I’m very excited to announce that I am the new Cats Expert on! is one of the top 15 internet sites in the United States. This Internet-based knowledge exchange answers questions about just about anything you can imagine, and it features WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers, and five international language Q&A communities. Answers Experts include Nobel prize winners and New York Times bestselling authors, so it was quite an honor to have been selected for this Expert position!

I’ll be writing 10-20 articles a month for, and while my contract prohibits me from sharing the full articles here, I don’t want you to miss out on some of the exciting topics I’ll be writing about. I will periodically post summaries, along with a link to the full article.

For more information, please visit my profile. In my profile, I share some of my most gratifying experiences I’ve had working with cats, as well as some of my most challenging ones. You’ll also find links to some of my recently published articles.

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  1. Hey Congratulations. What a great recognition for all your hard work. Just keep in mind we will still keep bugging you. 🙂

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I have NO doubt they picked the right person for the job. I hope the Universe continues to smile upon you 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Ingrid! This is exciting — you, Ruby and Allegra will be able to reach so many more cats and their people to help (and entertain) them. It’s great to see good people work hard and be recognized as they deserve.

  4. Ingrid I am SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! CONGRATULATIONS! It is well-deserved!!!! They couldn’t have picked a better, more knowledgeable and NICER person!
    Wishing you the BEST of luck!

  5. Congrats Ingrid! I am so very happy for you! I will look forward to seeing some of the posts on here! Maybe I could receive some expert advice right now. I just rescued a 1 year old from a shelter. I already have my 3 cats, as you may remember me mentioning them here. Two of my cats are doing ok with the new addition. A little hissing if he hisses at them. However, My Cisco is having as a hard time. He is nervous with the new one. The new kitten, Sam, and Cisco are doing a little better then when Sam first came, which was Sunday, but I am a little concerned about Cisco. He is not eating like he usually does and not doing some of his other usual behaviors/interactions with me that he usually does. He isn’t aggressive with me or anthing, just not as attentive. I feel bad and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help him. I have been letting them all just get used to each other without interferring much. I do keep Sam in a room by himself right now when I am not there. Sam does hiss, but also tries to play with Cisco and the other cats. I know it takes time but I never expected Cisco to act like this because he has always been the docile one and the one who just goes with the punches so to speak. I want to make this more comfortable for him. Any suggestions?


    • Thanks, Viki! You may need to slow down the introductory phase a little. With some cats, letting them get used to each other without interfering works, but with others, a slower, more gradual approach works better. I’d back up and start over.

      • Thank you Ingrid! I will try and keep them a little more separated even when I am home. Sam is in a room with the door closed when I am not there. I did try to keep Cisco in the bedroom with me last night but he didn’t want to stay in there.

  6. That’s great news, Ingrid. Congratulations. Wishing you all the best in this venture. I know cats and their guardians will benefit from your expertise.

  7. Wow Ingrid, that is great! I’ve used many times and now that I know you’re behind there contributing, I feel even better! Very cool and very well-deserved. Puuuurrrrs all around!

  8. Woot! That’s great.

    Now you can tell me what to do about my two cats fighting. One had a $300 vet visit with an infected (bitten) ear; and I was hospitalized (seriously) with a cat bit to the hand. They just won’t calm down. Two fixed males, What have I done!

  9. Congrats Ingrid … wow, you are sure going to be busy. Hopefully Ruby and Allegra will do their share of the writing!

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