Arthritis in cats is a common, but under-recognized condition in senior cats. The signs are often subtle, and can be hard to distinguish – cats can’t complain about their aching joints, so all cat guardians see is a response to pain. Cats with arthritis might avoid the activities they used to enjoy, some may become depressed or change their eating habits, others may simply seem grumpier than usual.

There are multiple modalities to address arthritis pain, ranging from anti-inflammatory medications, acupuncture, and Reiki to supplements.

A new natural supplement can help alleviate symptoms without the side effects of conventional medications. Yucca can provide soothing relief for inflamed muscles and joints. The natural pet care supplement also provides anti-tumor, nutritive, and digestive support.


Yucca root is widely used in naturopathic medicine, both in humans and animals, because of its highly nutritive properties. Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, protein, niacin, and phosphorus, studies have shown Yucca to be effective in treating chronic pain, stimulating appetite, and encouraging healthy digestion. Yucca contains Sarsasapogenin and Smilagenin, two powerful compounds that assist in the absorption of minerals in the small intestine, support immune function, and decrease pain associated with inflammation. Yucca may also be supportive in stimulating the appetite.

NVH Natural Pet Products’ YUCCA supplement, specially formulated for cats, provides all these benefits. NHV Natural Pet Products is committed to keeping pets healthy and happy. For more information about YUCCA, and NVH’s other natural pet care products, please visit the NHV website.

Is your cat suffering from chronic pain? Which treatments have you tried? Have they worked?

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6 Comments on Soothe Your Cat’s Pain and Encourage Healthy Appetite with Yucca

  1. I learned about this years ago when I had a kitten hit by a car. I mixed it with heavy cream or with broth made from canned cat food to hide the bitter taste. Its very effective. I’m currently giving it to a cat with a UTI infection. She has pain killers from the vet but they seemed to wear off before the next dosage so I brewed up some fresh Yucca tea and hid a dose in a bowl of warm cream. Shes resting much more comfortably now.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Ingrid. I agree that it is under recognized as I am not aware of it! Thank goodness I was able to read this. Very helpful! – Maria

  3. Oh, how interesting! We went through arthritis with several of the cats who came before, and pain management is really difficult. this sounds like a good option to have available that doesn’t include painkillers with dangerous side effects.

  4. Curcumin from turmeric is also most effective. I believe Thorne Labs has a decent product for animals.

  5. Thank you so much, Ingrid. I signed up for their newsletter so just in case the kitties ever do have problems, I will know where to go to find natural healing products.

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