With our sixth anniversary rapidly approaching, we have a few surprises in store for you, and we’re excited to share our first one with you today: We have a new look!

We hope you like our beautiful new header – Allegra and Ruby helped design it, and they’re very proud of their contribution. We also generally brightened things up a bit to make things easier to read. Let us know how you like our shiny new look!

What’s not changing about our site is that we’ll continue to bring you all the latest information you need to keep your cats happy and healthy. We’ll introduce you to the latest products and books, and we’ll bring you all the news from around the cat world.

Coming Soon: Our 6th Anniversary Giveaway
6 Grand Prizes – 6 Winners

And of course, we’ll continue to have lots of giveaways – and boy, do we have a big one coming up for you for our anniversary! On March 1, we’ll be launching our biggest giveaway yet: we’ll have six amazing prizes for six lucky winners, one for each year the Conscious Cat has been published.

We’d like to thank you for reading every day, and for sharing our content with your cat loving friends. We love having you along with us on this exciting journey, and we hope that the Conscious Cat will continue to be your go-to site for all things cat.

We’d like to give a shoutout and huge thank you to our fabulous webmaster Jared Bronz, and web designer Erica Buki of Sysgen Media, for creating this new look. Sysgen Media is also our webhost and does all the technical things on this site that are beyond my capabilities. We couldn’t ask for a better company to do this for us.

17 Comments on Welcome to the New Conscious Cat!

  1. Love the header, Ingrid! I love that you’ve kept Ruby on the header. After all, she’s still a major part of the spirit behind The Conscious Cat and always will be.

  2. Everything looks wonderful , the new header is so ‘clean’ looking and Allegra & Ruby look great on both sides. Wiw, 6th Anniversary, congratulations and thank you for all of the knowledge, fun and wisdom.

  3. Appreciate the bolder text and neater presentation. The photo of your two girls is priceless.

    I have a HUGE Torti named Molly, a rescue [foster failure], mere hours away from death at two weeks old [& only 45 grams] at a Wylie garbage dump. She’s now about eleven years old & doing well all things considered. She also has the large orange chest with mostly brown-black coat & small sprinklings of orange throughout.

    The site is more readable but as someone with low vision, continuing to use light gray on the white background is not legible. In fact, it’s just cruel.

    I wish web designers & bloggers would think at least a little like a disabled person, & keep us in mind when using tools that include, rather than exclude readers.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the new header. Thank you for your feedback on the font color. One of the things I was trying to achieve with the redesign was to make it easier to read, and I thought we had accomplished that. I will pass your feedback on to my web designer.

  4. The new header looks GREAT!!! Allegra and Ruby are SO cute! I have one Tortie in my menagerie, and she’s a funny girl. I like seeing her cousins in print! Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! please keep up the good work!

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