The Cat Art Show Los Angeles opened last weekend, and The Conscious Cat was lucky to have our friend CeCe Card, who is the human mom of Aragon, aka Lord Tubbington on the hit TV show Glee, report back to us on what promised to be an amazing collection of cat art. Enjoy CeCe’s report!

Guest post by CeCe Card

The Cat Art Show Los Angeles proved that cats are art, and rather entertaining subjects at that. The brilliant collection features 60 artists. The colorful and at times eccentric, yet stunning array of interpretations of cats is not limited to any one predominant medium. This multi-use show encompasses elegant submissions of photography, paintings, sculpture and animation.


The sheer range of art presented was astonishing. Each piece reflects the artist’s individual style. Every piece was unique and many were exquisite, colorful and humorous.


I found the show to be entertaining and captivating. Every aspect of this royal and precious species was artistically expressed with the respect, love, loyalty and admiration cats deserve.

The art work is for sale and the prices range from $20.00 for a souvenir poster to over $8,000.00 for some of the larger pieces. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Stray Cat Alliance.


The show is a true celebration of the powerful bond between cats and humans in our culture.

The Cat Art Show runs through February 2 at the 101/exhibit gallery in Santa Monica. For more information, please visit You can find more photos from the show on the Cat Art Show Los Angeles Facebook page.


CeCe Card is a freelance writer and member of the Cat Writer’s Association. She is the creator and writer of Aragon The Cat –Actor. Aragon can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo at top of post via The Pet Collective, all other photos by CeCe Card.

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