Mews and Nips: Cat Receives Lifesaving Blood Transfusion from a Dog


Buttercup, a Florida cat whose red blood cell count had fallen to dangerously low  levels, received a transfusion of canine blood that save her life. Buttercup’s veterinarians didn’t have ready access to feline blood, and time was of the essences. Cross-species transfusions are a risky procedure. “You can’t give type A blood to a type B blood cat because it’ll cause a severe immune reaction,” said Dr. Sean Perry, who performed the procedure at Marathon Veterinary Hospital in Florida.”It was actually safer to give the cat dog’s blood.”  Buttercup came through the rare procedure without any problems and has made a full recovery. Read the full story on The Daily Mail.

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The kitty in today’s video seems to have a strange fascination with the vacuum cleaner. I don’t know about your kitties, but Allegra and Ruby have a rather adversarial relationship with ours!

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Photo of Buttercup via the Daily Mail

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