Month: October 2014

The Adventures of Coco Le Chat – Book Review

Coco Le Chat

In The Adventures of Coco Le Chat: The World’s Most Fashionable Feline, Coco, a tortoiseshell Cornish Rex cat, travels to New York City. Over the course of a week, this fashionable feline visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Ballet, Coney Island, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel, and, of course, being a feline fashionista, a number of famous department stores.Continue Reading

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One Day Only: Free Download of Adventures in Veterinary Medicine


I’m delighted to be able to offer you my newest book, Adventures in Veterinary Medicine:What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love, and Myself  as a free download for Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can download a free reading app to read this and other Kindle books on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone.

The book offers a unique look at what really goes on in a veterinary hospital through the eyes of a former veterinary hospital manager,Continue Reading

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The Cost of Veterinary Care in 2023: A Vet’s Perspective


Written by Elizabeth Colleran, DVM

Three weeks ago, a long standing and wonderful client of ours scheduled a long-awaited dental procedure for her cat Lily. Until we could get her scheduled, she was on pain medication for the cavities we had previously diagnosed. Since we know that dental pain is the same in the cat as it is in people, we knew she was uncomfortable despite the fact that she was still eating. The only significant change the client noticed was that she tilted her head just slightly to one side while eating.Continue Reading

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Catification is a New York Times Bestseller

Stages of Grey by Clea Simon – Book Review


I always look forward to a new installment in Clea Simon’s Dulcie Schwartz mystery series, featuring the Harvard graduate student, along with her kitten Esme and the spirit of her departed cat, Mr. Grey. This series has become one of my favorites. In Stages of Grey, the eighth book in the series, Dulcie is still working on her doctoral thesis about a mysterious 19th century author of two gothic novels. Her relationship with her boyfriend Chris finally seems to be on an even keel, and her black and white spirited cat Esme, and the spirit of her beloved Mr. Grey, are both guiding her through life as best as they can.Continue Reading

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How to Keep Your Cats Safe & Happy at Halloween: 8 Expert Tips

Cat in a Halloween costume with witch cat

I bet if cats had their say, they’d abolish Halloween. From a cat’s perspective, there’s not much to love about a holiday when strangers come knocking at your door, your humans dress up in weird outfits and scary looking masks, and some  humans even try to put you in costumes. The following tips will help you reduce the stress of this holiday for your feline family members and keep them safe so everyone can have a happy Halloween.Continue Reading

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Better With Pets Summit Celebrates Human Animal Bond


Earlier this week, I had a chance to attend the Better with Pets Summit in New York City. The summit was sponsored by Purina*, and while my nutritional philosophy differs greatly from that of Purina when it comes to species-appropriate nutrition for cats, I appreciate the work the company is doing to foster the human-animal bond. This year’s summit focused on how technology and scientific advances are leading to a brighter future with our pets. The daylong event featured 15 expert presentations on why our lives are better with pets – not that any of us at the summit needed experts to convince us of that!Continue Reading

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Review: Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat by Dawn White


When Dawn White first saw the photo of a sick, pathetic-looking tabby on Facebook, she was looking for a companion for her then almost three-year-old black and white Lexy. At the time, Lola was being cared for at Manhattan Cat Specialists after being rescued from a kill shelter. As happens to so many of us, there was something in Lola’s eyes that drew Dawn in. She visited Lola at the veterinary clinic, and it was, as she writes in Lola: Diary of a Rescue Cat, “the second best decision I ever made,” the first being, of course, adopting Lexy eight months earlier.Continue Reading

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Interview with Feline Veterinarian Gary Norsworthy, DVM

Gary Norsworthy DVM

Dr. Gary D. Norsworthy earned his DVM degree in 1972 from Texas A&M University and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 40 years. Dr. Norsworthy began writing professionally in 1975 and has published over 50 articles in various veterinary journals. He is an accomplished lecturer for veterinary associations around the world. He is the owner of the Alamo Feline Health Center in San Antonio, TX and loves to go to work every day.

I had a chance to ask Dr. Norsworthy a few questions after the recent annual meeting of the American Association of Feline Practitioners.Continue Reading

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Pawsitive Connection: Purrfect Endings


Written by Stacey Ritz

We save each other. I am grateful to experience the power of positive connection time and again throughout my life. I started rescuing stray and injured animals in need as soon as I could walk, so I suppose it has always been in my DNA to co-found an animal welfare organization to assist animals in need on a larger platform. As for my words- my parents recorded my first word as “talks a lot!” in my neatly kept baby book. They claim that once I started talking, I didn’t stop. I guess some things never change. I channel that raw spirit and energy into my writing, in an effort to share my experiences with you.

Life teaches us many lessons over the course of our years.Continue Reading

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A Cat is a Writer’s Toughest Critic

Musetta critic

Written by Musetta Simon

“Do you mind? I was working on something just now.”

“Oh, all right.” Don’t let it be said that Musetta the cat was ever less than gracious, especially as you’ve been so kind to drop by. Let me just stretch a bit. These long naps – excuse me, meditations – can leave my spine a bit stiff these days. Besides, this gives you the opportunity to admire my thick black fur. And see these paws? Yes, they are very white and clean. How very observant of you.Continue Reading

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