I’m always on the lookout for good interactive cat toys. They’re such a great way to keep your cats stimulated both mentally and physically, and they allow both you and your cats to get in on the fun. Since cats tend to get bored with the same old toys, it’s a good idea to have a variety on hand.

I was thrilled when Natalie Koukouli, the founder of Design 4 Paws, offered to send me a couple of her unique creations so Allegra and Ruby could test them. We received the Sofa Rod and the Ribbon and Circles toys, pictured below.


The Sofa Rod features a Plexiglas rod with a leather cord and multiple ribbon attachments that wiggle and fly in all sorts of different ways. Allegra immediately started playing with it and pounced after it, leaping high up in the air! The photo at the top of the post shows her battling with the Sofa Rod. Ruby was a little intimidated at first – I think it was because it was such an unusual toy, she’d never seen anything like it before. Once she started playing with it, she had a blast.


The Ribbons and Circles toy features a sturdy 70 inch long ribbon. At the end of the ribbon are 2 crinkle circles and a tassel. Ruby had a great time following me as I dragged the ribbon through the house – we both got our exercise! The photo above shows her with Ribbons and Circles.

These toys are not just incredibly well made, they’re little works of art, and no two are alike. They come in beautiful fabric packaging that can be reused. I think the toys will hold up well to even rigorous play. The girls give these toys four paws up!

To find out more about these gorgeous toys, and to purchase, please visit The website is just as beautifully designed as the toys!

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  1. lol, that top picture, just kills me! She just looks so cute her little face is so excited to have that toy! How sweet is that!

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