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I was very excited when I first heard about Through a Cat’s Ear, which combines music and sound therapy techniques, specifically designed for feline anxiety. This is not just simple relaxation music.

Why Through a Cat’s Ear is different from other relaxation music

Composer, music producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds has been studying psychoacoustics—the effect of music and sound on human beings—since 1986. In 2003, concert pianist Lisa Spector inquired about adapting human sound therapy for dogs. Leeds began research into canine acoustic environments, which led to the release of the acclaimed audio series Through a Dog’s Ear. Through tonal and tempo selections, and simplification of solo piano music, Lisa and Joshua discovered effective solutions for many canine anxiety issues.

Since the 2008 release of Through a Dog’s Ear music, requests for music specially designed for cats have been constant. Through a Cat’s Ear, released earlier this month, is the answer to these requests. The music is designed to reduce stress in a chaotic or unsettling environment. Leed’s “sonic toolkit” originates from sound therapies with neuro-developmentally-challenged humans in which tone, tempo, and pattern are considered. Frequency ranges have been adjusted to a cat’s auditory range and a new technique called sonic anchoring is included.

How does it help anxious cats relax?

The goal of the recording was to create a mental and emotional sense of safety that arises from familiarity. The music on Through a Cat’s Ear is repetitious by design. Of fifteen tracks, six interludes are melodic fragments from Bach’s “Rondo Espressivo.” While people hear these interludes as repeating melodic intervals, cats may categorize this information as a familiar frequency matrix. As much as cats are hearing the music, they are feeling a sequence of vibrational frequencies. Like sensory information we instantly recognize—a favorite taste or aroma, our best friend’s voice, a mother’s touch— familiar sensory cues can have a profound and calming impact on the nervous system while providing psychological security.

My thoughts about Through a Cat’s Ear

I found all of this utterly fascinating, and was delighted when Joshua offered to send me a pre-release version of the cd. I’ve been playing it almost daily for the past few weeks. While it’s too soon to tell whether listening to the cd has calmed down Allegra and Ruby’s tortitude, I will say that I find it profoundly relaxing – far more so than any other relaxation music I’ve listened to. The music is beautiful and soothing for me – it’s impossible to remain tense or stressed while listening to this lovely sequence of calming sound. The girls do seem to gravitate toward the living room when the cd is playing, and have been taking more of their naps there. I have to believe that they are benefiting from this sound therapy.

I am intrigued with the potential of this simple healing modality for cats with behavioral challenges, cats in shelter or foster situations, and cats in veterinary clinics. I’m hoping to hear much more about sound therapy for cats in the future.

Through a Cat’s Ear is available from Amazon.

For more information, and to purchase, please visit the Through a Cat’s Ear website. You can also find Through a Cat’s Ear on Facebook.

FTC Disclosure: I received a pre-release copy of this cd. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. 

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97 Comments on Review: Through A Cat’s Ear: Music for Calming

  1. I would really love tp win this. I need to calm Buddy down because he’s a bully and Diva because she’s the victim.

  2. I would love to win this for my 9-year old Tuxie, who has been with me for 7 years but still gets very anxious around loud noises. I would hope this might keep him calm since his anxiousness is now affecting my youngest – who is about 2 and is normally very laid back.

  3. My wife and I have two cats, our oldest which is really her cat, has pancreas problems and when he is stressed it turns to Pancreatitis then he starts vomiting all over the place. He’s definitely a imbalanced cat and this may help him. It’s definitely worth a shot! Thanks.

  4. Would love to win a copy of this to help our little Elvis. He is a nervous, but sweet little boy who gets stressed very easily with even the smallest of changes in his environment. Right now he is going through a particularly stressful time with possible food allergies and a possible IBD diagnosis. The music really might help him at home and also in the car for those dreaded times he needs to go to the vet.

  5. Would love to win a copy to donate to the shelter (Wayside Waifs) where I volunteer. I think it would be a great aid in helping some of our cats who become stressed in the shelter environment. Have a couple of favorite kitties right now who I’d love to see the music help.

  6. If I win a copy, I would try playing it for my cats when I am not home. My new foster guy is very social and loves human interaction. He meows those mournful cries when he is lonely. Maybe the music would help settle him in a bit. I would love to find out. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. My most recent rescue kitty was from a flooded out house from Hurricane Sandy. At first Chubbyhid from me and my 3 other Tortie girl kitties, but then after 2 weeks came out and joined the family. All was fine for about 5 weeks or so, with the exception of a few hisses. Then all of a sudden Chubby went after my cat Sugar and had her screaming, hissing and growling and then Sugar ran and stayed up on top of the kitchen cabinets. I’ve worked with them, have Chubby in a playpen when I am not home and Sugar has come down to at least use litter box and to sit in her cat condo which I put by the kitchen counter. But…as soon as Chubby sees Sugar when she is out, she still makes a beeline for her. I am hoping maybe some soothing sounds will help Chubby and Sugar to at least be civil to one another! I love all of my kitties and would like sanity to return!

