Like most cat parents, cleaning the litter box is one of my least favorite chores. Don’t get me wrong, I do it diligently. Keeping the litter box clean is very important. Many inappropriate elimination problems are caused by a box that isn’t kept clean enough, at least, not from the cat’s point of view.

Since I work from home, I pretty much scoop as soon as Allegra or Ruby deposit something in one of our two boxes (especially if it’s in the one right outside my office). And you better believe I make sure I do a good job, because Allegra, our official box supervisor, always follows behind and makes sure I’ve done it right.

I have yet to find a litter box scoop that I really like. I find that a lot of the plastic scoops on the market don’t handle well, and litter sticks to most of them. I’ve been using a litter scoop that resembles a metal slotted spoon for many years, because I found that that worked better for me.

That’s why I was a little skeptical when I was first introduced to the Litter Lifter™. Could it really be that different from all the other plastic scoops out there? It only took a couple of uses to dispel any doubts: these scoops are fantastic.

The Litter Lifter™ features No-Sift™, peaked blades that are designed to only lift out the waste, leaving the clean litter in the box where it belongs.

The Litter Lifter™ gets the job done, and gets it done quickly and easily. The scoops are sturdy enough to scrape free even urine that attaches to the bottom or sides of the box without a whole lot of effort. You don’t have to shake the scoop to get rid of clean litter, it just drops through the specially angled blades, and even very small litter clumps stay in the scoop. I see two advantages to not having to shake the scoop: if you’re using a litter that creates a lot of dust, you’re cutting down on that, and it’s also much easier on your wrists. For someone like me, who spends most of her day typing away on a keyboard, which can be hard on your wrists, that’s an important consideration.

The Litter Lifter™ definitely makes scooping the litter box less of a chore. More importantly, our boxes are even cleaner now, because even small litter fragments are completely removed.

The Litter Lifter™ comes in three sizes and 14 colors. I used the smallest size, sold as the Travel model, because I found it easiest to maneuver in the corners of the box, but I think the larger ones would probably make clean up even faster if I could get used to them, and they would probably be a better choice if you have a lot of boxes to scoop.

Allegra and Ruby probably don’t much care what I use to scoop their boxes, but I think Box Supervisor Allegra is approving of the cleaner boxes!

This video accurately shows all the features of the Litter Lifter™:


For more information about the Litter Lifter™, please visit their website. You can purchase directly from Litter Lifter™ and at many retail stores.

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FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge from Litter Lifter™. I also received a small fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. It sounds ideal – and I was interested to read various comments about such things.
    I’ve never been a fan of the slotted ones, but found what works for me is a childre’s type spade used for “bucket and spade” activity on the beach. Disadadvantage of course is that everything is scooped up willy nilly – but I don’t mind that too much. Certainly look out for the Litter Lifter though, sounds perfect. One of our cats scrapes all the litter in the box to one corner of it after she has used it – I try and clear soon as it ‘s been used, and she looks at me exasperated when I do that and spread the “clean” litter round the box again. Perhaps she wonders why she bothers. The other two tend to use it and leave it, and NOT cover it over – one of them is male… say no more

  2. These are new to me. I am always looking for better ones as some of the plastic ones are cheaply made and hard to use. Thanks for the review. Will have to give this kinda a try.

  3. I have been using these littler lifters for about 2 months now and they’re great. I feel like saving some of the litter is nice and it really is effective how it all lifts out so easily. My only beef is that it’s very long and sometimes I hit it against the side of the bag and spill some crumbs! Other than that I love them and have 3

      • Good idea! I haven’t seen those around here in stores, I actually didn’t know they came in different sizes until you posted this review. I will definitely order the travel size as I have really enjoyed the way it performs.

  4. I’ve used this litter lifter for 5 years now and cannot imagine using anything else! In all my years of being owned by cats I have never found a single scoop I really liked – until this one came along. Love it!

  5. After I wake up each morning and splash my face, I pull out the newspaper and start my litterbox rounds. We have seven boxes that are spread out around the house, but there are usually only three that have been used in the past 24 hours. I scoop onto the newspaper, then proceed to the next box, then the next. When all done, the newspaper is rolled up and placed inside a plastic bag (usually, one that comes ON the newspaper, or a bread bag) and discarded. The cats seems to appreciate the routine, and I draw squiggly lines in the litter when I’m done so I can easily tell which one’s were used. If the lines are still there tomorrow, I don’t have to police that box! I’ve never found a litter scoop that I’ve really liked, and I keep one at each box (instead of having to carry between boxes). I’ll check out a Litter Lifter when at the pet supply store this weekend.

  6. I absolutely love this scoop and refuse to use anything else. Mine has lasted well over 4 years AND looks brand new! I lost one moving and I bought another one until I found my first one because the boxes still needed scooping, but I couldn’t bring myself to use anything else. I donated the first one when I found it since I only need one, but if I ever see someone at the store that looks perplexed about the scoops, I hand them the litter lifter and say, you won’t be disappointed. I can’t say enough about this scoop and recommend it to everyone when I was working at a pet supply store.

  7. I brought my Mistletoe home as a 1 year old rescue. Her first action was to go under the bed and stay there, until I went to the bathroom. Then, she ran in and spoke to me, rubbed against my legs and ducked in to the box I had set up next to the bathroom. For 5 years after that, every time I went, she went, always with the same acknowledgement first followed by her waiting for me at the door after. It got so that I’d wait for her if she took longer than I. I’m also a creature of habit. It’s been 10 years since she came home and she’s much less shy now. That and the fact that she has to supervise 4 boxes with the addition of 3 other kitties to our family, makes our girls to the bathroom trips less frequent. But several times a week she still makes time for me. And if I’ve fallen behind on my litterbox duties, she is quick to point it out.

    • What a sweet story, Dorothy. I live in small quarters with 5 beauties. While the litterboxes are all in the bedroom and are scooped regularly, it’s the bathroom routine that I enjoy with mine. All five race to join me each and every time I make the visit. The boys hit the tub for a little tap tag and tightrope walking on the tub edge while the youngest (Sweetie) seeks pets while lapping from a waterspout. The two older girls must get their turns and braid themselves around my legs as I twizzle their ears and all take turns drinking from the cat fountain. This, the cosiest room, seems to be the room of choice for a group social!

    • Allegra says she is impressed with Mistletoe’s box supervision duties. Allegra only has to supervise two boxes, and she says it’s exhausting some days to keep the human in line! 🙂

  8. I live in a small “One Bedroom Flat” in Mumbai with 2 traditional Persian cats and a “Alexandrine Parakeet”. My cats are trained to defecate and urinate in the bathroom which is always kept open.This is most convenient as the only manual labour involved is watering down the poop into the drain.This is definitely more convenient and cleaner than having a ‘Sand Litter Box”.

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