Cats seem to have an endless fascination with bathrooms. Whether it’s sinks, bathtubs or shower stalls, I have yet to meet a cat who isn’t intrigued by at least one of those. And when was the last time you’ve been able to go to the bathroom without a feline escort?

I recently received an email from a reader telling me that the only time her cat will come up on her lap is when she’s in the bathroom. Why was she doing this, and how could she get her to come up on her lap at other times? My answer to the first question was “because your cat has a captive audience!” But the question also got me thinking about the topic of cats and bathrooms in general.


Allegra and Ruby both love being in the bathroom with me. Ruby in particular likes to sit on the vanity and watch me get ready. She likes to get very close up and purr-sonal, sometimes even sticking her head in my face when I brush my teeth. Allegra’s favorite part is when I put body lotion on. She loves to lick my arms or legs afterwards. Even though I use all natural cosmetic products, I only let her have a few licks before I move away from her – even the ingredients in natural body lotions can’t be good for kitty tummies.


The first photo I ever saw of Allegra on Facebook was the one above, sitting on her foster mom’s toilet seat! She still likes to sit on the toilet seat to this day, waiting for me to come out of the shower. When I first adopted her, she would sometimes join me in the shower. I’d never had a “shower kitten” before, and it was fun to watch her bat at the water. She outgrew this habit by the time she turned one. Ruby, who never does anything halfway, took shower adventures to a new level when she jumped into the tub one day, not realizing I was in there and the shower was running. You can read all about herย experience here.

Are your cats fascinated with the bathroom? Share your stories!

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42 Comments on What Is It About Cats and Bathrooms?

  1. My 1 year old longhair Pip likes to use his litter box while I am in the bathroom in the morning, and frequently jumps at the show curtain while I am showering. If I peek out he temporarily he calms down and can be redirected. He has gotten wet a few times and seems okay with that.

  2. Both my Cats Milk and Rommy LOVE to come up to me while I’m using the bathroom. WHY??? OMG! First Rommy would come in and rub up against my legs and purr. Then after I give him a few pets and a neck rub he leaves then Milk would come in and lay at my feet. I then rub her belly and ears then she leaves, and here comes Rommy again. It would continue like that till I leave the bathroom. You would think I was just sitting in a chair baiting them with a big block of Sharp Cheddar Cheese in stead of using the toilet. Weird.

  3. Years ago, I had a male cat who would piddle in the bathtub, but ONLY when he had a urinary infection. He was telling me that he needed help. Is that smart or what?

  4. My cat can be sound asleep 3 rooms away, but the minute I sit down on the throne, she is there. She never goes near the tub and knows that she is not allowed on the sink. She never plays with the toilet paper. Yes, she rubs against me and I sometimes give her pets, but, even if I do not, she is ALWAYS there.

  5. My cats have always been bathroom mates. My dear cat of 18 years always loved laying in the tub or drinking from the drip & always keeping me company on the edge of the tub for showers & baths. She did not mind getting wet either! I only have the one now & he is by far the strangest. This may sound odd but he waits for me to get up from the toilet & then puts his paws on the edge of the seat to …look??? I always close the lid & then flush & as soon as i do that he bolts away like something mad! It’s a race at times to see if i can get the seat lid down before he jumps up. I never want him there as it flushes. Is mine the only cat that has this strange behaviour?

    • That’s hysterical! I’ve had cats who were fascinated with the water disappearing down the toilet drain, but your cat is taking this fascination to whole new levels..LOL!

      • My cats love the bathroom I put there litter box In there. Plus the tub faucet leaks and loves getting water

    • I have a feral cat they just walked into my house and made it his home. he always follows me into the bathroom and does the same thing he even fell in the toilet one day but he still loves to watch the water go down when I flush

    • I have a tortoiseshell kitten maybe 3 months old and she does everything you have said. Sometimes even jumps in the tub with me. She even goes to the bathroom when I go to the bathroom. Lol. She’s a trip. She plays more in the bathroom then she does in any room.

