I’ve been a customer of Only Natural Pet for the last ten years. Few online retailers provide such a large variety of products that don’t just feature a “natural” label, but actually live up to the claim.

Only Natural Pet was founded in 2004, when CEO Marty Grosjean realized that if he thrived on a natural life, why wouldn’t pets thrive, too? Since then, the natural pet product sector has been growing exponentially, and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, “natural” is frequently just a marketing term, and the ingredients of many so-called natural products don’t live up to the fancy language on the labels.

Quality backed by well-trained staff

This is not the case with Only Natural Pet. The brands they carry, both their own house brand as well as others, are quality brands of food, treats, homeopathic remedies, flea and tick products, and litter. All products sold are free of chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors and coloring. They  offer a comprehensive selection of vitamins and supplements.

All of Only Natural Pet’s staff is extremely knowledgeable about their products. “Hiring a new staff member can take up to two months,” says Alyse Stark, the store manager of Only Natural Pet’s brick and mortar store in Boulder, CO. “Once hired, a new staff member goes through 16 hours of training before they get to work on the sales floor.” Staff participates in continuing education from both vendors and management, so everyone can stay abreast of any new developments in the industry.

Veterinary consultant ensures science behind products

What adds to my confidence in this brand above everything else is the fact that Only Natural Pet works with Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian with more than 30 years of experience and author of Little Big Cat. In addition to providing articles to Only Natural Pet’s holistic health care library, Hofve assists with product formulation and product reviews to ensure safety and efficacy. She stays on top of all the latest research, so there is always solid science behind all products offered.

ONP logo

When it comes to natural pet products, Only Natural Pet is a brand I trust. Allegra and Ruby, who have been the beneficiaries of orders I’ve placed with Only Natural Pet many times, give the store four paws up as well. And if the photo at the top of the post is any indication, I better keep my credit cards locked up.

For more information and to purchase, please visit Only Natural Pet.

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  1. What stood out to me most was the staff. I’ve been to too many pet stores where I feel that the employees are just giving me the party line. I once asked for treats that weren’t sourced in China and the employee took me to a special section they had created – 3 of the treat bags had chicken sourced in China. We now no longer buy chicken treats unless they’re homemade.

    It’s nice that we’re being introduced to a brand who stands behind their product and aren’t just showing us “natural” as a tag line to get us in the door.

    Thanks for this information.

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