Does your cat like to “help” you work? Does this feline assistance often manifest as your cat lying on top of your keyboard, or rearranging vital papers you need for your current project? Now there’s a solution that will make cats and humans equally happy: your cat will have a comfortable place to rest while you work, and your productivity will increase!

The Desk Nest™ is a comfortable cat bed that attaches to your desk, table or any  other flat surface (think nightstand, coffee table, even a window sill as long as it’s wide enough.) The bed is adjustable so that it can float over your desk or swivel off to the side so you can keep your desk  clear for your work. The bed is strong enough to support cats up to 20 pounds.


The Desk Nest™ is currently in development. Visit Desk Nest™’s Kickstarter page to learn more and to sign up to find out when you can get it at a significantly discounted price.


Your cat could star in a commercial!

The creators of Desk Nest™ are looking for people to submit videos and photos of cats on their keyboard or generally getting in the way on a desk. The submissions will be used for the Kickstarter project. You can earn $50 per video or $20 per photo if your submission is selected! Please email Desk Nest™ for more information.

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8 Comments on Desk Nest™ Keeps Your Cats Close While You Work

  1. I was so excited and went to your Kickstart page immediately, hoping it would be ready soon.

    However, I just saw the comments on this page is 2 years old. I guess that means these were never developed. So sad!

  2. Assuming the cat would GET in there and STAY in there…. some felines undoubtedly would prefer to sprawl out over papers and the like – I mean, they think they are helping after all don’t they! Be interesting to know what Allegra and Ruby might think of such an idea……

  3. Hi All,

    This is Scott, creator of Desk Nest.
    To answer KG’s comment above, the bed part is removable for cleaning.

    If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to contact me directly using the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of our landing page.

    We would love your video submissions for our Kickstarter video.

    Thank you for checking out Desk Nest!!!

  4. super cute…but…I try to NOT keep Cody close while I am working lol. Due to poor lighting conditions in my office, I now work from the dining room table which is STREWN with papers, etc.

    Cody is known for joining me ON the table and chewing anything and everything in sight when I am not giving him meals or treats fast enough.

    I need a “cat deterrent” when I work!lol!!!

  5. Interesting. I’ve seen a mountable desk bed that is basically a wooden box. This looks more comfy. However, for me to consider buying, the bed part would have to be removable and fully machine washable/ dryable.

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