  6. Hi Ingrid,

    Sophie jumped on the top of the shower the other day while I was in it. That’s a first.
    Sergeant loves to play in the tub, so we keep a ball in there
    Scorpio go into the bathroom and says hello to my husband every night the minute the shower turns off.
    Sophie all loves to watch us squeegee the doors

  7. My cat goes in the shower all the time. He hates water tho. So he goes in there when no one is in there. And kust meows. We shut the door even but he knows hiw to open it. Why is it that he goes in the shower? Everytime i go to the bathroom he goes in there. He doesn’t do that wit my boyfriend just me.

    • If your cat is a boy that will explain why he follows the female of the house into the bathroom (keeping an eye on his females scent)
      A couple of my cats also like to sleep in the shower. cool and quiet is my belief on this.

  8. Hey Ingrid! Rajah loves being in the bathroom with me! He’ll meow if I close the door on him, even if he’s just used the litterbox. LOL! Whenever I get out of the shower, he’s there to greet me and promptly starts kissing my arm. So how are Allegra and Ruby these days?

  9. I just adopted a cat and she stalks me on the toilet and in the shower. She sometimes falls into the tub and then runs away. She usually stand on the edge of the tub and bats at the water and curtain. She seems to be obsessed with water. Especially when I flush the toilet. I have to close the lip immediately or else she will jump on the toilet seat and try to catch the swirling water.

  10. The only time I can go to the bathroom sans cats is during their nap times. Our eldest kitty used to love to come in and sit on the clothes hamper while I showered. I will never forget when one of my daughter’s friends was going in to shower off after swimmimg and the cat followed her in to the bathroom. The cat was escorted out and told “sorry, that’s just too wierd”. Obviously not a cat person.

  11. My Betsy loves to sit on my lap when I’m on the toilet. It’s part of our morning routine. Sometimes she jumps on my shoulders when I’m brushing my teeth.

    Matilda comes into the “cat bathroom” when I’m cleaning the litter boxes. Good to have a supervisor. She’s always quite intrigued when I get into the shower but it has a glass door so she is kept out.

  12. My Red Persian loved the bathroom. We had to keep the litter box in the tub so our dog wouldn’t use it as a buffet table. We had our washer/dryer in a closet in the bathroom and he would cuddle in the warm laundry. Once he went in and found wet clothes, he expressed his unhappiness by pooping in the dryer. I did not realize this until it was running for a good ten minutes. What a mess! Lol.

  13. My rag doll Lucy races to the bathroom when she sees me head that way because she knows she’ll get brushed! I keep her brush in there ๐Ÿ™‚ and my Siamese watches me take out my ponytail then after i leave, jumps up on the vanity and steals the hairtie and takes it and puts it in her food bowl. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have company in the bathroom.

  14. I’ve had about 5 cats over my lifetime. Every single one has liked the bathroom in one way or another. Two of my girls would try to smush together into the sink for a nap. I read somewhere that the bowl-shape of a bathroom sink makes them feel cozy and safe. Like a round bed. When I got my first boy cat (he’s currently my only cat) he wouldn’t drink out of a bowl, he’d rather drink from a glass of ice water…or even juice or other liquids in a cup or glass. He graduated from that to toilet water after we denied him from drinking from our glasses to keep him from drinking something that could harm his sensitive stomach. Of course, we always had bowls available…he still wouldn’t touch them. One day, when I was brushing my teeth be began to drink from the tap, and has been ever since. I plan to get him a pet fountain so he has constant access to water rather than whenever someone is available to turn the sink on. As other people mentioned he also likes to be in the bathroom when I shower, and his food is in our laundry room which is also a half bathroom, and if you so much as go near it he bolts for the room.

  15. I take the opportunity to get kissed, rubbed and to rub bellys… when my baby gets to the vanity while I’m blow drying my hair or brushing my teeth… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Both of my cats have to be in the bathroom with me. If I shut the door paws come under the door. If one cat is in the bathroom and the door is partially open then a paw comes in the door trying to bat the cat already inside.

    Both cats can’t be in there t the same time but if they are one usually hides behind the open door next to the wall. The other cat pesters the cat behind the door by sticking its paw under the door at the other cat.

    One of my cats loves walking in the bathtub and licking around the drain. Disgusting…but I can’t stop her from doing it. I know cats have strong stomachs but it is still icky.

    When I take a shower my Princess calico cat sits in the vanity waiting for me. She will then watch me brush my teeth.

