitty could definitely benefit from this, she has some arthritis in her back and in her feet. In fact we were trying to figure a way to save up to buy one but winning one would be even better.

  6. I would love to win an Assisi Loop for my Persian Jackie. He will be 17 in September. Jackie has inoperable Polycystic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Liver Disease. He also has CRF and arthritis in his lower back and hips. He’s doing well with acupuncture and cold laser,but could really benefit from the Assisi Loop. Thank you for giving us and other cats the chance to win.

  7. I don’t know if I dare say this on this site, but my cat Prince Leonardo doesn’t appear to need this yet (in spite of his moving up there in years); it is Señor Mike the Senior Dog (a Chihuahua/Corgi mix) our recently adopted rescue that has painful back legs that I am thinking of. Would the loop be helpful for him?

  8. As an aspiring veterinary technician I’m always amazed to find new ways to help with a patient’s pain. With passive motion pt and a new Assisi loop I’m sure I could help my aging cat with her joint pain and hopefully reduce her medications 🙂

  9. I don’t need the Loop right now for my boys, but I met Lil Bub on Saturday at the Portland, OR, Hollywood Theatre. Loved petting her and meeting Mike.

  10. I run a sanctuary for fiv and felv positive cats. I also have several elderly rescued dogs. If this helped our animals our supporters would be interested in learning about it for their personal pets.

  11. At 16 Zoe has trouble climbing and can no longer jump very high at all. I’m told she has arthritis but her sensitive stomach will not handle meds well. Would love to try the Assisi Loop.

  12. My mom’s cats could benefit from this 2 of the 4 are older. I believe slowi,g down due to arthritis.

  13. My baby just hurt her knee and has to rest for a month. Then she may need knee surgery if it doesn’t heal.

  14. I have a kitty with chronic mouth issues; a kitty with skin problems; a kitty with radial nerve damage. We desperately need this.

  15. I adopt already declawed cats, and they tend to have a lot of problems with arthritis because being declawed changes the way they walk and puts pressure on the joints. My baby, Dax, who I adopted seven years ago from a shelters after he was found as a stray on the streets in the middle of July in Texas, is eight years old, four paw declawed, and already showing signs of hip arthritis. I would LOVE to use this to help keep him mobile and comfortable!

  16. I would love one because I love older cats, and always have one or two who could use arthritis relief.

  17. This is such an awesome device! My 16.5 yr old cat Jasper was diagnosed with arthritis when he was 10. I started using the Assisi Loop in Sept 2013, and it’s been amazing. He’s jumping, running and playing like a kitten again. I can’t say enough good things about it – and you can put it on your babies at home instead of going to the vet for any treatments. It’s by far my favorite and most helpful treatment for him. I’ve tried all that I could think of for the last several years – Adequan, laser therapy, chiropractic, aqua/acupuncture, supplements and it just wasn’t fully doing what he needed which was getting rid of the inflammation. I just know what I put my poor baby through going back and forth to the vet so often and I’m so grateful I don’t have to anymore. It’s not that the other treatments didn’t help him, they did, it’s just that the Loop has been mine and his best experience in helping his arthritis.

    If you have a cat with arthritis – this is WORTH the cost and way less expensive than many other treatments!

  18. This sounds unbelievable and I rescued a full grown persion whom I named Dr. Watson as he was in really bad shape and spent a lot of time at his vet. well, he is now called “Old Man” who is 22 human years old and just had a tumor removed from between his toes the size of a Shooter marble and has severe arthritis and needs a shot(headed to the Vet) plus is fighting a cold and this Assisi Ring could be very helpful to extend his life. He is also blind and can’t hear but loves me and I would not know what to do without my Dr. Watson in my life!

  19. I would really like to try this on my almost-17-year-old cat Luna and there is not a provider in my area. Luna has arthritis and we are struggling to balance keeping her comfortable without over-medicating.

  20. I’m very interested in finding out if the Loop would help my 15 year old, Kiki, with her arthritis. The stories of healing & vet endorsement certainly sound promising for her.

  21. Thinking this may help my 1 year old cat that has severe epilepsy. I can only really pet her head and tail without her going into a seizure. Maybe this would help with the pain and help her move around a little more??

  22. My feral rescue Moon used to get beat up a lot when he lived outside. He is very territorialy insecure, and so when other cats wander into the yard, he gets cystitis almost instantly. I’d like to be able to ease his pain without painkillers, which just knock him out.

