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I believe that there’s no such thing as a cat who is too spoiled, and thanks to MeowBox, now there’s a whole new way cat guardians can spoil their feline family members. Meow Box is a monthly subscription service. Each month, your kitty will receive a box filled with toys, treats, gadgets, accessories, and more.

I loved the blue and white box everything came in. I’ll be reusing it as a gift box. The girls were more excited about what was inside. Content varies from month to month. Our box  revealed a Kong Wubba toy, which is a big hit with Ruby, an Up Country catnip mouse, which came in a super cute cylinder package, a Kong Zoom Groom grooming tool, two bags of treats, and an adorable cat-shaped cookie cutter. I thought the cookie cutter was a delightful touch – it’s not something you would easily find in a store, and it was such an unexpected surprise.


Subscriptions are $25 a month, which includes free shipping. The contents of the box were definitely worth more than that, I’m guessing somewhere around $40, the MeowBox website states that their boxes contain $35-50 worth of product. You can cancel at any time. MeowBox donates 10% of all sales to cats in need.

This is a fun way to spoil your cats, and it also makes a great gift for your cat loving friends.


Enter to win a MeowBox (one month) for your kitties!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment letting me know why your kitties deserve a MeowBox. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, and leave a separate comment for each social network, letting me know that you shared. No need to post the link to your share. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only. This giveaway ends Thursday, April 17. Winners will be chosen by random drawing*.

For more information about MeowBox, and to order, please visit

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157 Comments on Review and Giveaway: Love in a Box from MeowBox

  1. I have 7 rescue/stray cats plus one semi-feral. It’s always great to try new products!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. I have six rescue kitties. 2 are seniors and I have special needs kitties. One with hypotropic cardiomyopathy, one brain damaged from abuse, and a few with behaviour issues. They are all very special and lovely companions that deserve all the love and special treatment they can get.

  3. I rescued my cat last year when she was about 5 months old. Now a year and a half, she puts up with me as I’m going through my first year of vet school. With tuition and living costs, she doesn’t get very spoiled. We are thankful for the food discounts we get, but we don’t get any “extras!” Tipper is a lively girl who would sure appreciate some toys and things to keep her busy while mom is away learning how to fix her furry friends.

  4. I would like a box for my 7 kitties to preview I they like it and if it’s worth the subscription. I have rescued over 25 cats in the past 15 years. Thanks

  5. My kitty-boy deserves a MeowBox because he brings such joy, sweetness, and love to everyone he sees. I do everything I can to see to it that he is a happy boy, not only because he is such a wonderful cat but also because he had a tough kittenhood as a feral kitty—I know he will love having a MeowBox!

  6. Oh, my kitty really needs this. He’s recently been diagnosed with crystals in his urine. After two midnight trips to the ER to get him unblocked, I’m trying to find new ways to reduce his stress and keep him entertained. MeowBox looks like a perfect fit for him!

  7. My kitty would like the meow box because I adopted him from previous being abused. His former owner left him in an empty apartment without food or water for days. He is now in a home with food and a clean litter but is lacking some toys and treats. I can only buy a few things at a time since I am kinda on a tight budget. Pierre is a really sweet and loving kitty who really deserves to be spoiled. He is even learning to deal with my dog. That deserves a MeowBox.

  8. My two kitties deserve to win this giveaway because they are cooped up in an apartment all day. We got them at the ASPCA and it was just meant to be. We went in around winter time (my 10 year old daughter and I) and i let her pick out any two she wanted. We looked at most of the cats, got to pet them and play with them, and the last couple we saw were two gray kittens who were brother and sister (from the same litter and thought to be russian blue/korat). She chose these two and we went home with them that day. Now they’re 5 years old 🙂
    We live in an NYC apartment, so the cats dont get to go outside (only in our “cat stroller” 😀 ) but we want them to be as happy as can be <3

  9. I am still fairly new to cats. The first one, Gamine, a senior seal point, was adopted from the shelter but very soon had severe kidney problems and I was able to love her only 21 months… My second one, Jasmine, is a tortie siamese adopted as a young kitty from the same shelter. She is now 5 years old, is very affectionate and totally possessive of me.
    This Winter a huge surprise came into our lives in the shape of a feral (the tip of her left ear is clipped) calico who decided to live under my carport and around the house! I named her Callie and started feeding her at night, put a box with rags and a cat bed inside it outside, which she immediately put to use. She went for brief sightings over a few years, and fleeing in fear, from coming as close to one foot of my hand! She sits calmly and looks at me, and meows very sweetly. Jasmine has been very interested and no longer disapproves when I take Callie a bowl of food every night. They look at each other intensely through the windows… I wonder how this beginning friendship will end!! I am waiting for Callie to make the next moves.
    Coming back to the subject I was not aware of the Meow Box and I believe it would be nice to see how Jasmine reacts to it before subscribing. She would obviously share the goodies with Callie, who likely has never seen a toy in her rough life.
    I would be great to win this giveaway, but there may be some cats out there more deserving than Jasmine and Callie… Thank you all the same, I was happy to share my love story!

  10. Our kitties deserve this because they are so amazingly wonderful! They bring incredible amounts of joy and delight to every day. They soothe, relax, comfort and love us without limit. I wish we could spoil them even more than we do! Thank you for the giveaway.

  11. My cat deserves a meowbox because he has been nothing but wonderful from the moment I rescued him. He’s a lover and a fierce cuddler and loves to let loose and have some fun with his toys. I think he’d love this.

  12. Martha and Jones love nothing better than boxes!! They deserve it for being the best cuddlers in the world!

  13. My gang would certainly love this as we have 6 cats of varying ages and we seem to go through toys far quicker than what I think is normal for cats lol.

  14. What better way to spoil my 2 boys?! Plus one of them, Jupiter will be 4 on April 25th! This would be a great birthday present for him! 🙂

    Shared on facebook also!

  15. Our kitties, Lucy and Cally, deserve a meowbox because they are always there for us at the end of the day to cheer us up or make us laugh. They are our children and show their love every time we see them.

  16. My kitty Colby lost his sweet sister Chloe unexpectedly in January and has been needing extra love, attention, and toys (!) ever since. He is a snuggly, slightly hefty red tabby and he would be thrilled to get a Meow box. He would definitely share any treats included with his cousin kitties (my sister’s 2 cats) to share the wealth and happiness! Thank you! 🙂

  17. My kitty Fliesel deserves a Meowbox because he deserves the world, but I cannot afford to get him Meowbox. Fliesel is 3 yrs old now and I got him when a friend of mine found him in a cat trap outside back in Nov 2012. Took him to the vet and he was in perfect health besides a cold in his eye. After that he has been a perfect cat ever since, loves to look out the windows and chirp at the birds (love it when he does that). So please consider Fliesel for a free Meowbox. Thanks!!

    • I am so sorry for your loss – I have been there recently and share your deep sorrow. Thank you for thinking of the homeless kitties out there…I am actually from Fairfax County too and think this is a beautiful gesture.

  18. I have two boys, Charlie and Simon! And they deserve a MeowBox because of course they aren’t spoiled at all…..

  19. Our kitties deserve a Meow Box because they are all rescues and have come from the bitter cold, near starvation, dangerous roadsides, abandonment, and we even have a pair who were left to die in a box in the sun on a 100 degree day. They fully appreciate life and everything they have because they know what it’s like to have nothing at all. Please send my little rescues a MeowBox!

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