I’m delighted to announce that I was awarded three Certificates of Excellence in the Cat Writers Association’s annual contest. Each year, the contest recognizes the best of the best in the field of professional writers, broadcasters, photographers and graphic artists who have chosen cats as their subject.

The certificates were awarded for the following articles:

Feline Medicine Goes High Tech (first published in the issue of July 2013 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine)

Estate Planning for Pets: Provide For Your Cat in Case Something Happens to You (first published under the title “It’s in the Will” in the issue of July 2013 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine)

The Feline Health Care Crisis

Winning these certificates means that I’m a finalist for Muse™ Medallion Awards, which will be announced at the annual CWA conference in November.

Conscious Cat Sunday will return next week.


19 Comments on The Conscious Cat Wins Three Certificates of Excellence

  1. You deserve the comnendations, Ingrid. Thank you for everything you do to benefit cats and inform their loving companions.

  2. Congratulation! You’ve helped many cats and their Guardians so it is more than fitting that you be recognized for your excellence.

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