When I first heard about the CritterZone on Hauspanther, I was intrigued. Kate Benjamin calls the air purifier and odor eliminator a “game changer. ” Kate has 12 cats of her own, and combating odors is something that she deals with on a daily basis, so I figured she knew what she was talking about. I wanted to learn more about this air cleaner, and contacted the company. When I received the two sample units they sent me, I couldn’t believe my eyes: they’re tiny!

The CritterZone Air Purifier is only 4.5″ tall by 2.75″ wide by 1.75″ deep. The wall plug in unit protrudes about an inch from the wall in the back of the unit.  The cord that comes with the corded unit protrudes less than .5 inch.

I have to admit, I was skeptical. How could something so small really do anything to reduce odors?

Works great on kitchen odors

I plugged the unit into an outlet in my kitchen after I had reheated some split pea soup, which has a pretty strong smell. I’m funny about cooking smells – I love them before and while I eat, but I want them gone as soon as I finish. I can’t stand lingering odors. By the time I finished my bowl of soup, the kitchen no longer smelled like soup!

Works great on pet odors, even urine

But I’m sure what you really want to know is how it works on pet odors. I tested the unit near one of our litter boxes. Ruby is a vertical pee-er, and before I got the NVR Miss, the only litter box I’ve been able to find with high enough sides to eliminate this problem, we had some accidents. Even though I had used numerous cleaners around the box (it sits on carpet), I’d still occasionally get a faint whiff of urine odor. I only had to run the unit there for 10 minutes, and the remaining faint odor was completely gone. I haven’t smelled it since.

October 2014 update: I had a chance to use the Critterzone on a urine stain on our carpet when some of Ruby’s urine spilled over the sides of our high sided box because I had filled it with a little too much litter. After blotting the stain, and putting the Critterzone upside down on the damp area for about half an hour, there was absolutely no odor left.

How does it work?

The Critterzone produces a natural ionic flow to give indoor air the energy it needs to restore itself. This process virtually eliminates pollutants in the air, on surfaces and even in fabrics, providing odor and germ control. The unit uses very little energy and cleans your air 24/7 for less than a penny a day.

The unit is said to eliminate spills, urine and odors from carpet, upholstery, mattresses and more. They say that it can virtually eliminate human or pet urine from fabrics within 30-60 minutes. It can be used on spilled milk, gasoline and other germ or odor concerns in your home, business or  vehicle (it comes with a car adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter).

The best part: no filters, and you never have to clean anything, ever!

My only concern about the CritterZone was the issue of ozone. The unit emits a faint ozone smell when it is in operation, similar to what you would smell during a thunderstorm. Some air purifiers on the market are ozone generators, and there are safety concerns around the levels of ozone these machines generate. The FDA requires ozone output of indoor medical devices to be no more than 0.05 ppm. The Critterzone produces less than 0.01 PPM of ozone.

I absolutely love this unit. I’ve shied away from larger air cleaners because they require frequent cleaning, as well as purchasing replacement filters, not to mention that they take up space. This small, efficient unit gets the job done!

At $99, this is a bit of an investment, but it will save you from having to buy bottles of odor eliminator, and remember that you will never have to buy replacement filters. And if you’re not happy with your purchase, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Special Discount for Conscious Cat Readers

CritterZone USA is offering a special $10 discount for Conscious Cat readers only. Simply enter code CONSCIOUSCAT at checkout.

For more information about Critterzone, and to purchase, please visit

CritterZone sent me two units for review. Receiving the complimentary units did not influence my review. I am an affiliate of CritterZone, which means that I receive a small commission on each unit purchased with the CONSCIOUSCAT discount code. Regardless of any payments I may receive, you will never see products or services featured on this site that I don’t either use or would use myself.

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  1. Our litter box is in a small laundry room, which also houses our furnace/air conditioning unit. Our issue is more with the dust from the litter. Does this unit help with dust as well? Will dust clog the unit?


  2. Thank you so much for this review. We have 3 XL cats and have been fighting litter box odor for ages. This product worked like a charm. We were so impressed we actually bought a second unit the very next day! Totally worth the price. Thanks again for the great advice.

  3. I am amazed at the replies regarding ozone. Ozone is everywhere, unless you plan to lock yourself into an air-proof home the rest of your life you are going to breathe in ozone. When we walk outside after a rain and smell that fresh smell we are breathing ozone. But there re much more dangerous odors like smoke residue.
    My story is that I purchased the CriiterZone. I am asthmatic and I also have an asthmatic cat. The first thing I noticed was after running this tiny machine for 6 hours, my Charlotte had not had one incident of an asthmatic attack. Normally she goes through 4-6 of these in every 24 hour period. She has also had to take steroid injections from monthly at its worst to every other month when it has not been so bad. The second thing is that I have a cat ith allergies, who has had a chronic runny eye ( just one) for 5 years, the eye was no longer weeping. Thirdly because I am a cat parent and look to myself last, I realized that I had not had to grab my inhaler since I started the CritterZone.
    The air around my litter boxes is clean and there is no litter odor at all. So I’ll take the 1/1000th of a percent of ozone for all the reasons above. I will be purchasing another for a friend with a cat rescue.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the Critterzone, Kathie. I’m so glad it’s made such a difference for both you and your kitty!

