We know cats love cardboard, and we know cats love Hauspanther toys, so I was pretty sure that Allegra and Ruby would love the new line of eco-friendly toys. Hauspanther released their popular Stacks and Atomic Flyer toys in a cardboard version, and surprised us by sending a set to Allegra and Ruby for testing.

The toys were an instant hit. The cardboard makes the toys nice and lightweight, which makes them fly across the floor easily. Allegra had a hard time deciding which toy to play with first!


The new Eco Stacks, shown in the photo at the top of the post, were Ruby’s favorite. They bounce around unpredictably. Ruby grabs them and tosses them up in the air.

Allegra and Ruby give these new Hauspanther toys four paws up!


The new Eco Flyers are now available in the Hauspanther Etsy shop, $6 for a package of 12 toys, three of each shape.

FTC Disclosure: Hauspanther sent us these toys for review. Receiving the complimentary product did not influence Allegra and Ruby’s rating of the toys.

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  1. This is an interesting concept for play toys. I have/still will tear off different sizes of cardboard (just to keep the kittens from chewing the boxes to pieces). They will tear off little pieces of the cardboard cartons and throw the pieces on the floor, never eat them. So about a month or so ago, I cut a few pieces of cardboard off a carton. I even sprayed them with catnip mist and let them dry. I thought it would take their desire of tearing up cartons and they would play with the cut/catnip sprayed pieces. Well save your time if you try this, it did not take that desire to rip cardboard to pieces. So they are back to tearing up empty cartons. Kitty in a box, is the game they play.

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