    The bathroom seems to be a playtime place for my cats. One thing I have learned is never shut the door to keep them out or once they are in. Cats can’t stand a closed door!

  17. We use our guest bathroom as a “safe zone” for new fosters and injured colony cats, so it was where our Calypso, aka “Caly,” our formerly feral kitten, stayed during her first few weeks with us. Now the bathroom is where she must have “Caly time” with me. She will lie on my lap, purr, rub, kiss, meow and chirp and talk, and stalk bugs or nothing whatsoever (to my eyes, at least) in the tub. It truly still is her safe zone, where she can be herself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I am never alone in the bathroom. Putting my contact lenses in gets challenging when Calypso is up on the vanity batting at my lens case. Coco attacks my bath towel when I put it by the side of the tub while I’m bathing. Calypso will roll in the wet tub after I shower, and walks along the edge of the tub when I bathe. She has fallen in several times and doesn’t seem too bothered by getting wet. She also loves to play with toilet bolt covers. Often when I shower both cats will be playing in the bathroom or just waiting for me when I come out.

    I also keep a feather toy in the bathroom, and while I’m sitting on the toilet I’m running the feather toy behind the towel or under the shower curtain and Coco is pouncing on it.

  19. My Pearl is my bathroom girl. She likes to sleep in the sink and look at herself in the mirror. And I often catch her meowing her little rendition of “I’m So Pretty” from West Side Story. She’s my little little musical girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I also have one that pees over the shower drain..a couple who like to drink from the sink who likes to lick the fabric shower curtain and two who can open the doors under the sink and climb inside..don’t worry..we don’t keep anything unsafe for them in there..Go to the bathroom unsupervised!!..They wouldn’t allow it!

  21. Our elder boy, Wesley, feels that the bathroom is his room and will drink only from the bowl kept there. He also brings his favorite toys (chunky mice) there. Our crazy little boy, Rory, only wants to drink from the bathroom sink, hangs out between the curtain and liner when the shower is running, and jumps in the wet tub and spins like mad. We think our two girls visit the bathroom just because they want to figure out what the boys are on about!

  22. believe it or not, Bobo never was fascinated with the bathroom and the only reasons Cody comes in when I am there is

    1) He and I are bathroom mates ๐Ÿ™‚ His litter cabinet is in the bathroom. There have been times I have started to enter to use the facility and I will hear scratching…then…I say, “I am so sorry!! I didn’t know you were in here” and I actually leave and use my husband’s bathroom or I come back after Cody has left ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) The only other time he follows me in there is if he is stalking me for food.

    Could it be female kitties who are more obsessed with the bathroom than males?

  23. My Flame Point Siamese cat Oscar loves to come into the bathroom with me and sit on my lap while I sit on the toilet, and then jumps into the bathroom sink to pee too as if to say “see Mom I can do it too!” He is a foster cat for Angel Cat Pet Adoptions in California, and I’m not too sure if a potential adopter would think that is as cute as I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Yep, they have a captive audience and love to get your full attention with petting and scratches! My late kitty, Cholla would jump in the shower with me, to my shock! He did the same when my boyfriend was showering and would get soaked, but didn’t seem to mind. He just wanted to be with us wherever we were. He was so very affectionate, especially toward the end of his life, but the last few days he only wanted to be alone. Poor baby died a nasty death, but was very much loved his entire life.

  25. Of course I cannot use the bathroom alone. LOL. One loves to watch me take a bath.
    He sits on the toilet sit. LOL. I used to have a kitty that loved to jump in the shower after I was in there. I miss her. She was the first and only kitty that also loved toilet paper and paper towels.

  26. I had a cat that would get in the shower with me and would get all wet face to tail. The first time that happened I didn’t have a clue it was the cat in the shower with me rubbing against my leg. I ran out of the bathroom yelling that it even woke up the neighbors in our apartment complex. We all had a laugh about it later. I got to the point where I would wait for her to climb in before I did. Miss that old gal.

  27. My cats pee in the shower drain too!!! I thought I was alone on that! One of my kittens will actually go into the kitchen and pee in the sink!

    All my cats are fascinated with the bathroom. Nala (my tortie) is my loyal shower girl. She sits on the counter waiting for me while I am in the shower and while I get ready. Plus I am just never in there alone (even with the door closed).

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