Mews and Nips: Cats Have Been Covered by the New York Times for Centuries


There’s no question that cats have taken over the internet in recent years, but it may be more surprising that they’ve also been covered for centuries in one of the most venerable newspaper in the world, the New York Times. Science Daily reports that Matthew Ehrlich, a journalism professor from the University of Illinois, compiled hundreds of cat-related tales from the Times’ digital archives. Stories date back as far as the 1870’s, and Ehrlich’s findings show just how much our views about cats have changed over the course of time. In recent years, cat stories in the paper have averaged almost once a week, he said. Read more about Ehrlich’s research on Science Daily.

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Today’s video shows what appears to be a common enemy of cats: bananas! Enjoy!

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Photo via Science Daily, Credit: © Alta Oosthuizen / Fotolia

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  1. Esme
    February 22, 2015 at 12:59 am (5 years ago)

    sweet video-Penelope used to love spanking the broom when it came by her. She was mesmerized by it and would love to whack it.


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