Allegra and Ruby got their first package of the new year the other day: they received two of the brand new Bird Catcher PRO EX teaser wand toys in the mail! They previously reviewed the Bird Catcher Pro, which they still love to play with.

This new and improved version of the popular toy features a fully extendable and retractable rod and two Ultra Guinea Fowl Feather refill replacement feathers. They toy comes in a nice storage bag that holds the rod and the feathers.

I love the cushioned handle of the toy. Unlike some other wand toys, that can be hard to hold on to when enthusiastic cats play with it, this one allows for a nice and comfortable grip. The retractable rod makes it easy to store.

But of course, the true test of any toy is whether your cats will play with it.


Allegra barely let me get the toy out of the bags. She started playing with the feathers before I even had a chance to attach them to the rod. Once I had the toy put together, she went nuts pouncing and chasing after it.


It didn’t take long for Ruby to get in on the fun, too – it’s a good thing that Pets Can Play sent us two rods!

I only have one minor issue with the toys: the feathers are attached to an elastic string. I found that the elastic doesn’t maneuver as well as the solid string that comes with other wand toys, and I also worry about the potential for a cat to become entangled in the elastic. Pets Can Play assured me that they will remove the elastic string with their next production run and replace it with a different string that is non-elastic and provides more control. I love it when a company is this responsive to consumer feedback.

Here’s some video of Allegra having fun with the Bird Catcher PRO EX. Excuse the somewhat shaky quality of the video, it’s a bit challenging to play and film at the same time!


The BirdCatcher PRO EX is available for purchase from Amazon.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. I also received a small fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion.

3 Comments on Review: Bird Catcher PRO EX

  1. My kitties would love this too especially Garfield and Tubby. They go nuts for these kinds of toys. I have a cat that chews on anything elastic so have to hide it when done playing.

  2. Watching Allegra play reminds me of my kitties playing. She looks just like Bebe that I lost back in 1986. A couple of my kitties would love this, but I don’t know what chance they would get because Meeko loves to sit and lick feathers. It is almost like he is washing them :-). Of course he has a licking obsession. He licks his fur right off in spots. He has a lot of anxiety and I think that is why. I have tried different things to keep him calm, etc. The new boy, Sam, that I just got in August hasn’t helped the matter. Meeko was my first kitty out of the 4, so I am not sure if he likes having the rest around. Although he will play with Cisco and Sam sometimes. Meeko is the only one who sleeps with me because I want him to have that time with me.

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