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Lymphoma, also known as lymphosarcoma, is one of the most common cancers in cats. It accounts for 90% of all blood cancers in cats, and for about a third of all tumors overall in cats. Lymphoma affects the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that plays a critical role in the immune system.

Since the lymphatic system transports lymph fluid throughout the cat’s system, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells, lymphoma can appear almost anywhere and affect different organs.

There are three forms of lymphoma: mediastinal lymphoma, which is found in the chest cavity, multicentric lymphoma, which affects lymph nodes throughout the body, and the most commonly seen form, alimentary lymphoma, which affects the gastrointestinal tract.

What causes lymphoma?

Cats who have been exposed to the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) appear to be at higher risk for lymphoma. There is mounting evidence that inflammatory bowel disease, if left untreated, can eventually progress to lymphoma.

Symptoms of lymphoma

Symptoms are highly variable and can range from weight loss, loss of appetite, and lethargy to nasal discharge, hindlimb weakness and difficulty breathing.

Eusoh Community Pet Health Plan for Cats

How is lymphoma diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will take a complete health history of your cat and perform a thorough physical examination. Routine laboratory testing will include a complete blood chemistry, blood count, and urinalysis. Your veterinarian will also take X-rays and/or perform an ultrasound to detect any tumors in various parts of the body.

Depending on the location of the tumors, biopsies, including a bone marrow biopsy, may be taken. Even if your cat has previously tested negative for FeLV and FIV, a repeat test may be performed.

How is lymphoma treated?

Treatment usually consists of chemotherapy with a combination of various drugs, given over a period of several weeks and even months. Unlike human medicine, where the goal of chemotherapy is to achieve a cure, in cats, chemotherapy is aimed at controlling the disease and achieving a period of remission with good quality of life. Most cats tolerate chemotherapy well.

What is the prognosis for a cat with lymphoma?

There is no cure for lymphoma. Survival time varies depending on the type of cancer and the general state of the cat’s health, and can range from a few months to two years.

Holistic modalities to treat lymphoma

Holistic modalities can be a valuable tool in treating cats with cancer. They can strengthen the immune system and support or compliment conventional treatment. Always consult with a holistic veterinarian before using holistic remedies. There is a vast amount of information about so-called “natural cancer cures” on the internet, and while some may get results, others can do more harm than good. Review these sites using common sense and a healthy dose of caution. Consider the source before deciding on the use of any type of holistic remedy.

Holistic modalities will usually include supporting the cat’s immune system, herbal remedies, and diet modification. Reiki is a gentle modality that can support cats through cancer treatment. It works by strengthening the immune system and it can also help alleviate side effects from conventional treatments.

Has your cat been diagnosed with lymphoma? What course of treatment did you decide on?

Editor’s note: The information shared on this website is not a substitute for veterinary care. We cannot verify the veracity or accuracy of information or recommendations provided in reader comments.


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  1. Hi Cheri,

    I don’t know much about Essaic with the kidneys. Moo is not on Essaic right now. His cancer is in remission, but he has hyperthyroidism with an enlarged heart. All his other counts are fine. Unfortunately, I need to give him medications for the heart, hyperthyroidism, and a steroid to help him with his inflammation/nausea. I feel very helpless about his situation.
    Good luck to you and your kitty.

  2. I just wanted to share my story for anyone who is thinking of trying Essiac and looking for some hope. Also my story maybe might be interesting in terms of the info about Essiac and kidneys, because it was savior for the kidneys in my story.

    When I was just out of high school I had an older cat who became incredibly ill for a few months. We took her to the vet several times, and the last time we had to leave her there and they treated her for a week, and she wasn’t responding because her poor kidneys were failing. She was 14 years old at the time, so they told us it was time to put her down because she was in too much pain. They had me come in to say goodbye, and it was my childhood cat, so I was excruciatingly heartbroken – just sobbing, inconsolable, crushed. When I was saying goodbye to her, she looked almost gone, so I told her it was ok to go, but that if she was not ready, to let us know somehow.

    I finally said goodbye and left, thinking that was the last time I would ever see her…about 4 hours later, the vet’s office called us. They said that right after I left the vet remembered this stuff called “Essiac” that he had been given by someone else. He had not really used it before but maybe a few times on other animals who weren’t nearly as sick – and never on a cat, but after I left he was so crushed at how heartbroken I was and since we were losing her anyways, something just tugged at him to give it a try, watch her closely, and just see what happened.

    Well she responded within like a half hour… she just started purring. She hadn’t purred the entire week she had been there. She was still meek and still, but they had people watching her and petting her, and she just kept purring. So they just kept watching her and within hours she got up and used the bathroom on her own, and she just kept purring! She had been so defeated all week, and this was the most energy they had seen her have, so they felt like it was too much to ignore and that we shouldn’t give up on her. They called me to have me come back down, and when I went back, she was purring and loving on me. So we left her there a few more days and they kept treating her, using the Essiac, and she kept getting better. They ran tests, and her kidneys were significantly improving, so they told us we were welcome to take her home and keep using the Essiac on our own, and just see how she did.

    We treated her just by putting drops of liquid Essiac in her water. Not only did she improve drastically, but she lived 2 more years. I was actually chronically ill at that time, and after she recovered a bit, she was the sweetest love bug and basically just cuddled me non-stop for like a year lol. Then after about 2 years from that bad few months she just quietly passed at home.

    In terms of the warnings about Essiac and kidneys, I wouldn’t want to offer any misinformation, but from what I remember, she had been sick because of liver build up and that created the kidney stress, so our thinking was that the Essiac helped clear the liver and in turn relieve the stress on the kidneys. The vet never really knew exactly why it worked, we all just accepted it with gratitude and allowed it to be 🙂

    I’m an unconventional spiritual person, so I feel there were some guardian angels and intangible things involved too :), but in terms of physical, tangible results, Essiac was a miracle for us. Not only did I get more time with the little sweetheart, but she got to pass peacefully on her on own when she was ready. It may not be right for every little friend, but I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

      • Hi Amy,

        I am interested in knowing more about your entire post concerning Essiac and Kidneys. I could not find the post. Can you tell me more about it?

        Thank you very much,


      • Amy,

        I was able to find your post and was delighted in reading your so touching, amazing narrative. My cat is in remission from bone cancer. He appears to be doing very well. He is still skinny and drinks a lot of water and urinates more than he used to. I am concerned about his kidneys. Your comment is very reassuring to me.

        Thank you for your wonderful story,


        • This is to all my soul mates who are taking care of cats with lymphoma!

          I have not posted for a while. My beloved Smokey is doing well thanks to Essiac which is keeping his bone marrow cancer in check. We have been at it for 2 years and he is going strong except for frequent urination. The Vet said it is not unusual for Smokey’s age. He just turned a couple of weeks ago.

          Sometimes he was missing the litterbox misjudging the length of it. I purchased the high wall ones specifically made for cats but he was not happy with it. Now I am using an under-the-bed storage box. The length of it is more suitable and the height of the walls is perfect.

          I hope your ‘Babies’ are all doing well!


          • My Smokey had his 17th birthday a couple of weeks ago. For some reason it did not print out in my comment above, therefore this is an add-on.

          • Hi Loni, So happy for you and Smokey. You must be thrilled! My kitty LP was just diagnosed with Intestinal Lymphoma. I’m worried about doing the Chemo (Leukeran) as he has already lost so much weight and appears to also have a tumor of some kind in his Spleen. Is the Essiac the only thing you have treated Smokey with for his cancer? Or did he have chemo or any other treatments? Thanks, and continued good health to Smokey!

          • Hi, Linda,

            Please do not subject your poor cat to chemotherapy. Essiac tea is the much better way to go. Chemotherapy will interfere with the efficacy of Essiac tea.

            We are a multi-cat household (had 35 cats 12 years ago and presently still have 19 cats). We have had miracle cures with Essiac tea. The 3 cancer cats we treated with the tea, in 2013, jumped death from the shovel. The one that had been severely ill for 8 months and more dead than alive for weeks before treatment is still alive and well. The other two died in 2015 and 2016, not of cancer but of old age. (One was 18+ years old. The other was 20+ years old.)

            We did have one cat die of abdominal lymphoma in 2015. She had not been put immediately on the tea when she took sick because there had been a wildfire close-by threatening our property and we had been busy taking precautions. She must have had a galloping form of the disease. She was dead 4 weeks after we first had noticed her losing weight and 1 or 2 weeks after we had started her on the tea. She first seemed to respond but, then, went downhill.

            Our vet told us later that abdominal lymphoma does not respond well to ANY treatment. (There he was talking about mainstream treatment, such as chemotherapy.) So Essiac tea might not work for abdominal lymphoma in each and every case. But I think it is the only chance for your cat.

            Best wishes to you for you and your cat!


            P.S. I could not remember how to write this comment to you directly, so I placed it here on this other comment thread.

          • Hi Linda,

            I only used Essiac. I was afraid that anything else would interfere with the absorption of this wonder medicine or possibly even cancel it. If you have any more questions please ask. The detoxification time is hair raising, therefore do not despair!


          • Today is August 19 – 2017, approx. 7pm.

            I posted an important message in the comment section concerning a subject somebody just asked about which was significant to this person.

            When I pressed the ‘Comment’ button I was advised that something like it had already been posted by me, which is untrue as it does not pertain to the specific question which was asked of me.

            I am very irritated. I will not leave any future posts!
            I wasted my time!


    • <3 <3 <3 Hoping it offers some hope to others here who are going through hard times with their little friends that as bad as it may seem, sometimes amazing things can happen. And it matters, all of you who are searching and caring and hoping – it matters, and it can truly help. I was sobbing when I wrote this out just remembering how I felt when I went back in to see her and she was purring and coming back around, probably the most gratitude I have ever felt in my life. These sweet little spirits are such gifts of love. Love reading the comments here of others who are so dedicated to finding answers for their loves, and loving them through things when answers are hard to come by. My heart sends out compassion to all of you.

        • Hi Val!

          I used FlorEssence liquid. I wish I could remember the dosage, but it’s been a few years 🙁 I can say it worked though. 🙂

          • Hi Amy, My 18 year old kitty was showing signs of kidney disease. I had an ultrasound done and it showed thickening in the small intestine and nodules in the liver. I have not put her on chemo but have been supporting her system with supplements, ozone and acupuncture. I am due to have another ultrasound to see how her insides are doing. She is much better….eating…purring…but a bit lethargic…(maybe because she is 18….) Anyway, I was thinking of trying the Essiac for her even though she does not have a diagnosis. Are there any side effect with it? How is your kitty doing?

      • Hi Linda,

        I hope you will be able to retrieve this message. I did not see a “Reply” at the end of your comment.

        I used ‘Essiac’ only. Each day, 2 capsules – 500 mg each. I was afraid that any other additional product might cancel out the strength of ‘Essiac’. It should be administered 1hour before feeding time and then wait another hour before the next feeding time. It works best on an empty stomach and should not be mixed with food right after. — The first 2-3 months are very trying. It is the time when your cat expels all the poisons. He/She will throw up what is ailing him and he will feel horrible and so did I just watching him. He was so miserable, I thought he was dying. — I wish you all the best!

        Lilo – It was so good to hear from you. It has been a long time!

        Best wishes to all of you and your beautiful fur balls!


    • Hi, kbell,

      I can only confirm what you are saying. Byour experience with Essiac tea, it does NOT harm the kidneys. In 2013, we had 3 miracle cures with Essiac tea. Two of these cats had metastasized cancer. They improved within hours when we started them on the tea. All 3 cats got a new lease on life. One of these cats is still alive and well; the other 2 died last year. One of the latter cats had been suffering from kidney disease for years before getting cancer or being administered Essiac tea. We were worried about her kidneys (because of the Mayo Clinic warning re kidneys and Essiac tea). So we had her blood tested several times while she received Essiac tea. The lab results showed that Essiac tea did NOT have any negative effect on her kidneys. (She died peacefully, last year, while being petted, at age assumedly 20+ years.) The other cat that died last year died while we were out of town. The petsitter found him dead. So we don’t know any details about his last 12 hours. The 3rd cat, who had been more dead than alive when started on the tea (in August 2013) is alive and well. She is full of mischief and probably the most spoiled cat in Utah. 🙂

      I think I know where this kidney-Essiac warning originates. Essiac tea contains an herb named sorrel. The French eat sorrel as a vegetable, in some country areas in huge amounts and several times a week. There, kidney problems have resulted. Total overdoses of almost any substance can result in health problems or even death. Rats have been killed with tomatoes (in research centers), and a health nut killed himself with parsley (eating it by the pound), about half of a century ago. The other cat that died last year died while we were out of town. The petsitter found him dead. So we don’t know any details about his last 12 hours.

      • Aww Lilo, I love hearing of your little miracles too 🙂 I’m happy you got more time with those 2 and awwww the one that is still with you! <3

        How amazing that you too have stories of such quick responses to the Essiac! No one in the office at our cat's vet that day had ever seen anything like it. Essiac just seems to be especially powerful with animals maybe as if it's tuned into their frequency. It's like they respond to it energetically even before their bodies can physically heal because of it. I really felt like our cat purring within that first half hour or so after being given it was a bit like her little way of letting us all know "yes! this is what I needed! don't give up on me!" really even before her body could physically start turning around. <3

        I had never even heard of Essiac before this happened with my cat, and the vet actually just gave her FlorEssence, which is what we gave her the rest of the time we treated her. I had never known of the kidney warnings for Essiac until I stumbled here, so was just curious at what FlorEssence has ingredients wise and it does have 'organic sheep sorrel herb'. Not sure if that is the same version of sorrel that can cause issues, but possibly the detox mixture of other herbs in FlorEssence also helped ease any burden the kidneys may bear?

        And yes totally understand what you mean in terms of anything being able hurt you if you have too too much… maybe a bit like comfrey i guess? Either way, it was a miracle for my little furball, and I've read many stories like yours, so I think it's worth people trying, especially if nothing else has worked.

    • what dosage did you give her? My baby has lymphoma, do you know where I would need to go or who to talk to for recommended dosage?

      • My sweet cat boy “Smokey” has been on Essiac for over a year now. It is keeping him alive and active and he eats well. — His bone marrow cancer appears to be in remission. I tried to cut down his dosage from 1 capsule twice a day to only one application a day but he started deteriorating and I increased the dosage to 2 a day again. I took only one day for him to fully come back. — It was the second time I tried to diminish the dosage with the same adverse results.

        My baby is 16 1/2 now and what concerns me is that he is drinking a lot of water and consequently is urinating more than usual. — I am so afraid it might be his kidneys probably attributable to old age. Has anybody had that experience when giving Essiac?

        • My Moo (13) had intestinal lymphoma which also seems to now be in remission. I no longer need to give him the chemo pill. Every morning he gets .5 of the essaic capsule mixed with baby food, omega oil, and l-lysine. His recent CBC was great.
          I can’t say there were any negative side effects from the essaic.
          Best of wishes to you and your baby.

    • Essiac is not a cure for cancer. My grandma consumed tonnes of it but it did not stop the disease. It can work on someone with Wrong diagnosis.

  3. My male cat diagnosed with lymphoma is responding to Essiac it seems. I have only been giving him 1 dose a day because of diarrea. Any suggestions? He is eating, drinking and his coat is looking better.

    • My cat has nasal lymphoma he is receiving chemotherapy and also has half antibiotics a day also on pet wellbeing life gold from amazon hope this helps love to kitty, Michelle

      • Michelle and Diane,

        For diarrhea buy a Probiotic like “Fortiflora”. You can buy it on the Internet. sells it or you can purchase it at your Vet. It comes in 30 envelopes (Sachets) per package. You can either sprinkle it on the food or pour the contents into an empty capsule which you can get at the Healthfood Store. It is easy to pour it from the Sachet right into the capsule.

          • Thank you Ingrid,

            The only problem with the products you suggested is they come in tubs. It is impossible to fold the envelope and pour the contents into an empty capsule if there is no Sachet which can be folded to accomplish this task!

          • Both are flavorless powders and can easily be mixed in with food. I have yet to hear of a cat who can detect either of these.

    • Hi, where did you get the Essiac? My cat has been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma and I would like to try this His prognosis is not good. I want to make sure I get Essiac from a reliable source..

      • Hi Sandra,

        My cat, Moo, has intestinal lymphoma, and he’s doing better. I mix half a capsule with baby food each day for him, and then I use a syringe to feed it to him. Here is the link to the Essaic capsules for pets.

        Every day, I also give him half a dropper of Maitake Mushroom extract as well. Since I’m using an integrative method, I also give him medicine prescribed by my vet: Chlorambucil (Mon & Thurs), and half a pill of Progesterone (Tues & Fri).

        I hope your kitty feels better soon. Health & happiness to both of you.

        Take care,

        • Ordered it!! Thank you so much. I’m also trying turmeric capsules..they’re 700mg, from my local health food store. I open them up and put about 1/4 on his wet food and save the rest..mix it with a little water. Keeping my fingers crossed.

          • Hi Sandra,

            Please let me know how your kitty’s health progresses. The tumeric sounds interesting. I take it myself and I add it to my roast chicken (with paprika and oregano), which both my kitties love. Kiss and hug your kitty for me.

            All the best,

          • Thank you so much. It’s only been a few days..not noticing improvement from the turmeric yet, but today we saw an in-house vet who supports a combo of pain meds/symptom management with homeopathic healing as well. The vet is going to look into Essiac and wasn’t skeptical of it at all. The only thing is, fibrosarcoma is a very aggressive type of cancer, so it’s harder to fight 🙁

            I will keep you all up to date!

      • Hi Sandra,

        My beloved little boy Smokey was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Lymphoma which is Bone Marrow Cancer last January 1916. He has responded to Essiac very well and is in remission. I was so worried about him as he is already 16 years old.

        I ordered my product from a company in Canada that claims to have the original formula of Essiac. My cat is a good pill taker therefore I have used the highly concentrated capsules, but you can also purchase the concentrated “Liquid Extract” or the powder to make tea. — Telephone: 1-888-900-2299

        If you kitty has diarrhea due to the Essiac, cut down the dosage temporarily and then increase it again.

        Wishing you the very best with your little companion!


        • Thank you! So glad you had so much success for Smokey! My Whiskey is only 8 years old. Too young to suffer like this 🙁

          I’m hoping the Essiac for Pets will be at my PO Box tomorrow. I also bought herbs to make tea, just to cover the bases, if the capsules don’t help.

          • Hi Sandy,

            The capsules are highly concentrated and the contents properly measured so they should be your best bet. Be sure you administer the capsule on an empty stomach and then wait for 1 hour to feed the food so the capsule can do its work inside your kitty’s body.

            I wish you and your little baby a quick recovery. The initial detoxification process will be hair raising. I thought my beloved Smokey was dying. So stay with it, do not give up!

            All the Best,


      • We have tried a number of sources and find the following not only the cheapest ($ 28/lb) but also the easiest to prepare because in powdered form. In August 2013, we had 3 miracle cures of cancer-stricken cats with Essiac tea; one of these cats (which was more dead than alive in 2013) is still alive and well, the 2 others had their lives extended by more than 2 years and died (presumably) not of cancer but of old age.

        Best wishes for all cancer-stricken cats and their owners!

    • Hi Michelle,

      How is it going with the Life Gold? My cat has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. I like that Life Gold has a few other ingredients for various systemic support that the Essiac does not have. Also, was your veterinarian on board with this product?

      • Hi Michelle,

        Hoe is it going with the Life Gold? Is your veterinarian on board with its use? I like the additional ingredient that the Essiac does not have.

      • Tracy,

        Whenever my beloved Smokey had diarrhea on Essiac I filled an empty capsule with a probiotic powder and pushed it down his little throat. What works best for me has been FortiFlora. I comes in small sachets and you can form the envelope in a manner so it will pour precisely into the capsule or you can sprinkle it over the food. it works better for me if I administer it in capsule form.

        All the best for you and your little one!


    • Hi Michelle. Our kitty was just diagnosed with nasal lymphoma. We are scouring the net looking for possible treatment options and came across your post. May I ask how your situation is going? I very much hope your little loved one is still doing well. We all love our pets so much. Best wishes and thanks so much for your post.

      • Essiac tea will give your cat a solid chance for getting well again. It saved 3 of our cats (2 of which with metastasized cancer) in 2013. Two of the 3 died in 2015/2016 of old age (not of cancer). And Orphan Annie (meanwhile 15 years old), who had been more dead than alive, in 2013, with brain cancer spread to the bones, is still alive, totally symptom-free, and full of mischief.

        • My cat, Moo, had intestinal lymphoma. The cancer is in remission. Moo no longer needs to take the chlorambucil & steroid pills. I mix the Essaic tea powder, l-lysine powder, and omega fish oil in with Gerber’s chicken baby food, level 2. Moo also gets a dropper of Maitake mushroom extract. The vet was extremely pleased with Moo’s test results. My Moo is a happy, healthy 13-year old boy.

          • Dear Amy,

            My 12 years old cat Shadow was dignosis with Large Cell Lymphoma (Large Intestine) on 3/7/2017. Instead of chemo therapy, I decided to see a holistic vet for nutural herbal treament. Just received my Pet Essiac (60 Capsules), L-Lysine (Powder), Omega Fish Oil and Gerber Baby Food (Chicken in Chicken Broth) as you mentioned in your answer. May I know how much of baby food do you mix in with Essiac? Do you give the Maitake Mushroom Extract at the same time administer Essiac or after? Thank you very much and looking forward to see your reply soon!

            Best Regards,

          • Hi Lilly,

            I am very sorry that your little Shadow is ill.

            Moo (now 13) gets the Maitake Mushroom Extract right after the baby food combo. I use the baby food to make the supplements more palatable for Moo. I mix 1 teaspoon into the mixture, enough to cover up for the taste. Then I spoon the combination into a syringe (without the needle) and then I feed it to him in 2 – 3 servings. Then I give him the mushroom extract right afterwards, also in a couple of servings. He doesn’t mind the taste of the extract. After that I brush his teeth and de-shed/comb/brush his coat. Then I give him some pieces of the CatManDoo ( freeze-dried chicken as a reward.
            I follow the same procedure with my other cat, Helena (8 yrs), to build her immune system.
            As I’m giving my babies their supplements/grooming, I massage their third eyes and their heads and necks. I also do some light singing or I speak softly to them as I massage/cuddle. I make up songs using their names. It may sound a little corny, but I think they like it.

            Good luck to you and Shadow. Please let me know how you are doing.

      • Hi Maria,

        I was just informed that my cat most likely has a nasal tumor (malignant) and since he’s also FELV+ and FIV+, my vet and I have decided ultimately not to go for surgery, chemo, or radiation as his FELV/FIV statuses make him a poor candidate for any of those treatments, if he’d even survive them unfortunately. So he’s taking predinisolone daily (working on tapering down to slow growth and inflammation of the mass) and also an antibiotic daily (azith) since for chronic URIs. I’ve been feeding him lysine supplement daily for years as well, which has helped keep his URIs at bay over the years.
        Do you mind if I ask about route you went for your kitty regarding his treatment/supplements/vitamins, etc and/or any other suggestions? I hope your kitty is hanging in there (and you too). Thank you.

    • Usually, when a cat is diagnosed with lymphoma, the vet will prescribe a Prednisolon . These changes can be attributed only to this medication.

  4. I know this is a learned group so I have been contemplating how to reply to earlier posts. Let me begin by saying, Gray, until 2 years ago was a feral cat, so giving him a capsule is not as easy at it would be with a cat that is used to being indoors. He is also not a cat that you can cuddle with, he just won’t stand for it.
    Our bed is 24 inches off the ground and is a place that he is used to going to when he want’s a quite, out of the way space as are the other 3 cats that we have. He can also stand under the bed and eat, something that he has done many times.
    Taking recommendations from my holistic veterinarian, I am mushing the capsule contents in butter and smearing it on his foreleg. He seems to be licking this off and ingesting the major portion of the supplement.

    • Diane,

      I am so happy you found a way to administer the Essiac to ‘Grey Man’.

      I certainly can see your problem as my second cat a big ‘maine coon’ female “Baby” who I adopted from the pound over a decade ago apparently was feral and in all these years has never really warmed up to me. At the pound they had no idea where she came from. To this day she is mortified if I pick her up. She is terrified of being brushed. Therefore any pick up effort means instant terror on her part. — I feel for you and the effort you are making to heal Grey Man. I wish you the best of luck! I know what you are going through, it is so difficult!

      I hope, I never have to give her medicine. It would be virtually impossible.
      I fully understand what you are going through.

      I wish you patience and success!



    • I want to thank all of you who have offered a lot of great advice. I also want to offer my best wishes for all your cats to heal and thrive. I feel terrible for everyone who has had to see their cats suffer and die.

      I am a relatively new cat mommy. My almost 13-year old boy Moo, who I adopted on 12/25/09, was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma about 6 months ago. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings after breakfast, I give Moo a tiny Chlorambusil pill. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I give him half of a Prednisolone pill. I encapsulate each pill within a chicken flavored product called Flavor-Doh. This has worked better than all the other methods I have tried (size 5 empty capsules, baby food, pill pockets).

      Along with the medication, I give Moo some items prescribed by a holistic, integrative vet (Dr Marty). Twice daily, Moo gets some Maitake mushroom extract. Every morning I also give him an oral syringe containing vitamin E and omega fish oil. I also give him Poly-MVA, and a dandelion/milk thistle extract (which he hates). I always add in some level 2 baby food to help with the taste of the hateful extract and the Poly-MVA. Afterwards I give him some treats, even though they aren’t healthy because it helps with the bad taste of the extracts. I wrap him in a towel while administering these supplements and pause to massage his “third” eye and the top of his head.

      Dr Marty said it would be okay to try the Essaic tea. In researching the tea, I find that most of the places where it is sold do not contain the sheep sorrel roots, only the leaves. I’ve read that without the sheep sorrel roots, the tea is useless. May I ask which versions of the tea are used by the cat parents who have given it to their cats? I called the Canadian distributor, which some of you use, and he said that they use the original version of the tea, without the sheep sorrel roots.

      Also, Moo vomits every few days. My (regular) vet said Moo should continue to take the medicine until he goes a month without vomiting. The most Moo has gone without vomiting is about a week.

      Moo had initially lost weight, but he’s gained it back. He has a pretty good appetite and is playful.

      I would appreciated any advice/comments. Thank you for reading my long story.

      • Hi, Amy,

        Sorry to hear that Moo is struggling with lymphoma.

        The Essiac tea we have been using for years (because after trying other sources, we found it the easiest to make and also the cheapest) is the one we obtain from this source:

        I don’t know whether or not it contains the sorrel root, but we had 3 miracle cures of cancer cats (2 of which with metastasized cancer) with this tea in 2013. One of these cats (our favorite cat) is still alive and all well. The other 2 died last year–not of cancer but of old age. I must say, however, that a 4th cat (suffering from abdominal lymphoma) could not be saved with the tea. (This might also have been because we noticed her losing weight a little late for we had been busy taking precautions regarding a wildfire that had been raging close by endangering our property.

      • Hi Amy,

        My little cat boy Smokey had Lymphocytic Lymphoma which is cancer of the bone marrow. — I would not be concerned about Moo’s throw-up as it is part of the detoxification process. All the poisons inside of the little body have to be ejected. My beloved Smokey threw up mostly liquids approximately once a week just like yours. Once there was an extraordinary volume of liquid, hard to believe all of it came out of a cat’s tummy. The days he emptied out his stomach, he was very weak and listless.

        I have been administering the highly concentrated Essiac capsules which I ordered from the Canadian company. I capsule twice a day. These capsules do not contain sheep sorrel root only the leaves but nevertheless my beloved little Smokey was thriving on the Essiac.

        I stopped everything else including Prednisolone for fear that all the other products would counteract each other. Nurse Rene Caisse did not mix her Essiac Formula with other health products, Essiac does the healing all by itself. It is a Miracle Formula. It is complete! — Dr. Charles Brush the personal physician of President John F. Kennedy assisted Nurse Rene Caisse to perfect the original formula of Essiac in his clinic. He cured himself from cancer with Essiac.

        My little Smokey turned 16 years of age a month ago. He is past the senior stage, but he runs and jumps. I am so happy he is doing well!

        Essiac will remedy this awful cancer and will make your little Moo playful and well again.

        You are going through a difficult time! I wish you and Moo the very best!


        • Hi Loni,

          This is Irene, Noel’s mom.

          I have to respond to your comment to Amy:
          Essiac will remedy this awful cancer and will make your little Moo playful and well again.

          Essiac isn’t guaranteed to work for all fur babies. It helped my little Noel for 2 weeks, then stopped working as the cancer was too advanced. Please do not say “Essiac will remedy this cancer and will make your little Moo well again”. That gives them false hope because you have no idea what the Essiac will do in the long run. Instead, say it “might” help. People kept telling me that it will work for Noel and I was devastated when it stopped. I had prayed that Essiac would be her miracle. Tell them that you can only say what you have seen in your baby.


          • Irene, I am sorry for you and Noel. I am grateful for your information about the tea. The steroid is slowly being eliminated from Moo’s treatment. I’ll still be giving Moo the chemo pill and the alternative supplements, including the tea. If he doesn’t tolerate the liquid, then I’ll try the capsules. Thank you.

          • My dear Glenalough,

            I very much hope you are doing well! I know you have been through a lot, first your beloved Noel and then the issue with your father. I have been thinking about you and how you are coping.

            I always like the positive approach with animals as well as people who are afflicted.They heal better this way. Cats are very fine feeling little creatures and when they love you and cuddle up to you they can sense how you feel. When you are ill and depressed your feelings transmit to your cat. When you carry in your mind already that what remedy you are trying might not heal your cat, the positive outlook is broken. — The immune system of your beloved cat due to the cancer is already compromised. If the cat feels that cat Mom is worried and unhappy it depresses the immune system of the cat even further. People as well as animals have a tendency to recover much faster if the environment around them is positive.

            One should not go into the healing process with the attitude that it might not work, but with an attitude of full recovery.

            Take good care of yourself,


          • Ilona, you make a very good point. If you are anxious about something, like taking them to the vet, your kitties pick up on it. Staying calm and breathing deeply is good for all of us.

          • Hi Amy,

            My kitty has been diagnosed with small cell lymphoma (alimentary) but in addition he had kidney failure due to stones in his ureter (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder). I had surgery to put in a tube that replaces the ureter, but my holistic vet felt that the clorambucil was too harsh to treat him with under the circumstances. He felt prednisone was a good idea due to not making them sick. But my feline nephrologist said she advised against prednisone cause he was prone to stones. So since this wasn’t my first cat with lymphoma, and my first one went rapidly with the chop treatment, I opted for holistic only, specifically using Poly MVA. A year later and he is thriving! But my vet prescribes cerenia for the rare times when he throws up. I know your vet is using that as a gauge to determine the effectiveness of treatment, but I would still ask him or her for cerenia because it so improve the quality of like for a kitty to not feel nausea. You would still know when he threw up and only give it to him then. It tastes bad so needs to be wrapped in pill wrap (which I found out when my cat foamed at the mouth the first time I gave it to him crushed and mixed with some water and squirted it in with a syringe–don’t do that!). I chased him around with tuna in a dish and he smelled it and stopped and turned around to drink some of the juice and thank goodness that stopped the foam. Anyway I wish you all the best and hope your kitty does well.

          • Thank you, Lisa, for writing to me. I’m happy to know that your kitty is so much better. 10 days ago I stopped giving Moo the PolyMVA and the milk thistle extract, both of which he seemed to dislike very intensely. He gets the meds, the Maitake extract and the Essaic powder from the capsule (mixed with baby food). I do use a syringe for the Essaic and baby food mix. It’s not very easy to get him to take these things as he is a feisty little boy. However, I am happy to tell you that it’s been 10 days since he last vomited. He was vomiting every 2 – 3 days before that. I will eventually try to re-introduce the PolyMVA to him.
            I have found that Cerenia or Pepsid AC (1/4th tab) helpful in reducing Moo’s nausea.

          • Hi Amy,

            I am glad to hear that your kitty Moo seems to be doing well. I understand what you are going through because my cat is family too. Essaic can contribute to stones in a cat who is prone to developing them so that is why I haven’t used it, otherwise I definitely would. However, I do occasionally (and used to daily) give my Leopold slippery elm bark, which is one of the ingredients in Essaic, as that is helpful for the stomach on its own. I no longer need the Cerenia though I do also give him 2.5 mg of famotidine twice daily. I could make this really long, but I don’t have a much more useful to add for your information about Moo cause my kitty has more than one issue so have addressed his treatment differently. I do want to wish you good luck and send warm wishes to you and Moo.

          • Hi Lisa,

            I am grateful for all your advice. Give little Leopold a big hug and kiss for me. If you’re like me, you’ve already given him loads of hugs and kisses this morning. Health and happiness to both of you forever.

        • Loni, thank you for telling me about little Smokey. I am happy to hear that he’s doing so well. I will slowly discontinue the steroid, but I think that I should still give Moo the chemo pill. When I receive the tea I’ll brew it, but I’ll also look into the capsules as they might be easier for Moo to digest.

          • Hi Amy,

            I found it easier to administer the capsules. You can be assured Moo gets a consistent, measured, concentrated dosage. I would be concerned that the tea would not always be a consistent, but that is only one person’s opinion.

            I would not give chemo pills. Chemo is a form of mustard gas which was used in warfare to kill people, it kills the good cells as well as the bad ones. Giving that to my beloved cat would terrify me.

            Moo will feel lousy during the detoxification period. When Moo really feels bad after a month and he does not mostly have good days, give Moo a 2.5 mg Prednisolone pill just once. It will pacify your worried feelings. Do not kill your little loved one with chemo, he is in a weakened state already try not to make it worse.

