Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Mom said I should tell you what a good helper kitty I am when it comes to helping mom change the sheets.

The bed is pretty much my favorite place in our  whole house. Our bedroom gets a lot of sun puddles during the day, and I like to take naps in them. And I love snuggling with Mom in bed at night, even if I have to share her with Ruby. I like to sleep curled up against one of Mom’s legs, and I love how careful she is when she has to turn over so she doesn’t disturb me.

But the best part about the bed is when Mom changes the sheets, because I get to help her! My favorite part is changing the fitted sheet. I help Mom take the old one off, and then, when she gets the new one ready to go on, I pounce underneath it! It’s like a small cave. When Mom pulls on the sheet, the cave gets flatter, but I still stay underneath for as long as I can.

Eventually, I come out from underneath, and then the most important part of my job starts: I have to make sure that Mom adjusts the sheet just right. We wouldn’t want to have to sleep on any creases or lumps, would we now! The video belows shows me supervising this crucial part of the sheet changing process:


Do your kitties help you make the bed?

11 Comments on Allegra’s World: Making the Bed

  1. Well, I guess I don’t do it right because both of mine hate it when I disturb “their bed.” So they try to get in the way every which way and if you have ever tried to pull jersey knitted sheets with more than 30 lbs of cats sitting on it, you have not lived. By the time I get to the comforter, and they had left in a huff, I have to physically invite them back in and get on “their bed.” Whew!

  2. No current helpers here. Just annoyed looks and complaints when we have to move so Mom can strip the bed. Mom says she thinks Allegra is adorable.

  3. Hi Allegra! This is Cisco and I do the same thing for my mom when she changes the sheets. When I hear that she is starting to take the sheet off I come running. I jump right on the bed and when she puts the corners on I am right there to make sure she does it right. I have to run around under the top sheet to make sure it all even and everything. It takes her a little longer to make the bed when I help, but she knows I love it and am only watching out for her. I don’t sleep with her every night, but when I do I like to plop down right up near her head with my back against her. She starts petting me and I purr to let her know I like it and I love her. My brother Meeko sleeps with her every night cause he has been with her the longest and he doesn’t always tolerate the rest of us. He usually sleeps with his back against her back. I guess he thinks they keep each other warm that way. Sometimes he likes to sleep in the front of her but that is the side she gets out of, so mom doesn’t always like that because she doesn’t want to disturb him if she has to get up for something. My mom always tells me she loves me so much and that I am very special to her. I guess it is my charm and personality she likes so much. I am really easy going and only get in trouble once in a while. It was nice chatting with you Allegra. You and Ruby take care of yourselves and your mom!

  4. Squeaker helps me make the bed, too, Allegra, and my Casey-cat used to do what you do, getting into the sheet cave! But she would stay in there for hours and loved to have me completely make her up inside the bed! She would be a purring lump under all the sheets and covers. =^.^=

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