      I think the ozone issue is one that everybody has to make their own decision about. Like so many things in life, it’s a question of risk vs. benefit, and the key is to educate yourself and then make a decision that is right for you.

      I love your comment “…because I’m a cat parent and look to myself last.” Don’t we all!

  4. since you aren’t connected to this company I was wondering if you researched or compared this unit to the one you mention here GT50 Professional-Grade Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Air Purifier
    by GreenTech Environmental this unit is significantly cheaper and seems to have good reviews.

    • Kathy, I did not review or research any other air purifiers to compare. As stated in the disclosure statement at the bottom of the review, I am an affiliate of CritterZone, which means that I receive a small commission on each unit purchased with the CONSCIOUSCAT discount code. Regardless of any payments I may receive, you will never see products or services featured on this site that I don’t either use or would use myself. It’s also why I asked a CritterZone representative to address the concerns about ozone levels shared by other readers.

  5. I bought one of these units after reading a review on one of the fine Cat-oriented blogs. I plugged it into the room where the litter box is and ran it for about 36 hours. Then I unplugged it and returned it. It is a nice theory, but it kicked up my allergies in a way I haven’t had in years. I developed a cough, which took me a week to get rid of. The leaves on my plants discolored almost overnight.

    I’m sorry, but I have to give this a thumbs down. Ozone is a pollutant, and this was really brought home to me. They do have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

  6. We bought one of those after seeing the Hauspanther review and had to send it back. It produces ozone, which is bad for asthma sufferers like TW. It’s also bad for cats cos our lungs are smaller than humans and ozone is a lung irritant. That’s why during the summer you’ll read about ozone alerts. We addressed our zoncern with Critterzone and they admitted that some people are sensitive to ozone and let us send it back.

    • Hi there, Cathy,

      Thanks for giving the CritterZone unit a chance! Overwhelmingly, the response to the product has been extremely positive, but we certainly want to make sure you are happy, and we do offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

      As far as the ozone question goes, we have a more detailed response posted in the comments section to explain how the unit works, but it is by no means an ozone generator. It’s simply reactivating indoor air by creating active ingredients that give the air the ability to clean itself, like Mother Nature does with outdoor air. Those active ingredients create chemical reactions and break down contaminants. Some of those reactions will include oxygen being converted to a faint amount of ozone. However this is only 1/1000th of what naturally occurs outside.


    • Hey there Conscious Cat readers!

      Wanted to quick say thank you for such a fantastic review and great reader feedback. The response to our product has been overwhelmingly positive, but it looks like there may be some questions about how it works, etc.

      First understand that there is some fantastic science going on here. That’s what makes the product work so well! The CritterZone isn’t an ozone generator OR an ionizer. It’s simply reactivating indoor air by creating a myriad of active ingredients that give the air the ability to clean itself, just like outdoor air does. Those active ingredients start creating chemical reactions immediately and start breaking down contaminants. Depending on the area and the situation, those reactions can give off different odors as the air works to purify itself. Some of those reactions will of course include oxygen being converted to a faint amount of ozone. Enough to smell but waaaaay less than what NATURALLY occurs outside. We are talking 1/1000th!

      Here’s the cool thing…any smell or reaction to the product is temporary, and it tells you that the machine is getting to work and improving your air quality. How long will it last? As you can imagine, the chemistry charting all of the reactions with everything found in a pet owner’s home can be daunting. Many times this will be the first time many homes have really had the air cleaned in years, especially if filtration is the major air cleaning method until now. As the air gets cleaner, those reactions slow down.

      When purification happens in nature, it happens rapidly. Compared to outdoors, the CritterZone is much smaller, so that process happens at a slower pace. That’s why some users may notice different smells or reactions to the product. If that happens, switch the machine to low and let it work more gradually.

      Science and Mother Nature are AMAZING things and can be hard to explain. We hope that we have done that for you a little here, but if you have any questions you can always reach us through our website.

      Thanks again Conscious Cat!

  7. Sounds like a great product for pet owners! One word of caution though: for anyone with asthmatic kitties (or people for that matter), the ozone produced from this unit, albeit below acceptable standards, can be an asthma trigger.

  8. Thanks for your review! Wanting to get a small air purifier, I’ve been reading other bloggers sharing their experience and wondered about whether it had an ionizer/ozone. Unfortunately, because of the safety concerns and the sensitivity of birds, this one will also have to go on my No list. It sounds good otherwise.

    • I have never heard anything about these purifiers. What is the harm to birds? I have a cocktails.

      • Hi there, Viki!

        The CritterZone is completely safe for birds, other pets and humans. 🙂 We have submitted a more detailed response below, explaining the science of how it works, but basically the CritterZone works the same way Mother Nature does outdoors to clean the air naturally. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions. We are at 612.235.4911.



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