Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You) is the result of a collaboration between Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin. In this beautifully designed book, Galaxy and Benjamin offer the definitive guide to creating a cat-friendly home environment by sharing design tips and DIY projects that can be accomplished by even those who may be afraid of using a hammer and nails. Projects range from simple wall shelves and kitty hammocks to elaborate cat trees and “catios” (outdoor enclosures.)

Catification is essential for single cat as well as multi-cat households. Many behavior problems can be prevented or eliminated by providing an enriched environment. Catification reduces stress levels for cats and humans, and allows everyone to share the same space peacefully. “A home that proudly advertises that you care about your own comfort as well as that of your animal companions is beautiful,” writes Jackson in the book’s introduction.

Enter to win an autographed copy of Catification – 3 winners!

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FTC Disclosure: The three books were provided by the publisher.

66 Comments on Giveaway: Autographed Copies of Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)

  1. I have a “herd” of rescue cats. Half used to be feral. I work hard to make this home a peaceful environment. Catification helps everyone have a sense of their own space.

  2. We already started by enclosing a small porch at my mother’s house for the cats but, we could totally use the ideas in the book to really catify the space!

  3. My kitties would love it if I catified my home. The ideas in the book would help me do this. Thank-you for the opportunity to win.

  4. I’d love to have this book to get great decorating ideas to catify my home for my babies! We are getting ready to redo parts of our home and I’d love ideas to incorporate into it!

  5. JXSN:
    I hav four cats who USED to go outside and now stay indoors….we desperately need STIMULATION & ENRICHMENT

  6. I would be so honored to own a signed copy of Catification! I love Jackson! My 4 rescue kitties would love if Mama & Papa could figure out how to catify our small mobile home1

  7. I want to be inspired to create an amazing space for cats. (I don’t have a cat right now because my Cinco died last year but I think I’m close to being ready for another cat.)

  8. I am building a new house and need to have great ideas on how to catify it for our 5 cats plus the foster cats! That cat room/foster room will be over 600 square feet, that’s a lot of catification just in there!!

  9. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats (all rescues). While they all get along, there are ties when the cats could really use a break from the dogs. I’d love to win this book to get ideas for making our house a little more cat friendly.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jackson’s first book, and I can only imagine growing further by reading another one!

  11. I have 4 cats and would love to own a copy of this book! Transforming my house for my cats would be so much fun and more importantly benefit them!

  12. I have been a Jackson Galaxy fan fron Day One, loved his book Cat Daddy and gave it for gifts to many friends. I don’t own Catification yet only due to a recent car accident which wiped out my old car and injured me creating big medical bills, but it’s on my WANT list and I will get it someday. I would be THRILLED to have an AUTOGRAPHED copy. I already have a Pinterest board called Catification which includes lots of pictures from various sources showing my favorite examples of catification.

  13. Right now, I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and I rent, so I really can’t do much to catify this place. My two poor boys really have nothing to play with, or to stimulate them. I absolutely ADORE Jackson Galaxy, and watch “My Cat From Hell” faithfully, especially when the new shows air. I have wanted to get his book for a while now, but since I’m on a fixed income, I haven’t been able to afford to get it. It would be awesome to win one! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. Were moving in a couple months due to obnoxious landlords and know how to cat customize our new place would be awesome.

  15. Nothing but the best for Annie, my Ragdoll! I’d love to have some personal advice from Jackson on how to keep her entertained 🙂 Terrific giveaway for us cat parents.

  16. Cannot wait to get a copy of Catification! Am planning to buy a copy but would love to win one. He has the best catification ideas, and all kitties deserve the best!

  17. I would love this book! I don’t have a lot of extra money and I’m no carpenter, but I definitely want to catify my house more.

  18. We would love to win a copy of Catification! The whole family would love ideas to make our furry members more comfortable.

  19. We have watched Jackson since the start and all I talk about is “catifying” our new house whenever we get one, for our meows

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