Allegra and Ruby haven’t looked forward to a product review as much as they have to this one in a long time. They’ve been dreaming of owning one of these castles for almost a year, so when offered to send us one, we jumped at the chance!

This artistic, colorful cardboard tower has multiple levels for climbing and perching. It is made of heavy-duty cardboard and supported by metal bars for added strength and stability, but yet, it’s lightweight enough to move from room to room fairly easily. It is designed to support cats weighing up to 25 lbs. Please note that this is the total weight it supports, so  two cats weighing a combined 25 lbs. could occupy the castle.


Even though I’m pretty sure the girls can’t read, they seemed to know the big box was for them. Meanwhile, I was hoping that this was going to be easy to assemble – given the size of the box, and that the finished product was going to be 60 inches high, and my phobia of the words “some assembly required,” this would be interesting.


Will Mom be able to turn this into a castle?

Assembly was fairly simple – it took me about half an hour, and would probably go faster if you had someone helping you. For the most part, the pieces just slide into each other, and the metal bars are easy to insert. The one piece I had some difficulty with was the lid – the tabs didn’t insert easily into the slots. They provided a supplementary solution for it, but I didn’t see the instructions for it until after I had already taped the lid, which worked for me.


The Catemporary Castle is much bigger than I expected it to be. The photo above gives you some perspective. It didn’t take Ruby long  to check it out. Allegra was a bit intimidated  and held back, which is typical for her with anything new in her environment.

The Catemporary Castle is much sturdier than I expected it to be. I think it would be virtually impossible to topple it, even with a cat running at it at full speed. I like the pretty design – who says cat furniture has to be ugly? I also like the fact that it’s easily moved. I like to change things up in our kitty playroom, and this makes it easy.

At $69.95, compared to the cost of most cat trees, this castle is a fairly inexpensive way to satisfy your cats’ needs for both vertical space and for hiding places. Jackson Galaxy categorizes cats as “tree dwellers” (typically, confident cats who like to be up high on cat trees or furniture) and “bush dwellers” (cats who prefer to stay on the ground and like places where they can hide.) The Catemporary Castle accommodates both of these behavior styles. It also adds some variety for cats who may be getting bored with their cat trees.

Allegra and Ruby give the Catemporary Castle four paws up, and I’ll add my two thumbs to that.

For more information about the Refined Feline Catemporary Castle, and to purchase, please visit And while you’re there, check out the many other fun cat products they offer!

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge from I also received a small fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. So good for two, but three would be right out.. and we won’t even go into seven.. not that all of my cats share one tree at a time, but I’ve seen three in one..

    (unless they are juveniles which I have in spades.. :D)

    • I’m right there with you, Connie! We would have a cardboard CATastrophe! It’s super cute for small families or foster kittens, though!

  2. That’s one snazzy and gorgeous castle. We hope you have many happy times in it.

  3. I always wondered if they were made well and would tip over. Good to find someone who got to review it. I think these are so cute.

  4. Oops. Sorry for my question. Common Sense: I went to the Cat Castle web site & saw that cats get up from inside. 🙂

  5. This tower is so beautiful. I want to buy it. Question. Can the cats get up higher from jumping up from inside? Or do they have to jump-up from the outside & aim for the round holes…:) I imagine can jump-up from inside, but asking in case not. Thank you.

  6. We are in the market for a new kitty tower as well, the cats have totally trashed the wood and carpet one that is by one of our windows. I was thinking about trying to recarpet it but I noticed they’ve trashed the wood foundation and it’s a bit beyond my woodworking skills to fix it. We have one cat that I’d be a little worried about thrashing this tower real quick, she likes to claw wood things and has done some damage around here so I’d be a bit worried about the heavy cardboard. Will definitely consider this one though.

    • Tom Randall, My cat too…but cardboard. Any cardboard in the home, she goes for it with her claws. And new packages arrive…lol…she is there to get it. Thank you for mentioning. But I do love this tower~ I will check it out.

  7. This is awesome! My boy, Cisco would love it! When I get some extra money I am going to invest in it!

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Very nice that it is moveable and colorful! I would love it until my ‘cardboard scratchers’ figured out what it was………. and they would make it very unpretty quickly!
    This would be nice for smaller cats though- nice review.

    • It’s pretty sturdy as far as cardboard goes, Ellen, and it’s covered with some sort of laminate (not sure that’s the correct term). I think it would be pretty hard to scratch up!

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