I’m a big fan of the CritterZone Air Purifier. This small, efficient unit really gets the job done, even on tough urine odors. And I speak from personal experience: Ruby, who is a vertical pee-er, managed to get some urine even over the very high edge of our litter box one time. The carpet around the box was soaked in urine. After blotting up the stain, I put the CritterZone on top of the stain upside down, as recommended on the CritterZone website. About an hour later, there was not a trace of urine smell left.


Ruby, looking contrite after her “miss”

Unlike other units, you also don’t have to replace filters, and it does not require frequent cleaning. You can read my full review of the Critterzone Air Purifier here.

The CritterZone is now available in a convenient travel pack, which is great for use in your car. I really could have used this the other day when a leftover dinner container leaked some very fragrant garlicky sauce onto my passenger seat! It could also come in handy in case of kitty accidents on the way to the vet’s.

The travel pack comes with a car adapter which plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car, as well as a pretty blue velvet travel pouch. This is the same unit as the corded CritterZone, so if you already own that, you can simply purchase a car adapter cable for use in your car.

Inevitably, when I mention the CritterZone, the issue of ozone comes up in questions, so let me be pre-emptive: yes, it does generate a small amount of ozone. The FDA requires ozone output of indoor medical devices to be no more than 0.05 ppm. The CritterZone produces less than 0.01 PPM of ozone. Some individuals are extremely sensitive to ozone, and may not be able to tolerate this, or other ozone generators, no matter how small the amount of ozone. CritterZone offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Exclusive $10 Discount for Conscious Cat Readers

CritterZone USA is offering a special $10 discount for Conscious Cat readers only on all of its units, including the travel pack. Simply enter code CONSCIOUSCAT at checkout.

To purchase the travel pack, or any other CritterZone unit, visit the CritterZone website.

FTC full disclosure: I am an affiliate of CritterZone, which means that I receive a small commission on each unit purchased with the CONSCIOUSCAT discount code. Regardless of any payments I may receive, you will never see products or services featured on this site that I don’t either use or would use myself.

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  1. This sounds wonderful; not sure if available in the U>K. if it is I’ve never heard of it and it obviously works. They do say that cleaners will remove the smell for humans, but that cats will go on smelling it, Iwonder if that is true with this machine, – doesn’t sound like it from what you said. I think I have little choice but to stick to non-biological washing powder, and that does seem to make a difference but it can be a nightmare of a habit to break can’t it.

    • I haven’t noticed either of my girls sniff around the area where the urine spill happened, Margaret, so I have to believe it got rid of all of it. Thankfully, for us, this was an isolated incident.

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