Allegra and Ruby are big fans of all of the Hauspanther toys, and they were more than happy to test their newest offering: Taffy Roll Cat Toys. Are these too cute or what! These bouncy little toys are made with colorful soft fleece. They’re the perfect size for tossing and batting around. They’re lightweight and the ends are easy to grab, making it super easy for kitties to fling them all over the place.

Allow Ruby to demonstrate for you in the video below:


Like all of Hauspanther’s toys, these are made in the USA. Taffy Rolls are available from the Hauspanther online shop, $6 for a pair in either chocolate, orange, lime, blue, or raspberry, or you can get a multi-colored set of five (one of each color) for $10.


Allegra and Ruby give these toys an enthusiastic four paws up!

10 Comments on Allegra and Ruby Love Taffy Rolls

  1. These looked like something that Bixby and Brianna would like so we bought a 5 pack for them.. When they arrived they were attacked with a fervour that I have never seen given to a toy before. They splotch seemed to prefer the Blue Taffy the best so we ordered 4 more of that colour. We now have the Taffys strewn about the house, including those that we find in our bed each morning.

    Thank you for introducing these lovely toys.

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