As far as product reviews go, this one had to be one of the girls’ favorite ones. I’ve long been an admirer of Brawny Cat’s absolutely amazing Big Baby Comfort Lounge and Big Sleeky Comfort Lounge. These loungers are works of art, made from beautiful natural cedar wood and heavy duty corrugated cardboard scratchers, but at price points ranging from $179 to $229, they were a little outside of my price range.

I was excited when Andrew, the human behind these exceptionally beautiful loungers, contacted me and asked whether we would like to review his newest lounger, the Sleeky Lounge XL. These loungers are made with a sturdy, hand burnished cardboard scratching surface, and a big, comfortable back rest and side bolsters. They look and feel like they’re made out of wood, and yet, they are priced at only  $47.95! Andrew generously sent two of these Sleeky Loungs for Allegra and Ruby to test. I guess he figured that they would love them so much that it might cause problems if he only sent one!


The loungers are absolutely gorgeous. We got the Blue Patina and Royal Red colors. The Blue Patina couldn’t fit more perfectly into my living room. The Royal Red one is in my office, and while the lavender one would have fit the decor in there better, I know Allegra and Ruby couldn’t care less about what color the scratchers are. But why don’t I let them tell you what they think about these loungers.

Ruby: Allegra, look! Mom is bringing two BIG boxes upstairs!

Allegra: I see that, Ruby. Do you think they’re for us?

Ruby: You know she’ll leave the boxes out for us to play with, but I wonder what’s in them?

Allegra: Wow! Whatever it is, it’s big!

Ruby: Oooh, look Allegra! It looks like it’s a new scratcher!

Allegra: Let me at it, Ruby. You know I’m famous for my purr-fect scratching technique.

As you can see in the video below, Allegra proceeded to thoroughly test the Sleekly Lounge for its scratching potential.


Ruby: Well? What do you think, Allegra?

Allegra: Nice! Very nice!

Ruby: Allegra, look! There’s a second one of these!

Allegra: I’m busy, Ruby. You go check out the other one.

Ruby: Oooh, I like it! I think I’m going to stretch out on it and take a nap in the sun.


Allegra and Ruby give the new Sleeky Lounge four paws up. I am absolutely thrilled with the loungers, both because they’re nice and sturdy, but also, because they’re beautiful, and just offer more proof that cat furniture doesn’t have to be hideous, or flimsy.


For more information about the new Sleeky Lounge XL, and to purchase, please visit

We’re excited to anounce that we’ll be giving away
one of these fabulous Sleeky Lounges next month!

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  1. FABULOUS review and those look great! We have one of Andrew’s original lounges (thanks to winning it from YOU!) and it remains one of our favorite pieces. He does wonderful work!

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