Katzenzungen is the German word for “cat’s tongues.” I hadn’t thought about this candy in decades, and then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a post on Catsparella titled “Cat Got Your Katzenzungen Cat Tongue Chocolates?” I was instantly transported back to my childhood in Germany.

As a child, this was my favorite candy, and it wasn’t because of what it tasted like. The candy itself is really not all that exciting: it’s just really good German milk chocolate, in the shape of a cat’s tongue – well, sort of shaped like a cat’s tongue, anyway. No, it was the box that it came in that I loved, and as a child I would collect the boxes and use them as keepsakes. This was long before I ever had a cat in my life (as some of you know, I didn’t get my first cat until I was in my twenties), and now I can’t help but wonder whether these beautifully packaged chocolates contributed to the beginning of my love affair with cats.

After all, what’s sweeter than sharing your life with cats?

40  years ago, Katzenzungen were only available in milk chocolate, but today, they’re also available in dark chocolate and in a marbled version of white and milk chocolate. You can sometimes find them at stores like World Market, or at my go to online store for German foods, Germandeli.com.

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  1. Liebe Ingrid,
    das hat mich jetzt total in meine Kindheit zurueckversetzt!!! Die Katzenzungen haben zwar gut geschmeckt, aber das Bild mit den suessen Kaetzchen war doch die eigentliche Verlockung. Zudem waren sie auch perfekt fuer meinen Kaufladen…tolle Erinnerungen – Danke!!!
    Viele Gruesse,

  2. How adorable!!! This reminds me of the Whitman boxed chocolates from when I was a kid. I saved the boxes, especially the little 4-pack ones, and used them as home accessories for my Barbies. ; )

    Thanks for stopping by with your well wishes! I’m feeling better already.


  3. Ingrid, I’ve seen these chocolates at an international market. I’ve admired the boxes– I’m always attracted to anything with cats on it– but have never purchased. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a box!

  4. Ingrid, I am a fan of German cuisine and chocolate. The local German restaurant near me sells Katenzungen. I have been buying them for years and bought some recently. I bought the chocolate covered Marzipan Katenzungen. Thanks for bringing up two things I love, German chocolate and cats. 🙂

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