If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve watched some of the cat videos that have gone viral and thought “my cat is way cuter or funnier than this!” Well, now you have a chance to prove this, and earn some money at the same time.

MOZAYIC, a new YouTube focused business dedicated to helping filmmakers create exciting content that is presented and promoted to audiences worldwide, wants to help your video go viral. Simply send in your cat videos and your cat could be the next feline internet sensation.

The best 50 videos will each get $100 and be uploaded to a YouTube Cat Channel that already has 40,000 subscribers. From there you will have 90 days to see who gets the most views and likes. The video with the most views and likes will get $1,000 in cash. MOFILM will also offer a $1,000 production grant to make a film for a future MOFILM brand contest.

Your video should be a minute or less in length. If you have an existing video on your phone camera, you can dub the video or subtitle it, add music or voice over it. You can include humans, or even humans dressed as cats or cat puppets. The only specification is that it has to be appealing to cat lovers.

For more information about the contest, and entry rules, please visit


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