            It is important to give Essiac on an empty stomach. It takes approximately an hour for a cat’s stomach to empty after a meal and once you feed wait for another hour before you offer another meal. That means pick up all the food dishes and hide them.

            Ask questions, hopefully I can help.

            I wish you and Moo a speedy recovery! I remember how stressed out I was.

            Take care,


          • Hi Loni. I am trying to help Moo by using an integrative approach. Both my regular vet and the holistic vet felt that the Chlorambucil (chemo pills) should be given to Moo every M,W, & F. I don’t like giving him the pills. One is advised to wear disposable plastic gloves when handling the chemo pills. I feel badly giving my baby something that is too toxic for me to touch. My regular vet told me that if Moo can go one month without vomiting, then I could stop giving him the pills. The most that Moo has gone without vomiting is 1 week. I’m afraid that if I stop giving him the pills that he might become worse.

          • Hi Amy,

            Doctors mean well, but we have to realize they are brainwashed by the Big Pharmaceutical Companies who are spending Millions on the brainwashing. Cancer is a Billion dollar business for the entire medical industry. Cancer medicines generate tons of money and all of the people involved are desiring a share of the lucrative pie. It is all about power and money without concern for the poor afflicted creatures their are treating to death. It is time to learn and wake up.

            You have been advised to use gloves to handle the chemo pills which indicates how full of poisons this product is. Can you imagine what it will do inside the small tender body of your beloved Moo? This stuff is so powerfully destructive. Just like I have already mentioned it destroys the good cells as well as the bad ones. Your cat needs all the good cells to help the immune system to ward off the cancer. — Essiac is a strong immune booster!

            This is only my opinion, you are the one to make the ultimate decision!

            Please make the right decision for your little baby,


          • As the owner of this site, I’m going to jump in here. While I don’t disagree that drugs that treat cancer generate billions of dollars in profits, they do have their place in both human and veterinary medicine. Categorically dismissing them as “poison” or calling them destructive doesn’t serve humans or animals. Chemotherapy drugs are not perfect, but they have saved many lives. As you said later in your comment, it is up to each individual to decide what is right. I truly appreciate you offering your experience with Essiac and other holistic modalities, and I’ve learned a lot from you, but I ask you to refrain from bashing pharmaceutical companies and conventional therapies. It goes back to what you yourself said: it’s an individual choice, and the more information one has, the better the decision will be!

          • Hi ladies,

            Amy my heart goes out to you. I have been avoiding to leave a comment here because of the pain it would stir up in my heart.
            My Toby was diagnosed back in March with tumors in his eye, throat and mouth.

            I read about John Tod’s story ( and learned about the Essiac Tea and then found this site.

            I had Toby on Prednisone and gave him the tea and then weaned him off.
            It was my decision to do so since the cancer was so aggressive and we discovered it too late I wanted him to live as comfortable and as happy as possible. He would be so depressed on the meditation. When he was off he was so happy. His will to live was unbelievable.

            Unfortunately in mid April, he passed away on my chest in his room surrounded by his loved ones. He was in my arms, and for that I am grateful. He left being loved to the very end.

            I am emotional now writing this as it brings up so much pain.
            I later decided to contact John Tod because I wanted to place my other cats on Essiac Tea. He responded and confirmed that his cat was cured by the tea.

            He explained that he used the regular Essiac capsules. He gave the cat half a capsule in the morning and half in the evening. The only way he got it into the cat was to add the powder in the capsule to a small amount of fruit juice.
            Then he used a small syringe and inserted it in the corner of the cat’s mouth and gave a little at a time. He suggested having two people if your cat is not used to this. He said his cat was cured in 6 weeks or less. He told me it was a great plan to place my cats on Essiac now. His neighbor fed her dog (large breed) Essiac for a number of years. He lived for 15 yrs! His cat had a cancerous bone tumor. After 5 years the cat is at least 12 yrs old and doing fine with all 4 legs.

            Thought I’d share what we talked about in case it gave hope to anyone out there. Not everyone will react the same to the tea depending on how aggressive and far out the tumor is at the time of diagnosis. But the important part is to have hope and a wonderful support group like this forum.

            Words can’t express how much hope I had everyday just reading the comments on here. That hope means everything.

            Ingrid thank you for having this platform for cats and their parents to connect during such a difficult time.

            I wish all of your cats a true success story. I kept Toby so positive every day of his remaining days. We spoiled him with love. I stayed with him day and night. Never left his side.
            I have my two cats on the tea since June.

            Lilo, Loni thank you for sharing all your stories as well. Hope everyone’s fur child heals as quickly as possible.

            My love and light to you all,
            Lola xxx

          • I’m so sorry about Toby, Lola. Thank you for sharing your conversation with John Tod. And I’m so glad that this site has helped you during a difficult time.

          • Hi Lola,

            Thank you for sharing your gut-wrenching story about Toby. I am very familiar with as I am a two-time survivor myself. I will look into John Tod’s story. I think it’s a good idea to give immune-builders to the kitties who are healthy as well, but maybe in smaller doses.

            Chris’ website contains loads of positive information about beating cancer naturally. He’s done loads of research and has healed himself of stage 4 colon cancer without chemo.

            I think it’s good to have as much info as possible, whether you agree with it or not. “Different strokes for different folks/kittys.”

          • Hi Ingrid,

            I am so sorry for the comments and speaking so freely which might offend some people. I will restrain myself in the future.

          • Hi Loni,

            I appreciate all the advise that you and everyone else has given me. Yesterday, I purchased the Essaic capsules. I will continue to give Moo the natural supplements. Next week, I will bring Moo to the vet for some blood work and a checkup.

            I agree with you about the steroid and the chemo pills, and I would like to wean Moo gradually off these things. However, even the holistic, integrative vet that I consulted advised me to use the medication in conjunction with the supplements. He would like me to bring Moo in for (3-day/ 6 hrs per day) intravenous Vitamin C treatments. I feel that the stress of the traveling and staying in a hotel for those 3 days as well as the treatments would hurt more than help Moo. My other cat, Moo’s younger, healthy step-sister, Helena, would also be stressed out by the travel/hotel.

            It’s all very scary because I love Moo very much and I can’t imagine losing him. I’ve noticed that his appetite has decreased a bit, but he is still playful and loving (to me, not Helena).

            I want to thank everyone again for reading my comments and for your advice. Thank you.

          • Hi Amy,

            I know how you feel. I am just as attached to my cats as you are. They are beloved babies for us and when they are afflicted it hurts us very much.

            I think that the intravenous Vitamin C would be great if you could have it administered locally but considering travel and and hotel-stays the cats would be uneasy if not terrified in a strange environment.

            You made the right decision to forego the trip as it would be causing unnecessary stress.

            Take good care of yourself and your beloved Moo,


          • P.S. I made a mistake when I commented last paragraph second line up should read “give him another capsule if he is due to get one”

          • Amy,

            Thank you very much. You are welcome about the information. I hope that your baby Moo is doing better.

            Thank you for your thoughts and caring. It has been very hard losing Noel but I know she is with me every day. My health has not been great for a long time and slowly getting worse with all the stress I’ve been under. I have severe gluten sensitivity and I have been feeling the effects of all of the gluten that I consumed while taking care of Noel as I couldn’t eat or cook around her and had to eat in my car and could only get sandwiches and fast food. Trying to get my health back on track and lose about 80 pounds.

            The first 2 weeks after I moved in with my father, he had a very difficult time adjusting to someone else in the house and things were not good. My mom passed away 9 years ago and he has lived alone all of those 9 years. My moving in caused such a disruption to his cognition and routine that something in his brain snapped, 3 days in a row he called the cops and reported me missing when he didn’t see me in the house. I couldn’t go outside without him following me, he would tell me not to go anywhere as he was afraid I would get lost. He had some other really weird behaviors. I started to believe that I was going to be a prisoner and would never be able to go anywhere or live my life. I thought that I was going to have to put him in a home or have him moved up to where my sister lives and have her and her family take care of him the rest of his life. My sister and I discussed this but found that his health insurance would not work if he moved away. That was hard to accept as I felt that moving with her and her family would have been the best thing for him because she lives at a place that has people who are educated in cognitive issues. I know that God has been with me as the beginning of June, he gave me the thought to talk to my father’s Neurologist about this and she prescribed Quetiapine (generic Seroquel) and after the second dose, the calls to the police and the other weird behaviors stopped completely and have not returned! A few days before I started him on the medication I talked with an animal communicator who said that both of my babies are with me every day and they put a bubble of protection around my heart! But, sadly, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimers Dementia in July. Since he’s been on the medication, fortunately he acts about the way he did before I moved in and he still does some yard work and cooks his own meals. This medication has been a Godsend and my sanity has gotten a little better. I’m hoping to start working again sometime next month.

            My sister is going to come down the end of October for a week to stay with our father so that I can take a break. Going to Yosemite National Park! I live in California so it’s not that far away. This will be the first time that she is actually helping, I have had issues with her regarding our parents for years. She never really voluntarily helped with anything for our mom after mom had the brain aneurysm and not really helped with my father, always has the attitude she has better things to do.

            Thank you for your thoughts about what cats feel, I know that they pick up on how you are feeling but I didn’t know to what extent. I never had the thoughts that the things that I gave her wouldn’t work, I was always hopeful and I really thought the Essiac would be her miracle. I should have only used the Essiac and nothing else, starting right when she was diagnosed. If I ever adopt again, I will use Essiac as a preventative.

            Take care,

          • Hi Glendalough,

            I feel for you and your health problems. Stress after the death of a loved one (Noel) can no doubt play havoc on your life. And now the fiasco you are encountering with your Dad. You are going through so much. But he loves you very much or he would not be concerned of your whereabouts. He must be very afraid that you will leave him just like your Mom did, it is obviously very disconcerting to him. Hug him whenever you get a chance. You both need that.

            I am so glad to hear that your sister is ready to help out and you can get away to Yosemite to hopefully recuperate from the intense stress you are under. My husband and I used to live in California and visited Yosemite Park occasionally. It is such a majestic and beautiful area and you have an opportunity to reflect.

            I hope you will have a grand time in Yosemite and come back totally refreshed and you can allow yourself an entirely fresh start!

            I will be thinking about you — Take good care of yourself


  5. P.S. Ingrid is right. Steroids should be tapered off and not stopped abruptly. (I had forgotten about this.) And as I said, I would continue giving them.

    I’ll ask George asap.

  6. Hi, Ally,

    So sorry to hear the bad news about your Ganoush.

    We have had 3 miracle cures with Essiac tea in 2013. One of the 3 cats, namely, Orphan Annie, is still alive and all well; the other 2 died last year of old age—not of cancer. If you read up on old comments on this webpage you’ll find the whole stories.

    However, Essiac tea does not help in each and every case. We had one cat die of abdominal lymphoma, even though we had treated her with Essiac tea, but maybe too late. (We had had a wildfire nearby and had been busy taking precautions. Thus we had not noticed right away that she had lost weight.)

    We also had a few other cats die that had been given Essiac tea. However, all of these cats had been old, all of these cats had only been given Essiac tea after they had been ailing for quite some time, and none of these cats had had a clear cancer diagnosis. And one of them had been FIV positive. Thus, none of these cats lend themselves well for a statistic.

    From all we know, Essiac tea is the best bet for a cancer-stricken cat. If—heaven forbid!—my husband or I fell ill with cancer, we would have the necessary surgery, but other than that we would refuse treatment and rely solely on Essiac tea and a healthy lifestyle. We think that Essiac tea gives better chances than chemotherapy and also does not have the nasty side affects of chemotherapy. (The only cancer we would consider to have treated with chemotherapy is testicle cancer. With this cancer, it seems to have a remarkable success rate. With all other cancers, from what we know, it benefits more the doctors than the patients.)

    Best wishes to you and your beloved Ganoush!


  7. P.S. to Loni

    As quite often, I got disturbed while writing. Therefore, I once again failed to sign. So let me add:



  8. Hi, Our 10.5 year old siamese kitty Ganoush was recently diagnosed with nasal lymphoma after months of being sick, with what the vet thought to be a URI or asthma. We declined chemotherapy. She is on 0.5ml Presnisolone and she’s been on 20ml of Essiac Tea for 2 weeks now. She seems stable but not improving. Has anyone have any success with the Essiac Tea and how long it will take really help her? She now has Horner’s syndrome in one eye, because of the tumor in nasal cavity/eye area and makes that horrible breathing nose because of it, the poor sweet thing has trouble breathing. We are praying that she’ll make a recovery and get back to her normal self. Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Ally,

      I am so sorry to hear what you and your little Ganoush are going through. It is a very trying period in your life.

      Please take the time and read all my previous postings and experience with ‘Essiac’. I treated my Baby with highly concentrated Essiac Capsules from and it was a great success until I stopped Essiac thinking that my cat was cancer-free after 3 1/2 months. — He regressed without the Essiac and I had to start anew a week ago. My beloved “Smokey” is recuperating and on his way to be well again.

      It would be well worth your time to go through all the comments concerned people in the same position as you have posted previously. If you do not take the time you will be missing out and risking your beloved cat’s life.

      The reason for searching all the previous trolls is that this website will not allow anybody to repeat what has already been posted by them. I know it will involve a lot of reading effort but it will be well worth your time for your beloved cat’s sake.

      I wish you great success with Essiac. I does Miracles!

      All the Best to you,


        • Hi Ally,

          When I started the Essiac Capsules, 1 in the morning and 1 at night on an empty stomach, I immediately stopped giving the Prednisolone. Essiac is an Immune Booster and Prednisolone is an Immune Suppressor. It made sense to me that one would cancel out the other.

          An immune suppressor like Prednisolone generates infections and generally weakens your cat. I did not want to chance additional Health problems and was eager to have him gain strength.

          Feel free to ask more questions!

          I wish you good luck and a fast healing for your Baby.


          • Hi Lilo,

            Thank you for your advice. We will try without the steroid and pray that she is able to fight off the cancer.

          • Please check with your vet before you stop the steroid, Ally. Steroids need to be tapered off and should not be stopped suddenly.

          • Hi, Ally,

            I’d be more inclined to use the steroid along with the Essiac tea. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask George, our vet (who is very much in favor of Essiac tea–his wife takes it, it too), when I last spoke to him.

            However, George knew that we would be starting our Sugar Baby on Essiac tea, and George had prescribed steroids for him. So I don’t think that he saw any problem with it. (George had only suspected at the very end that cancer might be the underlying cause for Sugar Baby’s decline. This is why we were so late starting him on Essiac tea.)

            I will ask George precisely about the combination of steroids and Essiac tea when I’ll next talk to him. (I just don’t want to call him up for it because he is very busy and he’d know that this question would not relate to any of our presently ailing cats.)

            Steroids will make your kitty feel much better, and I don’t think they’ll intervene with Essiac tea.

            The problem with steroids is that they have unwanted long-term side effects. Therefore, they should only be given with good reason. Yet I think that cancer that causes swellings in the head area (or other areas where swellings are causing discomfort) ARE a good reason for administering steroids.

            Wishing you and your kitty all the best,


          • @ Ally: Before I wrote the P.S., I wrote you a longer comment saying that George, our vet (who is very much in favor of Essiac tea) has never said that it could not be used together with steroids. And now I cannot see this comment on this page.

            I have no time to rewrite it, but the essence was that I recommend you continue using the steroid. It will reduce the swelling and make Ganoush feel much better. Swellings in the nasal area should be rather nasty. You don’t want your baby to suffer.

          • Hi, Ally,

            I just found my previous AND my last comment on this page. But it wasn’t where I had expected it to be. I still can’t figure out where comments go on this page.


          • Thank you everyone for all the care and advice. Lilo, It would be great to hear from your vet, George if it’s okay to combine. Her eye swelling and breathing gets worse when we cut down on the steroid and it gets really scary to watch. We’re not ready to give up the fight! Thank you for giving us hope 🙂


          • I’ll ask our vet asap. Meanwhile, I would strongly advise that you give the steroid along with the Essiac tea. You don’t want your baby to suffer.

            Steroids can make quite a difference in wellbeing. I have quite a history of pneumonia, bronchitis, other severe respiratory infections, and also asthma. Whenever breathing became too difficult, I was given steroids. They were a blessing. Yet as I said, they should never be taken any longer than necessary because they have unwanted side effects when used long-term. (And as Ingrid said, they should never be stopped abruptly but tapered off slowly.)

            I’ll try to find a reason to call George, our vet, tomorrow. And then, I’ll ask him whether or not he has any concerns about giving steroids together with Essiac tea.

            Do me a favor, and write me another comment tomorrow morning, reminding me to make sure that I won’t forget. I usually check my e-mails after I get up (late) in the morning.

            Don’t give up hope. But also make sure your baby is kept as comfortable as possible.

            Best wishes!


          • P.S. I just read that Loni thinks that steroids should NOT be given together with Essiac tea. Loni is right when she says that a steroid is an immune suppressor while Essiac tea is an immune enhancer.

            However, the immune system is so very, very complicated that an immune suppressor does not automatically level out an immune enhancer.

            I make sure I’ll find a reason to call George tomorrow and ask him.

            There is also something else to consider: Even though Essiac tea can perform miracles, there is no guarantee that it will safe the life of your poor kitty (I keep forgetting how to spell her name). You might have to weigh keeping her comfortable against getting the very most out of Essiac tea. Even if the steroids should reduce the benefit of Essiac tea, you might still wish to compromise.

        • I have a 10 +/- male cat that was a tray we rescued about 2 years ago. A trip to the vet confirmed a tumor in the area of his liver. We had another male cat that passed away right before we found this one that had lymphoma which was treated unsuccessfully with chemo. So when my vet said it looked look the same thing I decided I could not put him through the chemo treatment knowing it would more than likely not work. I came home and started looking for holistic treatments and found Essiac. I immediately ordered the 500 mg vegetable capsules. I have questions about the dosage because I have seen varying amounts. The capsules are 500 mg each. Is this to much for a single dose? Should it be divided into 2 – 250 mg doses? I am going to have to buy capsules and divide it up if this is the case. This cat will eat his food as long as nothing is on it and he will not eat pill pockets in any variety. Any help at all will be appreciated!

          • Hi Diane,

            I ordered my Essiac capsules from

            The product this company produces is filled into the individuals capsules and is highly concentrated and standardized. It is not the usual bulk powder you buy, pressed into the capsules. They are using a complicated process. After the extract has been made, any alcohol and liquid is removed and the residue dry powder is filled into the capsules. Check with the company you ordered your capsules from to ascertain how the powder inside of the capsules has been prepared to find out if you are really getting a highly concentrated product.

            The active ingredients in the capsules I use are approx. 250mg in each capsule of which I administer 1 in the morning and 1 at night. (on empty stomach, then wait again for an hour for the next feeding etc.)

            When you give the pill, straddle your cat in a manner that it cannot escape backwards, pull the head of your cat up and back and keep it straight up, not sideways. In that position, the little opening in his throat will be visible. Push the capsule down the hole. It is the quickest way and your little darling will get used to it.

            When I started Essiac, I immediately stopped the steroids. The very first month on steroids my cat promptly developed an upper respiratory infection and was given an antibiotic by the Vet. Antibiotics only work on bacteria and my cat apparently contracted a virus due to the suppression of the immune system caused by the steroids. The virus had to take its course.

            The antibiotic shot was unnecessary. New studies reveal that antibiotics are adverse to the immune system. So be careful if your Vet should suggest such shots, unless the matter is life threatening.

            I wish you the best for your Kitty and yourself, whatever else I might have missed mentioning, please ask questions!


          • Diane,

            In my last comment to you the name of the company I ordered my capsules from was cut. Here it is again:


          • Hi, Diane,

            We buy our Essiac tea from this website:


            We found it the cheapest and the easiest to brew. It is in powdered form, and the brewing instructions are simple. We buy it in bulk and pay $ 28.–/lb.

            We figure out the dosage by dividing the recommended dosage for a human (average weight: 160 lbs) by 160 and then multiply it by the weight (in lbs) of the cat.

            My husband administers the tea in a syringe (without a needle), diagonally into the cat’s mouth (straight might have the cat choke) while holding the cat’s ruff, slightly lifting its head. We find this easier than administering capsules. However, every cat is different. Some cats might take capsules without problems; none of our cats do.

            Best wishes for you and your kitty. I am glad you are not putting him through chemo.

            Our success rate with Essiac tea has been 75%. Four of our cats diagnosed with cancer were treated with Essiac tea. One died, three survived. Two of the survivors lived for another 2 1/2 years, when they died of old age (not of cancer). One, our favorite cat, is still alive, symptom-free and full of mischief.


          • This is the same brand that I ordered. I only see 500 mg capsules on the site you sent me. Can you send me the product number for the 250mg?


          • Diane,

            The product is called: “Essiac for Pets” and their pet capsules are shipped by Altramed Canada (same company). I noticed on the front label it states the weight .017 oz (500 mg) It is confusing, I just noticed it.

            On the back under active ingredients per capsule it is all tabulated:

            Burdock, root 180.38 mg
            Sheep sorrel 35.88 mg
            Slippery Elm 13.70 mg
            Indian Rhubarb 6.10 mg All of it totals 236.06 mg

            Sorry, it is rather confusing, but it is the same capsule. I did not notice it until you pointed it out.

            Next time you order, place your order only for Essiac capsules. (The people kind). — I found out that the ingredients are identical to the ‘Pet Essiac’, but the advantage: It is a few dollars cheaper per bottle.

            I wish you and your Baby all the best! — Ask if you have questions!


          • Diane,

            I forgot!

            I have been administering 1 capsule 2x a day. If your Kitty has loose stools cut it down temporarily to 1 capsule, or sprinkle the food with a probiotic like ‘FortyFlora’ or ‘Nature Vet Digestive Enzymes from’. The later was suggested by Lilo.


          • I ordered the “human” version of Essiac. This cat, Gray Man, LOVES to be outside even though we are having 100 degree days. I have asked my husband not to let him out in the morning until I can medicate him but this morning he slipped out. I was able to catch up with him around 9 am, brought him in the house, gave him his pill and he shot under the bed in our room. It’s 3:30 pm and he won’t come out. I placed a bowl of food under there but I don’t think he has touched it.

          • Hi Diane,

            My beloved cat Smokey also likes the heat. We have 100 degrees here as well. I do not air condition the entire house only the areas I am using at each time. He prefers to sit in my sunroom at the opposite side of the house where windows are all around and the sun is active and it is the hottest room in the house. He is an inside cat and could choose a more comfortable area but he likes the heat.

            Your cat is not used to getting pills therefore he is hiding from you, it is scary to him. Next time, after administering the capsule, close the bedroom door so he cannot hide and hold him so he knows he is loved. It will take a while for him to get used to the new treatment.

            All the best for both of you,


            I am sorry you have to suffer through all the worry!

          • Interesting that Smokey likes the heat. Cats like heat, but 100 F is a bit much for a cat to like.

            Did you know that there is (or was?) an alternative cancer treatment using heat? Maybe Smokey instinctively chooses this treatment.

            I would never force heat on a cat, but if the cat chooses extreme heat himself, he might have a reason for it. Make sure Smokey doesn’t get accidentally locked in a very hot room.

          • Lilo,

            I had no idea that heat treatment was used for cancer treatment for cats. I did not discourage ‘Smokey’ from seeking sunshine and heat in my sunroom. I figured that instinctively he would know what is best for him.

            Also, even though the room is exposed to the sun it is on the North side of my house and the room’s temperature does not exceed 86 degrees even though the A/C is off.



          • Hi, Loni,

            Heat was not used as a cancer treatment for cats (as far as I know) but for humans. But if it worked for humans, it may also work for cats.

            As long as the cats can decide for themselves how hot they want to get, they should be fine. I would only be worried about a very sick cat, who may be too week to seek a cooler room.

            We have a sun room that gets rather hot. We presently have the outside door of it open 24/7 with only a screen door to close it. The room also has a cat door. When we had the outside glass-door closed (to make it a tiny bit more bothersome for potential burglars to get into the house), we always made sure that no ailing cats were in the sun room because we were afraid that once they got too hot, they may not have the energy left to leave the room and go outside. (With the outside door open, the room should not get hot enough to pose a danger.)

            Please note: I am very little on the computer these days, so I may not always be able to see and reply to a comment. (We presently have a guy employed full time. He spends most afternoons cutting trees on one of our other properties, and we have to be there to oversee the work. We also have a bumper crop of apricots on this property. Thus, we are busy harvesting, and I spend the evenings making jam and juice.) If I should fail to answer a question, please remind me.

            Btw, the inner nut of apricot pit is also a natural cancer treatment. But I haven’t got a clue how to dose it. You might wish to do some research on the internet.

          • P.S.

            Leave the food by the bed, not under the bed. Cats do not eat lying down. Hope he by now has emerged from his “Safe Place”

    • Ally

      I noticed that something was cut from my posting namely the company I ordered the capsules from. I am trying to post it again.


    • Hi, Ally,

      I called the vet clinic this morning. George was doing some surgery and was, therefore, not available. But I talked at length to Nel, his wife, who is running the office.

      Nel is a cancer survivor. She had advanced breast cancer 12 years ago. Nel received main stream treatment (surgery, chemotherapy [and if I remember correctly also radiation] and lots of steroids). Nel also received alternative treatment, that is, Essiac tea. Nel said that there had been NO CONCERNS combining Essiac tea with either steroids or chemotherapy.

      As I had said, the immune system is very, very complicated. Actually, it is more complicated than any layperson can imagine. Immune enhancers and immune suppressors always only affect parts of the immune system–parts that may have only little or nothing to do with each other.

      Once I get a chance to talk to George again, I am sure he will be explain in a detailed, scientific way.

      Yet from what Nel said, there is no doubt that Essiac tea and steroids can be combined without any ill effect.

      I now also remember that our Midnight, who died a year ago (he was FIV positive and had been ailing for years with all kinds of symptoms) and who had been on (high dosage) steroids, had also been on Essiac tea for a short time, with George’s approval. We had to stop the Essiac tea because Midnight hated the taste of it and would fight medication with teeth and claws, injuring a petsitter and also my husband.

      So go ahead and combine Essiac tea with steroids! Make your poor Ganoush feel better.

      Best wishes!


      • Hi Lilo,

        Thank you so much! We are continuing with steroid as advised, as well as rubbing cbd oil on the swelling around her eye and the Essiac. She’s still eating but doesn’t seem to be improving. I fear that the tumor is growing 🙁 We still have hope, but as you know, it’s incredibly sad to have a sick cat and difficult to watch the decline.


        • I am glad you are doing everything to make her more comfortable while still giving her the chance that Essiac tea might work.

          My heart goes out to you and your Ganoush.

          Ever since we moved to our country property (in 1996), we have had rescue cats. (Our all-time high, 12 years ago, was 35.) We know what it feels like to lose a beloved cat. We have had quite a number of them die (or be put to sleep to shorten their dying), and we also had quite a number of them go missing (probably ending up in the stomachs of some predators). (We have had less go missing ever since we try to collect them each evening and also have a system in place that allows them to come in at night but not go out again.) It is always such a heartache to lose a beloved animal.

          I wish with all my heart that Ganoush will be saved by Essiac tea.


        • Ally,

          Tumors on animals usually get larger when treated, they ripen, before they break up and heal. It might be a sign of healing! I hope this is the case.

          I wish you and your Kitty the best,


  9. Hi, Ingrid,

    Thank you for the link to the decision-making about euthanasia. (I will read it tonight. I am just on the jump to go out of the house.)

    We had poor Sugar Baby euthanized yesterday afternoon. There was no longer any decision to make. We just shortened his dying. He had zero chance for survival left. As you might imagine, it was still hard to let him go. And we miss him already. He was such a sweet cat.

    My husband held him on his lap while I was driving. In order not to catch our vet’s respiratory infection, I waited in the waiting room while my husband accompanied Sugar Baby to the very end.

    • Lilo,

      What a heart wrenching story. I feel for you and you having to euthanize your beloved Sugar Baby. I am so sorry you lost your wonderful love and companion.

      I put my “Smokey” back on starting Monday and today is Wednesday and he appears to be doing well and most important he is eating his food again. I was so stressed out but feel better after his condition has greatly improved.

      Again I am so sorry for your terrible loss! It is so emotionally devastating.

      I thought I was going to lose my Baby on Sunday after he regressed. I was mortified! I feel your pain!

      All the Best for you and your husband!


      • Hi, Loni,

        I answered your last comment yesterday, but my computer gave trouble, and now I can’t find my reply. So I assume that the internet “ate” it.

        Anyway, thank you for your kind and sympathetic words.

        I am so glad that Smokey is better again.

        I would not pause with Essiac tea. It has never worked well when we paused with Essiac tea with any of our cats. Goldilocks was the only cat who did not go downhill when the tea was interrupted (usually when we were out of town). All other cats made a nosedive each time. Orphan Annie started to tolerate interruptions only after several years of treatment with the tea. Yet I am always nervous when we are forced to pause with the tea. We try to avoid it whenever possible.

        We buried Sugar Baby AND Stinker today. Stinker, who had had to be euthanized while we were out of town last month, had been kept in an (otherwise empty) freezer. With neither my husband nor me well after we returned from our trip, we had postponed the “funeral”.

        I was terribly shocked when I saw Stinker’s body. It looked astonishingly well. I could hardly believe that he had been beyond help. I do trust our vet, and he probably knew what he was doing, but seeing Stinker’s body in such good shape, it was hard to imagine that he had had to be euthanized. (Sugar Baby’s body, for comparison, seemed to be decomposing while he was still alive.)

        This double “funeral” was quite upsetting today. And we couldn’t even put rocks on the graves yet. We have already “harvested” all close-by suitable rocks from the adjoining BLM. Tomorrow, we have to take the tractor and get some more from farther away. If we don’t put heavy rocks on our cats’ graves, coyotes will dig them up. (This has already happened 3 times in the past, even though there were rocks on the graves. They just weren’t big enough.) As much as we dislike such grave-robberies, we also feel sorry for the coyotes. They must be terribly hungry. We would not mind feeding them, but this would endanger our living cats. So there is nothing we can do for these poor hungry coyotes.–Nature is cruel!

        • Hi Lilo,

          It is so devastating to bury a creature you love and you buried 2 of them Sugar Baby and Stinker. But do not forget, you provided a great loving home and they were as attached to you as you were to them. — Death is terrible! — You had a wonderful life together.

          I am so sorry you had to go through all this pain!

          “Smokey” appears to be better but what worries me, he does not seem to have an appetite even for his favorite . He only takes a couple of small bites. He needs to gain weight as he lost the pound he gained when he was on Essiac.

          I am at a loss of what to do, even opening different cans of food or giving him a choice of canned food or dry food does not seem to phase him. The little intake of food is not enough to sustain life. I looks like he is starving himself. — I am so worried!

          I do not know what to do differently. He as always been a very picky eater but present conditions are frightening.

          You have great experience! — If you have any suggestions please let me know! — I will never stop Essiac again!


          • Hi, Loni,

            Thank you again for your compassionate and sympathetic words. We are trying to heal, but it will certainly take a while.

            What could you do to make Smokey gain weight? I could recommend 3 things, however none of them are approved by George, our vet.

            (1) Buddig Original Turkey (sold in small plastic packages at Walmart, near ham and cheese, on the refrigerated wall). George’s concern: It has some salt in it. Yet our cats love it, and I occasionally give them a little as treat. I have found sick cats eat it when they had stopped eating everything else. Sugar Baby even nibbled on it few hours before we considered him beyond help and had him euthanized.

            (2) Baby food. Sugar Baby was very keen on it and kept eating it when he no longer showed much interest in canned cat food (and had stopped eating dry food. George’s concern: It probably contains onion powder, and some cats are sensitive to onions and onion products.

            (3) Digestive enzymes. We sprinkle these enzymes on the canned cat food (as you would salt something). My husband uses NaturVet Digestive Enzymes, which have helped him (who has been underweight ever since I know him) to gain 9 pounds. My husband says he bought them at We mentioned that we give these enzymes to our cats because almost all of them are aging and several are ailing and have lost weight. George did not comment. So we don’t know whether or not he approves. (We forgot to ask.)

            We don’t have a working scale to weigh our cats, but it seems that some have regained weight they had lost.

            Maybe you could do some research on the above “weightloss-remedies”. I hesitate to outright recommend them.

            Best wishes for you and your Smokey!


            P.S. My e-mail address is If you give me your e-mail address, I could send you a bunch of photographs of Happy Cats Ranch. They might lift your spirits.

            P.P.S. I live in rural Utah. Where do you live?

          • Hi Lilo,

            I am very grateful you have taken the time to pass on all your valuable suggestions to increase the weight of my Smokey. I very much appreciate your concern for my .

            I tried Baby Food. It is not appealing to Smokey. He loves fresh low-salt cut turkey. I have to pick up some more when i do grocery shopping or when I get to Walmart I will buy the “Budding Turkey” you suggested. Since it comes in small packages it will certainly be more practical. The reason: After the second day, he is tired of turkey and I am stuck with the rest of it.

            I still have 2 boxes of FortiFlora which I have to use up but will purchase Nature Vet Digestive Enzymes next time. I did not realize that it can be used every day. The instructions on FortiFlora indicate to administer the product when the cat has diarrhea and I did not want to overdo it. You mentioned Nature’s Vet Digestive before in one of your postings and I have taken note of it in my little reminder book. I remember you mentioned that this formula is of better, purer quality.

            Today, Saturday is the 6th day for Smokey to be back on the miracle formula Essiac. I started him on Monday.– Even though he never took a liking to dry food, I noticed that he was eating from my female-cat “Baby’s” dish sampling the new brand I bought. I have been feeding her grain-free dry food from “Petco”. It is the only food she likes.

            The new brand from the grocery store I acquired is “Iam’s” grain-free Chicken/Salmon combination and Smokey surprisingly took a liking to it and took small bites of Baby’s food dish.

