In these tough economic times, some families are faced with the heartbreaking decision of whether to feed themselves, or their pets. A new program, Pet Food Stamps©, is helping these low-income families keep their pets, and at the same time, prevents pets from being surrendered to already overcrowded shelters.

Pet Food Stamps© is a registered non-profit corporation in New York state, and has been created to fill the void in the United States Food Stamp program, which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. There are over 50 million Americans who currently receive food stamps, many with dogs or cats, who simply cannot afford to feed their animals, and who are often forced to surrender their animals to shelters.

Due to the generosity of contributors and patrons, this program helps to eliminate that heart-wrenching decision by making sure these pet guardians are given free monthly home delivery of all necessary food supplies.

The program is available to US residents who are currently receiving food stamps, or whose income is around or below the poverty level. Applicants complete a brief online form. Due to the popularity of the program, which speaks to its great need, approval of applications currently takes several weeks. Pet Food Stamps is getting up to 3000 requests per day, and more than 45,000 people have already signed up.

This program is not unique. Shelters and rescue groups across the nation offer similar programs, but the success of Food Stamps for Pets is a clear indicator of how much these programs are needed.

Once need is determined and the application approved, the families get pet food each month for a six-month period from pet food retailer PetFlow. It is supported by private donations.

With the continued growth of the Pet Food Stamps program, the founders hope to expand the program later this year to include offering free or heavily discounted veterinary care for  qualified program beneficiaries.

For more information about the program, to apply, or to make a donation to support it, please visit

13 Comments on Food Stamps for Cats: New Program Helps Low-Income Families Keep Their Companions

  1. Such an amazing and wonderful program, having been widowed and hitting some really rough times in life I have been very grateful to have had food stamps help me. Working at the shelter I also see a lot of pets surrendered or left behind when a family gets evicted or suffers a job loss-this could be amazing to keep pets with their families where they belong!

  2. Thank you so much for your assistance and services. May you be truly blessed in helping the people get foodstamps for their animals.

  3. I have applied for this but have not heard yet whether I am eligible. I think it is a wonderful program. I have 3 cats right now and will never let them go hungry.

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