In my book, veterinarians are heroes. I don’t know another profession where one person functions as your pet’s general doctor, anesthesiologist, surgeon, radiologist, internist, as well as small business owner, employer, and spokesperson for those who can’t speak.

Medical Arts Press, a company that specializes in providing office supplies, filing supplies, postcards, furniture and more for veterinary and physicans’ practices, believes that vets are heroes, too. They believe it so much that they’re sponsoring the “My Vet is a Superhero” contest.

The “My Vet is a Superhero” contest was launched to spread awareness for the exceptional work that veterinarians do.

Do you have a story of how your vet has gone above and beyond for you and your pet? Is your pet alive today because of something your vet did? Enter your story in the contest!

The winning vet will receive a $500 cash prize and some fun products for their office. The winning story will be featured on the Medical Arts Press blog and will be entered in their Superhero Hall of Fame.

Click the logo below to enter your superhero vet in the contest!


For more information about Medical Arts Press and the contest, please visit the Medical Arts Press Blog.

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4 Comments on Is Your Cat’s Vet a Superhero?

  1. My vet has treated Princess, Big Bad Baby Twinkle, Audrey and Sweet Cee Cee over the course of 17 years. i could not ask for a FINER PERSON and Vet. She listens to me when i discuss holistic modalities even if she does not work with these modalities, and when she prescribes for my cats it is with the utmost of professionality and knowledge. I KNOW my cats are in good hands!! She has been with my cats thru thick and thin and has even cried once when my beloved BBBT was dying (from cancer).

  2. My vet saved my male cat, from PU surgery, by recommending an all (non RX) wet diet. I can’t give his name, because I am fairly sure his recommendation is against Hill’s “rules.”

    He is definitely a diamond in the rough.

  3. I love the vets I have. I have one especially that really went above and beyond with Garfield. She toke extra time to research and talk to eye drs about his eye condition. And she always has time for me to answer questions or concerns.

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