            I left this particular dry food out for him all night on the counter where my short legged well fed female could not reach it. The dish was empty! This morning, Saturday, he ate well namely the Iam’s dry food and an additional portion of Starkist Tuna. Therefore, I hope we have crossed the threshold of him not eating.

            I will send you an email with my email address.Thanks again for being so caring and helpful. — I am so sorry you are presently going through such a dark, sad time. I will take a while to feel better. My thoughts will be with you!

            Big Hugs,


          • Hi, Loni,

            I am so glad that Smokey is eating again. And I would not care too much WHAT he eats, as long as he is eating.

            However, for feeding on the long run, you might wish to know that George, our vet, does NOT favor grain-free formulas. He says that the natural food for cats is small rodents and birds, both of which contain grain in their digestive tracts. Thus, a certain amount of grain is good (or even necessary) for cats. George does recommend the regular IAMS. (Btw, we now buy the house-brand of Costco, which we assume is identical with IAMS, due to its listed contents and also due to its looks. It is much cheaper than the brand-name IAMS. With 22 cats, this makes quite a difference.)

            I would also be careful with tuna fish for humans. I have read many warnings to give cats too much of it. I forget the reason. Maybe there is too much salt in it, or maybe tuna fish pure contains something that is not good for cats when fed in excess. We give our cats Starkist tuna only in small amounts and as special treats or mixed with some medicine we cannot get into them any other way.

          • Hi Lilo,

            You are such an excellent source of information!

            I am so glad to find out that grain-free cat food is not what it is purported to be. Your Veterinarian’s assessment makes perfect sense. Regular food with the grains intact is also much cheaper.

            Smokey dislikes grain-free canned food therefore I buy the regular kind for him. “Baby” who only eats dry food has been getting the grain-free, because it has been lauded to be healthier. Of course, this will change now that I know the truth about the grain-free variety.

            Tuna is bad for humans and animals due to the high Mercury content. I limit
            what I feed. The chunky dark meat tuna has less Mercury than the white meat Albacore.

            Lilo, thanks again! — You are always coming through with great advice!

            I wish I could help you in your time of sadness! All I can do is give you Big Hugs vicariously.

            Many Hugs,


          • Hi, Loni,

            I am glad I could be of some help.

            Thanks for refreshing my memory about tuna fish. Now I remember.

            And thanks again for your compassion.



      • Thank you, Ingrid! We now have only 22 cats left (plus 2 “half” ones, a stray and a cat we share with the neighbor). Most are aging, and several are ailing. I just hope we won’t have another fatality any time soon. It hurts so much losing any of our babies. We love them all. And when they get sick, we love them even more. I am not overly religious, but when I see any of them suffering, I pray that I can share a bit of their pain. (I am not sure whether or not any of these prayers have ever been heard because not being in too good health, I usually have some pain anyway.)

  10. I would, definitely, try Essiac tea. We use it for every cancer and every suspected cancer in our cats. If it won’t help, it won’t harm.

    Wishing you all the best for your kitty.

    • Hi Lilo and to everybody else who has an ailing cat-baby,

      I have been using the highly concentrated Essiac capsules from for 3 1/2 months and believe it has eliminated my cat’s cancer as he is doing well. I am very grateful to the Essiac product.
      The only consistent problem with him namely a weak tummy had lingered on.

      I thought that after 3 1/2 month a different formula might take care of the issue my cat still displayed. Sometimes human and animal body systems develop an immunity to an identical formula used for so long.

      Therefore I ordered . Go to “”. What is Carnivora? — This product is researched and produced in Germany. The capsules are equal in price to . President Reagan used it as a cure for his cancer. –The product is distributed through their outlet in New York and ships quickly.

      I have been administering Carnivora now for 3 weeks and it has much improved the throw-up malady which now is limited to hairballs.

      My beloved Smokey is doing well!

        • Hi Lilo,

          I am very happy with Carnivora. Essiac has rescued my cat from the cancer malady and I am grateful. Carnivora is an excellent after-cure. (My opinion) It has given “Smokey” his affectionate personality back. It also has an advantage, you can administer this product any time of the day and it does not have to be on an empty stomach like Essiac. — First week 1 capsule twice a day. After 6 days give the 7th day a rest, no capsules. Second week, 3 times 1 capsule a day and again, the 7th day is a rest day away from Carnivora.

          I am very happy with the results! Hope it will be of benefit for your fur children as well.


          • Hi, Loni,

            Thank you for all the info about “carnivora”. My husband studied the website already, last night, and will order some as soon asap.

            We are very busy these days. We have a worker here full-time (until he finds another job in the oil field), and we have to keep him busy (cutting limbs of trees, etc.). So we are rotating.

            Unfortunately, we also have a dying cat. Our Sugar Baby had some “brain episode” a few months ago. He suddenly fell from a chair and was, then, spinning around. I thought he had had a stroke, but George, our vet, said it was NOT a stroke. Sugar Baby was treated with steroids and recovered, but he was never the same again. (He no longer was able to accompany us on walks or hikes but stayed back meowing.) Then, when we were out of town last month, our petsitter had to rush him to the vet because of an abscess in the face. By the time we returned home, on June 15, Sugar Baby was o.k. again but had lost lots of weight. Then, about 5 days ago, Sugar Baby got another abscess in the face, which luckily opened by itself. However, Sugar Baby is in very bad shape. The abscess keeps producing blood and pus. George hasn’t been available because of a very bad respiratory infection. So he could only instruct us over the phone. Sugar Baby is on an antibiotic and, again, on a steroid. Yesterday, George said that he thinks that Sugar Baby has an underlying cancer and that the brain episode had been the first symptom.

            We had not thought of cancer with Sugar Baby before. My husband hurried to brew Essiac tea. (He had paused because he had not been well himself, and all of the other cats on Essiac tea were doing fine and could tolerate a pause.) Today was the first day Sugar Baby received Essiac tea. So far, we haven’t seen any change.

            We think that Essiac tea is the only chance Sugar Baby has left.

            Do you think “carnivora” could be administered together with Essiac tea, provided that Sugar Baby is still alive by the time it will arrive in the mail?

            We don’t know Sugar Baby’s age. We found him 15 years ago, on the road, hit by a car.

          • Hi Lilo,

            I might have praised Carnivora too soon. As soon as I said how happy I was, my beloved “Smokey” had a setback. He was moping around last evening as well as today. I have given Carnivora now for 27 days. — He appeared to be weak!

            I was so scared I went back to “Essiac” this afternoon. I am all stressed out.


          • Hi, Loni,

            I am so sorry about Smokey having a setback. But don’t get too worried. Just like people, cats also have their ups and downs, and there is always the danger that we associate these ups and downs to some medication or food or other circumstances, while there may not have been any particular outside influence or inner decline for such up or down.

            And just like one might fear the worst when one doesn’t feel so well, one might also think one has discovered a miracle drug or miracle food when one feels unusually well and has happened to take such drug or food during this time.

            It was different with our experiences with Essiac tea. The ups and downs followed the treatment and pause of treatment (or increase and decrease in dosage) so precisely and so often that it could not have coincidences.

            Getting Smokey back on Essiac is probably the best you can do.

            I have pretty much given up on our Sugar Baby. He is probably too far gone to be helped by Essiac tea (or the antibiotic if it should “only” be an infection). He is worse today than he was yesterday. And we are considering having him euthanized. The problem: With my history of life-endangering respiratory infections, neither I nor my husband should get near George, our vet, who has had a very bad case of respiratory infection and is, most likely, still contagious. (Any respiratory infection could be my last one. And since I almost died twice during the past 5 years, I have been avoiding people with cold or flu like the plague.)

            The way Sugar Baby looks, he probably won’t make it through the day. We just hope he is not suffering too much. Yet, as you might imagine, we still have this glimmer of hope for a miracle.

          • Hi Lilo,

            I am so truly sorry about Sugar Baby’s plight. It must be devastating for you to see him in such adverse position, but just like you indicated there is always hope for him to improve. Also, I feel for you regarding your bouts with Pneumonia over the years and being concerned to catch it again, as it already played havoc with you in the past.

            I hope and pray that Sugar Baby will improve!

            Thank you so much for your encouragement regarding my beloved Smokey. I am so worried about him due to his age. He will be 16 on the 1st of August. I would like him to keep me company for a little longer as I love him so.

            Thank you for caring!


          • Hi, Ingrid,

            Thank you for your good wishes for Sugar Baby. I just checked on him. He is still alive, but this is about the only positive statement I can make about his present condition.

            Blood and pus has crusted all over the right half of his face, from the eye down to the nostrils. We have been trying to get it off by soaking it, but he doesn’t allow us long enough to be effective. My husband wanted to use an enzyme, but I didn’t let him and our vet also cautioned against it. (The open abscess is right under his Sugar Baby’s eye.) Sugar Baby also laid down in the litter box and had litter embedded in the crust. I eventually got that off, yesterday. We now only give him an empty litter box. (He lies in it and peas and poops on his sleeping pad. He didn’t like a cat bed. I think he has fever, and it was too warm.) He is only part-time in the big dog cage (in the living room) we use for very sick cats. He likes to come out. Until yesterday, he was using the regular litter box in the living room. Until yesterday, he also ate and drank sufficiently. Today, he pooped on the floor, hardly nibbled on the food, and we did not see him drink.

            Sugar Baby is, meanwhile only skin and bones and also very weak. Occasionally, he falls over.

            Do you think we should have him euthanized? Or do you think he still has a tiny chance to recover? As his loving “parents”, we are probably rather biased and might still cling to a straw of hope that no longer exists. (Besides, we are so afraid that I [or my husband, who would then infect me] catch our vet’s respiratory infection. I have had 10 pneumonias throughout life plus an uncountable number of severe respiratory infections, several of which life-endangering.)

            I almost overlooked your post. Didn’t get an e-mail. And I still have problems finding anything on this website. As I mentioned before, I am a 105% computer-idiot.

  11. I don’t think Essiac tea “rids” the body of the malignancy; I think it keeps it in check. Our 3 cancer cats (saved with Essiac tea in 2013) kept relapsing whenever they were off the tea. Orphan Annie, the one who is still alive (the other two died of old age, NOT cancer) is symptom-free, but we don’t dare taking her off the tea for any length of time. She is presently off the tea because we are out of town for 3 weeks. We just hope that she won’t relapse.

    • Hi Lilo,

      Thank you very much for your reply. My Smokey is doing well and he appears to be in remission after the almost 4 months of Essiac treatment.

      I will cut his dosage down to half, meaning only 1 capsule per day and watch for possible relapses in the future.

      Thanks for all your advice for all of us concerned Cat-Mothers.


      • Hi, Loni,

        Glad to hear that your Smokey is doing great.

        We just returned from a trip of 3 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately, our beloved Stinker (one of our 3 favorites) had to be euthanized a few days before our return. He was 18 years old and had been going downhill for a while. (And then, a week ago, he had made a nose-dive for the worse.) We’ll see our vet this coming Tuesday and will learn more details. So far, we only know that one of Stinker’s kidneys had been 6x the size of the other kidney. We assume a tumor but don’t know yet. (Stinker had been seen previously by the vet in April and had been diagnosed with “old age”.)

        Stinker had been put on Essiac tea about 2 mos ago (for just in case his decline was due to cancer), but we had not wanted to burden our petsitter with preparing and administering Essiac tea (for just in case). Due to Stinker’s decline (he only liked canned food), our petsitter had come 3x daily (even though she has a full-time job with irregular hours). In retrospect, I think that Stinker might have been saved, had he not been taken off the tea.

        I would like to caution you about reducing Smokey’s dosage of Essiac tea. Our Orphan Annie (who is still doing great) had not taken too well to a reduced dosage of the tea during the first 2 years of her treatment. I am not sure which dosage she is presently getting. (My husband takes care of medicating the cats, and he is not in the house right now.)

        Wishing you and Smokey the very best.


        P.S. My husband, who has been underweight for some 20 years, has recently gained 10 lbs on digestive enzymes. Therefore, we are now giving all of our cats digestive enzymes. The underweight cats have gained weight on the enzymes.

        We started the enzyme treatment shortly before we went out of town on May 21st. We could not ask our petsitter to feed the underweight cats separately. But we’ll now have to watch that the overweight cats don’t gain extra weight on the enzymes. Might have to feed them separately. (It was more important that the old, underweight cats gained weight. Only 3 of our now only 24 cats are overweight.)

          • Thank you, Loni. Losing Stinker–and especially while we could not be with him to the end–has really hit us hard.

            I so hope that Smokey will continue doing well.

            If you decide to reduce the Essiac tea dosage, watch Smokey closely. Should he develop symptoms, raise it again immediately. That’s what we did with Orphan Annie, and it worked. Still, I was always nervous when my husband reduced the dosage. There was no guarantee that raising it again when symptoms emerged would eliminate any possible damage.

    • Hi, has anyone had success treating nasal lymphoma with Essiac? My kitty is on prelone at the moment and 18ml of Essiac right now. I’ve also heard good things about cannabis oil. Any ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Hi… my 15 year old tabby, named Cato, is very sick with lymphoma in her intestines. She was once a pudge, but now is an emaciated 6 lbs. I had her up to almost seven, but then her weight dropped again. We have done one round of the CHOP protocol but the cancer did not respond, and the vet says he can feel multiple little masses in her intestines now. We are trying one last med , and hoping it works. She is on an injectable steroid. She does not vomit and has no diarrhea. She eats fairly well, but not much. She purrs when I pet her and when she eats, but she does not want to come out from under the bed except to use the litter box. I have been giving her alkaline water to drink hoping this will help support her body. I also add flaxseed oil and cranberry to her meals, along with digestive enzyme and a high calorie vitamin paste. I am looking into tipsy, graviola, and ES as well as apple cider vinegar capsules. I hate seeing her go through this. I wish I could flush her intestines with something that would kill every last cancer cell. I wish I could find an herbal remedy that will help her appetite and create a healthy environment in her body that is yet deadly to teh cancer cells. Of course I want to do everything I can for her. so I have 2 questions: 1) what is the best thing I can do to fight this cancer?
    2) And, if the cancer continues to get worse, what kind of death will she experience? Will she suffer much? Is euthanasia best or can I give her palliative care to make her passing easier?

    • I’m so sorry about Cato. You may find some helpful information in this post, and the comments for it:

      As for your question about euthanasia vs. palliative care, that’s impossible to answer. Every cat is different. This post on hospice care for cats may help: as well as this post on palliative care for feline cancer patients:

      All my best to both of you.

    • I am sorry to hear about your baby. I am doing palative care for my kitty too. It’s a very hard thing to go through. Have you tried syringe feeding to try to supplement the food intake? You can use AD high calorie food from your vet, or meat flavored baby food. I give Tucker two syringes of food daily with all of his supplements mixed in. There are some good videos on You Tube to help you with syringe feeding.

    • Hi Kat,

      I am so sorry to hear about your ‘Baby’ being so sick. I feel for you, have just been through it myself. It is so devastating! My cat is recovering after I followed the advice of participants on this sight!

      My beloved “Smokey” has been on “Essiac” for over 3 months. He was well after the period of approx. 3 months. I am just continuing for another month to be sure the cancer in his bone marrow is entirely gone. — He has gained one pound of weight last month which is a sign he is recovering very well. He is playing, jumping and running. Pretty good for an old cat of almost 16 years of age.

      The first 2 months is a period of detoxification and was very stressful for both my cat and myself as he was throwing up all the toxins which had accumulated in his little body. We had good days and really bad days. — I did not give him any other herbs besides his Essiac capsules which are highly concentrated and healed him well but do not get discouraged as the healing will take a while. Just be consistent and do not skip any days! Do not add anything else in way of herbs, Essiac will do the job beautifully but it will not happen overnight. The cleansing will take its course. Do not get discouraged in the interim.

      I have been using “Essiac” in capsule form. I have an easy way of administering it. If you need the information let me know. I started out with 1 capsule a day and increased it to 2 capsules after 1 month, one in the morning, one at night.

      There are many posts which I have added to this sight which indicate the progression of my treatment of my beloved “Smokey”. Please read all of them!

      I ordered my supply of capsules from

      Telephone: 1-888-900-2299

      They claim to have the original formula. This does not mean that what is distributed by other companies is inferior. I just wanted ‘peace of mind’ and be sure. Personal preference!

      There is a great Video on “youtube” regarding Essiac and the nurse who perfected the original formula.

      Do not be discouraged, your cat will recover!



      • Hi Loni,

        Thank you so much for this information. A friend of mine suggested I start my sweet girl, Tinkerbell on the Essiac tea capsules shortly after she was diagnosed with lymphoma this past Monday. 🙁 The tea arrived yesterday and I’ve given her the first two doses. So far, so good. I think…

        I wondered if you could share with me the easy way you’re administering them as you offered. I’d like to be sure I’m approaching this from the right angle. Was Smokey prescribed prednisolone by the vet, and if so, were you giving the Essiac tea in addition? So far I have been giving a half a capsule of the tea mixed with fruit juice through an eye dropper syringe once in the am and once at night. I try to spread it out with the prednisolone capsules in the afternoon and another in the evening.

        Any advice you can provide would be great – I’m worried sick and really hope this helps her.

        Thank you so much again. It’s so helpful to hear success stories from others who have been through the process.


        • Hi Paris,

          I am so sorry about your sweet Tinkerbell’s diagnoses of Lymphoma! My cat was diagnosed the beginning of January 2016 and he appears to be cured now. I think the medical establishment calls it “Remission”.

          My beloved ‘Smokey’ was on Prednisolone for only 1 month until I found the better alternative namely “Essiac”. I started Essiac in February.

          It took 3 months, very stressful time for both of us, cat and myself. The detoxification process was very trying, particularly the first 2 months, and my beloved “Smokey” felt so bad and appeared to be so weak I feared for him, but it was only the natural process of all the poisons being channeled through his little body and dispelled. — When he was initially diagnosed he weighed only 7lb.

          In the 3rd month of the treatment he started gaining weight and he now weighs over 8lb. He will be 16 years of age in a month and I do not believe that at his age he will put on more weight. Smokey is now playful jumps on high counters and eats well.

          I have no idea what capsules you have purchased and how potent they are.

          If you prepare the tea yourself from the bulk powder, the brew most likely will be inconsistent or the administering of the tea to the cat will cause some of the product to be lost due to spillage. Also you do not know how old the product is you are using. — I did not want to take any chances with the life of my cat.

          I purchased my capsules from the company which distributes ‘Essiac’ worldwide and claims to have purchased the original formula Nurse Rene Caisse developed.–This company uses a complicated process which requires many steps. These capsules are highly concentrated and powerful.
          After the tea is brewed, the company removes all liquids and alcohol and the dry powder which is left is being pressed into the capsules.

          It is important to remember that it is “not” the usual ‘bulk powder’ you can buy and press into the capsules. The bulk powder will not have the same healing power!

          These capsules have to be taken on an empty stomach, then wait 1 hour before offering food. This is the most effective way of absorption!

          I ordered my capsules from
          Tel.: 1-888-900-2299

          When I started administering the capsules I immediately stopped “Prednisolone” which has serious side effects. Essiac is an immune booster, Prednisolone is an immune suppressor. I was afraid they would cancel each other out.

          When you start ‘Essiac’ be consistent, even though your little patient will feel bad. Do not cut the dosage! Feeling lousy is part of the process namely the liver cleaning the system.

          What works best for me administering the capsules and is fast:

          I straddle my cat, pull the head up gently and gently back which opens up the throat and I push the pill right down into the opening of the throat area.
          In that position the “Little One” cannot bite you.

          Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Essiac is a healer if you are consistent with it. Do not skip a day!

          May Jesus take care of you and your little Tinkerbell. You both need his help!

          All the very Best to both of you!


          • Just wanted to say that my sweet Cato, a feral kitten whom I found starving in a snowstorm 15 years ago, died in my arms last week from lymphoma. Whatever time whatever treatment gives you, cherish it deeply.

          • My dear Kat,

            I am so sorry for the passing of your little angel. At least you were able to hold her until she slipped away. You bonded until the end. You did everything you could and provided a wonderful home. It so very heartbreaking to lose something you so intently love. She knew she was loved, animals are very sensitive to the feeling of their human mothers!

            Take good care of yourself,


          • I was out of town for several weeks and just saw your posts. I am so sorry about your little Cato.

            Essiac tea can perform miracles, but it does not help in each and every case.

            Try to find some comfort in the fact that your beloved Cato could die in your arms.

  13. My kitty Tucker 2 1/2 years old started regurgitating his food on April 20th 2016. I took him to the vet on April 22nd and an x-ray revealed a large mass in his chest cavity since he is Felv+ this is one of the things that can happen. We gave him a long lasting steroid shot and I brought him home and was syringe feeding him. He would not eat food on his own. He kept down the syringed food. Needless to say I cried the entire weekend. I ordered Life Gold for Cat Cancer (same ingredients as essiac plus some other ingredients) I received it on April 26th and gave him his 2 doses, he started eating on his own again the very next day. After further research I also ordered Vitality Science Advanced Immune Restoration and he has been on that system for several days, along with the Life Gold. I also added NVH Tripsy since he gets struvite crystals and bacterial UTIs after having the PU surgery (twice) and he still has a very small opening. This morning 5/4/16 he was waking me up purring and racing to where his food is like he used to do. I pray that he continues to feel good and eat. If you are using essiac and having problems with eating I would get the Life Gold, many said it brought the appetite back, several of the herbs stimulate appetite.

  14. Directions:

    There have been some recent questions about the making of Essiac tea for cats and so I am writing these directions up as the thread may have been so long previously that the directions already up there may be hard to find. These are only directions for the tea as I can’t speak for the capsules, as I have never used them. However, there are some on the forum that have used them with success and can answer those questions for you.

    To make a smaller batch of tea for your cat, you may make a pint; That’s 2 cups of water and 1 Tbsp. of dried tea powder. You boil that in a stainless steel pot or non-aluminum for about 10 minutes. Pour it into a pyrex or non aluminum bowl, cover it and let sit on the counter over night to absorb. Then strain the tea herbs and pour off the liquid into a glass container. I use a cleaned out glass jam jar and store in fridge. This makes the concentrate which you then give to your cat. I give it to the cat through a needless syringe on an empty stomach and then make sure the cat does not eat in the next hour or so after giving it to them.No food 1 hour before or 1-2 hours after.

    Things to make sure:

    Sorrel Root one of the ingredients in Essaic. Make sure the company you get the tea from uses the whole plant including roots. Some just use the leaves because the root takes another two years of crop to grow. Root is important though.

    Do not give with other liver cleansing herbs or supplements.

    Do not boil in aluminum pots.

    How to figure the dose. This is for a cat that weighs 6 pounds- sub the weight of your cat in place

    Assume 2 Tablespoons being the dose for 150 lb human which is 30 ml
    150 lb human divide by weight of animal.

    150 divided by 6 (weight of animal)= 25
    Divide 30 ml by 25 = 1.2

    So a 1.2 ml is equal approx. to a ¼ teaspoon as a teaspoon is roughly 5 ml divided by 4= ¼ teaspoon

    Normally your drug stores can give you syringes without needles if you ask the pharmacist and that has the measurement for both ml and teaspoon equivalents.

    Start out giving that dose once a day, then work up gradually to twice a day and then after a few weeks see if you can work up to doubling the dose in the morning and then eventually also doubling the dose in the evening.

    I was recommended to go 4 weeks off and 1 week off to give the cat’s body a rest. However, some on the forum do not do that or believe in that way and so you have to go by what you think is right.

    There are two herb formulas for the tea:1 being a 4 herb and the other being an 8 herb. There are people that have had success with both. I personally use the 4 herb.

    Hope this helps.

  15. I was away at a conference so was offline for a while.

    I just wanted to share something with you all. It is hard sometimes when we pray for the wellness of our pets and then one passes. Essiac may work for some and sometimes it may not work for the particular aggressiveness of the disease or where it is located in the body. In those cases I believe it helps the quality of life in the meantime. Many of us have had good results, but it really depends on a number of factors. I believe in the healing power of Essaic and also helping in the quality of life. When my beloved Queensland passed my sister gave me this writing that really helped. So often we have rescued animals and even though it applies to a dog in this case, I think that same specialness will apply to us cat parents as many of us have rescued or adopted cats. I dedicate this to Glendalough and little Noel.

    I RESCUED A HUMAN TODAY by Janine Allen

    Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her. I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn’t be afraid. As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. I didn’t want her to know that I hadn’t been walked today. Sometimes the overworked shelter keepers get too busy and I didn’t want her to think poorly of them. As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn’t feel sad about my past. I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone’s life. She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me. I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her. Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship. A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well. Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms. I would promise to keep her safe. I would promise to always be by her side. I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes. I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor. So many more are out there who haven’t walked the corridors. So many more to be saved. At least I could save one. I rescued a human today.

    • FMR,

      I’m sorry, I never thanked you for your beautiful dedication to my little Noel and myself. Thank you very, very much, such beautiful words.

      Today, is the 6 month date of my precious little Noel getting her angel wings. It has been very hard, I miss her terribly every day, she was always by my side. I can’t believe how much time has gone by without her. A beautiful thing happens every day, I am blessed to feel her beautiful presence around me. Every night, I do a rememberance for her by turning on some small little lights in a decorative jar that I bought after she left and I feel her more when I do this.

      I adopted her 2 weeks after I lost my first baby Boboli. She was at a pet food store that had an area for rescued cats. I wanted her the first time I saw her, she was sneezing and the thought of her being there sick all alone made her more precious. I was wearing a big winter coat, I picked her up and she fell asleep in my arms. I went down the next day to adopt her, I got there before the store opened and I found out later that after I left with her, a lot of people showed up wanting to adopt her. Everyone who saw her fell in love with her. She had just been rescued, she was about 4 months old, found wandering alone in a field and had caught a cold. After I brought her home I talked with an animal communicator, Noel told her that her mom, brothers and sisters were taken to a field and left because the owners didn’t want them, and she lost her mom soon after. The owners abused her, they would take turns throwing her to each other like a ball. For a number of years she hated to be picked up which I realized was from them doing this, but as she got older she didn’t mind too much because she knew that when I picked her up it was with love. She had separation anxiety and after working with a homeopath for 2 years on the anxiety and her hiding, she blossomed.

      I have not adopted another baby because I am still not working and don’t have the finances. But there is a family of 5 feral cats that stay around the house, I think they are slowly getting used to me. None of them hiss or try to scratch me. One of them is about 4 months old, I made a cat toy and he will let me play with him a little. My father feeds them and sometimes when the little one is eating, he will let me scratch his neck a few seconds. He is so cute and I want to hold him so badly but I don’t want to try to catch him because I want him to stay with his mom and family, so I adore them from a distance.

      I really need another baby, but until my finances change it wouldn’t be fair as I can’t provide everything he or she would need.

      Glendalough (Irene)

  16. Hi I have found this thread so interesting. We just discovered our 9 yr old cat Baby has 3 masses in his lungs. I purchased the Essiac formula from my health food shop yesterday, and he is so much perkier today. Hes a big boy who weighs 6 kilos, and he is eating quite well still. I have ordered the herbs for essiac west, so we are awaiting these. If anybody has any advice for us, please reply. We are devastated, as we lost his brother last year, due to bad advice from our vet, who never told us how ill he was- and denied us his notes, until I made a forma complaint and got them- but it was too late then. Has anyone used Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in the water for them? Thanks and love xox

    • I am sorry to hear about the three masses. I hope your Kitty will be doing better. I do use Apple Cider Vinegar(with the mother) for myself as it helps digestion before meals but I think it can also act as a detox, so not sure about that and Essiac together on the cat.Also Apple Cider can induce weight loss in humans as it tends to curb your appetite, so maybe that would not be good for your kitty. That is another reason that people use it besides indigestion and the nutrients in the mother part of the cider. If anything is considered a liver cleanser, you for sure do not want to use that at the same time with Essiac. All the best for your kitty.

      • Thanks for all of your advice, really appreciated. So far after having Essiac tea from Monday evening and then taking him to a fabulous hollistic vet on Wednesday, he is doing fantastic. So we are hopeful but cautious of course, and I will keep you updated xx

    • Hi Stacy,

      I am so sorry to hear about the masses in your cat’s lungs, but you are fortunate that “Baby” is a big boy with the equivalent of close to 12lb., therefore he appears to be well nourished. It gets to be worrisome when they do not eat well, throw up more than usual besides expelling hairballs and losing weight.

      This is only a suggestion of what I have done.

      I lead a busy life and try to keep things as simple as possible. This is the reason, after extensive research on the Internet, I decided to order the highly concentrated capsules for pets from a company which distributes their ‘Essiac’ products world wide.

      They claim to have purchased the right to sell the original formula. It does not mean that the other companies are selling something inferior. I am sure they have matched their product to be equivalent to the original formula of Nurse Rene Caisse.

      I find it easier to give a capsule rather than brewing the tea and running a risk of not getting the dosage correct or having the tea spoil on me.

      My sweet little boy “Smokey” has lymphocytic cancer which is cancer of the bone marrow (too many white blood cells).

      I started him out with one capsule per day for 3 weeks. The detoxification process made him feel horrible. He threw up about once a week, badly. The throw-up was accompanied with lots of liquid (probably the toxins in him released) and immediately after that he was lethargic and would not eat. As a matter of fact, he could not keep his little eyes open. I was mortified looking at his pathetic condition and wondered if I have done the right thing for him, but in hindsight he was detoxifying.
      After 3 weeks, with good and bad days, he was moping around for 2 consecutive days. I was not sure what to do. But “Essiac” is the all time cancer healer, therefore I decided to increase the dose in the evening of the 2nd day. I was very much worried at how he might react and was checking on him several times that night.

      The next day he was surprisingly energetic and playful. A big weight off my shoulders!

      Ever since, I have always be very consistent, one capsule in the morning on empty stomach, wait for an hour before feeding and the same process at night.

      It has been 6 weeks now and my beloved “Smokey” is doing remarkably well, he is running and playing and chasing my female cat. I am happy! We are in a healing phase now for about 2 more months.

      “FMR” mentioned to give an animal a rest of 1 week from Essiac after 3 weeks.— I did some research:

      If the cancerous tumor is visible and if it gets a little larger, than shrinks and breaks apart, the body of the animal might be flooded with more toxins than it can handle at the break up point. The liver, the body’s primary detoxifier can be overwhelmed and needs to regain its balance.

      Unless an animal is malnourished, the detoxification process should not need a retreat from Essiac. If the cat is very thin, give it’s liver a catch-up time.

      If I can help in any way, let me know! Take care of your little one and yourself. The beginning of detoxification can be very stressful for both of you!

      Let me give you a big hug!


      • Thankyou Loni for ypur informative and lovely reply. We are all wishing you love and healing for your little one too, and huge hugs and kisses. Baby is doing amazing, and his RRP is about 28, which is amazing- considering just over a week ago, it was nearly 80. So we remain cautious, and I will update you again this week. love and hugs Srtacey x

        • Stacey,

          Thank you very much for the well wishes for my beloved “Smokey”. The Essiac has been a wonderful blessing for him. I hope and pray that my little Sweety will be in remission 2-3 months from now.

          I am so glad to hear that “Baby” is doing so much better in such a short period of time.

          With such a good start he will be totally healthy again in a short period of time.

          I am sending back all my love and hugs,


        • Stacy,

          Do not worry! What is happening with your cat is normal when you start Essiac. The tiredness is a sign that the Essiac is working on the malignancy. I know it appears worrisome
          but it is the start of the healing process.

          This intense detoxification process will last for approx. 3 weeks. It was very stressful on me looking at my poor little cat and how miserable and exhausted he appeared to be.

          I prayed to Jesus often to make both of us feel better! I worried for my beloved sweety every day. We had good days and frightening bad days. – After one week, he threw up badly, 3′ wide by 4′ length of brownish liquid. I never realized that a cat could hold that much liquid. I was so concerned that he might be totally dehydrated. It took a lot out of him physically the rest of the day. He was close to the drinking water. I do not know if he drank enough to replenish the liquid he lost. The next day he ate well and acted very energetic.

          I assume his little body threw out the worst of the poisons the first week.

          The next 2 weeks he vomited once a week but only a small amount of liquid. Every time after the throw-up he was lethargic.

          My little ‘Smokey’ has “Cancer of the Bone Marrow” which in medical terms is called “Lymphocytic Leukemia”.

          Your case concerning detoxification might have different aspects than mine had, your “Baby’s” cancer is in another location than ‘Smokey’s, but I assume the initial consequences are all equally frightening to watch even though they might vary, particularly for a concerned “Cat Mom”.

          I am very consistent with the administering of the Essiac, on empty stomach first, wait an hour, then feed, then at night wait another hour before giving Essiac again. I give one concentrated capsule in the morning and one at night. You are using the tea if I am not mistaken. I do not know about the tea dosage. l know if you give too much, it will result in diarrhea. If it is the case cut back.

          We have passed the 6 week mark now and my little one appears to be entirely back to normal and healthy, but I am not kidding myself. — I am aware it will take 3-4 months to rid the body of all of the cells of the malignancy.

          I ordered the baby-scale from, the one Ingrid suggested. It should be arriving within the next days. Before the Essiac treatment Smokey had lost 2lb in 2 years which was worrisome.

          Smokey eats well now and I hope that his weight has increased. I am picking up 1/2 lb “shaven” low-salt turkey at the Supermarket Deli which Smokey devours but after 2 days of the same menu he is tired of it. The remainder I eat myself.

          I know it is not an easy time for you! Nevertheless “Baby” will soon be better and you can relax again.

          Keep me posted! All the Best for you and your “Baby”!


          • Hi Loni and Stacey,

            I am sorry to hear we are all going through the same ordeal.

            My family cat (6 yes) was recently diagnosed with tumors in his nose, throat and eye. One of his eyes is so swollen it breaks out heart.

