James Bowen and his cat Bob have been capturing hearts ever since A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life was first published in the UK in the spring of 2012. The book has since become an international bestseller. There are reports of a movie deal, and just last week, news broke of a licensing deal for Bob themed merchandise. I’m a huge fan of James and Bob, and for me, it’s been a joy to watch this unlikely success story of a former drug addict and his rescued cat unfold. James and Bob’s latest venture will be a cat cafe in London.

James envisions the cafe as a safe haven for “not only cats that need the love, but for the people who love cats, too.” The café will provide a home for homeless, abused or unwanted cats, and a safe haven for people who love the Bob series, and other like minded individuals, to come in and have tea, coffee and refreshments while being surrounded with cats. Proceeds will go towards UK charities Cats Protection, The Blue cross, The Big Issue Foundation, and Quick Reads.

James Bowen launched an Indiegogo campaign to help cover the start up costs for this venture. The campaign offers a number of perks, ranging from a personalized thank you note from James and Bob to tickets for the opening event and a Skype call with James and Bob. The money raised will be used towards opening the café. James and Bob will also donate to a rotation of their supporting charities, such as The Big Issue foundation, The Blue Cross and Quick rReads.

For more information and to contribute, please visit the Bob’s World Cat Café Indiegogo campaign.

19 Comments on James Bowen to Open Bob’s World Cat Café in London

  1. What an awesome idea!I just watched the movie today.I really think Bob is a intelligent and sweet cat.I wish I could go visit Bob and James when I grow up.But I live far away.Good luck to awesome Bob and James.

  2. I started a message but lost track of it! It was to wish James and Bob a happy time in Germany and to ask them to keep us in touch with them while they are there. Bon Voyage and a safe return!!!! Natasha

  3. Will The café be opened in August? I will visit London then and I’m looking fowrad to meet James and lovely Bob..

    • Bob is an exceedingly amazing cat and James is incomparable as well. I can’t wait to visit the cafe in London in 2016!

  4. Bob’s World is a fantastic idea! If i ever visit London from Canada, it will be for only one reason, to go to Bob’s World and meet James and the magnificent Bob! I love their story, their love and how they are loved by fans all over the world. Yet they remain grounded and are raising funds for charities. How great is that…xoxoxo

  5. Soooo have to bring my daughter to this cafe! She has high functioning Autism and believes she can talk to cats, she talks about taking Jack (one of our cats) on holiday with us but doesn’t understand why she can’t bless her. This cafe would be a dream for her- please could u have soya milk as well maybe? As she’s not allowed cow’s milk-loves tea and milkshakes. 🙂 #catinapreviouslife

  6. Hi!
    Wish I could come and have a nice cup of coffee, being able to pet the kittens!
    So very far from Stockholm though..
    Been reading all lovely books!
    Good luck James and Bob!
    Such a marvellous initiative 🙂

  7. Dear James, Sweet Ginger Bob & Co,
    I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I have just arrived in the UK. I am a recovering addict and celebrated 8 years clean on the 23rd February 2015. I would love to help. I am unable to provide funds for now, but I would like to offer my services in a way of time, experience (several years cafe/restaurant experience) or any thing else you may need me for. I am a huge fan and your book and story are close to my heart. I had a cat named Smudge who I loved dearly, but had to give to new owners and would like to dedicate my time with you to her. Please let me know. Thank you for being an amazing human, cat and inspiration. Therese aka Terri

  8. This should really be very successful; am sure people will flock to it.

    What a wonderful idea, and really good to know that animal charities are going to get the benefit, specially the lesser known ones.

    Every success to James and Bob

  9. James.Bowen and his cat “Bob” is definitely movie material, a unbelievable true life rags to riches story of a cat/human partnership.Nice to know that James.Bowen is opening a “CAT CAFE” in London and wishing him success in his new venture.

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