There is no doubt in my mind that cats have the power to change lives. I’ve experienced it in my own life more than once. Feebee, my first cat, was responsible for me leaving my soulless corporate job and embarking on a career in veterinary medicine. Buckley changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined. It took an entire book to tell her story! Amber, of course, inspired this website, and Allegra and Ruby are continuing the tradition of feline change catalysts in my life.

The word “catalyst” refers to a substance or force that accelerates change at a faster rate than is otherwise possible.  Catalysts help others achieve their goals in a more positive way. And how purrfect is it that the word “cat” is at the root of the word “catalyst!”

During the opening remarks at last year’s Alley Cat Allies National Conference, one of the speakers made the following statement:

“Every encounter with an animal, whether positive or negative, is part of your personal evolution.”

I found this statement incredibly powerful. Of course, this applies to every encounter we have in life, period – be it with animals or humans. But in the case of cats, for those of us who have opened our heart to what these amazing creatures can teach us, I believe that this is especially true.

Every encounter with a cat can be a catalyst for change. Whether it’s the cat who came into our lives when we needed her most, or the the cat we rescued from a life on the streets that made us decide that we want to help other cats, or even just the cat whose picture we saw on Facebook that made us want to volunteer or donate money to a rescue group – all of these encounters changed a life, and in many cases, more than one life.

How have cats been a catalyst for change in your life? Share your stories in a comment!

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  1. Well, I’d have to say that Mewdy Blue saved my life. I was in mourning for another beloved cat when Mewdy Blue was born. He gave me a reason to get going again and rejoin life.

    And so many of my cats have taught me what true love is.

  2. From going on cat blogs and my facebook friends I have learned more about cats in need. And then I found a wonderful blind cat rescue and I fell in love with those cats even though they are far away. All these things made me want to share cats in need or even just share a happy post about cats. I am hoping in the next couple of months to be able to sponser at cat at the rescue. And I have learned so much that I did not know. Like how many unwanted animals there is out there. Or abused and abandoned. Or people pets get old and sick and decide they no longer want them(these make me cry). And my own with unconditional love. They have taught me a lot.

  3. I am Bulgarian, so first, excuse my poor English.
    February last year I saw a cat in need on the net, some organization was looking for a foster home. Although I am allergic to cats I took her for a month or two, until a forever home could be found.
    I got a mole on my left leg, got it from years and every year it has been checked by dermatologist, nothing bad until that day.
    When Lissa came into my home and we start to get to know each other, I quickly found that she was very, very interested in that mole – started sniffing, licking it, putting a soft paw on it.
    I arranged meeting with my dermatologist right next day. Turns that I got melanoma. And Lissa was able to know that. Thanks god I so believe in cat’s instincts. My disease was caught very early.
    Usually my allergy shows 15-20 days after a cat enters my home and the symptoms are quite severe. No allergy till now. None!
    So, now she has forever home, now purring on my right on the desk.
    Not an easy cuddly cat, she has been suffered a lot, but definitely most amazing cat in my life, and I got plenty when I was younger. I love her madly. And gaining her trust step by step.
    Sorry for such a long story, but I really wanted to share it with people, who will understand. Never underestimate your cat’s instincts, they can save a life.

  4. I love your post, and I have so many years of cats I don’t know where to start. Some day maybe a book. As pet blogging continues to be more and more popular, the consciousness of the entire Universe is evolving for the good. I really believe that.

    • “As pet blogging continues to be more and more popular, the consciousness of the entire Universe is evolving for the good.” What a lovely sentiment, Jobi.

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