            I just started the Essiac Tea a few days ago and I’m going to switch to the capsule this week. One the companies that sells Essiac Tea insists that we should get the pet formula they sell. Loni which one do you use?

            Also do you ladies have your fur babies on steroids or any meds? We have mine on steroids but I have a bad feeling.

            Any guidance will be very well appreciated!

            Ladies, here’s to use staying positive and having certainty that our kitties will be excellent in a few months!

            Love and light,

          • Lola,

            In my last reply I forgot to mention. I am using the capsules rather than the tea. They are highly concentrated and I do not have to bother about pre-measuring. I order mine from

            I found out that instead of ordering the Essiac for Pets from this company, you can order the regular Essiac (for humans) it is the same dosage and a few dollars cheaper.

            Best Wishes,


          • Hi Lola,

            When I started Essiac, I stopped ‘Prednisolone’ which is a Steroid. My ‘Smokey’ was on Steroids for one month and I cut the dose down to every other day on advice of my Vet. ‘Smokey’ was doing well on the Steroids and even gained 1/2lb of weight. But like any conventional medicine I was concerned about the serious side effects.

            Essiac is an immune booster and the Steroid is an immune suppressant. It makes sense to me that one would nullify the other, therefore I stopped the Steroids. We are now on our 7th week with Essiac. Smokey has done well except for the first 3 weeks which was a period of detoxification and was very trying for my little darling as well as myself. We still have good and bad days as he is still detoxifying. It takes 3 or 4 months to achieve remission. Hopefully this will be the end result of our efforts.

            I am disappointed that he has not gained weight. He has lost the 1/2lb he gained when he was on Steroids. It is common for animals and humans to gain weight when on Steroids and lose it when it’s discontinued.

            Even though I see progress, I am still a worried Cat-Mother. My baby is already 15 1/2 years old.

            I am so sorry to hear of the tumors your cat is suffering from but he is still young and there is always a better chance of recovery.

            But nevertheless I am happy I was introduced to Essiac on this website.

            I wish you and your little fur baby the very Best and a fast recovery!

            Many Hugs,


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you sooo much for your response. This site is amazing gathering us worried fur mums.

            I want to take Toby off Prednisone for sure. Right now he’s been on Pred for about 2 weeks. He takes one .5 mg 2x a day. So I should start by doing that same dosage every other day for how long? A week? I just have a bad feelings with P. I just want him off of it already. But I know it’s a process.

            Toby’s been down for two days now. He doesn’t want to eat so I’m heart broken. His eye is so swollen it’s scary.

            We started him on the Essiac herbal powder about two weeks ago after a week we realized we had to COOK the tea! So we cooked what was left and been giving him that since the weekend.

            But since you mentioned I can just get the regular capsules I rather do that since they have it at my health food store rather than to wait and order the “pet” version.
            Do I give him 1/2 capsule 2 x a day? Are you able to open the capsules?

            Please let me know so I can run now and get the capsules for him. I am going to have Toby come and stay with me while he is in recovery.
            He lives with my mum at the moment. But I think it’s best for now to be with me.

            I also have him on Raspex This truly healed our dog from cancer a few years ago when there was no hope for her.

            And also found these products a lady said healed her cat from cancer:

            The ES-Clear actually has Essiac tea inside!

            Do you think it’s best to just give Essiac alone and not these other products?

            This other lady said she mixed the ES-Clear with some other immune boosters and her cat was healed:

            Please let me know what you think so I can go and get the capsules now.

            I am so grateful I found this blog! As this is a tough process and so worrisome.

            I hope Smokey is doing a lot better!

            Love and light,
            Lola xxx

          • Lola,

            I feel for you and what you are going through to see your little Toby suffering with his swollen eye. Nobody else knows how hurtful it is for a human Cat-Mum because everything he suffers is also your suffering, if not more as we are clueless to how our baby really feels. We humans are so helpless as we have no idea what our “Baby” experiences and if he hurts badly or if it only appears visually painful. Our disadvantage is that our little loved ones cannot communicate to us if they suffer pain and animals know how to hide their discomfort.

            I have been giving ‘Smokey’ only 2.5mg Prednisolone once a day for approx. 20 days. Since he was doing so remarkably well the Vet recommended that I could cut down the dosage of 2.5mg once a day every other day which I did.

            You might want to stagger the dosage a little different to ease him off Prednisolone. You can cut the 5mg pill in half either with a knife or pill cutter available at the drugstore.

            When I started Essiac I entirely stopped Prednisolone. As far as I know Nurse Rene Caisse did not mix her formula with anything else. At least I am not aware of it, and I did not want to dilute the effects of Essiac. I have been very consistent with the administering of Essiac.

            Be prepared for the detoxification period. The worst was in the first 3 weeks. It’s scary, I was so worried about my sweet baby and how awful he felt throwing up the poisons. He could not keep his eyes open the days he threw up. (One a week) I was mortified but even through the 3 weeks we had really good days after the throw-ups.

            I have read that during administering Essiac the tumor might get bigger which is a sign that it is about ready to break up and be absorbed. It is a heavy load on the liver to detoxify the poisons of the tumors, therefore he will be lethargic during this process.

            The Essiac capsules from the Canadian company I am using are highly concentrated. These capsules are filled with the dried remnants of the brewed tea after all the liquids have been removed. The capsules are standardized. It is –not –the bulk powder pressed into the capsules. So when you purchase your product make sure what you are buying!

            I started out for 3 weeks with one capsule a day, of course 1/2 capsule twice a day is more ideal. Be sure the stomach is empty and do not feed your patient again until an hour after the capsule. It is not easy when the little darling wants food out of sequence and you have to be adamant.

            After 3 weeks I started 1 capsule twice a day. You will know if you are administering too much Essiac as the cat will develop diarrhea. Then cut back the dosage. Smokey took the increased dosage well.

            I am very concerned in my own walk with Smokey’s cancer. Instead of gaining weight he lost 6oz. This is judging from the weight of the day he was diagnosed the beginning of Jan. 2016. When on Prednisolone he gained but this is the aftereffect of steroids ‘weight gain’.

            A few days ago I started supplementing Essiac with Vitamin-C. V-C is a powerful antioxidant and hopefully it will affect weight gain. I was so shocked when I put Smokey on the Baby scale which I recently purchased. Smokey appears to be doing so well and he is playful and energetic, therefore the weight loss came as a tremendous shock. It is not good for cancer patients to lose weight. It is a heavy load on me!

            I am on my laptop now but will print out the links you so kindly added as soon as I get to my desktop!

            May Jesus have mercy on your little ‘Toby’ and my little ‘Smokey’.

            Many hugs, we both can use those!


  17. Glendalough, Lilo, FMR,

    If you want to know more about the dosage for your cat:

    Go to Google Search Engine: (Enter) “Dosage of Essiac for Cats”. Different links will appear!

    Go to the 3rd link which reads: “Essiac Tea for Dogs and other Pets-Essiac Facts” click on it. ( The information which comes up is far different than when you choose to to enter “essiac”)

    What comes up first is a ‘tabulation’ of animals weight and the oz. and ml. to administer to your patient. (These are the initial recommended dosages)

    Below that you will find a comment section advising you to increase the dose to as much as possible. Just like I have stated previously, diarrhea will be a sign that you are giving your animal too much Essiac.

    After you decide to follow the increase, do not be surprised that your cat will not feel up to par. It is normal! It will take a day for your little loved one to feel better. There will be ups and downs, just do not despair and do not cut back the amount of Essiac you are using. It is a healer!

    It does not make any sense to stop for a week after you have been administering Essiac for 4 weeks. Renee Caisse was not known to have done it.

    Cancer is a very aggressive disease and in most cases the cancer enzymes reproduce quickly and your act of stopping Essiac will interfere with the progress you have already achieved. — Therefore do not take a break!


    • Thank you as it is always good to get multiple opinions, do your research and go from there. I was personally told to give that one week off, but you can always go by how you see the cat doing. This is a little info on how Rene Cassie did it for humans and there is mention of cutting back or stopping for a short time—-Depending on special circumstances, very occasionally in her later years, she would sometimes advise an initial dose(human dose not cat dose) of one fluid ounce twice daily for the first five, ten or (rarely) thirty days before reducing to one fluid ounce a day. Rene was always very particular about this because she was aware that sometimes, when patients first began taking the Essiac formula, their tumors might enlarge suddenly as though they were gathering back the cancerous cells that had metastasised. When that happened, she either gave lighter doses or stopped treatment altogether for a time, to prevent a vital organ from becoming blocked. It all depended on the nature and position of the tumor. — This is a detoxification process afterall and I do feel the body needs time to detoxify and paused time to let the body heal itself as well.That is my opinion and what I have been told, but you have a lot of people here with different experiences , so I would go with what you gut instinct and the cat’s reaction is telling you.Sometimes that can be hard because cats tend to hide their illness more so than dogs. If you are to administer without a break between, make sure you are not giving too much of a dosage. All the best.

      • FMR,

        Your information is very interesting to me! Were you able to get this out of one of Rene’s books written about her? I would like to find out every detail. What is the title of the publication? I certainly would like to follow Rene’s regimen.

        Thanks very much,


        Does this book mention different varieties of cancer or only generalities?

        My little boy’s cancer is affecting his bone marrow, the white blood cell count is too high. Has any comment been made about that specific cancer and the use of Essiac?

        Whatever clues you can provide for me I would appreciate!

        Thank you,

        • Hi Ilona-

          The information is on some of the websites, but when I ordered the tea I received a manual that came with it called The Essaic Manual which had info on dosage, preparation and use of the tea. One of the sections in that book said that it is best to drink the tea first thing in morning and last thing at night on empty stomach. You can take larger doses but more is not always better. If dizziness is felt, headaches, swollen glands or general flu like symptoms this means the tea is working, but you may be using too much. If uncomfortable, cut back. It also says after 4 weeks use, take a week off to allow body to relax. Then start up dose again.The person at the place where I got my tea also wrote these instructions up via email as I was asking some more questions on it when I first initially used it for my cat. He had stated to do 4 weeks on and 1 week off and follow that routine.It does make sense as if you are detoxing the body, then you need to also let it rest.

          Here are a few things to read about how it was mentioned at the bottom of the linked page some info on cutting back or giving a rest between.

          I do not have info specifically on that type of cancer, but as you know Essaic is used to treat a variety of cancers. If people feel their cat is doing fine without giving it a rest, then I certainly can respect that. I think each animal probably like people may react slightly different.

          Also I believe there can be a lot of natural products that help and even the pharmaceutical companies get a lot of the products that are derived from either plants or natural products. Here are some examples. Tomoxifin used to treat breast cancer-where does that come from?The bark of trees grown in the North Western Region of the US. My vet just told me for my dog that has a high liver count to use Denamarin. 35.00 – 50.00 a box. I like my vet and do trust his opinion. However,you know all that Denamarin is? Sam E and Milk Thistle. You can get that over at the vitamin place and just understand what dose to give. My point is modern medicine sometimes just borrows from mother nature and some natural medicines.Laetrile(vitamin B 17) is looked into for fighting cancer in humans. That is found most notably in apricot pits.Astragulus is used in both animals and humans to help fight cancer.Now there is a difference in what we can give to pets and humans, so you need to be careful on that. I was just using that as an example.Also I do believe in doing your research and getting advice from a trusted vet and then making educated decisions from there.As you can tell from my previous writings I am very much an east meets west kind of approach when it comes to medicine.That is just my take on things.I hope the best for your fur buddy.

          • I love reading your posts, as you have so much interesting information and you write so eloquently. Thankyou for sharing all your knowledge, as after reading these posts, what you wrote, enabled me to help my beautiful cat Baby, Thankyou

    • Loni,

      Thank you very much for this information. Essiac dosage can be confusing. I started Noel on the tea from Essiac West and I talked to Danny at the company about dosage. He said to start off with 3 ml. but he didn’t say anything about whether you dilute it with the same amount of water. The very first batch I made, I accidentally added an extra tablespoon of the herbs and I was giving her that batch of tea for 4 weeks. I had read that Rene said that you dilute it. I had also read that you need to start slow, only giving ¼ teaspoon. I had bought some essiac capsules (the label on the bottle is green with Rene’s picture on it and was giving it to her off and on in January, but I was also giving her other supplements also and I didn’t feel that it was working so I stopped it, maybe those other things were reacting with it. But when I stopped those other things and only gave the tea, I started to see results. I also read on this website: – that you give ½ ounce per day and this confused me. About 4 weeks after starting the essiac I raised the dose, according to this website, to 6 ml. a day. I think I was giving her too much, before raising the dose to 6 ml. I was including 1 cap a day, because her swallowing problems have not really gotten better and I think she has been more nauseous. I agree that you shouldn’t stop the essiac and I was confused about that and yesterday she didn’t get any due to my reading that you should take a break, but I started back today with ¼ teaspoon. Could I have been giving her too much? I started the essiac on 02/04 and her swallowing issues started around 02/12. Could these swallowing issues be because the tumor may be growing as I read it may do? She isn’t eating on her own anymore because no matter what I put down she will not eat it and I don’t have the money to buy many cans of food and they all end up getting thrown away uneaten. How long before you raise the dosage by ¼ teaspoon and then give it twice a day? Since I first brewed the tea with the extra tablespoon, the tea I brewed a few days ago had only the 1 tablespoon of herbs in it. Won’t this new batch be less potent? I just want to make sure that I give the correct amount. Should it be diluted or undiluted? Should I give her the capsule for pets or the tea?


      • I know you questions are referenced for Loni, but this is some of the reasoning behind giving the body a rest: Ilona also asked about this so here is a little more info on why. However, everyone has their opinions and research, so you just have to go with what you think is best.

        Simply put, Essiac tea stimulates the liver, kidneys and colon. These are the big three when it comes to flushing wastes from the body. It very likely also stimulates the pancreas and lymphatic system. As cancer cells die in your body, the wastes from those cells need to go away. Regular waste removal is essential to remain cancer free. The liver, kidney and colon, with major support from the lymphatic system, take care of this for you. Drinking more water helps them do their job.

        A good reason to take a break from Essiac tea every month or so is to give these organs a rest from constant stimulation. After a weeks rest, continue with the Essiac tea.

        Also the amounts you were told by Danny are higher than I was told. Also Essaic West gave me info from a Christopher and not Danny. So are you sure you spoke with a person at Essaic West and not another company? As they also send out a book with the tea and has all the info in there for dosage and everything. It seems what Danny told you was contrary, so maybe it is a different company you called.

        The site you sent the link for was not Essaic West, but another company. There is some info on that page you sent that I do not personally agree with, but you have to take everyone’s opinions into consideration and your own research and do what you think is right.There is a lot of conflicting info on it out there like the 8 herb vs the 4 herb, how long before or after you eat to take it. Info will vary, so go with what you think is right and also see how the cat is reacting.

        I also personally tried a maintenance dose of the tea myself and then I noticed how it feels. When doing that, I then did notice flu like symptoms at first as I was detoxing. It gave me a feel for what the tea was like and could better understand what the cat may be feeling. Remember maintenance doses are different than doses that are actively treating a condition.This is just what I tried and my info for it. Others, are certainly going to have different opinions and things to try which is why an open forum like this is a good thing to share info. You are getting others opinions and research and such, but in the long run you have to do what you think is best for treatment.

        • FMR,

          “Danny” is working for ‘essiac-canada-intl. com’. I passed the name of the company on to Glendalough. This is the company which provides the Essiac Capsules for me.

          I did not want to get involved with the tea making and possibly create the wrong dosage or run the risk of it spoiling. I wanted the dosage to be consistent and easy to administer and this is the reason I chose these highly concentrated capsules.

          I started out with 1 capsule a day and after 3 weeks I increased the dose to 1 capsule 2x a day. “Smokey” is definitely detoxifying. He throws up approx. once a week and gets rid of a lot of mucous which I have read is very beneficial in the fight of cancer.

          The day of the throw-up he is tired but more energetic the other days.

          I have also read that you should give more of a dosage than recommended. Cancer is aggressive therefore you should treat it in the same manner.

          You will know when you administer too much, your cat will have diarrhea. If this is the case – Cut Back – if not – Continue -with the larger dosage.

          So far I do not believe in pausing the Essiac for a week to give the body a rest unless changes in my cats progress will prompt me to do so. This of course is only my personal opinion.


          • Thanks. Ok that explains why it was Danny and not Christopher as it was like I thought a different company. No worries on not pausing it, you need to do what you think is best. I do believe in giving a rest from it for a short time, but that is just my thoughts on it. I think you can tell by assessing the situation and a cat’s reaction.You have to go with what you think is best and I think we know are animals best and can judge the situation accordingly.Pretty much, trust your gut instinct. It has never failed me when I do that.All the best.

          • FMR,

            I remember now, I talked to a Chris at Essiac West and Danny is at the company that does the pet caps. I guess I thought it was Danny as that was the last person I talked to about essiac.

            I paused it for 2 doses and now I’m not sure I should have done that, but how do you really know if you are giving your fur baby too much if the symptoms of too much might be nausea, but the cancer causes nausea?

      • Glendalough,

        As much as I want to answer your questions regarding the dosage in form of tea, I cannot comment on it as I am strictly administering concentrated capsules to my beloved ‘Smokey’.

        I am well aware what you are facing with the tumour being in little Noel’s mouth and how difficult it would be to push a capsule down her. But you seem to be making progress with the tea.

        I just finished making a comment to “FMR” which might answer some of your questions. Please review it!

        From what I have read the cancerous tumours will get larger before they burst and heal. It must be the case with Noel.

        All the very best to Noel and you and many hugs!


      • Glendalough,

        Thank you for sending the Internet Link. — —

        I went to the ‘Frequently asked Questions about Essiac Tea”. Such as:

        How long do I have to wait to notice a benefit from taking Essiac?

        Essiac is most effective when taken consistently every day for about 6 months. This is according to bulk-essiac-tea, the company you are using.

        (You probably will notice significant improvement at 3 months, this what my company Essiac-canada-intl. is quoting)

        How long do I use and continue taking Essiac tea and dosage?

        Recommended you take the aggressive treatment 3 oz – 3x a day. This is the dose for humans therefore you have to decrease it accordingly for a Pet.

        I would not take a week’s pause but do what is recommended use, it consistently every day!

        Hope you are seeing more improvements!


      • Glendalough,

        This comment is different than the one sent to FMR!

        Thank you for sending the Internet Link. — —

        I went to the ‘Frequently asked Questions about Essiac Tea”. Such as:

        How long do I have to wait to notice a benefit from taking Essiac?

        Essiac is most effective when taken consistently every day for about 6 months. This is according to bulk-essiac-tea, the company you are using.

        (You probably will notice significant improvement at 3 months, this what my company Essiac-canada-intl. is quoting)

        How long do I use and continue taking Essiac tea and dosage?

        Recommended you take the aggressive treatment 3 oz – 3x a day. This is the dose for humans therefore you have to decrease it accordingly for a Pet.

        I would not take a week’s pause but do what is recommended use, it consistently every day!

        Hope you are seeing more improvements!


        • Loni – the first half of this comment is for you.
          FMR – the questions at the bottom of the comment are for you?

          You’re welcome. Thank you for posting the frequently asked questions.

          I’m not using bulk-essiac-tea, I’m using Essiac West and the one for the pet caps. I think that bulk-essiac-tea sells the 8 herb one. bulk-essiac-tea said to use 1/2 ounce per day for pets under 20 pounds, that’s 9 ml. I started her on the tea 1/4 teaspoon once a day, a week later I increased to 2 ml., a week later I increased to 3 ml. (which is the amount that Chris at Essiac West said to give), a week later increased it to 6 ml. Since I thought she might be nauseous from raising the essiac like I did, I have decreased the dose.

          I think you said that you are not using the tea.

          Should I have stayed at the 1/4 teaspoon for 4 weeks then raise it?
          Was I wrong to have increased the dose as quickly as I did?
          I decreased the dose as I thought I was giving her too much. Should I stay at the decreased dose for awhile?

          • Hi Glendalough- I figured it for your cats weight being at 8 pounds. It would come out to 1.6 ml then that being about a third of a teaspoon.I use one of those syringe type that has ml to teaspoon measurements on it to administer. Walgreens pharmacist gave me a free needle-less syringe when I asked for it originally. The pharmacist are usually pretty good about that.Now what you would do is give the cat that tea once a day, working up to twice a day when you can. Which means 1.6 ml in morning and 1.6 in evening. Then eventually as the cat gets used to it you can double that 1.6 ml in the morning and double that 1.6 in the evening.Do it gradually though.This is the info I had gotten from Chris at Essiac West. Now you mentioned the sheep sorrel root being in the tea. Yes that is very important to have the root of sorrel in it.That is a key component and some companies do not use that because of the expense of tearing the root out and then taking another two years to grow the crop. So some companies only use the top part of the plant. I do know that Essiac West uses the root. Whatever company you get the tea from just make sure the root of the plant is in it. Now I observed when the cat first used it some weeping at the eyes a general look of maybe being tired a bit and I noticed that for the first two months. However, when I would give the cat a break I could tell some increased energy and such. Now that happened for about the first two months and then I could see the cat getting used to it.That was just my experience. Now if you were giving the cat the tablets and the tea then I can’t speak to whether that would have over done it as I have only used the tea. However, I do think the original dosage you had the cat on was probably too much.Again we all know our own cats the best so just trust your gut instinct and adjust accordingly.

          • For anyone else who has directed posts to me, I apologize that I have not been responding, I have had very little time. I’ve been having to start much earlier with Noel’s sessions, beginning at about 3:00 a.m. in order to get her the essiac and to get as much food into her as I can as I have to give her at least 2 hours in between each feeding, the last one ending around 9:00 p.m.

            Hi FMR,

            Thank you very much for figuring out the dosage, she is now 6 pounds. I had to take her to the vet this morning because she hadn’t really had a bowel movement in 8 days and I thought she might be blocked. She had one yesterday but the amount that came out was so little. He examined her and said it’s because she is getting less food, thank goodness. She now weighs 6 pounds 14 ounces, she lost 2 pounds in 1 month. I started the tea again yesterday at the amount of 1.2 ml. She looks very worn out and is so thin now, I am praying that the essiac this time will work as I am being very careful with dosage. I feel so horrible that I overdid it and my little angel is feeling my mistake. I never wanted to cause her any problems.

            I found this product, it is essiac capsules with sorrel root:

            The capsules are 350 mg. each and the instructions say to give WITH food. If you mix it with liquid it turns into a gel, I guess that is the slippery elm. I tried giving her half of one in carrot juice a few weeks ago to see how she would handle it and she flung it out of her mouth, I’m guessing she didn’t like it, the color of the contents in the capsules is a brown color.

            I’ve noticed that she makes a strange humming sound, I hear it when I pick her up and sometimes when she is lying down for her session. I wonder what that is.

          • I forgot to add this, I noticed the improvements started more when I added a little of the capsule to the tea, it wasn’t much of the capsule. I was giving her a little more than 1 ml. of the tea and about 1/3 of the capsule.

          • Hi Glendalough,

            I am so glad you are finding the capsules useful! They are highly concentrated, you cannot go wrong on messing up the dosage and they do not spoil like the tea does when you keep it too long.

            My sweet little fur ball “Smokey” is doing amazingly well. We are at it now for 6 weeks and he plays like a kitten and has even been trying to hump my little female cat. She did not want anything of that! By the way, they are both fixed but a lot of fixed males still have their urges. — He also demands food more often and has gained weight.

            I will buy the Baby-Scale Ingrid suggested. I am just waiting and thinking what else I can buy from Amazon to reach the $35 mark so I do not have to pay for shipping.

            I am so glad to hear that little Noel is responding better. You are such a good “Mom” and all your efforts will be rewarded. Noel is very fortunate to have such a dedicated caretaker! Sometimes it takes a little longer with our furry patients than anticipated.

            Do not forget to take care of yourself, very important for both of your well-being!

            Many Hugs,


          • Glendalough,

            I am very alarmed regarding your comment that your beloved Noel has lost 2lb in a month. — If she does not get a good amount of food and gains weight she will be starving to death even with the Miracle Healer Essiac.

            If she is lacking proper food to sustain life her system will attack her own organs. Just remember the famous singer named “Karen Carpenter”! — After her bout with anorexia, she decided she wanted to live and started eating but it was too late, her body was already in a state of self destruction.

            I do not want to upset you, but your cat is in a case of dier emergency!

            She might have to be fed intravenously!

            When my cat was opposed to eating my Vet described “Hill’s Prescription Diet a/d”. This food should be available at your Vet’s office.

            Ask the Doctor’s opinion, please! Act fast!


          • Hi Loni,

            I was very shocked and saddened when my vet told me her weight. I have been giving her Hills Prescription Diet A/D every day since November. I have been trying my hardest to give her a minimum of 1 can of food per day. I use 12 cc syringes, those fit well in the side of her mouth and with her swallowing issues and how long it takes to get even 1 syringe of food swallowed, I have been racking my brain as to how to do this as she needs breaks between feedings. I try to stay at home as much as possible but with having to take care of things I need and my dad needs, I can’t be home all the time. I try to get everything done in 2 hours or less. I don’t think that she would be able to handle the anesthesia for a feeding tube, maybe I should have done the feeding tube but with her fearful nature I feared that she would pull it out as well as the sutures. I never thought that she would have such swallowing issues.

            I do remember Karen Carpenter. That was the first time I heard about anorexia nervosa and it scared me. I have always tried to be the best mom possible and it hurts me that I can’t give her the one thing that she needs desperately, food. I think about it all the time how I can give her the amount of food she needs without overwhelming her.

          • I, too, am very concerned about Noel’s massive weight loss. I urge you to contact your vet. If she’s losing weight this fast, there may already be organ damage that you’re not necessarily aware of. I know this is hard, and I know you’re trying everything you can to keep her alive, but she may have reached a stage where she may not be comfortable. Remember that cats are masters at hiding pain and discomfort from us. Your vet can help you understand what may be going on physiologically. My heart goes out to you – this is such a hard time to go through with a beloved cat.

          • Ingrid,

            Thank you, I am very concerned also. She has been drinking a lot of water the last week after I feed her and she drinks so much that she throws up. I have had to pull her away from the water for a few seconds to give her tummy a rest. This morning after I fed her a little she attempted to throw up but hardly anything came out. I started her back on the essiac tea on tuesday at 1.2 ml. but I haven’t seen anything positive happening and I don’t know if I should continue to give it to her. She hasn’t been moving very much and she makes these sounds like she is sighing. The last thing I want is to have her suffer, I only want her to be healthy and happy. Yes, I will call him but I don’t know how I’m going to do it without crying as I am crying right now.

          • When I took her in yesterday to the vet as I thought she was blocked. I asked him why she is losing weight and he said it is because of the lesser amount of food and that also is the reason she isn’t having regular bowel movements. He examined her very well.

          • Glendalough,

            I know you are doing the best you can for your little Noel. I know how much you love her and how self-sacrificing you are attempting to get her well but we are just humans and sometimes all of our efforts are not sufficient and we have to think what might be best for the cat so she does not have to suffer any longer.

            I am trying to point out to you the traumatic situation you are in with Noel and how much both of you are suffering. After Noel’s tremendous weight loss we sometimes have to re-evaluate what we are doing and everything we as humans are capable of providing will not be enough to improve the condition of our loved ones. Noel is not getting any better! Sometimes we have to face reality and put an end to the suffering. — We do not want our little loved ones to be in pain, cats do not show how miserable they are and possibly hurting inside their little bodies. It is time to make a decision!

            I hope you have the inner strength! You will see her again in Heaven!

            All the best for both of you!


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you very much for your words and your caring. Noel went to Heaven this morning, she is now with her mom and brothers and sisters. I had a vet come to my house, I promised her that I would never bring her into a vet’s office because she hated going there so much, I wanted her to be at home where she felt loved and would be most comfortable. The cancer had spread throughout her little body. I miss her terribly and I feel her with me, I believe that she visited me when I was dozing a few hours ago. I stayed up all night last night to spend as much time with her as possible, it was hard to leave her for a few minutes to use the bathroom. I can’t believe I lost her, I have been keeping her stuffed toy and flannel pillow slips she slept on next to me all day.

            You have to face reality and accept the fact that your precious baby may never get better which is so extremely hard to accept. Taking care of her and nursing her through this made our bond very strong, I didn’t know that I could love a little furbaby as much as I love her. On Wednesday night I had so much pain in my hips, but I knew that I had to feed her and did what she needed.

            I can’t thank you and others on here enough for helping me through each day and for the kind words and information all of you provided. Coming on here gave me the inspiration I needed every day.

            With love, Glendalough (Irene)

          • My dear Glendalough,

            I deeply feel your pain! As I am writing this I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I am so sorry you have to endure this pain! But little Noel was suffering and you relieved her out of her misery. You will see her again and it will be a joyful reunion! Believe me she knows how much you love her. Animals have a way of sensing it!

            Your predicament so much reminds me of my dear little beautiful Persian cat “Snuggles” who I lost 11 years ago. She had brain cancer. I so intensely loved her and it was so torturous to think that I would have to be without her.

            My husband who initially did not like cats also became very attached to her and her sweet personality. He was very supportive and when the end was near, he had a good talk with me and encouraged me to have her put down and not prolong her agony as I was only keeping her alive for myself.

            I knew he was right. I needed that encouragement! — I was with her until the end. She received her final shots while I was holding her in my lap and she went to Heaven very peacefully. My husband was waiting outside and we both fell into each other’s arms and had a long cry. She was our little child. It was so horrendously painful to part with her. God promises that we have our animals in Heaven. — It is something to look forward to.

            I also kept something of her, a bunch of her beautiful long hair. “Snuggles” fur always had a special fragrance to it and I kept the hair for a number of months until the scent of her dissipated.

            You are not imagining the visit of your cat after she passed on.

            My dear Snuggles, she was lightweight, and occasionally tried to get on my head when I was watching TV. I always lifted her off as I considered it an intrusion. After she passed on I was again watching TV sitting up in bed and slightly dozed and Snuggles got on my head one more time. I lifted up my arms and attempted to lift her off just to realize I was sitting in bed with my arms stretched upwards but no cat in sight. — It was a very joyful experience, so real, and I realized that she visited me after her earthly death.

            You loved her with all your heart and soul and you have done right by her.

            You will see her again soon!

            Many hugs!


          • Oh Glendalough, I’m so sorry. I’m glad you were able to let her go in the comfort of her own home, with you by her side. This is such a hard thing to do for a beloved cat, and even knowing that it was time doesn’t lessen the pain of losing her. Caring for a cat through a terminal illness is such an intense experience, and the love between cat and human during that time is something very very special. You’re in my thoughts and prayers as you mourn your beautiful girl. Be gentle with yourself during this hard time.

        • Yes that is correct Glendalough for the corrected weight of 6 pounds.
          Assume 2 Tablespoons being the dose for 150 lb human which is 30 ml
          150 lb human divide by weight of animal.

          150 divided by 6 = 25
          Divide 30 ml by 25 = 1.2

          So a 1.2 ml is equal approx. to a ¼ teaspoon as a teaspoon is roughly 5 ml divided by 4= ¼ teaspoon

          That is the corrected amount considering the weight you adjusted from 8 to 6. You can try slowly the 1.2 once a day, when the cat is starting to adjust then try 1.2 once in the morning and once in the evening slowly increase. Then you can try after several weeks to increase that to 2.4 in the morning and 1.2 at night and then eventually to 2.4 morning and night. If you see reactions back off the dosage. Remember to do gradually. You are doing your best As for the capsules you mention, I can’t really comment on that because I have only ever used the tea.

          Also it was mentioned to try Hills diet. I am not exactly a fan of that as the ingredients changed when Colgate- Palmolive bought the company out. It still gets that high reputation because of the previous company and their commitment to a vet prescriptive diet that used to have better ingredients.However when they became a division of Colgate- Palmolive then the ingredients and quality some times are not there like before.Even my vet suggest that some cats will not eat Hills and prefer the Royal Canin prescription.I think though at this point get your cat to be able to eat, so sometimes they go for the real meaty stuff like Taste of the Wild and flavors that have venison and other unique meats in it.It is important that you just get the cat eating Like I said before I had good luck with the GNC senior liquid formula because it was easy for the cat to drink and had a bunch of nutrients. You could also syringe it if need be easily.However, each cat may be different on what they like. Hang in there.

          • FMR,

            You are right, my “Smokey” now likes flavors which did not appear to be palatable to him while ago. The cat food brand is “Instinct” by nature’s variety. Petco carries this brand. It is grain free and very nutritious, unfortunately also expensive $1.99 for a 3oz can. The flavors “Smokey” likes: Rabbit and Duck.


        • Hi Glendalough- I am so sorry about Noel. You are a great cat parent and you did all you could. However, sometimes even though we do all of that, some cancers are just very aggressive. Noel is up there in heaven and God Bless You and her. It is a hard decision to make, but you did what was best for her and that is truly the most loving and difficult decision a fur parent can make.All my best.

      • Hi Glendalough-

        Sorry if posted in wrong area. I get confused on the forum about finding the last post and which one to reply.In answer to your question about upping the dosage. You need to first find the weight of your cat and then figure out using the formula on this page that I posted.Then I would give that dosage once a day to the cat and then as you see the cat adapting to it. Then start giving that dose twice a day maybe after two or so weeks. Then leave it at that dose for a while. You very well might have been giving way too much based of your post, but I do not know the weight of your cat, so can’t say for sure.

        • Hi FMR,

          I do a search on the latest date, that usually works to find the last post.

          I’ve been trying to find a baby scale in the stores first before going online but I haven’t had any luck. My scale won’t register her weight, was thinking that maybe a food scale might. I weighed myself first then held her and weighed again and she is about 8 pounds. I know it’s not accurate but it gives me an idea of her weight.