  8. We live with four rescued cats. One came to us from its owner who had difficulty dealing with the cat’s urinary tract issues. This newest addition, a gorgeous orange tabby, is having problems with one of the female cats in our household. They tolerate each other, but she often hisses and growls if he gets too close. I believe in the healing power of sound, and I would love to use this to help the anxiety around the interactions of these two cats.

  9. I, too, have a tortie w/ tude, along with three of her adult children and an adopted senior lady that could sure use some calming music to help her fit in! Allegra and Ruby are so cute, by the way. Love the way they ‘test’ products!

  10. My Woodrow is always a little on edge, and I’d love to see if this calms him down. I’ll try anything with a real possibility!

  11. I would love to win Through a Cat’s Ear! My 2 yr old Sammie has not slowed down. He insists that I play from 5am until around 10pm with only a 3hr nap! Sammie gets quite upset & aggressive when he doesn’t get his way. I played the samplers and he went down for a nap!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  12. I would like to win so I can donate this to our local shelter, Great Plains ASPCA. We are over loaded with cats, and this would really help make their environment much more calming and relaxing for them.

  13. This could soothe both humans and cats at my abode! Our cats are so intuned to us as we rush through our busy lives, I certainly want to create calm via music.

  14. I would LOVE to have this so all 5 of us, (my 3 cats , my daughter and myself) could enjoy and relax to the music. I listened to Rondo Espressivo on YouTube and it is wonderful. I always leave the radio on a classical music station for the cats when no one is here so this would be a welcomed addition. 🙂

  15. Would definitely use this at the shelter, mostly in the Isolation areas where it is usually the most stressful for the cats.

  16. In addition to being a pet sitter & managing a Veterinary office, I am a Reiki practitioner specializing in animals, this CD sounds like the perfect accompaniment for my therapy sessions & my 6 kitties @ home would live the soothing effect!

  17. I, too, am fascinated by the potential of this concept! I utilize similar music therapy for myself sometimes, and would love to see how this works with my boy Smokey!

  18. Since I will likely soon be adding a rescue kitten to my household this would come in very handy! My late cat, Thomas, responded to music and would insist on certain music playing during car rides, yowling unless “his music” was playing and swinging his tail to the beat of songs he liked.

  19. My tortie is afraid of her own shadow – probably because she lives with a 16yr old cat who is so hateful to her. I’m hoping the soothing music will relax both of them!

  20. When we recently made a short 2-hour move, one of our cats vocalized the entire time. The only thing that seemed to calm him was one particular cut from a CD we were playing. I would love to try this Kitty CD to see how it affects all our cats. This is an exciting concept!

  21. I transport cats for our cat rescue organization. They are in carriers to and from our rescue center to the adoption center. A van filled with soothing melodies would make the trip much less stressful.

  22. My boy Sanchez is so revved up at everything it renders him to spray on everything. Sanchez was a victim of a camper accident. I live along a highway and years ago his family was in an accident, the camper tumbled into a gully outside of my home (in the dead of winter) and caught on fire. His pet parents and fur sister were killed.. he escaped and somehow made it to my house where I brought him in.
    Every little noise, every other cat (aside from his current brothers and sisters) make him out of control. I’ve tried everything, even anti anxiety meds. I would love to try this for him. Anything would help. <3

  23. I would love to win this to donate to The SPCA Serving Erie County. We often leave a classical radio station on in our stray cat room to help reduce stress, but I would love something specifically designed for our feline friends!

  24. I would love to win and share this with our beautiful girl, Lovey… we are music fans and want to include her likes in our music listening. 🙂

  25. Annie is a Gamma girl and she gets stressed when she knows a thunderstorm is coming. This shoukd calm her, while also covering up storm noises. Great idea!

  26. I’d like to win the CD for one of my girls (we’ve got 2 kitties). We adopted Noelle 1.5 years ago after she had lived with 2 other families before – she is the nicest cat and I dont know why someone would ever return her. She loves being with us but she suffers with anxiety and pull out her own hair, even when she is happy. Vet said we need to help her to be calm at all times, so maybe the CD could help her to be less anxious. 🙂

  27. We are now caring for 14 feral cats in a colony in our neighborhood. We have TNR all the adult cats and fostered two litters of kittens to socialize them. We keep the mothers inside while the kittens are being weaned. Would love to place this for the moms while they are in the house and stressed!

  28. Gargoyles Animal Rescue tends to dogs and cats in our home, which is a bit too small at present and thinking this Awesome “Through a Cat’s Ear” would be an effective tool around here. Thank you!

  29. I’d love to try this music for my kitties, to see if it helps them to calm down and get along better. Our youngest boy likes to pick at the girls, and I’m hoping that the music would mellow him out, and cut down on the girls’ stress levels.

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