Mews and Nips: British Airways Introduces “Paws and Relax”


Flying is going to get a little less stressful for British Airways passengers. The airline figured that since watching adorable videos of cats (and puppies) on the internet is relaxing, why not introduce an entire channel dedicated to light-hearted footage of cats and dogs. British Airways will launch its new “Paws and Relax channel” on long haul flights this September. “We discovered some scientific research that proves watching images of cute animals can actually lower your heart rate and reduces stress levels,” says Inflight Entertainment Manager Richard D’Cruze. And even better, all of the animals used in the launch photos are from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and are available for adoption. For more about the new channel, and some video footage, visit

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Today’s video features an adorable compilation of Frankie the hugging cat doing what Frankie does best. Enjoy!


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