          Thank you for the information on dosage. The last time I gave the essiac was last tuesday as I am doing the 1 week break and will start it again on tuesday, giving her 1/4 teaspoon of the tea or 1 of the pet caps. The tea I have has the roots of the sheep sorrel included where the pet caps only contain the aerial parts of the plant.

          How do you know if your cat is adapting to it? After the first week on the tea, I noticed improvements but when I raised the dosage to 6 ml. the behaviors stopped and she didn’t seem to be improving. Could that mean that she wasn’t adapting to it anymore?

  18. Glendalough, Lilo, FMR,

    I hope that your little furry patients are feeling better! — We had a setback!

    My beloved “Smokey” had 2 bad days. He appeared to regress and I was mortified. It had been 3 weeks now since I started his Essiac treatment

    I consulted with “Google” Search Engine. I entered: How much Essiac for cats? Several links came up, the first one “Essiac facts” (second line). I found it very interesting. It mentioned that nobody really knew how much Essiac Renee administered to each patient.

    It was assumed that she gave the same dosage to a 100lb woman as well as a 200lb man. The article suggested to give more than the amount advised for your animal. Give the maximum you see fit.

    The way to keep track of giving too much is to keep an eye on the animal’s stool. Essiac contains rhubarb which might upset the digestive system. If there is diarrhea it means the dosage is too high, so you have to
    cut back. — 2 days ago I have started on 1 full capsule twice a day rather than only 1 capsule a day and he has been full of energy and rambunctious.

    Each capsule contains 236 mg.

    So far there are no changes regarding the litter box.

    Hope to hear of some good news from you and your little ones!


    • I don’t know what to do, been crying the last few days. I told God that if he loved me he would heal her, I had a very emotional prayer session. The last time Noel pee’d was either late Monday night or early yesterday morning and I have given her enough water to produce pee and I haven’t found any sign of pee around the house. She sits in her litter box when I assist feed her and yesterday and today I put her in there a couple of times before her feeding session and she didn’t try to pee. She hasn’t poo’d and I’ve been giving her miralax. I don’t know if the essiac is working. I found a website that said to give ½ ounce of tea per day to animals under 20 pounds. This morning I gave her 4 ml. of the tea and part of a capsule of the Essiac for Pets. She has started to hide again, she is still having some good behaviors and still wanting to eat but the last time she ate on her own was last Friday and she only took a bite. Yesterday, I gave her the Cerenia injection in the morning and throughout the day I opened up 8 different cans of food and she just sniffed it and walked away or sat down next to it. It’s taking a lot more time to syringe her food as she only swallow about half of what I give her and I spend an extra half hour to 45 minutes trying to give her back the food she didn’t swallow. On Monday it took 2 hours to give her ¼ can. I had thought about a feeding tube but I don’t think it would help her due to her fearful personality and she seems more fragile emotinally. I read on another message board that after someone put in a feeding tube in their cat, the cat wouldn’t move for 3 days. I looked in her mouth yesterday and saw the tumor on the right side of her tongue toward the back of the tongue. It isn’t huge.

      I was praying that the essiac would be her miracle, not sure what to think anymore. I’m beginning to feel that God isn’t hearing my prayers.

      • I urge you to contact your vet immediately if you haven’t already done so, Glendalough. If Noel hasn’t urinated in more than 24 hours, she may have a urinary blockage. Even though male cats are at greater risk than female cats, 24 hours without urination is approaching the danger zone. I’m so sorry – I know this is hard.

        • I saw her pee about an hour ago. I use the clumping litter, I looked around in her litter box before she pee’d and there was a clump, she usually does it around the middle of the box and this clump was in the lower right part of the box.

      • Glendalough,

        Do not be discouraged! God does not always move as fast as we expect him to. It is difficult to see his motives behind the delay and why he does not ease the hurt. We do not understand what he wants to teach us in the process. I know it is so tormenting as we cannot foresee the end results. Human lives are a torment of emotions, but each downturn will make us stronger.

        I have read your comment in the posting after this one and I am glad that Noel was able to relieve herself judging by the evidence in the litterbox.

        I was very distraught when my beloved Smokey took a turn for the worse and I also thought that maybe Essiac was not the answer. I did some intense praying and God immediately lead me to the article “Essiac facts” on the internet which I mentioned in my last comment. I at once increased his dosage to twice the strength of what he was getting the last 3 weeks and he quickly recovered.

        Should he regress again, I will up the dosage as long as it does not result into generating diarrhea. Controlled studies with Essiac on animals do not exist, therefore we have to do the experimenting and observing ourselves and various animals have different requirements. And I rely on the comments posted by other people on the Internet to assist my quest for healing my little loved one.

        I have already experienced that if the animal does not respond well to the present dosage increase the Essiac!

        It must be very hard for you to get your little Noel fed by syringe as well as administering the Essiac. You are doing well! God will reward you for all your unselfish efforts to heal your cat.

        I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. May Jesus be with you and comfort you! Things will get better!


        • Loni,

          I’m very discouraged, I made new tea last night and the last few days have raised the dose of essiac but I am not seeing any improvement with the swallowing. I have just about given up, and I am so sad to say that I feel that I may need to make the decision soon. I need to see huge improvement in the swallowing in order to continue to syringe her as she isn’t swallowing about half of what I syringe her and then I have to give that back to her or she won’t get her calories for the day and that takes an additional 30 minutes or more. I just don’t think the essiac is working anymore. I just opened 8 different cans of cat food and she only ate about 1/4 of only one of them. All of this is taking a huge toll on my health, I can’t eat in front of her as she wants it, I have to eat in my car and that means fast food every day. I am 55 years old, a plus size and I have to stand up when I syringe her and that is more than an hour. I don’t have the time to go to the store every day and figure out what she will eat and then come back and open can after can that she won’t eat and I am running out of money. Due to having to syringe her almost every hour I don’t even have time to pack or take care of the things I have to do for myself that have to be done. I am at my wits end and have been having outbursts due to all of the frustration.

          • You have to remember that Essiac has ups and downs in terms of how the cat feels. You also do not want to over do the Essiac either. I was told to do 4 weeks on and 1 week off to give the body a bit of a rest. Also supposedly Essiac can make a tumor bigger until it starts to shrink it. Look up Essiac at and there is some info on what to do and expect. However, I also understand if you have to make the decision if you feel it is not working and the quality of life is compromised.I also had to make that decision for one of my cats and it is hard, but you have to balance it with quality of life, chances of the cat getting better and I think animals let us know.Now when my cat was having issues with eating, I gave her GNC senior cat formula liquid and she would lap that up and it has a lot of the vitamins and minerals. I wish you and your fur buddy all the best. You are doing everything you can.Saying a prayer for you and kitty.

          • Loni,

            I understand what you are saying. Her feeding session just ended, I gave her 1/4 of a 150 ml. can, took a 30 minute break after the first hour and the rest took almost 2 hours. 3 hours to syringe 1/4 can of food. What is that indicating?

          • FMR,

            I’m really sorry, I called you Loni.

            I meant to say that I syringed her a total of 1/4 can.

          • The essiac gave Noel improved quality of life, but when I took the one week break from it then started her back on it at a lower dosage as I believe that I had increased the dose too soon. One website that sold the powder herbs said to give ½ ounce to start and I followed what they were saying after she had been on a small dosage for 4 weeks. When I started her back on the essiac after the one week rest and she wasn’t having any improvement, I believe that the cancer had spread and the essiac was not going to work anymore no matter how much I gave her which was heartbreaking to realize. I didn’t want to risk waiting to see if raising the dose would bring improvement as that would not have been fair to her. It’s a very difficult decision to let your baby go. Thank you for your prayers.

          • Glendalough,

            I deeply feel for you! — What a sad time for you and everybody who became attached and involved in your predicament. I feel the pain!

            The entire situation is a torment for your little Noel as well as you. Sometimes we have to make decisions which go against our own feelings as not to prolong the agony of a little creature we so desperately love.

            You have tried everything in your power to heal Noel, but if she cannot swallow her food and get some nourishment down her she will not survive. It takes a certain amount of food to only sustain life and more to build up strength. You have done everything you could possibly do, but sometimes matters are beyond our control.

            Our lives are ruled by emotions and we cannot even fathom the hurt of having our “Love” taken from us, but if this “Love” is so immensely hurting both of you, it probably is time to make a decision to relieve the pain for you and Noel.

            Jesus promises us the company of our animals in Heaven. We will be re-united with our human loved ones and our beloved animal companions.

            God will wipe away your tears!


          • Loni,

            Thank you, her energy the last few days has been very low, I don’t know if that is a sign she is detoxing. I love her so much it hurts.

            I cannot get over the fact that I didn’t start the essiac after the biopsy in November, I know that if I had her tongue wouldn’t be in the condition it’s in and she would probably be close to being healed by now.

            In your opinion, do you think that ¾ of a can from a 150 ml. can is too much food to give a sick cat?

            Noel is swallowing, after every syringe I wipe off what is on her mouth and put it back in the syringe and each time I do that the contents get less but it takes a long time to do that. Right now I am only able to get in her ¾ of a can from a 150 ml. can, sometimes only ½ can, where about a month ago I was able to syrintge her ½ can in 50 minutes to an hour and only had to feed her twice. Her feeding of ¼ can took a little over 2 hours. I’ve been waking up between 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. to give her the essiac and have to start her feedings by 4:30 a.m. in order to get her the ¾ can.

            Due to my thinking to stop the essiac to give her body a rest, I missed 2 doses. Because I thought I was giving her too much based on her very low energy level and she just looked nauseated, I decided to restart it but at a much lower dose, this time I am just doing the pet caps. I was giving her almost 6 ml. of the tea before along with 1 pet cap and I believe that was too much because her energy dropped and I increased the dose too quickly.

            She has been with me for 9 years. I’m in the process of packing to move in with my dad as he can’t live alone anymore and that is very hard for me emotionally as he has dementia and we are not close, I’ve had issues with my dad my whole life. If I don’t have my little angel Noel to love and be there with me, it is going to be extremely difficult to live there. She gives me such joy.

          • My dear Glendalough,

            I feel just like you do, my animals mean so much to me. It is love which hurts, and a lot of people do not understand that your love for your pet is endless and yes it is love which is so painful particularly when some illness sets in.

            I had similar problems with my mother, she was physically and emotionally abusive. It finally stopped when I moved far away. We could never work things out before she passed. It must have been a form of mental illness. She was not a bad person. — But the after effects are still lingering. Little sweet animals have always been a consolation. I do not know how I could have emotionally survived without my little feathered or furry babies. — Older generations are set in their ways and will not admit to having made mistakes. When matters get too bad for you around your father, for your own sake you have to cut the strings and walk away! Do not look back or feel bad after all the torment you have suffered!

            Your cat food comes in 150 ml which is liquid form. I always feed my cats solid food out of cans which come in 3 oz, therefore I do not know if you feed too much or too little to Noel.

            During the initial detoxification process my cat looked pathetic and was listless to a point that I thought maybe I am doing the wrong thing and the cat was dying. He threw up once a week and that vomiting entirely wore my baby out. I was mortified and all stressed out. Here again the term “love it so much it hurts” applies.

            I never lowered the dose and after 3 weeks he had 2 consecutive down days and I decided to increase his dosage. Next day afternoon he had lots of energy and was very playful. Essiac and lots of prayers did it.

            I am not saying that my method works for you. Ultimately you have to decide what is right. I have done the Essiac treatment now for almost 5 weeks. I never say we have crossed the barrier and I am always ready for an unexpected downturn as he is still detoxifying. It will take about 3 months to know if remission has set in.

            All my love to you and sweet little Noel,


          • FMR,

            You said you were told to do the essiac 4 weeks with a 1 week break. I’m almost afraid to do that. If you do that, what do you do during that time in regard to other supplements? What happens if you don’t do the break, does the essiac start to become less effective? I think that I was giving my Noel a little too much essiac. I didn’t give her any today and this morning her swallowing was a little better, I was able to syringe her 1/8 can of food in about an hour where yesterday it took much longer. I saw a website that says to give 1/2 ounce for animals under 20 pounds, but I’ve also been reading that you start low about 1/4 teaspoon depending on the weight and work up to double that amount slowly to twice a day.

        • Hi Glendalough-

          Here is what I was told to do for Essiac including info about the rest period.

          To make a smaller batch of tea for your cat, you may make a pint; That’s 2 cups of water and 1 Tbsp. of dried tea powder. This makes the concentrate which you then give to your cat. This should be stored in a container in the fridge to syringe. I store in a glass jar as aluminum or anything like that is supposed to interact with the tea which is why you boil in stainless steel or non aluminum.

          This is how to figure for a six pound cat and sub the weight of your cat into this formula so where it says 150 divided by (weight of your cat):

          Assume 2 Tablespoons being the dose for 150 lb human which is 30 ml

          150 lb human divide by weight of animal.

          150 divided by 6 = 25

          Divide 30 ml by 25 = 1.2

          So a 1.2 ml is equal approx. to a ¼ teaspoon as a teaspoon is roughly 5 ml divided by 4= ¼ teaspoon

          You start the cat out on that and then build up to twice a day that dose(after you figure formula for your cat’s weight). Once in morning and once in evening. (on empty stomach)

          You can adjust as you see fit-if you think the cat can handle a bit more, then go ahead. However, do not increase it too much, as more is not necessarily better. If you give too much, you could make the cat sick in terms of having the cat have a lot of flu like symptoms which the cat already will feel in the first few months of using it as a result of the detoxing.

          As for the 4 weeks on and 1 week off, it gives the cat time off to rest in-between and give the organs a break. Remember this is detoxing the body and if you think about it, Chemo does that where you have your treatment and then your rest time in between. The only herbs I gave the cat during the off time was the immune strengthener, but I think it would be ok not giving them any additional herbs during that week rest.

          This is just the info I was given and my experience with it. However, others may have other helpful suggestions on adjusting dosage. All the best.

        • Hi Loni,

          I feel that God wasn’t there for Noel, things didn’t get better. I have been so angry and don’t understand why she wasn’t saved. She was the sweetest little soul, she never once hissed, bit or scratched when I was taking care of her or throughout her life. I’m still in shock. I still have to move May 1st, I’m taking all of the memories of her with me but where I’m moving to she was only there a few times, there aren’t any memories of her there, I’m leaving behind her presence that was in her home which greatly saddens me. Everywhere I go in my house I see and remember her.

          • Glendalough,

            I am so sorry for your tremendous loss! It is devastating to be without somebody you love so much. None of us know God’s way. I have been angry at him as well when he took something which I loved so much!

            I have mailed a comment to you on March 19 at 11:03pm. It will tell you more about it. — You probably did not have time to read it yet. It is subsequent to the one I am answering now!

            Love and Hugs,


      • Glendalough, my heart goes out to you and your fur baby. I fully understand what you are going thru. My 12 yr old Angel has lymphoma. She has a large lump on her nose and eye. I have been using the essiac tea for 2 weeks now, so far don’t see a difference, but hopeful. She still plays, eats acts like normal although I know she is not feeling her best. I have prayed and begged God to help her. I am trying to keep my faith that he will. Chemo will cost around $6000 and with my spouse out of work, I can’t afford it. I am continuing the tea, giving her dha algae supplements (oncologist recommended) and will keep praying. Hang in there, God will help. I know it is hard, and easy to get angry. I am there. I just want my kitty to be ok. I will add you and yours to my prayers as well.

        • Catcahill,

          Please do not give up on the Essiac! Never do Chemotherapy! They will slowly burn your animal to death. Chemo is a form of mustard gas which was used in warfare.

          The first 3 weeks your cat will not feel well due to the detoxification process. There were days were I was worried about my beloved “Smokey” as he was very lethargic. He also threw up a lot of liquid approximately once a week and would not touch any food the day of the throw-up and did not make an effort to open his eyes. I was so scared!

          I administered his Essiac and he always recovered.

          After 3 weeks when he became lethargic again, I increased the Essiac to 2x the dosage which was recommended and presently he is doing amazingly well. I researched about dosages on the Internet.

          The healing process will take about 3 month and I am sure I will be going through more ups and downs due to the detoxification process.

          I am using the highly concentrated Essiac Capsules. (Dehydrated tea with all the liquids removed) My beloved “Smokey” is getting 1 whole capsule 2x a day.

          I am so glad to hear your cat is eating well! Their condition is always questionable when they stop eating which is an indication they are very ill.

          I am wishing you the best success with Essiac!

          I am very happy so far with the results. I was able to take my cat off the conventional medicine ‘Prednisolone’, a Steroid which is prescribed for cats with cancer. I discontinued P. before I started Essiac.

          Take care of yourself and your little patient!


          Comment has been edited by the site owner.

          • Ilona, please see my reply to Lilo above re: chemotherapy for cats. I’ve removed a portion of your comment because it violated this site’s comment guidelines.

          • Dear Ingrid,

            I am terribly sorry I violated the rules regarding my Chemotherapy comments. I have seen so many adverse reactions which prompted me to say what was in my heart.

            It will not happen again! Please accept my apologies!


        • @ Catcahill:

          I have severe computer trouble. Therefore, I can only write very briefly.

          Please don’t put your beloved cat through the torture of chemotherapy. From all I know (from people and animals), the success chances are much better with Essiac tea than with chemotherapy. And mixing both are not a good idea. (The Essiac tea is unlikely to interfere badly with the chemotherapy, but the chemotherapy will, in all likelyhood, interfere badly with the Essiac tea.)

          Wishing you and your Angel the very best.


          • It is unfortunate that so many pet owners think that chemotherapy for pets is torture, but it is actually not true. Most people think of human medicine when they hear the word. They may have seen a loved one go through it, and there’s no question that the effects of chemotherapy in human medicine can be horrific. The fact is that most cats tolerate chemotherapy very well. Doses are much lower than in human medicine, which is one reason why they tend to have fewer side effects. Here’s more information:

            I sincerely appreciate you sharing your experience with Essiac tea, I’m always open to holistic modalities, and intrigued with the use of this product. I do, however, want to be very clear that as the owner of this site, I cannot endorse the use of it. Your statement that success chances are better with Essiac tea than with chemotherapy is your opinion, and I respect that, but I want to be sure that other readers understand that it is strictly that: your opinion.

        • Catcahill,

          Thank you. How is your Angel doing on the essiac, are you still giving it to her? One of the improvements I saw with my Noel was that she started exploring her home again acting normal, but I also knew that she felt like crap. It did improve her quality of life some. It was very hard to keep my faith with God and a few times I had an extremely emotional and angry talk with him. I did chemo with my first cat Boboli who had lymphoma in his stomach and I know that is what killed him more than the cancer. Thank you for keeping Noel and myself in your prayers.


    • That’s interesting that a too high dosage of Essiac tea might result in high stools. We didn’t know this.

      My husband has always been playing it by ear (or rather by eye) when to increase or decrease the dosage. As a general rule, we take the dosage recommended for humans, divide it by 160 (because 160 lbs is considered average weight for a human), and then multiply it with whatever (lbs) the cat weighs. Yet my husband thinks that this was always a bit too much for our Orphan Annie (he can’t remember for what reason he thought so), so he decreased the dosage but increased it again a bit until he thought it was right. (Yet he may have imagined it all.) Orphan Annie is still an amount that is a bit less than the general formula, and she has been doing great.

      I don’t think that the cancer ever goes completely away with Essiac tea. Every time our cancer-cats were off the tea, they relapsed. (Only our Goldilocks did not seem to be affected.) And while our Orphan Annie always recovered 100%, within 2 days, when back on the tea, our Mao never fully recovered but did fairly well for 2 years and 3 months.

      • Glendalough,Ilona, Lilo

        Yes Essiac can increase stools because remember it is cleansing the body and how you do that is through stools or through the skin. You do need to back off of Essaic and adjust as needed based off of how the animal is doing. If they are throwing up or have too much issues with stool then you need to back off and adjust until the body can get used to it. I personally followed the dose that I listed on this forum and how to figure out the formula by weight of the cat . Then you can increase that to once in morning and once in evening as cat adjust. It is a balancing act and you need to see how the cat reacts and adjusts accordingly.Also sometimes as it it cleanses there can be flu like symptoms as it rids the body of toxins. I will say a prayer for you all.

        • Thank you, FMR,–for the info and for your prayers.

          We didn’t have problems with cats throwing up when on the tea, and we, so far, had not checked the stools (but will do from now on). I think my husband adjusted the dosage by evaluating how well the cat looked. (This, of course, is no clear indication.)

          • Yes there will be increased stools but if the cat is having real bad diarrhea, that’s when you may need to ease up for a bit and then adjust. I think your husband has the right idea of trying to see how the cat reacts. It is a balancing act so to speak.Also it is important the cat has plenty of water to drink while on Essiac as to keep the cat hydrated. They will have more thirst while on the tea.

          • I didn’t know that cats have more thirst while on the tea. Our Orphan Annie drinks plenty, directly from the kitchen faucet, which I open for her to run in a knitting-needle thin stream, on demand. But I don’t know whether or not the other cats we have on Essiac tea are drinking enough. I’ll watch them from now on.

        • FMR,

          I think I was giving Noel too much, about 4 weeks after starting her on the tea at 1/4 ml., I was giving her 6 ml. A few times this week when I was syringe feeding her, she would tighten her jaw so tight that I could barely get the tip of the syringe in and I feel she was telling me to stop the food. I read that too much essiac can cause nausea. I missed 2 doses this week and I decreased the dose yesterday to 1 pet cap per day in the morning dissolved in water and if any drops out I give her a tiny bit of the tea to make up for the amount that dropped out. She has begun hiding under the bed again. She stopped eating on her own as nothing I put down she will eat but she is drinking water on her own. I’m hoping that the decreased dosage will help her body get used to it again and take away the nausea and then I can soon raise the dose again SLOWLY, not fast like I did last time.

          • I know this is a very hard time for you.Yes too much of Essiac can indeed cause flu like symptoms and remember a cats way of processing is different than a humans or even a dogs. I think your choice to back off and reintroduce at a lower dose is probably a good idea. You may have been giving her too much and that can over tax the liver and its ability to filter and produce nausea and flu like symptoms.The dosage needs to account for the weight of the animal and then try to increase from there.I think sometimes people think the more they give the animal , the more they are helping. However, that is not always the case. I would go by the weight of the cat for dosage and then try to increase that slowly to twice a day. All the best to you and fur buddy.

          • Glendalough- Yes it is hard to tell whether they are not feeling well from cancer or too much Essiac. Overdose on the Essiac is flu like symptoms. I have used the tea for myself and at first the detox feels like chills, maybe a little stomach issues, fever and the real sign of too much is diarrhea.I personally feel that giving the cat some rest time in between gives the cat some rest on the liver and organs and to let the body have some time to heal on its own which is what the body is designed to do. This the reasoning behind 4 weeks on and 1 week off. However, others don’t believe in that or feel that is the right approach. It is all up to you and what you feel is best. Not giving the cat 2 doses like you said, is not going to hurt it for that small amount of time. You need to weigh the cat and then base the dose off of that formula that I listed on a post on this page. That is a guide for how to configure dosage based off of weight. That is for the liquid tea as I have never used the capsules. Directions for capsules may be different.Remember cats are different than dogs and humans in how they process stuff. One example of this is I bought a diffuser where I do essential oils. At first I did not know that cats can’t process that in their bodies and thus you should not use one with a cat in the house. Thank goodness I learned that early on and no harm was done to my fur buddy. If I do use it at all, I use it in a room closed off that the cat does not use. That is an example of how a cat is different in how it processes stuff through the body.I hope that helps. Since you know your cat best, follow your gut instinct. I think you were correct in backing off the dosage and then slowly working back up to a dosage the cat can tolerate. Sounds like a smart approach and when people could not tolerate the dosage of tea, that was the approach taken as well. To back off and slowly reintroduce to a level they could tolerate.

      • Lilo,

        I apologize also if I did not respond to some of your comments.

        If I ever use Essiac again, I will watch out for the signs of too high of a dosage.

    • I looked it up and found it to be some kind of an opiate. I don’t think that Essiac tea would interact with it, but this is just my layperson opinion.

      Essiac tea works on the cellular level and helps certain parts of the (rather complicated) immune system battle cancer (and some other illnesses). From what I know, I don’t see how Essiac tea could interact with a strong pain killer.

      I cannot call our vet and ask him because we have no cat to which such question would apply to, and we presently have no appointment with our vet. Whenever we see our vet, I can ask him anything, but I don’t want to call and bother him for something that clearly does not apply to any of our animals.

        • I know you hadn’t asked. But I like to help, and I’d be glad to call and ask him whenever I can relate the question somehow to one of our cats.

          I know how difficult it can be to get info from vets (or doctors for humans), especially when they are not interested in alternative medicine. We were rather lost with previous vets. (We live in a small town, where there is little selection of vets.) We are so happy that the vet we have now (who only came to our town a few years ago) is so kind and so knowledgeable and also convinced about the efficiency of Essiac tea. (His wife took it 12 years ago for breast cancer and is taking it now for diabetes.)

          Whenever I am anyway in contact with our vet, I can ask him anything, and he will also gladly ask questions I tell him that I ask for friends. However, since he is rather busy, I don’t want to call him with a question that clearly doesn’t relate to any of our cats.

          With 25 cats to care for, I am usually quite often in contact with our vet (and we have also met him and his wife privately on one occasion). So there is always a good chance that I can get some info from him in the course of having contact with him anyway.

          • I never responded to this, I apologize.

            Thank you for explaining about this. I hope that my comment you were responding to didn’t sound snippy, I apologize if it did.

          • No, you didn’t sound snippy. The reason I no longer post on this page is that Ingrid obviously doesn’t like me sharing my experience with mainstream treatments. My last, long post on this subject never appeared. So I no longer waste time writing comments. If anyone wishes to contact me directly, here is my e-mail address:

          • I have never deleted any of your posts, Lilo. I just checked the spam folder to make sure it didn’t go in there by mistake, and it’s not there. If the comment you’re referring to didn’t post, it’s through a technical glitch on either your end or mine, not because I didn’t approve it. I’m really sorry you think that I don’t want you sharing your experience, and I’m not sure why you would come to that conclusion after you’ve been posting on this site for all these months.

          • Thank you for responding, Ingrid. I had thought you hadn’t liked my comment, in which I questioned the reliability of diagnoses (giving some examples of my own former family doctors) and also criticized some mainstream treatments. (Unfortunately, I did not save the comment before it disappeared into the abysses of cyberspace.) Since you didn’t delete it, I assume that I did not click COMMENT strong enough. My keyboard is a bit wobbly. It should be replaced.

            I am glad we got this sorted out.

            However, you may not see me too much on your website in the months to come. I finally got started on the very time-taking project of self-publishing my 3 existing book manuscripts (2 memoirs and a novella, titled “The Cat”.) I used to be a published writer, 3 decades ago, in Germany. (I had stopped writing for 20 years because of a family tragedy.) Besides, our 25 cats keep us rather busy. They were on lock-down for a week, after mountain lion tracks had led right to our house, on Easter Sunday. We had to check for new tracks on a daily basis. We didn’t find any new ones, so we came to the conclusion that the mountain lions had left the area for higher elevations. (We have a mountain lion den on our property, about 200 yards from our house, and another one on federal lands, less than 1/2 mile from our house. The mountain lions come down to our area when it is too cold for them high up in the mountains. Last winter, they stayed on our property for about 3 weeks and surprised as with a very impressing “cat concert” that sent our cats running, seeking shelter in the house.)

          • P.S. I still have trouble finding comments on this site. Is there a system to it that I have not yet discovered? As I have mentioned before, I am a 105% computer-idiot.

          • P.S. I was very sorry to hear that you had to have Noel euthanized. Yet considering her condition, I think it was the kindest thing you could do. I assume it was a very hard decision to make, and it will be a long time until you get over Noel’s death. It usually takes quite a few months before we get only half-ways over losing a cat. We never completely got over losing our all-time favorite, Pretty Ugly, who disappeared 2001 (as a result of the negligence of a former petsitter). And we never got completely over the terrible death (about 2003) of Loverboy due to urethra obstruction. My husband, who was sick with the flu and overworked, put Loverboy in the garage after he had peed straight on the wall (Loverboy had a history of marking), not realizing that the Loverboy had trouble peeing in normal position. Loverboy was found 3 days later dead in the garage. The autopsy revealed that the bladder had burst. Ever since this time, we never miss checking the daily cat attendance list. And every cat with unusual peeing behavior goes right to the vet. (This runs a bit costly because most unusual peeing behavior is due to behavior issues, but we never again want to risk a disaster as happened with Loverboy.)

        • P.S. I goofed up the 2nd-last paragraph from the comment I just wrote. It reads:

          “Whenever I am anyway in contact with our vet, I can ask him anything, and he will also gladly ASK questions I tell him that I ask for friends. However, since he is rather busy, I don’t want to call him with a question that clearly doesn’t relate to any of our cats.”

          Yet it should read:

          “Whenever I am anyway in contact with our vet, I can ask him anything, and he will also gladly ANSWER questions I tell him that I ask for friends. However, since he is rather busy, I don’t want to call him with a question that clearly doesn’t relate to any of our cats.”

  19. @ Gendalough:

    Have you tried giving Noel home-made broth (chicken broth or beef broth with little or no salt)? More than food, water is important for a sick cat. And broth will supply both. It is also easier to swallow than solid food. And cats usually like it.

    You and Noel are always in my mind, and I so hope that Noel will survive. Hope you have a good vet. What puzzles me is that a tumor that started in the bowels (if I understood this right) has extended to the tongue without killing the cat. Maybe whatever causes the swallowing problem is not an extension of the tumor. Vets, quite often, have to guess. They don’t usually have all the facilities as human doctors have (such as MRI machines).

    Our vet also has to guess at times, but when he has to guess, he always tells us. However, some vets will make guesses sound like firm diagnoses.

    Our Orphan Annie’s brain tumor was a guess until the metastasis to the bones could be confirmed with x-rays. Before this, it was for sure that there was something bad going on in her brain, and a brain tumor was the most likely, but a firm diagnosis could not be made. (She would hold her head tilted, would fall over, and could not tolerate anyone touching her head. This indicated but did not prove a brain tumor.)

    Our Mao’s throat tumor was malignant in all probability, and his terrible discharge from the nose let our vet believe that the cancer had spread to the head.

    Mao’s eyes had been a mystery. First, Mao’s left eye was all clouded and blind. Then, it became clear and functional again (clearly due to Essiac tea). Then, in 2014, when we returned from an (unavoidable) trip of 5 or 6 weeks, we found our Mao with both eyes clouded, totally blind, and disoriented. (We are sure the housekeeper/petsitter, whom we fired right after for several reasons, did not give him the Essiac tea. She might have given it to Orphan Annie because she knew that Orphan Annie was our favorite cat and we better find her alive upon our return.) As soon as Mao was back on the tea, he started to recover but not completely. This time, his right remained clouded, but Mao became well again to go outside.

    The fact that it was this time the other eye, let us and our vet believe that the eye problem may not have been cancer, after all, but possibly a herpes infection, due to the immune system being compromised by the cancer. (Whatever it was, Essiac tea had helped it.)

    Therefore, unless there was a biopsy done on Noel’s tongue or a tumor was very obvious, I wonder whether the tongue and swallowing problem is really cancer or might only be a bad throat infection, caused by the immune system being compromised by the cancer. In such case, an antibiotic would be needed (beside the Essiac tea) and possibly beside the Prednisolone.

    I suggest you discuss this possiblity with your vet.

    Best wishes for you and Noel!


    • Haven’t tried home made broth yet. She is not able to lap up anything so I would have to syringe it to her. Right now, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to cooking because I am doing a lot of things for my dad and in the process of moving, I’m not home a lot and the broth you have to watch.

      Thank you, yes I have a good vet. I never said that the tumor started in the bowels, it started in the mouth. Her vet said the swallowing problem is from the tumor but she ate on her own yesterday.

      I’m sorry about Orphan Annie and Mao. It’s wonderful how how the essiac helped both of them, it’s very unfortunate the pet sitter did not give him the tea, I would have fired that person also. It it is very hard to trust strangers with your fur babies.

      Her vet did a biopsy and found squamous cell carcinoma. I mentioned that in at least 1 of my comments.

  20. Hello Ingrid,Glendalough,FMR,Lilo

    I just found some great testimonials for Humans and Pets using Essiac.

    Google: testimonials for Essiac tea (several links)

    Select the link: Testimonials for Essiac Tea

    and : A Herbal Academy – Testimonials

    Happy Healing!


  21. @ Glendalough, Loni, and FMR:

    Hope you find this message.

    Our vet just called me back, and I discussed with him whether or not Essiac tea, a steroid (= Prednisone or Prednisonlone), and an antibiotic can be combined. Here is what he said:

    He thinks that Essiac tea and Pred together are o.k., because they work in different parts of the body. Essiac tea and an antibiotic are also o.k.

    He says that he tries to avoid giving Pred and an antibiotic together because they interfere with each other. Yet he also says that in certain cases (I think he meant severe cases) they have to be given together. He advised to consult a vet (or in human cases, a human doctor) before giving a steroid and an antibiotic together. The decision whether or not an antibiotic and a steroid should be given together should be made individually for each case.

    I faintly remember that when I had my last pneumonia, in 2009, I was first put on an antibiotic course, and when I was still in bad shape, after having finished the antibiotic, I was put on Prednisone. Yet I am not 100% sure. Could be that I was still on the antibiotic (or maybe a 2nd antibiotic) when Prednisone was prescribed.

    Our vet also said that in an emergency, when a vet cannot be reached, he would have no objections to give give an antibiotic and a steroid together.

    I interpret this as follows: When airways are badly swollen, or when the bronchies/lungs are badly congested, or when a throat is so swollen that swallowing is no longer possible, and no health professional can be reached, it is probably best to risk the possible interactions and give a steroid together with an antibiotic. (I suppose you all know that a course of antibiotic should not be interrupted or cut short.)

