Month: December 2014

How to Be the Purrfect Veterinary Client


Veterinarians and their staff are some of the hardest working people around. They are dedicated to making pets’ lives better, and they often work long hours for very little compensation. More and more veterinary clinics are understanding cat’s unique needs, and as a result, more practices are becoming cat-friendly. But vets and their staff aren’t the only ones who are responsible for making your cat’s trip to the veterinary clinic as stress-free as possible. There are things cat guardians can do during a veterinary visit that will not only endear them to their vet and staff, but will also make the experience easier on your cat. Continue Reading

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The Night Before Catmas: The Rescue Version


By Harry Shubin

T’was the night after the adoption event,
And all through the store,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a stray cricket on the floor
The Adoption Counselors were all snug in their beds
Thinking of ways to move adoptions ahead.Continue Reading

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Simple Solution Pet Hair CleanUp System – Book Review


When you share your life with cats, cat hair is a fact of life, and you pretty much have two options: you give in to the inevitability of it, or you keep trying to find different solutions.

Simple Solution has launched a new system of products to make pet hair clean up easier. The system is made of up three products.Continue Reading

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Ask a Cat Vet: What Should I Feed My Cat? What to Look For & Avoid

siamese cat eating food from bowl at home

Written by Fern Slack, DVM

In veterinary school, I was taught to feed cats breakfast cereal.

This is not a joke. It is hard to imagine anything further removed from a cat’s evolutionary diet (small animals of the feathered and furred varieties) than a diet consisting of corn, wheat, rice, squash, peas, tapioca, carrots, apples, sage, oregano…. The list goes on. Many trendy cat foods today have ingredient lists that look just like this. Sounds like the makings of a wonderful Thanksgiving feast – but not for a cat.Continue Reading

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Almost Invisible Cat Litter Solves Litter Box Problems


When I was approached by the makers of Almost Invisible Cat Litter, I was intrigued simply by the product name. I was also interested because this product is distributed by, the largest distributor of Anti-Icky-Poo (isn’t that a great name?!), which has been my ” go to” cleaner and odor remover for decades. I first started using Anti-Icky Poo when I managed a veterinary hospital, and believe me, we dealt with our share of icky odors and stains.

Since Allegra and Ruby have a bad track record when it comes to accepting alternative litters, I declined to review Almost Invisible Cat Litter, but I wanted to introduce you to this product.Continue Reading

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How Cats Show Affection: 8 Signs to Look For

bengal kneading blanket

Cats have a reputation of being aloof, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats express affection for humans and for each other in a multitude of ways. Each cat is an individual, so not all cats will show affection in quite the same way, but there are some common ways how cats show they love you.Continue Reading

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CarPET Scratch Stopper Saves Your Carpets


I have never had a cat who liked closed doors, which is why at our house, the only time I close doors is when I have a service person at the house. During those times, I lock Allegra and Ruby into my guest bedroom for their own safety. And they don’t like it at all. Allegra in particular has a very low tolerance for being locked up, and starts to dig at the carpet under the door after just a few minutes. As a result, the carpet in the room’s doorway has become pretty frayed over the years. Allegra even managed to rip up part of the edge.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who experiences this problem. Continue Reading

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How to Get Your Cat to Lose Weight


A survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity in 2012 found that a staggering 58% of America’s cats are  overweight or obese. These statistics mirror the equally disturbing increase in human obesity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one third of adults in the United States are obese.Continue Reading

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