  23. This is a great device! I don’t like taking pills or meds for my aches & pains, and I would rather not have to do that for my 2 boys, either. This would be nice to have!

  24. How intriguing…. I don’t have any cats that would currently need this, but my girl Gabby is starting to get up there in age. Couldn’t hurt to be prepared

  25. I have looked up this wonderful device before and would love to have one for Oscar and Anya, who both have some back problems. Thank you for posting about this product, Ingrid!

  26. The story of Bub’s improvement with this therapy is fascinating. I appreciate the chance to try it with my 18 yo boy, who is showing signs of arthritis in his hips.

  27. I would like to have one for my 12 y.o. Bengal whose previous owners, unfortunately, had him de-clawed and now his arthritis is getting worse. I would like to be able to offer him more relief than just supplements.

  28. I’ve known about this technology for some time but the product is new to me. With Seren-Kitty at 18 years old, this would be a great help to her, I think. And my GSD Magical-Dawg at age 8 has just begun to show reluctance jumping into HIS car, so the timing is right for him as well.

  29. My cats are all getting older, so this would be nice to have. That’s not the main reason for my interest, though.

    I have a 10 year old Pomeranian, Sarah, that was used as “breeding stock” at a puppy mill before her rescue. One year ago she had surgery on both of her knees for Grade IV luxating patella. While she initially began to improve, her condition soon began to rapidly deteriorate. I can’t even tell you how many visits we’ve had between two Vets and the surgeon over the past 13 months. Sarah even began to get infections around the pins in her legs and had to have them removed one month ago. The pins in one of her legs had also migrated adding to her pain and discomfort as they were protruding into the tissue. The poor little girl even had infection at the surgical site after the removal surgery.

    Sarah also has issues with her spine, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of her pain/discomfort at any given moment. Steroids are the only medication that give her relief, but as soon as the dosage is reduced, she once again starts to go downhill. The Prednisone had a horrible effect on her body, but unless we find something that does work, we need to start talking about quality/length of life Vs. the medical risks of steroid use. That would be giving up on her though, and I’m not ready to do that.

    I was hoping that she would feel a lot better after having the pins in her legs removed, but so far, it’s not enough of an improvement. One of the 4 pins actually broke off and couldn’t be removed, so while it’s not protruding into the tissue, it’s still a concern. She also has stitches that her body must absorb (contributing to the inflammation/pain).

    I hopped online to look for additional (safe) therapies when I found your post. I’m 100% certain that my Vet would write a prescription for this.

  30. My oldest cat is 10 years old, and she does not move as quickly or as much as she used to. She is a bit overweight because of this, and I think she would benefit from the loop.

  31. Winston, my beloved senior FIV+ Flamepoint, has been successfully treated for the past four years for arthritis with Adequan, and he now has pancreatitis as well. He takes a range of medications for the pancreatitis but still has days when he isn’t feeling very well. It sounds like the Assisi loop would be super helpful for him.

  32. My senior Maine Coon, Koneko, is definitely feeling his age these days and I think this would really help him.

  33. My senior cats would benefit from the Assisi Loop they have arthritis in their hips and have trouble getting around sometimes.

  34. Our oldest cat, Sweet-P, is 18 now….doesn’t jump up on the bed anymore, so I’m thinking she has signs of arthritis. Otherwise, seemingly a great quality of life.

  35. I’d like to win the Loop to help Carmine with his arthritis. He’s on Cosequin, but he’s getting older. I’m hoping the Loop will help delay the need for more medication for him.

  36. I presently have three long-haired cats and two Jack Russell terriers. The loop interests me because my animals tend to live long lives. My felines are aged 15, 12 and 4. I had a dsh female who I found as a a hours-old kitten in 1986. She went through the usual aging problems, including gradual blindness in 2004. She was active and fairly healthy until mid-2013. Her incontinence and pain increased and I had her put to sleep in December of 2013. . The same year I found her, another of our cats expired at age 23, after crawling into the engine compartment of my son’s car . . . Alas, You can guess what happened when the kid went out to start his car to go to school. . .
    I think I should get to know more about the Loop.

  37. I would love to win this for a friend who has a few cats and the one has losts of trouble with getting around. Thanks for the chance to win!

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