    It is always desirable to work in close contact with a vet (or in human cases, a human doctor), but in emergencies, when no vet (or doctor) is available, it is good to know what can be risked and what shouldn’t be risked.

    Our very good family doctor left the state in 2011. Since then (after experimenting with 2 doctors we soon lost confidence in), we rely a lot on the medical knowledge I have acquired from books (while we were traveling the U.S., for several summers, quite often far from any medical facility), from the internet, and also on our vet, in whom we have more confidence than in any of the doctors in our town. (There are supposed to be a few good ones, but they no longer take on new patients.)

    I know there is a certain risk when a lay person makes decisions, but doing nothing when no competent health professional can be reached might be even worse.

    • Hi Lilo,

      Great information about the Essiac in conjunction with the Prednisolone. Thank you for taking the time to pass it on! It is always great to hear various expert’s opinions for treatment, because as a layperson it is difficult to decide what to do when you are facing an emergency with your pet.

      I also left a comment with @FMR earlier in the day!

      There is an interesting YouTube. You can access it by going to and place into the search engine — “Essiac and Cancer: The Story of Rene Caisse and Cancer” — It is a live interview with Renee Caisse. She was so dedicated to the cause of healing. She mentioned that she never used another product at the same time she used Essiac, but it is good to know according to your Vet that it is not harmful if used occasionally!


      • Thanks for the link. I just glanced at it. Will look at it closer tomorrow. I need my husband to connect my monitor speakers. (I had not wanted them, so far, because I hate to have electric cords hanging around.) However, there are so many interesting youtube videos that it is about time, I’ll have sound.

        You could probably have Essiac tea in connection with steroids (= Prednisone or Prednisolone) permanently. The problem is that you should not give steroids permanently if it can be avoided. Steroids have serious side effects. Yet when there is limited life-expectancy, extended steroid use can provide quality of remaining life. We were liberal with steroids with our Midnight (FIV positive and with all kinds of changing health problems) because we knew that his days were numbered. Surprisingly, he still lived for quite some time after we had started treating him off-and-on with steroids, and most of the time, his quality of life was good enough for him to could go outside.

        • Hi Lilo,

          Thank you for asking about my little patient “Smokey”. I have administered “Essiac” to him to date for 14 days. He is only getting the Essiac. I am concerned of the interaction with other products. On YouTube which has the interview with Renee Caisse she states that she gave her patients nothing else but Essiac. Smokey has lots of energy is very playful and eats well.
          I am very happy about the progress.


          • To all

            I am glad Smokey and Noel that are on Essaic are doing well. I am hoping for the best for both of you Great news to hear. Big hugs to both of them.

          • FMR,

            Thanks for you comment. I am so happy over the results achieved with Essiac.

            A big hug to you to. We all need it considering what we are dealing with!


          • FMR,

            Thanks, I’m not sure if I would say say Noel is doing well, but she continues to have behavior improvement. She attempts to eat on her own but because she still can’t use her tongue, I’m praying the essiac will get rid of the cancer on her tongue. I took her to the vet this morning and they gave her an injection or prednisolone.

          • Hi, Loni,

            I am so glad to hear that Smokey is doing well. The Essiac tea seems to be working.

            The fact that Rene Caisse did not give anything with Essiac tea does not mean that to do so would be detrimental. When a new substance is used, health care providers usually use it alone for several reasons:

            (1) They want to be sure that any positive or negative reactions are due to this substance and not to another one or to any interaction with another one.

            (2) They might wish to do a study and write a scientific publication. For this purpose, the effectiveness of the substance has to be proven. It can’t be proven when it is intermingled with other substances.

            (3) In case of alternative medicine, they can be sure that the pharmaceutical industry will attack them. If, let’s say the substance was given together with some mainstream medication, the industry will say that it was the mainstream medication that did all the good and not the alternative substance.

    • Lilo Huhle-Poelzl Glendalough, Loni, Ilona Covert

      Great info and thanks for taking the time everyone to research and get information. It is important to research so that we can make a best decision on treatment for our fur buddies. Thanks for the tip on You Tube interview as well. Like Lilo, I also rely on my own research on medical issues for my fur buddies but do consult a good vet in our area. The good thing about the vet that I do go to is if they are not aware of the holistic method, they do ask and balance that with any medicine by asking questions regarding it. I feel that strikes a good balance.Hope all your

    • Thank you for sharing this, Lilo. I would like to emphasize once again that you should always consult with your veterinarian when using steroids, before adjusting the dose of steroids, and before stopping steroids, especially when they’re given in conjunction with other medications and/or herbs or other holistic remedies.

      • Hi Ingrid,

        Smokey has been on “Essiac” now for 14 days and he his thriving. Essiac is the only medicine he is getting. He is very energetic and playful! I am not claiming he is cancer free. It will take 2-3 months for the cancer to hopefully be eradicated.

      • I agree, Ingrid. Only, if your cat is about to suffocate and you can’t reach a vet, it might still be a good idea to try a steroid, because then, you don’t have much to lose.

        P.S. There is either something wrong with the website or with my computer. The cursor doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

    • I saw you mentioned in your post trying to get Chicken Soup for the Soul and you did not see any stores in your area offering it. I have that for my Himalayan and I mix that with Dry Food Taste of Wild. Both made by Diamond Food Company based out here where I live in Central California. One place where you may get that, at least I know I was able to pick up, is try the cat food area of Big Lots. They were clearing out a whole bunch of cans very reasonably at my local store and you may try your local Big Lots. A lot carry the same things.I just picked up several cans recently. If you go to outlet stores they are able to get much of the name brand foods when they start to get a year or two out from expiration and also any time they do a design change on the label, then it ends up in outlet stores as a reasonable price. Great way to get name brand foods more reasonable.

      • Another place that might carry Chicken Soup for the Soul is Costco. There is a small family of feral cats at my dad’s house that he feeds this food to and the pet store where I buy it mentioned a long time ago that Costco was carrying it.

      • FMR,

        Thank you for your suggestion. I will call a local Big Lots store to find out about the cat food. I live in Texas and they might not have the same merchandise as in California. Thanks for mentioning the source!


      • FMR & Glenalough,

        Thank you for your suggestions regarding “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. I just got off the phone with ‘Big Lots’. I talked to the manager. He informed me that it was not on the truck today, but to check back next Monday. I am not a member of Costco, it is not convenient for me to shop there. I am a member of Sams and will call there. Maybe I will have better luck there!


  22. @ Glendalough:

    I am still having trouble finding my way around on this page. It is probably me. I am a total computer-idiot. Will ask my husband to help me when he can squeeze some time.

    I have been thinking about you and your little Noel. If you can’t get a capsule down her throat, go to the next health food store and buy liquid Essiac tea. It is rather expensive, but this is an emergency, you love your Noel, and vets aren’t cheap either.

    If they don’t have it, try another health food store. If they don’t have it either, buy powdered Essiac tea or any normal Essiac tea you can get, follow brewing instructions, and administer it with a syringe, trying not to choke her.

    Noel’s condition sounds very serious, but I still see a chance.

    You should have seen our Orphan Annie in August 2013. She had been very ill (with changing symptoms) for 9 months.

    Our vet was for 3 mos in Salt Lake City, in some political office (trying to make a career in politics). His new partner wasn’t very knowledgeable with small animals and was away on farm calls most of the time. Around Easter, when we had 2 emergencies with cats (and needed 3 more cats to be seen), the partner was away on a farm call and we would have had to wait 5 days for appointments. This was when we remembered that there was a new vet in town. He came to our house immediately, proved way more knowledgeable and more kind than any of the former 2 vets and we switched to him. Orphan Annie was first found to have a food allergy. So her food was switched and she got much better, but soon there were new symptoms. After all kinds of tests, it was found that Orphan Annie had something going on with her brain (with close to 100% certainty, a brain tumor, which could be benign or malignant). Soon after, Orphan Annie could got severe problems with one of her front legs. We first thought she had hurt herself when jumping down from the kitchen cupboards (which she had been able to get onto on one of her good days). We took her to the vet. He thought that the leg was only sprained. When the leg got worse, we took her to the vet again and he x-rayed it. The new diagnosis: brain cancer spread to the bones. We asked whether it made sense to have the leg amputated. We were told that Orphan Annie would not even survive the anesthesia in her present condition. Since she did not seem to be in too much pain, we did not have her euthanized but took her home to die. Orphan Annie was (and still is) our favorite cat. We may have also been just simply unable to say good-bye. Orphan Annie got worse. She soon became unable to walk. We had to put her in a large dog cage in the living room to protect her from rambunctious other cats. Then, Orphan Annie could no longer eat or drink on her own. We had to administer her grinded dry food mixed with water, with a syringe. We did not get too much into her. About the same time, Orphan Annie could no longer leave her cat bed to use the litter box next to it. She also could no longer sit up for more than a few seconds and maybe twice or 3x a day. Most of the day (when not handled), she lied in her cat bed and did not respond to anything. (And this was a cat that used to come when called.) We kept reaching through the cage whenever we passed it to check whether she was still breathing. This went on for a week. That’s when (after Mao’s miracle response to Essiac tea), I suggested that we try Essiac tea on Orphan Annie. My husband thought it was too late for her. (Mao had been in better condition but in constant danger to suffocate from his tumor in his throat, getting frequent choking attacks.) I insisted. Orphan Annie could eat and drink on her own, 2 days later, could be let out of the cage, could walk with a slight limp one week after first getting Essiac tea, and had resumed using the litter box. Three months later, both cats were symptom free, kept relapsing within 2 days each time they were off the tea (usually when we were out of town) and were improving within 2 days when back on the tea. While Orphan Annie always improved 100%, Mao didn’t but retained fairly good shape. Mao was able to go outside (and from there around the house and into the garage, where he would climb a high shelf to visit his adopted daughter, Lucky Baby, a garage cat, whom he had “nursed” for 9 mos when she was a baby, allowing her to pull his nipples 2 inches long) until last November, when he went downhill and, sadly, died while we were out of town for 5 days.

    Orphan Annie is still alive, symptom-free, and full of mischief, swatting tom cats twice her size when they get near places she has declared her private territory.

    So due to Orphan Annie’s and Mao’s miracle cures, I still see a chance for Noel. However, should she go downhill while on the Essiac tea, I would cut short her suffering and have her euthanized.

    I keep thinking of you and Noel and try to send her positive vibes (= some meditative kind of prayer). I am not churchy religious but assume that there is a higher entity, usually called God, and I also assume that there is reincarnation, as this is what makes most sense to me.

    Keep us updated about Noel.

    • Hi Lilo,

      It can be quite confusing maneuvering around this site. If I am looking for something or someone specific, I do a search on a word or person’s name.

      Thank you for your thoughts. That is amazing what essiac has done for your baby Orphan Annie. Thank you for sharing all of that. It is very heart wrenching to see them so sick. I bought essiac powder herbs from a company called Essiac West and according to Essiac Canada International, where I just ordered Essiac for Pets, I was told the essiac herbs I bought are a counterfeit product. The boiling time for making the tea is the same as the essiac with the green label on it and you have to let it sit for at least 12 hours. The essiac with the green label says to let it sit for 4 hours. I’m wondering what makes the herbs I bought counterfeit? I actually bought 2 bottles of essiac herbal capsules awhile ago and have given them to her off and on but I also gave her other things and didn’t notice anything happening. I can’t pill her due to her swallowing but when I was using them before with other things, I opened the capsule and put it in her food. Since the directions specify to give before meals, maybe the food made it less effective. I had thought about buying the pre-made tea but it contains alcohol and I don’t know if you are supposed to give cats alcohol and I don’t know how to get rid of the alcohol. The guy at Essiac Canada said that the herbal capsules are the same as the one for pets, but the one for pets is given by weight.

      I posted a message earlier today noting the improvements I have seen since starting the essiac this time. I finished one of her feedings about an hour ago, I gave her an injection of the nausea med that I have and I think it helped with the swallowing a tiny bit. After the feeding she wanted food, I put down some canned food she loves and she ate some and I am thinking she swallowed it because I can’t find it anywhere.

      I do not want her to suffer, if her swallowing doesn’t improve I don’t think I will be able to continue to feed her because when the food falls out and I wipe her mouth, I put the food back in the syringe and when I syringe it again, about the same amount comes out again and I do it again. That is just not helping her, I had to stop the feeding last night because that was happening and she only got ¾ can for the day. I start giving her ¼ can of food and have to give her a break after I’ve given the ¼ can because she gets so tired and then I come back and do the next ¼ can about 30 minutes later. The syringe I use holds 12 cc’s.

      In my last post, I was wondering if these tiny improvements that I noted in the post are a sign that her quality of life is improving and that the swallowing is going to get better. Right now she is sleeping in her small bed that she hasn’t slept in for a few months.

      I am a religious person but don’t go to church, I have been praying for months for God to heal her.

      • Hi, Glendalough,

        We were out shopping all day and just got home a little while ago. I am pooped. So I have to make it short.

        Thanks for the tip with searching for a word or name. I hadn’t thought of it.

        I am rather sure that Essiac West is NOT a counterfeit product.

        We have used Essiac tea from various sources over the years. We have used the 4-herb formula and the 8-herb formula. We found each and every tea we bought effective. The main differences were the price, the difficulty to brew it (powdered form is the easiest), and the understandability of the brewing instructions. Some sounded so complicated that we almost went nuts. The one we are using now (the powdered type) is the cheapest, the easiest to make, and the brewing instructions are the easiest to understand. (We sent the tea to friends to Germany and wanted easy-to-follow instructions.)

        My husband brews the tea and administers it to our cats. He boils it for 15 minutes and, then, let’s it stand overnight. He, then, keeps it in the fridge and uses it for 3 days. (At times, he has even kept it longer, yet I don’t approve keeping it longer than 3 days.) My husband and I also drink the tea off-and-on (usually for several weeks or even months). We first learned about Essiac tea in 2011, when my husband was—thank God, falsely!—diagnosed with prostate cancer. We now take it for our chronic bladder problems. We think it helps them.

        I am not too surprised that Essiac tea did not help your previous cat that had abdominal lymphoma. Our Sirikit(ty also had abdominal lymphoma, which killer her within a few weeks. We noticed her losing weight not right away. Maybe the tea would have helped her, had we administered it to her earlier. Yet our vet says that abdominal lymphoma rarely responds to any treatment.

        Don’t force too much food onto Noel. I think 3/4 of a (small) can per day is too much for a very sick cat. I don’t think we got more than 3 tsp full of food/water mixture daily into Orphan Annie for this one week. She didn’t starve. And we force-fed our Sunshine, who had acute kidney failure, for 5 1/2 weeks, in 2007. We didn’t get much food/water mixture into her either. She recovered. (Sunshine lived for another 9 months. [Or was it 15 months? I forget.] She might have lived longer, had my husband not considered her cured and allowed her to eat normal food. She had done great on the renal diet.) Cats can go with little food for quite some time; however, there IS the danger that the kidneys get damaged when they don’t eat enough. Still, I would not force too much food on a sick cat. Water is more important than food.

        (Btw, renal diet is not always the best solution for a kidney-failure cat. In the long run, it is more important that the cat eats enough. If the cat likes the renal diet, great! I it doesn’t, it is best to give it normal [high quality] food. Our Goldilocks had kidney failure for some 4 years, and was never on a renal diet. She did fine, and lived [with a tumor in her belly and Essiac tea] to a ripe old age, that is, 20+ years.)

        If Noel’s swallowing doesn’t approve, I would add Prednisolone before giving up (regardless whether or not it works well with Essiac tea). You need to get the swelling down. Let’s face it, at this point you don’t have much to lose.

        I don’t know whether a bit of alcohol would harm Noel. It is probably best to avoid alcohol with cats, but in an emergency, I would not hesitate to use a preparation with a tiny amount of alcohol.

        I make sure to call our vet tomorrow and ask him about Prednisolone combined with Essiac tea. (Prednisolone is better for cats than Prednisone, but Prednisone is also o.k. for cats.)

        Essiac tea is best given on an empty stomach, but we are not “religious” about this. Better to give it on a full stomach than not at all. Our cats usually get it 1/2 hour before canned food feeding time, but they have access to dry food 24/7. I would not worry about giving the tea with food, even though it might be a little less effective this way. Make sure you get the tea into her without “torturing” her too much. If Noel eats by herself and doesn’t mind the somewhat bitter taste of the tea, that’s the way I would give it to her. The only problem might be to keep track of the dosage.

        The way you describe Noel’s present condition, I would say that there is still some hope.

        Re praying: Well, as I said, I am not a churchy person, but when any of my loved ones (i.e., my husband and our animals) are very sick, I pray, too. 🙂 (Mind you, I might pray a little differently, less with words, more meditatively.)

        Give Noel a kiss from me.

        (I hope this letter is readable. I am too tired to proofread it.)


        P.S. Please remind me tomorrow that I call our vet. I have a lot of things to take care of tomorrow. I might get distracted and forget.

        P.P.S. When you write to me again, please partition your text in paragraphs. I have astigmatic eyes, which have trouble focussing. Without paragraphs, I have to read a text several times and might still miss something.

        • Hi Lilo,

          Yes, your post was readable.

          I’m sorry that I was not able to remind you to call your vet. I haven’t had much time to come on here. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to respond to your message in full right now, but I would like to ask you about amount of food.

          You said that you think that giving 3/4 of a small can is too much for a really sick cat. I’ve been giving her 1 full can of Science Diet A/D which is 150 ml. per can for awhile and according to the Science Diet website, it says that for her weight, she should be eating 218 ml. per day, that’s about 1 1/2 cans, that’s a huge amount of food and her vet says she should be eating 1 – 2 cans a day. Maybe for healthy cats they could eat that much. I was able to feed her the 1 can a day up until the swallowing problems started but now, I can only give her about 1/8 of a can before she starts to get very tired and swallow less. For a couple days about a week ago I tried to give her the 1 1/2 can but I had to feed her about every 3 hours and it was hard on her. Today, I’ve given her about 1/2 of a can (75 ml.) in 2 separate feedings about 5 hours apart. In your opinion, do you think this is too much food for her? After her feeding today she wanted more food, she hung around the kitchen.

          Because of the swallowing problems, I give the essiac by syringe, tiny squirts, to make sure that it gets into her system. In food it might not get swallowed. She doesn’t mind it at all. Yesterday, she went crazy for tuna juice I gave her in a syringe, and she let me give it to her in the kitchen. Her swallowing is a tiny bit better today, tomorrow morning I take her for a prednisolone injection.

          Thank you so much for your prayers. I will give Noel a kiss for you when she wakes up.

          • Hi Glendalough- not sure if responding to correct post as this is confusing. However, you said something in one of your post about Essiac through syringe and not on food. That is correct. You should not give Essiac with food . An hour before or about 2 hours after.Should be on empty stomach.

          • I would not take this too “religiously”. We try to give the Essiac tea 1 hour to 1/2 hour before canned food feeding time (while dry food is available 24/11), but we have occasionally given it only 10 minutes before meals, and it still worked.

            The main thing is to get the cat to swallow the Essiac tea. Most of our cats don’t give any trouble with this, only our otherwise very docile Midnight hated the taste of Essiac tea and would scratch and bite when it was forced upon him. (We eventually had to give up.)

            If the cat has a swollen throat, it might still be able to eat on its own but might fight if someone tries to force-feed something. In such case, I would not hesitate to mix the tea with the food. Maybe I would slightly increase the dosage because some of the tea might exit with the undigested remains of the food via the digestion system.

          • I wouldn’t worry too much about overfeeding a sick cat, but rather, take the fact that she wanted more food as a good sign! Generally, the recommendations on pet food labels for how much to feed per day are much higher than what a cat really needs. You can find more information on how much to feed in this article:

            Have you considered a feeding tube, Glendalough? I know it sounds daunting, but it can be much easier on an ill cat than syringe feeding. Here’s more information:

          • Ingrid,

            This is the 3rd day that she has wanted food! I saw the article but it doesn’t really say how many milliliters a cat needs.

            I did consider a feeding tube when she stopped eating on her own and that was when I started to syringe feed her. She has been doing pretty well with the syringing up until a few days ago when her swallowing started to be effected. The swallowing has gotten a little better but she is still not able to eat food on her own due to her tongue, she doesn’t quite know how to get her mouth around it. I made an appointment with he vet for Monday to talk to him about a tube.

            Thanks for the links.

          • @ Glendalough and Ingrid:

            Our Georgie did very well with a feeding tube when his tongue decayed, last October. (We never found out the cause but suspect a scorpion bite.) Without the feeding tube, Georgie would have died. He had it for 5 days. During this time, he spit out about 1 inch of his tongue while we visited him in the animal hospital and he sat of my lap. It was a nightmare.

            The vet bill was $ 700. Yet what wouldn’t we do for our beloved cats?

            If Noel doesn’t get enough food down, I would go for a feeding tube.

            It seems to me that Noel is hungry. That’s a good sign. However, I would not force food too much food upon a very ill cat that does not feel like eating. There is a significant difference between a hungry cat not being able to eat because of an obstruction or swelling in her throat and a very ill cat being repulsed by food.

            I hope you have a good vet, Glendalough. If yes, you might wish to follow his advice. But in any case, keep up the Essiac tea.

        • Lilo,

          Just wanted you to know that I did put paragraphs in my last post as you requested, but when I hit “comment”, they were taken out.

    • Glendalough and Loni-

      Essiac West is not counterfeit. Nobody has the patent on the herbs that go into Essiac. However, the original Essiac forumla was given to a Canadian company and the right to use it and they produce a liquid and capsule form. That is why they are probably saying anything else is not a true formula. However, that is not truthful because the herb formula is well known and you can get your own herb combinations from other herb producers without it being counterfeit.There are several companies like Essiac West and other herb companies that can produce a true formula and pure herbs. There is also a good herb company out of Oregon that I can’t remember the name of and they have a good quality of herbs as well.I just want people to get correct information and know the history behind it.

      • FMR,

        Thank you very much for this information, I would like to continue to use the tea I brewed. Would you know if I would be giving her too much essiac if I used the tea and also 1 capsule a day? I noticed the most improvement when I gave both, but the capsule I put in her food until this morning, I syringed it to her in water.

        I had gotten from Only Natural Pet their version of essiac called B.S.S.T. Herbal Formula. It’s a liquid and you give 2 drops for every 2 pounds. I was wanting to try it and I like the fact that it isn’t very much liquid to give her and contains no alcohol. I wonder if it would be stronger than the tea I brewed.

        I found 3 companies in Oregon – Oregon’s Wild Harvest, Mountain Rose Herbs, Pacific Botanicals.

        I was giving her before the essiac, high dose curcumin but then I heard that’s too potent for cats and read about Golden Paste which is turmeric cooked with water, you add olive oil and black pepper after it’s cooked. I decided not to use the pepper. I heard that turmeric is amazing for tumors and I would like to continue to use it as I did a search and didn’t find that it interacted with any of essiac ingredients.

      • FMR,

        I entirely agree with you about the Essiac purchased from Essiac-West. The Canadian company only claims to have the original formula due to being allowed to use the Renee Caissie’s name on their product. They purchased the right to the name and are calling other products counterfeit even though these companies are selling the same formula.

        As far as I see it, the only advantage the Canadian Company provides is that they are selling their formula in capsule form for pets and humans which is easier for some people (like me) to administer to their cat. So far I am very happy about the results the capsules have achieved.

        All the Best to you and your furry children,


    • Hi Gendalough-

      Not sure about the potency of the capsules as I have only ever used the tea. However, what you may do is do the capsule daily and maybe the tea every other day. I am not sure on this though. You don’t want to overdue things, so see how the cat reacts. I have always done it by cat weight and then increasing the dose to double once in morning and once in evening once the cat has adapted to it. However, again have just used the tea.I firmly believe, at least for me, in brewing the tea as then I know how I made it and feel a bit better about quality. That is just my preference.Many though like the capsules.

      As for Tumeric it -is good for arthritis, memory and anti cancer properties. You want to check into that though and not be giving the cat too much on it system all at once. The reason the black pepper is included with Tumeric is it helps with absorption along with Olive oil. Tumeric can be a little upsetting to the stomach, so you need to adjust accordingly. I have not personally given tumeric to my cat, but my folks have for their dog for arthritis and also it has been a known fighter for cancer. Be careful about too much Tumeric and Essiac all at the same time because you don’t want to overdue on the cat’s system and you also do not want to upset the stomach too much.I know our tendency is to give the cat everything we can to fight it, but you may want to go easy with it. That is also why I was recommended to go 4 weeks on with tea and one week off to give the cat’s body a little rest between. However, there are others that give it daily with no breaks between. You just have to weigh the benefits with the cat’s reaction and adjust.

      As for the place in Oregon that is known for good herbs along with the Essiac West that I was trying to remember is Mountain Rose.Hope that answers the questions you had.

    • Glendalough- Have you tried feeding Noel GNC Pets Nourish cat Senior Cat Formula. This is something I gave to my cat when it was ill and was one of the things it could easily eat.She would eat that during her illness,but not anything else. In light of Noel’s tongue issue, you could syringe it.i can’t remember if you were already giving her some liquid as I know you were feeding her by hand. All the best for your Noel.

      • Hi FMR,

        I know there are some comments from you that I never answered. I apologize for that.

        I never made it to GNC to get the Senior Cat Formula. If I adopt again and my cat would need it, I will make sure that I have some. Thank you for mentioning it. Yes, I was syringing Noel about 7 ounces of water every day. She did drink on her own at times but not enough, I may have given her more water than I should but I wanted to make sure that she was hydrated.

  23. @ FMR

    I have trouble finding myself around on this page. The comments seem all mixed up chronologically, or maybe, I just don’t understand the system.

    So I can’t find your today’s post again but remember that you suggested giving cats pumpkin for upset stomach and grinded pumpkin seeds for parasites. I make sure I’ll remember this. Pumpkins grow wild in our garden because we once put a load of donated pumpkins (after Halloween) onto our compost pound without thinking of the seeds. 🙂 I assume fresh pumpkin would be even better than canned pumpkin.

    Something else for parasites: Are all of you familiar with diatomaceous earth? It is a mild dewormer, used between normal dewormings. But make sure to get food grade. Nurseries tried to sell us repeatedly diatomaceous earth mixed with pesticides (often used to kill snails). Diatomaceous earth is powdered shells. Under the microscope it looks like broken glass, and this is how it works. It cuts parasites in the digestion tract. It also works externally for fleas, but it should not get into the airways because it would also cut lung tissue.

    In Europe, diatomaceous earth is sold for humans to firm tissue and produce firmer finger nails.

    Diatomaceous earth does NOT treat parasites in the lungs or in the blood stream. For this, you need Ivermectine, which your vet should prescribe.

    Roundworms in the lungs can get back into the esophagus and cause vomiting.

    I have no idea how Essiac tea interacts with other blood cleaners, but I would not use too many different medications (alternative or mainstream) at one time.

    Our vet had okeyed Essiac tea together with prednisone/prednisolone. Our vet is a great fan of Essiac tea. His wife used it 12 years ago when she had breast cancer (together with mainstream treatment), and his wife uses it again now (after seeing the miracle cure with 2 of our cats) for her diabetes.

    • Lilo, comments show up in chronological order, but replies show up as threaded comments under the original comment (also in chronological order). I know it gets a little confusing, but I found that eliminating threaded comments makes it even harder to follow conversations. Sorry about the inconvenience!

    • Yes I get very confused on the comments as well. It is hard to find the threads and what goes where. I assume fresh pumpkin would be ok, but you may want to check on that. I have only used the canned, but when you think about it if it grows natural in your garden and there are no pesticides, then that would probably be more fresh than the canned stuff. This one though you can check with at the vets as this is one holistic method they are quite familiar with unlike some other holistic remedies. Pumpkin is great for cats and dogs just note the dosage.

      • Hi, FMR,

        I am glad I am not the only one to get confused on this website. I had started to suspect that I am getting senile. 🙂

        Yes, I’ll ask our vet about pumpkin. Our garden is all organic. That’s the only reason we go through the trouble having a garden, requiring to hire help, resulting in every carrot costing about 10 dollars. 🙂

      • @ FMR:

        I just replied to your 2nd comment of today. And now I can neither find my reply nor your comment. I think I give up for today. It is past 1 a.m., and I am “ripe for bed”.


  24. @ Ingrid: I just wrote a comment regarding 4-herb-formula Essiac tea and 8-herb-formula Essiac tea, giving the link to a book telling the story of Essiac tea, but I don’t see it now. Did I make a mistake? I am a 105% computer-idiot and have trouble finding my way around this website. Could it be that my comment landed on a different page?

  25. Short-time treatment with steroids can work wonders but needs to be supervised by the vet. (Long-time use is only recommended when there is no chance for permanent recovery.) Our Sugar Baby suffered some kind of brain lesion, a few weeks ago (injury or age-related?). He threw up and was unable to walk, just spinned around in circles. It was on a weekend, and we called our vet at home. He asked if we happened to have some prednisone at home (we did) and, then, advised to give Sugar Baby a full 5 mg tablet twice a day. Sugar Baby improved immediately. He was seen by our vet on Monday, and we were given prednisolone (better for cats) and advised to continue the treatment for 10 days. After this time, Sugar Baby was almost as good as new. (He only has a bit of trouble jumping down from a chair or our laps. May fall on his back.) However, our vet warns about giving steroids when not absolutely necessary. The long-time side effects can be severe, and the life-span of the cat (or dog, or human) will be shortened.

  26. Our 15 year old girl Sugar was just diagnosed today, Feb 10, 2016 with a sarcoma…a large tumor under her tongue…mom had noticed she stopped eating two days before…Sugar was healthy until then…she lives with my mom who is a die hard smoker and has a mass in her lung as well…today she was given a shot of b-12, the steroid Depo Medrol 40mg/ml, fluids, cerenia for appitite …I purchased the liquid genuine ESSIAC Tea from Rene Cassie…and just boiled the powder form an hour ago…we are all going on it together…myself for general health 4weeks on 1week off…my mom for her lung growth and my poor Sugar for the tumor under her tongue…if she will not eat or begins to suffer we will then let her go with some help from our vet…but I have taken the Hoxsey remedy in the past when was able to purchase in Mexico and felt fabulous on it…so here is hoping…but I will try and keep readers posted as to what happens.

    Jayne, Betty and Sugar…
    And our 8 other cats, 2 dogs and 4 horses

  27. We just got the very unwelcome news last week that our Jackie kitty was diagnosed with abdominal lymphoma. This is definately devastating news and we are still undecided as to treatment options, we are scheduled to meet with a specialist a week from tomorrow and we’ll go from there. The good news is her energy level is pretty good and her appetite is great. So we’ll just have to wait and see what they have to say but this article and the comments have been helpful, I may ask the vet about this tea. We are going to have to try and strike a balance between what we can realistically afford to do and most important quality of life for her. She absolutely hates taking any sort of medicine so that is definitely going to be a difficulty.

    • Hi, Tom,

      I am so very sorry to hear that your kitty was diagnosed with abdominal lymphoma. Please do not subject her to chemotherapy. It would only make her remaining time miserable. Our (very good) vet said that abdominal lymphoma hardly ever responds to any treatment.

      I would still try Essiac tea. If it won’t help, it won’t harm. We were a bit late starting Essiac tea with our Sirikit(ty) because there was a wildfire nearby and we had to improve our fire protection. Had we taken her to the vet the first day we noticed her losing weight and learned that she had cancer, we could have started her on the Essiac tea 2 weeks earlier. This might have saved her life. She seemed to respond to the tea for a few days, but then she went downhill.

      I recommend you read “The Cat Who Lives Forever” (2nd sequel of “The Cat Who Went to Paris”). There, the author describes going to specialist vets and eventually deciding against treatments for his beloved cat.

      If my husband or I–heaven forbid!–came down with cancer of any kind, we’d have necessary surgery (consider radiation for certain cancers, but NOT for treatment of the bowel area, as it makes one lose control over bowels and bladder) and, other than that, rely on Essiac tea.

      We found the cheapest and the best source:

      This tea is in powdered form (easier to prepare, no effective substances lost in the strainer), and the instructions are clearer than those of most other companies.

      A 1-lb bag is $ 26.95. You can pay elsewhere up to 20x that price.

    • I am very sorry to hear that your kitty was diagnosed with abdominal lymphoma. It can be difficult to treat when it is abdominal, but there are different levels of how aggressive a cancer is. I did end up losing my cat to a very very aggressive cancer, but I believe the Essaic tea kept her well for over another year and a good quality of life before she passed.She was about 15 years old.In fact she had a lot of pep in her step for many months. I would try to increase the level of Essaic over a period of time. You will not get much input from many vets on this holistic method as they are not always schooled on holistic methods, but I am a firm believer in east meets west medicine for me personally and for my animals. My sister has a dog that had seizures and the vet wanted to put the dog on medicine. However, the medicine drugged out the dog too much and she bought an herbal formula called Doc Ackermans for seizures. The dog has not had any seizures since and it is just an herb combination. Different things work for different people and animals. I would try the Essiac tea because what you want in the long run is a good quality of life for your animal. Like I said, I loss my cat to this aggressive cancer, but that extra year was a good one for her and I am so thankful we had that time together.

  28. Lilo! Where can I learn more about the essaic tea for kitties? I just lost my beloved Alfalfa to agressive lymphoma manifesting in his intestines. I tried everything I could think of but it never occurred to me to try essaic tea even though I’ve heard of it for humans! How to you administer? (force feed?) do you give concencentrate or milder dose? is it same as human does?

    • You can buy Essaic tea from Essaic West online. Now the original formula comes from Canada, but this US company(Essaic West) was very helpful in answering questions on how to prepare and the dosage to administer to my cat who just had a tumor removed that was cancerous. Also they use herbs in the ingredients and one of the herbs is the root of sheep sorrel which many companies only use among other ingredients the top part of sheep sorrel. It is very important to use the root. I have been using the tea for a few weeks now along with Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener Dog & Cat Supplement which has Shittake and Astragalus which is good for battling cancer. So far , so good. Time will tell. This company though was so good about explaining dosage, preparation of it that I was very impressed with their help and knowledge. I also sent them the ingredients of the immune strengthener to make sure there were no problems with any of the herbs in that conflicting with herbs in the tea. They were knowledgeable about that and said the main thing you do not want to mix the tea with is any herbs that cleanse the liver as the combination of that would be hard on the cat. These two products were ok to use together.Hope that helps and God Bless your kitties!

    • Hi, Maggie,

      I just happened to see your comment today. (I don’t usually have time reading much of this website, even though I find it highly interesting.

      First of all, I am so sorry to hear you lost your beloved Alfalfa to aggressive abdominal lymphoma.

      We had 3 cancer miracle cures with Essiac tea, in summer 2013. (Two of these cats had metastasized cancer and were more dead than alive when we started them on the tea. Mao was in immediate danger of suffocating and already had an appointment for euthanizing. Orphan Annie, diagnosed with bone cancer that had originated from a brain tumor, was unable to walk and stand, and had stopped eating and drinking for a week; we had force-fed her with food and water.) Mao improved within hours and was able to go outside within a week. Orphan Annie ate and drank by herself within two days.

      All three cats are still alive to this day and doing well. Mao had relapses whenever he was off the tea (when we were out of town) or when the dosage was decreased. Goldilocks, who has a tumor in her stomach, didn’t. Orphan Annie relapsed a few times, when the dosage was decreased but, then, did well for half a year without the tea. When she seemed to relapse again, last fall, we permanently put her back on the tea. She is now all well again and full of mischief.

      Unfortunately, we did lose our Sirikit(ty), last July, to abdominal lymphoma, even though we had treated her with Essiac tea. Our vet said that abdominal lymphoma rarely responds to any treatment.

      We administer Essiac tea with a syringe without a needle. My husband sits the cat on the floor or on a chair. He holds the cat on the ruff with one hand, slightly lifting the cat’s head up. He, then, squirts the tea into the cats mouth, diagonally, so not to choke the cat. This way, administering tea or other medication in liquid form works well with most cats.

      The dosage should be taken as advised in the instructions of the Essiac tea, adjusted to the cats weight. So, for instance, whatever dosage is recommended for an adult, usually accounted as 160 lbs, you would divide by 160 and, then, multiply with the weight of your cat. Assuming your cat weighed 8 lbs, the cat would receive 1/20 of the dosage of a human.

      There are different dosages for treatment of an acute illness and for maintenance of recovery. My husband keeps adjusting dosages depending on the cats’ conditions.

      Our Mao (one of the three miracle recoveries) had gone downhill after we had been out of town for 6 weeks, last fall. Mao was now very weak, the tumor in his throat gave him trouble, the metastases in the head gave him even more trouble. Mao was now blind and disoriented. We strongly suspected that the pet-sitter had not given him the tea. Back on the tea, Mao improved but was still in bad shape. With the tea dosage increased, Mao regained much of his eye-sight, the terrible discharge from nose and eyes almost stopped, and Mao was soon well enough to go outside again. (He loves going outside.) Mao keeps doing well and eats like a vulture.

      We buy our Essiac tea from the company to which I’ll give the following link:

      They sell it in powdered form (easiest to prepare and with no ingredients wasted), and we found it to be the cheapest. We pay approx. $ 28 /lb. We found other sources charging up to 20x as much. Another reason why we like this source is that their instructions are easy to follow. While we have been familiar with the preparing of the tea for quite some time, friends we recommend it to have had problems when they bought the tea from companies with unclear and confusing instructions for preparation.

      Btw, there are several books about Essiac tea on Amazon. I read 3 of them. The story of the tea is a very interesting read, even when one has no need for it.

      Best wishes!


    • I am also sorry for the loss of your kitty. Lilo gave you good directions below. The difference is Lilo uses the 8 herb formula and I used the 4 herb formula which is the original formula for the tea. However, I think it is just important that you get the Essaic tea from a reputable company and make sure the Sheep Sorrel root is being used and not just top part. Here are the directions I was given for a six pound cat: Adjust according to weight.
      2 cups of water and 1 Tbsp. of dried tea powder. This makes the concentrate which you then give to your cat. Boil water
      Stir in 2 tablespoons of essaic tea
      Boil 10 minutes
      Let it sit and settle overnight
      Pour off liquid into jar

      On dosage here is how to figure it out:(Adjust according to your cats weight)

      Assume 2 Tablespoons being the dose for 150 lb human which is 30 ml
      150 lb human divide by weight of animal.

      150 divided by 6 = 25
      Divide 30 ml by 25 = 1.2

      So a 1.2 ml is equal approx. to a ¼ teaspoon as a teaspoon is roughly 5 ml divided by 4= ¼ teaspoon

      Try to use stainless steel pot to boil water , not aluminum. Try to use purified water like I use water from my Ro system. Like Lilo, I also administer using a syringe into the cats mouth. I was also told to give this dosage once a day and try to work up to twice a day a 1/4 teaspoon when the cat gets used to it. You will need to adjust according to weight of cat. I was also told to go 4 weeks on and 1 week off. However, Lilo is suggesting below that her cats showed some symptoms when it was off for that time. Since I have just started with this, I have yet to see if that is an issue.

      • Just had to correct dosage that I wrote in directions for brewing Essaic tea. Made small mistake.
        2 cups of water and 1 Tbsp. of dried tea powder. This makes the concentrate which you then give to your cat. Boil water
        Stir in 2 tablespoons of essaic tea(this should be stir in one tablespoon of essaic tea not two. That makes about a pint)
        Boil 10 minutes
        Let it sit and settle overnight
        Pour off liquid into jar

      • Darn, I just made the tea, but I used 2 tablespoons instead of 1. Can’t believe I did that. Does that mean I will have to dilute it? Would it be too strong if I gave it to her as I made it? I really wanted to start my cat on this tomorrow morning. I need a miracle for her.

        • Hi – It would have been ok to use the 2 tablespoons, but sometimes you want to start off a little easy to get their body used to it. Then you can slowly increase dosage to two times a day after a while. Follow though the dosage though and how to configure it above by weight. Best of luck to you and your kitty.

        • Glendalough- You just want to follow the correct dosage of 1 tablespoon, but the two tablespoon would not hurt for that first batch.All the best to you and your kitty.Let me know if you have any more questions.

          • FMR,
            Thank you so much! But I have other concerns, maybe you can help?

            I started with 1/4 teaspoon once a day and have worked up to 1/2 teaspoon once a day and I’m also giving her a small amount of essiac from capsules mixed in her food. I just gave her the essiac undiluted. Someone on a message board about essiac said that you can’t give any supplements or herbs with the essiac that cleanse the liver as that would be hard on the cat. I was giving her wheat grass juice, carrot juice (sometimes), molasses and baking soda, golden paste (turmeric), medicinal mushrooms. When I gave her a few of these, her drooling improved. Does anyone know if any of these cleanse the liver? Do I have to stop giving them to her or can I give the essiac in the morning and the others in the evening? I wanted to only do the essiac but I don’t know if that is too little.

          • Sorry, frazzled today. I forgot to add in my post that I was giving her those things before starting the essiac.

          • Hi Glendalough- Not sure on those other items for liver. Yes it is true that you do not want to give Essaic with liver cleansing items. Also you can try to work up to twice a day on Essiac but be careful on over doing it and make sure you are going according to the measurements and give Essiac on an empty stomach.Figure out your dose for a cat that weight and if it is a 1/4 teaspoon of the tea formula as I have wrote above, then you can try to work up to double that over a period of time. Once in morning and once in evening on empty stomach.If you see an upset stomach on the cat, then back off of the dosage for a bit before working it back up.Hope that helps. As for the mushrooms , I did give my cat immunity strengthener and part of the ingredients in that was Astragulus which is good for cancer and Shitake mushrooms which is also good for that.Only natural pet puts that Immune Strengthener out.All the best for your fur buddy.

          • Hi FMR,

            Sorry, didn’t respond to your post.

            Thanks, I’m not sure about the items for the liver so all I’m giving her now is the tea and 1 capsule a day. I noticed a little more improvement when I added the 1 capsule. I’m giving her about 2 ml of the tea once a day in the morning.

          • Glendalough and Loni- Hope I am responding to this correctly.

            The Essiac West is not counterfeit. It actually is all grown in US and the owner could not have been more helpful to me to tell me how to prepare the tea. It does only take boiling 10 minutes and then you let it sit over night for several hours before draining off and then putting in jar in fridge to give to the cat via needle-less syringe. You do not need to boil 4 hours but you do have to let it sit for several hours before straining.This tea has the sheep sorrel root which is one of the most important ingredients. Some teas only use the top of the sheep sorrel which is not the kind used in the original formula. The reason some do not use the whole plant is because it takes two years to grow another crop when the roots are dug up.Also I feel for everyone who has had to go through this. All the best. Essiac works well for most cases, but it may not work for all cases depending on the severity. However, you always have to do what is best for the fur buddy and only you can decide that.

    • My beloved cat ‘Smokey’ (15 1/2 years old) was just diagnosed with Lymphocytic Leukemia which according to my Veterinarian translates to ‘Blood Cancer’. His white blood cell count is very high. I have no idea how it will eventually affect other vital organs. He is on ‘Prednisolone’ now and was doing real well but it caused diarrhea. Therefore he had to take ‘Metronidazole’ for 14 days. Than he developed an upper respiratory infection. The Vet gave him an Antibiotic shot which did not remedy the problem as his problem was caused by a virus, not bacteria. We are at a point now where he is sluggish and has lost his appetite. I am so glad I found your website.

      I am familiar with . It reminded me, I have a 7 page report in my hands. I have saved it in my file now for 30 years and forgot about it. Essaic has restored the health of people who were sent home from the hospital considered to be in the final stages of cancer and incurable. If it works on humans it should do good for cats. Cats little systems are similar to humans, so I have read.

      Now to come back to Maggie’s question. I just found out that you can purchase Essaic in capsule form at the Healthfood store. Call your store to see if they carry it. I will also check the links on the Internet this website provided. The product might be cheaper, but right now time is crucial. — My cat takes medicine in capsule or tablet form very well. — I straddle my cat, gently pull his head back which opens his throat area and gently push the capsule down the middle of his throat. He cannot bite you in that position! Then I rub the front of his throat downwards several times so he will not eject his medicine.

      I will pick up the Essaic capsules tomorrow and start Smokey on it.

      At your Healthfood Store you will be able to purchase empty capsules, so you can re-portion the contents of the capsule to your needs and weight of your cat.

      • I have to add another comment to the one I wrote above. I purchased the Essiac in capsule form at my Health Food Store today and found out that the dosage per capsule is very high and at 200 mg is too much for a cat. It is a tonic and therefore the amount in the capsule cannot easily be reduced. Too much of Rhubarb and Slippery Elm might cause diarrhea.

        I found out that there is a company in Canada which produces the original formula of Essaic specifically made for pets in capsule form.

        For me it is easier to administer Essaic in a capsule and saves time spent on preparing the tea. But of course you pay for the convenience. $35.95 for each bottle with 60 capsules is the reduced price per bottle, if you order 3 of them, plus shipping. After the first order they will send you coupons for your next order.

        This is just another option for you to choose from. I hope all your little fur children will recover from what is ailing them!


        • Instructions on when to take ‘Essiac’ to be most effective!

          I just started my little sweetheart on ‘Essiac’ capsules yesterday. The dosage is: 1 capsule daily for animals up to 20 pounds of weight. — It has to be administered on an empty stomach and then wait for one hour before you feed your cat. Whichever way you want to do it, you can feed first and then wait an hour before giving the capsule and wait another hour before feeding again. Just remember 1 hour in between!

          This product is specifically made for cats and dogs.

          The program is designed for 12 weeks to be fully functional.

          The active ingredients are:

          Burdock (root) 180.38mg
          Sheep sorrel (leaves) 35.88mg
          Slippery Elm (bark) 13.70mg
          Indian Rhubarb (root) 6.10mg

          There are caveats: Consult with Veterinarian if the animal has clotting disorders, treated with anticoagulant medications, has diabetes, arthritis, gastrointestinal or metabolic disorders causing hyperglycemia, with a history of urinary track/kidney stones.

          The company which sells Renee Caisse’s original formula and makes it specifically for animals I mentioned in my comments above.

          Ilona Covert

      • Hi, Loni,

        I am so sorry to hear about Smokey’s diagnosis.

        I would, definitely, try Essiac tea. We buy the powdered form from the following source, which we found best and cheapest:

        If Smokey takes capsules better than liquid (squirted in his mouth with a needle-less syringe), you could buy a little device to fill it into capsules yourself. We own such a device, but I forget where we purchased it from.

        Yet I wonder whether the effective ingredients of Essiac tea work when the tea is not boiled. I really don’t have a clue. Normally, Essiac tea gets boiled for 10 minutes and, then, has to stand over night. I wonder whether the capsules sold in Health Food Stores contain just the powdered herb-mixture or whether they contain a boiled extract. You could open a capsule and look whether it contains a powder or an extract.

        Capsules, definitely, cost a multitude from what you would pay for the powdered tea (when purchased per lb from the above source). We pay $ 27/lb. If you were to buy this amount in capsules, you’d be likely to pay an amount in the neighborhood of $ 1,000.

        Our cats (we have 25, most of them aging, some of them ailing) take the tea well when administered via needle-less syringe. Only our Midnight (an, otherwise, very sweet mellow cat) freaked out, scratched and bit when given the tea. We had to give up administering it to him. Midnight died last month. (He had been FIV positive and had just about any ailment a cat can get, possibly also cancer.)

        After our miracle cures of 2 cats with metastasized cancer, in 2013 (one of which died of old age, not cancer, last November; the other is still alive and well), we give Essiac tea to every cat that is suspected to have cancer.

        • Hi Lilo,

          My “Smokey” has been doing very well on the Essiac capsules for 5 days. He has been playing, jumping on the counters etc. — Today, Friday, he was sluggish would not eat and threw up. I hope it is just an isolated incident but I am worried. Are there any suggestions?

          I am so glad to hear you were so successful with 2 of your cats and they became little miracles,

          Thanks for your response! It is greatly appreciated!


          • Remember Ilona Essiac is a cleanser as well. So you may see a period where the cat looks like it is not feeling well or maybe might throw up a bit. If you see the cat throwing up then lower the dosage for a while until you can get the cats body back to a stronger dosage.. This can easily be done with the tea formula, but not so sure on capsules.I gave my cat the tea formula and use a needless syringe to administer. Now remember when a body is detoxifying there is a general flu like feeling. I saw this happening in my cat for about the first two months and then started to notice it got better and used to it. I hope that helps.

          • Thanks for responding so promptly! I have all the capsules for the 3 months program in my possession. He gets one a day. — Unfortunately, I do not have the tea which would enable me to cut down the dosage and it will take a while for the mailing from an internet site to get the tea. I do not like to interrupt the program I have already started. — I just gave him another capsule. Yesterday after I gave him a capsule, he was so eager to eat and of course he had to wait for an hour to be fed on an empty stomach. I tried it before, the capsules cannot be halfed to reduce the dosage. If I pull it apart, I lose a lot of the product and if I cut it, the results are not any better.

            If he does not feel better for the remainder of the day should I give him a 2.5mg Prednisolone which the Vet prescribed and hope that it will make him feel better. What would you do?

            Thank you,


          • Hi, Loni,

            I am glad your beloved Smokey has been doing well on Essiac capsules.–It is hard to tell whether his discomfort today was only an isolated incident.

            I would wait and see.

            My husband always kept adjusting the Essiac tea dosage for our Orphan Annie, increasing or decreasing it, depending on how she was doing (before she became symptom-free). I am not sure whether or not this was necessary. My husband thinks it was but is not absolutely sure.

            In case Smokey doesn’t improve, you might consider changing the Essiac dosage. (I would first decrease it, and if this does not bring the desired results, increase it.) Yet this might be difficult with capsules.

            However, Smokey’s vomiting may have nothing whatsoever to do with either the lymphoma or the Essiac treatment.

            All of our cats throw up quite a bit. We were never able to figure out why. Could be that they overeat, eat too fast, or that some variation of cat food doesn’t agree with them. Could also be that they have parasites. It is hardly possible to deworm cats so frequently that they don’t have parasites of some sort.


            P.S. Please note that I am a computer-idiot. I always have trouble finding comments on this website. (I just noticed yesterday that I had overlooked a comment with a question addressed to me, dated December 2014.) In case I should not reply to any of your comments addressed to me, here is my e-mail address:

          • Hi Lilo,

            I very much appreciate your suggestions!

            Ingrid contacted me and I left a couple of comments with her of my experience since I started “Essiac” treatment for my cat “Smokey”.

            You were inquiring about the contents of the capsules I ordered from the Canadian Essiac Company which indicates to the consumer that they are selling the original Renee Caisse Formula.

            Preparing the capsules of “Essiac” is the most complicated process they are using besides the Bulk (Powder) and the bottle of Liquid Extract.

            It requires many steps. The extract has to be prepared and any alcohol and liquid is removed. The capsules are then filled with the remaining powder. The capsules are standardized.

            Thank you for your help,


          • P.S. I just noticed that you wondered whether you should give Smokey the 2.5 mg Prednisolone capsule. (I couldn’t figure out whether you had asked me or FMR.) I would.

            Steroids reduce swelling and inflammation and can work wonders as short-term treatment but should not be given too long (or too often) unless for very solid reason.

          • Hi everyone, just jumping in here (I’m the site owner). I love this wonderful discussion – I have no experience with Essiac tea or capsules, and I’m learning a lot from all of you. I would just like recommend that anytime you’re considering adjusting medication doses for conventional medications like Prednisolone, always check with your vet first. It’s also important to let your vet know about any holistic therapies (like Essiac) – even if your vet is not well versed in holistic modalities, he/she still needs to know everything you’re giving a cat with cancer so they can give you the best advice possible to help your kitty.

          • I absolutely agree, Ingrid. Btw, I posted in an earlier comment advising to the vet’s advice in regard to steroids (i.e., prednisone, prednisolone).

            We found prednisone highly effective with Midnight, our FIV cat who had been ailing for many years and died last months, and we also found it highly effective with our Sugar Baby, who recently suffered a brain lesion (accident or age-related?), could no longer walk and only spinned around in circles . After 2 weeks of prednisone/prednisolone he is “as good as new”. Yet we would never administer a steroid unless prescribed by our vet (unless in an emergency if no vet were availabe).

            I know the dangers of steroids. When I was a child (in the 1940s), there was this wool-store owner in our town. She could neither stand nor walk. Her limbs were like rubber. She had been treated with steroids (for arthritis) for years by an irresponsible family doctor.

            Essiac tea is, from what I know, harmless. There might be contraindications (as are for any substance), and it might be a good idea to let the vet know. Keep in mind, however, that some mainstream doctors and vets are opposed to any alternative medicine just because they have no clue about it.

            A friend of ours, who had kidney cancer, was talked out of taking Essiac tea by his physician who insisted on treating him exclusively the mainstream way. Our friend died 5 months later.–An internet-friend of mine had a beloved cat with cancer. Her vet talked her out of giving the cat Essiac tea because she also had kidney failure. The cat died a few months later. I am not saying that our friend and my friend’s cat would have survived with Essiac tea; I am only saying that they missed their chance to survive.

            The Mayo Clinic warns about Essiac tea because of its ingredient sorrel, which in studies has been found to be hard on the kidneys. However, our Goldilocks had started with kidney failure several years before she was diagnosed with the tumor in her belly and started on Essiac tea. She lived another 2 1/2 years symptom-free (except for excessive drinking, which she had had for years before given the Essiac tea) and died last May, peacefully, while being petted, not from cancer and unlikely from kidney disease (she had no nausea) but from old age; she was 20+ years old. We had Goldilocks’s blood checked on a regular basis while she was on Essiac tea. Her kidney values were stable all along.

            Our guess regarding the Mayo Clinic warning, based on a study: We suspect that this study was done in France. In France, sorrel is eaten as a vegetable (that is, in huge amounts). In some country areas, this vegetable is eaten 3-4x weekly. Just about any substance is bad in overdose. Rats being fed on tomatoes exclusively (in some cruel research program) have died. And there was this case (in the 1960s or 1970s) when a health nut poisoned himself with eating parsley by the pound.

            Paracelsus said: “Everything is poisonous. Only the dosage varies.”

          • I think Paracelsus’ quote sums it up nicely, Lilo. The best we can do is educate ourselves, and work with an open-minded veterinarian (or physician) to try and find the best possible treatment for any given situation.

          • Correction: I just noticed that I goofed up the first paragraph of my reply to your comment, Ingrid.

            It reads:

            “I absolutely agree, Ingrid. Btw, I posted in an earlier comment advising to the vet’s advice in regard to steroids (i.e., prednisone, prednisolone).”

            It should read: “I absolutely agree, Ingrid. Btw, I posted in an earlier comment advising to FOLLOW the vet’s advice in regard to steroids (i.e., prednisone, prednisolone).

          • Hi Ingrid,

            Thanks for being involved! — I consulted with my Vet and got exactly the answer I anticipated. It is standard not just from Veterinarians but also from Doctors who treat Humans when it comes to holistic healings: She is not familiar with “Essiac” and since she has not seen any controlled studies she cannot give an opinion, and if I decide to use “Essiac” I am on my own. She is a nice lady and has always cared well for my cats but I assume for professional liability she cannot commit one way or other. I expected it and do not hold it against her.

            Thanks for your interest,


          • Hi, Loni,

            I keep getting lost on this page. I think I can’t figure out the system.

            The moment I start replying, I can’t find the comment anymore I am replying to.

            I remember, however, that Smokey is feeling better now. That’s good. I think Essiac tea plus prednisolone is o.k. (Our vet had approved this before.) Adding something to treat diarrhea would, probably, also be o.k. But I would not mix too many medications (alternative or mainstream), especially not any that are supposed to be blood cleaners.

          • Hi Lilo,

            I find the site confusing as well and getting back to the original comment is difficult! — But it is worth searching to find out about other people’s experiences.

            You were very fortunate that your Vet took a personal interest in “Essiac” and gave you advice. My Vet was non-committal, therefore I was on my own. I started my cat on Essiac on Sunday 2/7. I decided not to give Prednisolone any longer as the 2 most likely would cancel each other out. Prednisolone suppresses the Immune System and Essiac boosts the Immune System. They are in opposition to each other.

            But Smokey felt so bad on Tuesday 2/9 that I decided to give him a Prednisolone Pill in addition to the Essiac. Everything appeared to be ok the next day on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday Smokey was miserable, threw up Big Time, remnants of food and lots of liquid. He would not touch any food on that Friday. He appeared to be in bad shape! I was so scared, the decision was between giving him a Prednisolone or an Essiac capsule.

            I decided on the Essiac! He slept in his cushioned basket right next to me and I checked on him several times that night. Saturday morning he had a voracious appetite which made me very happy and he ate well again in the afternoon and at night. He has been very active on Saturday and today Sunday, has been playing with his toys and eating well. I can only surmise that he was detoxifying at a rapid rate the days before and channeling all the accumulated poisons through his little system and out of his body which caused him to feel feel so awful. It took a week for the poison to leave his body. Smokey is doing amazingly well now. He is God’s miracle! — We are in the healing phase.

            Lilo, please ask if you have questions!


            To fight Diarrhea: My Vet suggested “Forti Flora”. It comes in small envelopes in a package. For the first 2 days I would use 1envelope a day sprinkled over the food. Then only as needed. It is like ‘yoghurt’. My Smokey loves the taste. It is a nutritional supplement made by Purina and you can purchase it on the Internet for approx. $20, it is cheaper than a Vet’s prescription.

          • May I suggest a better quality probiotic than Forti Flora? Forti Flora contains animal digest (which is why it is so highly palatable.) I recommend probiotics as a daily supplement for healthy cats since it’s a great immune system booster, and it’s especially beneficial for ill animals for that same reason. The two products I recommend are Dr. Goodpet’s Feline Digestive Enzymes (a blend of enzymes and probiotics) and Mercola Pet Probiotic, both available from Amazon. For more on the benefits of probiotics for cats, read

          • Hi Ingrid,

            Thank you very much for your suggestions for Probiotics. I just purchased 3 more packages of ‘Forti Flora’ which I have to use. I cannot return the shipment as all packages came packed as triplets. But I will make use of your excellent advice when I order Probiotics again.


          • Hi Loni,

            Are you only giving Smokey the Essiac capsule, or are you giving him other herbs and/or supplements in addition? My Noel has been on the Essiac tea that I brewed since 02/04 and I started giving her also 1 Essiac capsule a day (split am and pm), as well as mushrooms and molasses/baking soda. I really wanted to give her just the Essiac but I don’t know if that would be too little. I’m seeing tiny tiny improvements in her behavior but I thought that I would see more improvement faster as Essiac is supposed to be a miracle. Her energy has been really low when I assist feed her and I’m praying that she starts to show more improvement soon.


          • Hi Glendalough,

            I only do the Essiac capsules. Mixing different herbs on your own might be detrimental to your cat even though other herbs might be very beneficial if used on their own but could interfere with the potency of Essiac.

            I did a lot of research on the internet and there appears to be only one company located in Canada which makes the product specifically for cats and dogs. Essiac for Pets is a fairly new product line for this company even though they have been in business for a long time. Pets are like children to people and I assume this company responded to people’s requests.

            Each capsule is very concentrated and therefore powerful.

            People might assume it is the usual bulk powder you buy to make tea pressed into the capsules but it is not. I had so many questions regarding this product that I might have made a nuisance out of myself calling “Danny” the company representative frequently with questions.

            The process used for the capsules requires many steps. After the tea has been boiled and the extract is made, any alcohol and liquid is removed. The dry powder is pressed into the capsule. It leaves a high concentration of Essiac in those capsules.

            The first week was a difficult period for my cat and me. I was all stressed out. My cat looked and acted really sick, he could hardly keep his eyes open on some days, but it was the detoxification process which caused the malady. I was a nervous wreck. My little patient is all spunky now and we are in our 3 months healing process to eliminate the cancer.

            If you want to order the capsules. You need 1 capsule a day if your animal is under 20lb. Each bottle holds 60 capsules. 2 bottles give you more than enough for a 3 months healing program. Each bottle is $35 + shipping— cheaper than a visit to the Vet. It takes approx. 5 days for your order to come in the mail.

   (ask for Essiac for Pets)

            I wish all of you the very best for your furry children!


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you, I stopped the other supplements. She has been more alert since I started giving the essiac, has been hiding less. Last night I talked with an animal communicator who said that Noel told her that she is feeling a tiny bit better, she wants to live, wants to eat on her own and is very sad that she can’t yet and that food is one of her greatest joys. The last few days when I have been syringe feeding her, she has not been swallowing much, food drops out, when I wipe her mouth there is food on the napkin which I put back into the syringe.

            I have had an extremely emotional morning, I had to take her to the vet this morning and the news I got was not what I wanted to hear. She has not had a bowel movement in a little over a week and I took her there to do an enema. He examined her and said there isn’t a lot of poo in her. He looked in her mouth and said that the tumor has taken over her tongue and that it is starting to get bigger near the back of her tongue and that is why she is having trouble swallowing. The animal communicator said that Noel told her that her throat is a little raw. He said her breathing isn’t affected right now but will probably be soon, indicating that I should put her down. I cried all the way home. I don’t know what to do. If she is showing tiny improvements doesn’t that mean that the cancer is getting better? Should I continue with the essiac in hopes that it will get rid of the tumor or should I stop and make that decision? This is very difficult, I don’t want her to suffer.


          • Hi Glendalough,

            I feel so bad for you. I know how heartbroken I felt when I thought my cat would not make it. I shed a lot of tears. My helper is always Jesus. I told him that if he really loves me he would heal my cat.

            I cannot remember when I was so upset since my husband died. After I did my intense prayers I had the feeling that Jesus would heal my little companion “Smokey”.

            The concoction of Essiac tea you have brewed might not be strong enough for her. I do not know how long you have treated her, but I saw results in my cat after one week. The capsules I have purchased from the Canadian company are pre-measured, high in potency and it only requires 1 capsule per day. Easy to push down the throat. I saw results almost immediately, only one week. We are now in the 3 months healing process to get every little remnant out of the cancer still left. Even if you ordered the capsules from the Canadian company immediately, it will take 5 days for it to come to your house. I do not know if you will have enough time to wait. Your cat sounds very critical and please do not let her suffer. In her condition you might not be able to push a capsule down her. Do the best you can for your cat, not for yourself. Keeping her alive might be torture for your little one. If she cannot swallow, she would not be able to swallow the capsule.

            Make a wise decision, do not cause her any pain. You love her, do the best for her! Should she somehow improve in the meantime and you want to order the Pet-capsules the telephone # is 1-888-900-2299. It might be too late for the capsules.

            Sometimes we have to let go if we really love our little companions. We do not want to see them suffer any more.

            I wish I could be with you and hug you and make you feel better.

            May our God protect both of you!


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you so much for offering a hug. It is wonderful that the essiac has helped Smokey so much.

            I started Noel on the essiac tea on February 04.

            I talked to Danny last night after I read your response and told him that I have been giving her essiac tea that I brewed myself and the first thing he asked was how long I brewed it. I told him the instructions said to boil it hard for 10 minutes. He said that is a counterfit product as the real herbs you brew for 4 hours. I bought them from a company called Essiac West. I told him that since I had been giving her the tea she has improved in tiny amounts and he said it would be ok to continue to use it. I told him that I bought 2 bottles of the essiac herbal in capsules, the label is green with Rene Caisse’s picture on it and the bottle cap is green, just to describe it. I asked if these are the same as the essiac for pets, he said yes except his product is by weight. He said to continue to use the capsules. I told him that it would be impossible to pill her as her swallowing is affected and might choke, I asked if I could put half the capsule in water and he said yes but he said he’s not sure how that would effect the contents. I ordered a bottle of the pet capsules this morning.

            Before I started the tea, she would hide all the way under the bed and it would take her sometimes hours to come out and after her feeding session she would immediately go under the blankets on my bed. She would run when she saw me. She wouldn’t walk around much, would walk by her food area. In the first week of starting the tea I noticed that she was not hiding as much, she would hide just under the front of the bed but if she thought I was trying to get her she would go to the back, but then come out soon after. She used to lay on one of my couches every day before she got sick in November and she just started sitting on it again a few days ago and slept on it all night on monday where before she would sleep with me every night. Yesterday, she actually ate a little liverwurst off my finger and about a half a slice of bologna which she attacked, even though that was very hard for her to eat. Yesterday, I found her lying on one of her little beds that she hasn’t laid in since December. This morning, an hour after giving her 1/2 cap of the essiac capsule, I went looking for her to feed her and saw that she was sitting by my large glass window that looks out on my patio, again something she hasn’t done since before she got sick. When I feed her I have to do it in the bathroom with the door closed, she sits in her litter box the entire time. Since starting the essiac, she sometimes gets out of the box and walks around meowing. The most upsetting thing that she has been doing since getting sick is she has overgroomed excessively, pulling out almost all of her fur on her chest and both of her arms. When I feed her between syringe refills, she would do this overgrooming the most. I noticed that yesterday and today she didn’t do any of that and I’m hoping it is starting to diminish. That alone is one of the biggest improvements. But I noticed that the majority of improvements started after I began to add the capsule in addition to the tea I brewed. Last night, she did pretty good for the first ¼ can of her food and I have started to give her a little break to help her so that she isn’t getting a lot of food at one time. But when I started the next ¼ can of food, I had stop about half way through because she was not swallowing. I would syringe her wait about a minute, then syringe again, when I wiped her mouth about the same amount of food came out that went in. I had to stop the feeding because it wasn’t helping her. Today, she’s a tiny bit better with the swallowing. I’m thinking that all of these small things are signs that her quality of life is possibly getting a little better, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

            I do not want her to suffer, I’ve been praying and I’m a little hopeful with the way she’s been acting, but her swallowing scares me. If that doesn’t improve then I can’t continue with the feeding as that isn’t helping her any and I would need to make a decision.

            The one thing that I keep kicking myself over is that I should have started the essiac after the biopsy. She is my 2nd cat, my first cat had lymphoma in his stomach and I tried essiac with him but it didn’t help. I should have remembered it.

            I’m also having to take care of my father and I have to move back in with him April 01. All of this is so overwhelming, I have no idea how I’m going to get everything packed and moved since my time is extremely limited.


          • Hi Glendalough,

            I am so happy that your cat is better. It is a great idea to give little Noel Essiac out of the capsule in addition to the tea. Since she has been in such deplorable shape a massive dosage for a while will help her improve.

            I am glad you talked to Danny. He is a nice compassionate man who is willing to help. And I am happy to hear you ordered a bottle of the genuine capsules. It is too bad this company cannot mail their product faster. But the capsules and tea you are giving her right now will expedite the healing until you get the genuine Essiac capsules.

            When animals overgroom and pull their hair out it is an indication they are afraid and nervous. My little “Smokey” has not been overgrooming himself but has done it to my longhaired female “Baby”. He groomed her intensively, almost obsessively yesterday. He apparently has an allergy to her fur. I knew he would throw up the next day. I did not expect it to be so big time, her hairs and lots of liquid. It was a setback for us. He has hardly eaten anything all day as a consequence of the vomiting. I gave him a little cottage cheese tonight. He ate a bit. I hope he will be better tomorrow.

            What I have been feeding is “Shaved Roasted Turkey” from your Grocer’s Deli. You might consider it. It is cut so thin it falls apart in your hand. It should be easier than anything else for her to eat. They will cut it for you. it is the low salt kind. Initially when he got ill, Smokey devoured a lot of it. !/2 lb in three days. Now he is bored with it and will not touch it. He is so finicky.

            I will pray for you and Noel again tonight as I have done last night. I have a good hunch that with Jesus’ help Noel will recover.

            Until soon,


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you, she is improving in baby steps. I posted earlier some improvements she’s had in the last 2 days, but I think the most major one is that she has stopped, at least for now, pulling out her fur. She is still grooming but only her paws and only licking them. I agree, that a massive dose will help.

            Danny was very nice and he didn’t rush me when I asked questions. A lot of places want to get off the phone fast.

            I thought that I had the genuine essiac capsules, the bottle label is green with Rene’ Caisse’s picture on it and the bottle cap is green. Is the one made for pets more genuine because you give it by weight?

            I’m sorry your little Smokey has an allergy to your other cat’s fur and that he got sick and eating less. I didn’t know fur could have an effect like that.

            Thanks for the mention of the shaved roasted turkey. I meant to get to the store today to pick some up but I had to do some things for my dad that took longer than I expected. I have to move back with my dad in a month or two to take care of him and I am afraid of what kind of effect this is going to have on her. She has lived in her current house all of her life and has been over to my dad’s house before, the last time was last August and the time before that was 4 years ago. She hides for the first 2 days then she comes out, but I won’t be able to let her roam around free until I know she won’t hide anywhere or else I am afraid she won’t make it.

            Thank you very much for your prayers, I very much appreciate that you are doing that. I’m really hoping these improvements will continue and that the prednisolone that she gets put on tomorrow will help her eat better.


          • Glendalough,

            Prayers very much help. I could not do it without God’s help. Jesus comes through for me.

            I agree with Lilo. Just because the capsules you purchased were not from the Canadian company does not make the product you purchased counterfeit. The Canadian firm bought all the rights to use Renee Caisse’s name which companies like Essiac-West did not do. That does not mean that the Formula you have is ineffective. Most likely your Formula has the same potency and ingredients the Canadian product has.

            When you get your one bottle with capsules from the Canadian Company most likely the bottle will give directions to use 1/2 capsule twice a day. You cannot half these capsules by pulling them apart or cutting them. You will lose too much of the product. The company changed the directions to one capsule a day for animals under 20lb. It is easier that way instead of keeping your cat twice a day from his food for an hour after administering the capsule, you just have to do it once.

            In 2 months when you have to move Noel’s health will have greatly improved and the move and the different surroundings will not be so traumatic for her. It will all work out! I am so sorry about your father. You sure have a lot on your mind. But you appear to be an excellent caretaker!

          • Loni,

            Thank you about my father, caretaking can be very difficult. I helped him take care of my mom after she had a brain aneurysm rupture in the year 2000.

            Unfortunately, I cannot pill Noel, with her swallowing problems it would be risky, she might choke. The only thing I can do is mix the contents with water and add a tiny bit more for any that doesn’t get dissolved in the water or stays in the mixing cup.

            Thank you, I am praying that her health improves greatly, it’s her tongue that I am really concerned about, she can’t use it, the essiac has got to heal it.

          • Glendalough,

            I feel for you! Being a caretaker is difficult and extremely stressful. My husband died of brain and kidney cancer. When times get difficult it helps to talk about it, you need to get it of your chest to be able to cope with everyday life.

            You are doing so well with little Noel, feeding her by syringe, it takes a lot of patience. It won’t be long and the Essiac will heal her tongue and throat enough so she will be able to consume the food on her own.

            I am glad you are not pushing the capsule down her since she would not be capable to swallow it. You know what is best for her. With your tender loving care and the help of Essiac, she will heal fast.

            Wishing you the Best,


          • Loni,

            Thank you, it is just so overwhelming at times. I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. Cancer is horrible. My brother died of gallbladder cancer. I am so glad that I found this community, everyone has really helped me get through each day.

            Thank you, her syringe feeding is getting harder as it is so draining on her. I keep looking for signs that she can use her tongue better. Right now it’s really hard, I was just in the kitchen, she came in wanting food and when she thought I had something really good she stood up on her hind legs to see what I was giving her, but when I put it down she couldn’t figure out how to eat it. I made some cereal for myself, put it down on the ground, she put her face in it and tried to eat it, again not knowing how to grab some. I am crying right now, this is so heart breaking to see her try so hard and then be defeated. Food was one of her greatest joys, before she got sick, I would put down her raw food and she would inhale it and want more. The essiac has got to heal her tongue, I don’t know how much longer I can handle seeing her like this. It is barbaric for cancer to be in the mouth.

            Right now she is cleaning her left paw, she’s using her chin to clean it.

            I didn’t want to chance the capsule, maybe I’ll try when I see great improvement.


          • Glendalough,

            It is heartbreaking to hear how Noel has the desire to eat but the obstruction does not let her. I very much feel for you and your little one. It brings tears to my eyes. I do not know if it is possible with Noel but my second cat “Baby” likes yoghurt with fruit on the bottom. It gives you a chance to first try the plain top part or mix it up with fruit to see if she might like that better. — My “Smokey” does not like yoghurt but it is worth trying.

            I know that milk in itself is not so good for cats but Noel is an emergency. Have you tried Milk? — “Smokey” likes cottage cheese. All mashed up would it be possible for Noel to take it?

            I am also glad I found this website and that I have all of you for support. When I read that all of you are using “Essiac” it rang a bell in my head.. When I heard the term I remembered that I had the entire Essiac-History someplace in my file, 9 pages of it. I could kick myself, I could have used the Formula on my husband. I was so distraught and shocked when my husband was diagnosed that I did not remember this miracle formula I put away 30 years ago. We used other Herbs but unsuccessfully.

            I wish I had better answers, except, keep giving her the Essiac! It appeared to have improved her condition, only the swelling is still an obstacle. I am aware it is a serious one!

            I have read that usually the tumors increase in size before they break up, it is a sign of them healing with Essiac. They will burst and heal. I very much pray that it is the case with Noel and her breezing will not be obstructed before the tumors are read burst. When they naturally burst it is a sign of healing and they dissolve slowly as not to obstruct the throat.

            Take care!


          • Loni,

            Joy is happening as I write this, I am amazed! I just got done syringing her 1/4 can and she wanted food after I let her out. I opened cans of Blue Buffalo and Fancy Feast, she didn’t want any of them. I opened a 150 ml. can of Chicken Soup for the Soul and my little princess is chowing down! I put it down 5 minutes ago and she still has her face in the bowl! I tried to move it from a plate to a bowl and her face came with it. She is a complete mess but I am so happy! The only other time I saw her attack food like that was after she had the biopsy, they gave her a steroid, she was still really wobbly and when I put food down, it was like she had never eaten before. Just now she ate about 1/2 of the can! Then, I went in to check on her, she walked out and followed me wanting more food. I opened up a can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb and she ate some of that too!


          • Glendalough,

            I am so happy Noel is eating and wanting more. A really good development for your little baby. I also want to suggest “Gerbers Baby Food”. It is all mush and will go down the throat easily. “Turkey with Turkey Gravy” might be a good flavor.

            None of the pet-shops in my area are selling the brand “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. The internet sells only the entire case of cans, just checked it out. I do not want to buy it unless we can try the food first.

            “Smokey” is such a picky eater. He has not been eating well this morning! I am worried. He seems spaced out. — I hope it is only a temporary setback.

            I am so glad you have success with Noel. It is such great news. She needs food to sustain life and more food to heal.

            My thoughts are always with the 2 of you,


          • Loni,

            Thank you, I am very happy, but she doesn’t want as much of the same food she ate yesterday. We played what does Noel want to eat today, opening up food she didn’t want. Maybe that’s because her last feeding session a few hours ago I fed her ¼ can. Yesterday, I gave her half as much and then she ate more. I tried getting her to eat the Gerber baby food a few months ago before her tongue was really affected and she didn’t want it. I would have to syringe it.

            Sorry you can’t get the Chicken Soup for the Soul. Like you, I won’t buy that much of anything unless I know she will eat it. I wish they made a smaller can. Luckily, the pet store that I get the canned food from will take back anything that she won’t eat. Very thankful they do that as I don’t have a lot of money.

            I am sorry your Smokey isn’t eating well this morning. Keeping you both in my prayers, I hope that he feels better.

            Thank you, just taking it one day at a time.


          • Glendalough,

            Thank you so much for your empathy! I am always so overly concerned and distressed when he does not eat like I think he should.

            I do not know what my little rascal did all night, after all, cats are nocturnal and maybe he ran around a lot playing with his mate.

            When I got up in the morning he could hardly get his eyes open and would not eat. After a few hours more rest he finally succumbed and ate. I have the same problem you do that all of a sudden he will not touch the food he devoured just hours ago. He sniffs it all over and then decides it is not suitable to eat and walks away. Of course I feel pressured to open up something more appealing for him and consequently are stuck with 3 open cans of different varieties of cat food.

            I hope very much that your little Noel’s condition is improving day by day and that it will be easier for her to consume the food!


          • Hi Loni,

            I also apologize for not responding to some of your comments.

            I never tried yogurt with Noel, thank you for the suggestion. She loved milk a lot and before she got sick whenever I had oatmeal, I put milk in it and she would put her face in it and lap it up for a good 5 minutes. After she got sick she didn’t seem to know what milk was even though it was liquid like water. I never tried cottage cheese, once the cancer started to effect her tongue, she had a lot of difficulty getting food into her mouth on her own. When she did eat on her own she was extremely determined to get that food in her mouth and she did it.

            When the animal communicator told me that her GI system was damaged by the cancer, I believe that her swallowing problems started in February and may have been a sign that the cancer had started to spread to her digestive and GI system which breaks my heart. It caused her to be extremely nauseous, nothing helped even the Cerenia injections and the pepcid AC. She did swallow but it took a lot of time.

            Her breathing was never effected thank God. I was very scared about that.


          • Ingrid,

            Thank you for the link. Yes, it is very difficult. I never thought that Noel would get cancer. It was very heart wrenching to go through cancer with my first cat Boboli, but she has had so many emotional issues her whole life (abused as a kitten then abandoned by her owners when her mom got pregnant), she has tugged on my heart strings more. I am closer to her, it has been harder to go through this as she is fragile emotionally.

          • @ Glendalough: I agree with Loni. I wouldn’t mix too many substances that are battling cancer. They might compete with each other in a negative way. If I were you, I’d call this company that sells these Essiac capsules for cats and dogs and ask them about possible unwanted drug interactions. You might also ask them about combining Essiac tea with Prednisone or Prednisolone. The most we ever combined at any given time was Essiac tea, Prednison/Prednisolone (against inflammation), antibiotic (against infection, which occasionally happens with cancer), and some alternative medicine to battle bad diarrhea.

            I missed calling our vet today and yesterday, and can only call him on Thursday because on Wednesdays his clinic is closed.

            I hope so very much that your Noel will recover. Our Orphan Annie and Mao were both more dead than alive when we started them on Essiac tea in August 2013. Two days later, Orphan Annie ate and drank by herself. One week later, she could walk again. Mao also improved immediately and was well enough to go outside one week later. Both cats were symptom-free after 3 months. Yet our Sirikit(ty) didn’t make it. We had our vet come and euthanize her when it was clear that she was beyond help and would only suffer.

            Keep trying with Essiac tea as long as you think that there is some improvement. But don’t let your Noel suffer once you consider her beyond help.

            Wishing you and your Noel all the best,


          • Hi Lilo,

            I don’t give her any other herbs besides the essiac. I called Essiac-Canada and asked if it would be ok to give turmeric and the lady I spoke with said yes. I did a search and didn’t find any interactions of essiac and turmeric. I would like to continue to use the turmeric as it is known to shrink tumors but maybe every other day.

            I had also ordered some colostrum and was wondering if it would be ok to add it or would it interfere. Should I not add it?

            I talked to her vet this morning and he ok’d prednisolone. Going to take her there tomorrow to get an injection. I can’t pill her and he didn’t have it in liquid. I didn’t ask him about an antibiotic.

            Noel has been having more improvements the last 2 days. Wednesday night I went looking for her to feed her and didn’t see her anywhere. I keep my lights off to save energy and only use the light from my television. She is dark brown tabby and when it is somewhat dark it is hard to see her. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something on top of my dresser and there she was! I was seeing the top of her head, in all of her life she has never gotten on my dresser and there was so much stuff in front of it I have no idea how she got through it. Fortunately, the dresser is not very tall.

            The only food I’m syringing her is Science Diet A/D 150 ml. can. Yesterday, after I syringed her ¼ can she wanted more food and she did the same thing in the afternoon. I was shocked as it’s been weeks since she’s wanted any. This is incredible but is really heart wrenching because she was having a really hard time figuring out how to get her little mouth around the soft canned food, but it wasn’t going to stop my little angel from trying! And she was doing the same thing this morning before and after I syringed her. This morning I started with 1/8 can of food and hardly any food dropped out or came out after numerous mouth wiping, I gave her another 1/8 can and toward the end a little more food came out but it has gotten better. Her vet said that I need to give her 1 – 2 cans a day but this is impossible to do as it is just too much for her and incredibly time consuming. I was giving her 1 can a day and she seemed ok with it but since her swallowing started to be effected it’s not possible to do as that would mean that it would take about 3 hours to give her ½ can.

            Thank you, your babies are very fortunate to have recovered. I know that if I had started the essiac when she was diagnosed, her tongue wouldn’t be in the condition it is. I feel so guilty about that, I feel I failed her.

          • Hi Glendalough,

            I am so happy your little Noel is improving! This is just my opinion, but since she is doing so well after taking the Essiac I would not mix it with anything else. Let the Essiac do all the healing! Do not let any other products interfere with Essiac’s healing power. Other substances,even though great products might diminish the potency of Essiac. Renee Caisse used Essiac exclusively, nothing else! If I were you I would solely use Renee’s method. It is a proven success! It is working beautifully on my little darling “Smokey”! I wish you could view and listen to the youtube video!


          • Hi Loni,

            Thank you, I wanted to include the turmeric that I have used off and on but I remember when I started to use the essiac capsules in January, I was including other things as well and did not think the essiac was working, now I know that the other things reduced it’s effectiveness. I am not using anything but the essiac.

            I am very glad that it is working for your little Smokey I do have speakers for my computer but they don’t work very well.


          • Sorry, I wasn’t able to ask our vet re Essiac tea in combination with Pred. We had all kinds of trouble. Will do so on Thursday. (His clinic is closed on Wednesdays.)

          • Hi Lilo,

            I give him only the one potent Essiac capsules. I do not want anything else to interact with the cleansing strength of Essiac.


          • Glendalough,

            I would let “Essiac” do the healing. Do not introduce anything else into this little body of your cat. It might interfere with Essiac’s healing process. Follow Renee Caisse’s advice (Her YouTube interview) only use the proven healer “Essiac” like she did!


          • Hi, Loni,

            I have to make it short. My internet connection had crashed today, and I am backlogged with everything.

            Glad to hear that Smokey is doing well.

            I’ll call our vet tomorrow and ask him again whether Pred can be taken along with Essiac tea. My husband and I think that our vet had okeyed using both meds together. But I better make sure.

            The immune system is very complicated. Might be that Essiac tea enforces parts of the immune system that Pred doesn’t affect.

            Our vet is very nice, and I have asked him before in behalf of friends, whose vets weren’t into alternative medicine. I also ask our vet when my husband and I have health problems. (Our highly appreciated family doctor left town in 2011, and the 2 doctors we have consulted since have proved very disappointing.)

            If you don’t hear from tomorrow by 6 p.m. MST, please remind me, as I might forget.

            I’ll check out the different diarrhea remedies when I have a bit more time and compare them to ours. Will then also inform you about ours.

          • Hello Lilo,

            I hope your computer is running again. Computer problems can sap people’s energy.

            When you talk to your Vet, please mention to him that he might not have considered that “Essiac” is an Immune Booster and Prednisolone an Immune Suppressor. It would be interesting to find out if the 2 are compatible with each other as they are opposites!

            Until soon,


          • I just posted a general comment, but now I can’t find it. So I also make REPLY. I wasn’t able to call our vet (re Essiac tea and Pred) either yesterday or today (because we had all kinds of problems–my husband still not feeling well, a new worker starting who needed to be instructed, internet-connection problems, etc.). I will call him on Thursday. His clinic is closed on Wednesdays.

            Hope Smokey is doing well.

          • This is very typical, Loni. It makes it more challenging for those of us who want to use holistic treatments, that’s for sure.

          • My cat was given Prednisonol (Steroid) every other day after the initial beginning period of 1 per day according to my Vet’s suggestion.

            I started my cat on “Essiac capsules last Sunday, Feb. 7. Since Sunday I had not given him the Prednisonol but instead only “Essiac”. It was my own decision. I know that P. is an immune suppressor. My cat’s cancer is caused by a high white blood count. White blood cells are the policemen or so called immune system of living creatures. By the same token it becomes treacherous if the count is too high. Now P. is an immune system suppressor and “Essiac” a stimulation of the immune system. I speculated the 2 of them in my cats system would cancel each other out. This is the reason I stopped P. — On Wednesday, 3 days after the stoppage of P. my cat looked miserable and sluggish. I was so fearful that I gave him a P. on Wednesday night. He was playful and appeared well on Thursday. On Friday, he vomited remnants of food and lots of liquid. He felt so bad, I was at a loss of what to do and I was mortified. I knew “Essiac” is a detoxifier and I remember how lousy I feel for the first week when I go through a detoxifying process. But I was at a loss. Should I administer another P. or only an “Essiac” capsule. I was concerned about making the wrong decision but I decided on the “Essiac”.

            “Smokey” slept next to me in bed peacefully curled up in his little cushioned basket. I checked on him several times last night. The next day which is today (Saturday) he ate well morning and afternoon. He should be able to regain his strength. I hope and pray that there will be no more setbacks


          • Ilona- Not sure about the Prednisolone, but if you want to reduce a dosage until the cat gets used to it, what you can do is go to a local health store and get empty capsules. Then you can put a lesser amount by transferring a smaller dosage from the capsule to the other capsule. That is what I used to do for another tablet I used to give my cat that I needed to use less of. You just need to let the cat get used to it and remember the cat is going through a cleansing process so it might feel under the weather and throw up at first, but hopefully over time the cat will get used to it.

          • Hi Loni-
            Lilo made a good point in the comment. Cats do throw up for indigestion, hairballs, etc and may or may not be related to the Essiac treatment. One thing to help a cat with upset stomach, parasites and is also good for urinary health and immunity is pure pumpkin. Also I should note a vet told me to use pumpkin. This can be used in Dogs and Cats and has a lot of health properties. One of the things behind pumpkin, beside immunity and regulating the urinary system, is thought to be the pumpkin actually paralyzes parasites. It is thought to be more of the seed. However, you can give your cat pure pumpkin in a can. The dose is 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of the pure pumpkin with each meal.In fact many foods now come with that in the ingredients. I personally only give my animal pumpkin with one meal. You can buy pure pumpkin in a can in any grocery store. Make sure it is pure pumpkin and not mixed with other ingredients.This is good for both dogs and cats. Most cats tend to like the taste.If the cat you think has parasites then the seeds themselves can be used. Pumpkin seeds are a home remedy for killing intestinal worms in pets. You can grind raw pumpkin seeds and feed them to the cats to dispel a worm infestation. It’s recommended that you grind the seeds so they don’t pass through the cat’s system undigested. A teaspoon of ground seeds per meal is recommended, until the problem clears up. The pumpkin seeds help flush the worms from the cat’s system, which are then passed in the stool. Feeding small amounts of raw pumpkin seeds regularly may also prevent reinfestation. As it was wisely stated by the moderator of the forum, you should double check with the vet and maybe just a quick call will do. Please note, feed either pure pumpkin from a can or the seeds, not both. If you think parasites, go with seed. If you want for general overall health, treating upset stomach and urinary health reason, go with pure pumpkin in a can. However, vets are well aware of this holistic method unlike many other holistic treatments. I am a firm believer in mixing holistic methods along with vet advice. That is what I meant by East meets West medicine. There is a time to go to the vets and there are certain things you can do from a holistic perspective. I think there has to be a balance. Sometimes vets, like doctors, prescribe medicine for everything when in some cases there is a natural treatment. Hope this helps.

          • Also I am getting confused a bit about the threads. Not sure I am responding directly to the right person. However, if you are thinking about taking the cat off steroids as was mentioned in the thread, I do not think you want to all of a sudden take the cat off. If I am not mistaken, you have to wean them off I think. I have never used steroids on my cats or dogs. However, my folks did have a dog on it and that’s what they had to do. You are not supposed to just stop all of a sudden. Like I said most vets are not knowledgeable about Essiac and are more prone to prescribe medications like steriods, so I am not surprised that some on here had vets that did not know about Essiac. There are only certain vets that are schooled on holistic methods. However, if you think about it farmers and such have been doing natural remedies for years. Remember when Bag Balm was something you used on the farm and got at feed stores for Cows udders? Then people found out it works well on baby diaper rash and poof- all of a sudden it was carried in every Walgreens store as if this was something new. This just shows you that some natural cures have been around for a while. I had a sore on my dogs leg that was checked out with the vet, put on antibiotics and finally my dad said- just go mix some pure sulfur with shortening and put it on the sore. Guess which method worked? You guessed it, Sulfur! However like someone said below, you just have to go research and go with your best gut instinct on how to treat your fur buddy. I think sometimes there can be a combination of natural and prescribed medicine depending on the ailment.All the best. If you do have more questions, fire away. I think all on here are good at helping each other out and we are sympathetic as many have been through it.

            Oh and there was something on some studies mentioned here on Essiac. One of the studies I know about had to do with the 8 herb formula which uses Red Clover and there was some talk about that having plant estrogens which can be an issue in breast and estrogen sensitive cancers. However again, there have been people using the 8 herb formula for animals and people and they do fine on it. I personally use the 4 herb that does not have the red clover, but that is just my choice. Hope that helps.

          • Just found your second comment addressed to me. Thank you for all the info. Our vet had not mentioned slow weaning off from steroids, but I now faintly remember that this is what I had to do when I had my last (the 10th!) pneumonia, in 2009.

            I’ll study your comment again tomorrow. I am dead-tired and about to go to bed. My husband had a medical emergency, yesterday. That left me with a lot of chores he usually does.

          • I’m going to jump in here again as the site owner and offer this caution: While it is true that it can be challenging to find a vet who is trained in or even open to holistic modalities, I believe that it’s important to work with one who is. Herbs are powerful medicine (as the results that some of you have had with Essiac show!). Just because they’re easily available without a prescription does not necessarily mean they’re safe, or does not interact with conventional medications a cat may be receiving – especially if the cat is receiving chemotherapy drugs. Even if you can’t find a holistic vet locally, there are many who will do remote consultations. The AHVMA’s database is a good place to locate one if you can’t find one through personal recommendations:

    • Hi Susan,

      I have just recently joined the “The Conscious Cat”. My posts are dated Feb.12-14 , 2016. Maybe there is some information you could use. I hope it is not too late!

      All the best to your furry children!


  29. All of these stories underline how traumatic cat cancer is in all its forms – for both our cats and their humans…
    My little Moofy has a fibrosarcoma, an external tumor, which can’t be removed with surgery as it’s too close to her spine. We have gone the all-natural way with treatments, and use several of the treatments you mentioned in the article, Ingrid; including distance reiki but also homeopathy, herbal cancer treatments, Bioptron light therapy and even crystal therapy. So far, so good…

  30. Our sweet Sasha lost his battle with abdominal lymphoma last week. He was diagnosed in April and was immediately put on prednisolone, while we decided what other treatment options to pursue. It helped his energy and appetite enough that we felt OK proceeding with chemotherapy. He was on Leukeran pills every other day and Vincristin injections every two weeks. He was doing very well for a while but the cancer invaded his kidneys as well and he went downhill very fast. We were able to be with him at the end, but unfortunately, it was not peaceful as his organs shut down and he could not breathe so we made the decision to end his suffering right away. He was brave and loving to his last breath. He was only 10 years old and his sibling and aunt (that belonged to a friend) also died of leukemia/lymphoma. I miss him more than I can express and am waiting for the passage of time to make it easier.

    Ingrid, thank you for getting this information out to people. You are so knowledgeable and provide such a wonderful service. You are a treasure and I appreciate your blog so much.

  31. Joey was diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2012. We were sent to a distant specialty clinic. I agreed to surgery due to the size of the tumor in his intestines. Wish I knew then what I know now. I would never have agreed to surgery. Joey died in February 2013. He never had a chance to try chemo. He died while waiting to heal enough from surgery to start chemo. Joey was only 5. Our Alex was diagnosed with lymphoma in her chest September of 2013. I found Alex on the side of the road the year before, best guess of her age was 13-15. We found a local veterinary oncologist. He is absolutely wonderful. Alex’s cancer responded beautifully to the chemo, but for some reason she didn’t rally. She passed about a month later. I hope never to have to go through this again, but I do feel more prepared if there is a next time. Thank you for writing about this important subject.

  32. P.S. Sirikit(ty) is 14 years old. Orphan Annie is 12 years old. Mao is 14+ years old. (Was adopted as an adult 13 years ago.) And Goldilocks is believed to be 20+ years old. (Was already quite old when she was adopted 11 years ago.)

  33. Sirikit(ty), one of our 31 (rescue) cats was diagnosed with abdominal Lymphoma, last Friday. She had been one of our healthiest cats (never before sick for a single day) until 10 days ago, when she rapidly went downhill. She lost so much weight within 1 week that her shoulder blades stand out. Her previously smooth and shiny fur turned dull and rough, she is lethargic, and also has some hindlimb weakness .

    Our vet said that such rapid decline is typical for abdominal lymphoma. Sirikit(ty) was found to have 2 tumors in her belly. Our vet said that abdominal lymphoma is very unresponsive to any treatment.

    Since we had 2 cats (who were more dead than alive, last August) recover miraculously from metastasized cancer by administering Essiac tea, we have started Sirikit(ty) on the tea 2 days ago.

    Orphan Annie, our favorite cat, had brain cancer that had metastasized to the bones. Mao, our most mellow cat, has a tumor on the vocal chords that has metastasized to the nose and one eye (or vice versa), and yet another cat, Goldilocks, has a tumor in her belly (believed to be cancer). Goldilocks had been diagnosed last September (and has been on Essiac tea ever since). She was symptom-free then, and she is symptom-free now.

    Our vet is a strong believer in Essiac tea. His wife took it when she had cancer, about 10 years ago, and is taking it now again for her diabetes. However, our vet has little hope that Essiac tea will be effective with abdominal lymphoma. He said the recovery of our 2 cats with metastasized cancer can already be considered a miracle, and it is unlikely that we should be so lucky again.

    It is too early to say if Sirikit(ty) responds to the Essiac tea. She seemed stable now and continues to eat with appetite.

    Anyone interested in the details of the miracle recovery of Orphan Annie and Mao, please let me know. I have their history written down and can mail it together with a link to the cheapest (and we consider the best) source of Essiac tea. Where we buy it, it is only $ 28.–/lb. Other sources charge up to 20x as much.

    We came upon Essiac tea when my husband was — thank God, wrongly — diagnosed with cancer, in May 2011. We have since taken the tea off and on for chronic bladder problems and found it beneficial.

    When Mao and Orphan Annie seemed to only have days, or even hours, to live, we thought of Essiac tea as a last resort, and both cats responded within hours. Mao had already had an appointment for euthanizing as he was about to suffocate, and Orphan Annie was totally unresponsive, could no longer walk or even stand up, and had to have food diluted with water administered by force. Both cats were nearly symptom-free by November. They had relapses within 2 days when the tea dosage was reduced. They improved within 2 days when it was increased again, and were almost symptom-free by Christmas. Orphan Annie is meanwhile off the tea, all well, and full of mischief. Mao has developed symptoms again when he was off the tea, last June, when we were out of town, yet he is still well enough to go outside. Goldilocks has been stable all along.

    There are several books about Essiac tea on Amazon. (I read 3 of them.) The story of Essiac tea is a worthwhile read, even if you don’t have a loved one (2-legged or 4-legged) suffering from cancer.

    The Mayo Clinic warns that Essiac tea might damage the kidneys because it contains sorrel. We don’t believe it. Goldilocks has had kidney failure for 3+ years (only symptoms weight loss and excessive drinking). The Essiac tea hasn’t made any difference. We think the bad reputation of sorrel has its origin in France where people eat sorrel (in huge quantities) as a vegetable. Anything can harm when taken in overdose. (There is one case where a health nut has killed himself by eating several pounds of parsley a day.)

    If Sirikit(ty) won’t respond to Essiac tea, we will have her euthanized when we get the impression that she is suffering. We will not put her through chemotherapy.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Essiac tea, Lilo. I heard of success with it on the human side, but had not heard of it being used for cats. As with any holistic remedy, I recommend working with a holistic veterinarian. All my best to your Sirikit!

      • There is no holistic vet anywhere near. (We live out in the country, near a small town.) Fortunately, our vet is very open-minded and in favor of natural remedies.

        We are so very impressed (and happy) with the miraculous recoveries of Orphan Annie and Mao. — Too bad that Mao had to be off the tea in June, when we were out of town for 2 weeks and did not want to burden our new pet-sitters with preparing and administering the tea. Next time we have to go out of town, we make sure that the pet-sitters are trained to prepare and administer the tea.

      • Hi Lilo, I have a cat with intestinal high grade lymphoma. I would love to know the name of the Essaic tea you use and where I could obtain it. I live outside the US but can purchase online if this is possible. We are desperate to help our beloved kitty who has recently come out of remission after chemo, and is now very frail and weak. Thank you so much, Barbara

    • My cat Baxter was diagnosed with lymphoma in December of 2012. I would be interested in hearing about the Essiac tea, where you obtain it, etc. Thank you for posting the information. Good luck to all the stricken babies.

    • Thank You so much for your article.My cat “kitterly” was just diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and I am devasted.She is only 10 yrs. old & has no symptoms other than excess weight & excessive thirst.Her vet started her on steroids last Sun.& I am a little worried,as she is also showing signs of kidney disease .Do you think that Essiac Tea could possibly help her? If so,where can I buy it?

      • I’m sorry about your kitty, I know it’s a devastating diagnosis. I’m assuming the steroids are given as part of a chemotherapy protocol? If your kitty is showing signs of kidney disease, she’ll require careful monitoring, but the good news is, many cats respond very well to chemo.

        I have no experience with Essiac Tea.

  34. Our Maxillion Diamond survived lymphosarcoma for more than three years before dying at home, still in remission, at age seventeen). When he was diagnosed in 2000, our vet said that most cats died within six months but that we could treat it aggressively if we wanted to. He had a tumor which was pushing on his eyeball which was why I noticed it so quickly. He had been in for an exam a week or two before and we took him back to be checked because his eye just didn’t seem “right” to me. The vet didn’t notice anything, but a few days later it was MORE visible and back we went. This time the vet noticed a growth behind his teeth.

    We were VERY lucky to have caught it so quickly, and Max responded well to the chemo. He had IV meds (Vincristine) every other day (tapering down to less and less frequently) and oral medications (Cytoxin and Prednisone) on a rolling daily schedule. I wrote out a flowchart so I could keep track of it all. Max was aware that those nasty pills were better swallowed straight down, and would open his mouth, tilt his head and let me drop the pill in the back of his throat flushing it down with a squirt of water.

    Anyway, he went into remission and remained symptom free for more than three years. I am thankful that we caught it so early and that our vet did so much research and was willing to work so hard to save an older cat. We had several REALLY GOOD years and Max, whom we’d adopted as a ten-year-old “senior”, had a long and happy life.

  35. When our (now deceased) older kitty was diagnosed, he was 16.5 and it was during his annual physical, after his Dr found a rather large mass. Given the size of the mass, at his age (16.5) the prognosis wasn’t good and the Dr. and I decided we wouldn’t put him through the stress of chemo. Instead, she gave him a small dose of steroids, to help slow it down a bit, and we decided to cherish what little time we would have left.

    Well, when we thought he only had a month or two, he stayed with us another two years! 😀

    The steroids were hard on him and, a couple months before he died, we had actually weaned him off of them, as they were really starting to affect his kidneys (you could tell just by the changes in his urine). But, during that two years, he would have bouts of diarrhea (surprisingly, not many though). We dealt with that by making a rice and chicken broth (onion free, of course) mixure, which we would puree, freeze by the TSP, then heat up and add to his food when his poops got a little runny. Had he not lost so much weight, you wouldn’t have known he was sick.

    In the end, though, he couldn’t keep anything in him and was so lethargic. That’s when we knew it was time to let him go. 🙁

  36. Our kitty Chai was diagnosed with small cell GI lymphoma in late August 2013 when she was 12 1/2 years old. We started with a standard treatment of .5 ml of Presnisolone two times a day and 2 mg of Chlorambucil every 3 days plus B-12 shots once a week and one sachet of Fortiflora everyday. She did well for a few weeks then really crashed – lethargic, no appetite. We gave her a break from Chlorambucil then switched to 1 mg every other day and she tolerated that very well. After a few months her liver values went very high – 1400 – and we determined that it was the Pred. We switched her to another steroid, Budesonide, 1mg everyday but she never did as well as she did on the Pred. She lost weight slowly and about a month ago she had dropped to 7.8 lbs and was having diarrhea. We did a round of Metronidazole and it didn’t help so her internist wanted to try the Pred again. We did 5ml twice a day for a week and now we have tapered down to 5 ml once a day. She is still getting 1 mg of Chlorambucil every other day and a B-12 shot once a week. The Pred seems to have taken care of the diarrhea so she is off of the Fortiflora. Overall she is doing well, has gained about a half pound and her appetite and energy are very good. We will see what her liver values look like on August 11.

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