Last week, I introduced you to Gary Patterson and his whimsical paintings of cats. His distinctive style captures cats’ essence in ways that will inevitably make you smile.

I’m delighted to be able to offer an autographed copy of Gary’s book Cat Laughs to five lucky winners! Gary presents the funny side of felines in this little volume, and anyone who likes a great laugh will enjoy this catnip-worthy collection of cat comedy. The book is hard to find and is considered a collector’s item.

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win a copy of Cat Laughs. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, and leave a separate comment for each social network, letting me know that you shared. No need to share the link to your share. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere, and ends Thursday, March 14, 2013. Winners will be chosen by random drawing*.

For more information about Gary Patterson, please visit

*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Prize winner must provide The Conscious Cat with a physical address to which the prize will be mailed within 72 hours. If this information is not received, an alternate winner will be chosen by random drawing. Winners will be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

107 Comments on Giveaway: win an autographed copy of Cat Laughs by Gary Patterson

  1. Hello there- I’d love to win this book as I and my five rescue cats need to have a couple of belly laughs right about now. We’ve been experiencing severe financial problems and may lose our home. I can handle it, but my furkids will not. They are the ‘unadoptable’- some are semi- feral, one has spent a year in a cage in a no-kill shelter. She is older and VERY shy and doesn’t do well with other kitties. Mr Patterson is a great artist and humorist and a book of his would cheer us (ME!) up considerably! Thank you and say Hi to Ruby and Allegra for us.

  2. I would love to win. I purchase the cat calendar every year for my home, work and friends as well as save my old calendars because I love the pictures so much. The artwork is truely special.

  3. I’d love to win this because I could use a few laughs right now, I have a cat book collection and this would be a welcome addition. Thanks you!

  4. I am the quintessential “crazy cat lady!” I live and breathe cats! I live on an acreage and have rescued numerous cats over the years, sheltered, fed, spayed and neutered them. I dont think in all my life I have ever been without a cat by my side. I would love to win a copy of Gary Patterson’s book! It would look great sitting on my coffe table for all to see!

  5. Mr. Patterson catches the “spirit” of the cat in his illustrations and this handsome offering would look great in my home. I’m sure Zoey and Sqeeks would love more of his artwork in our house.

  6. I’ve always loved Gary’s work and would love to win this book–especially a signed copy! Today is my birthday and this would be an awesome gift >^.^<

  7. I love cats and have loved Gary’s calendars for years. Just to show you how much I love his calendars, I have to drive 2 and a half hours to get to the closest city that I may be able to find it. For this year I had to order it form the website and it didn’t like my canadian address. Gary captures the real nature of cats.

  8. My kitties and I adore Gary Patterson. He has an amazing ability to put all of the personality and character we see in our kitties to the faces of his drawings. Adorable.

  9. I would love a copy of this book, and it to be atuographed. I get a Gary Patterson Cat Calendar every year at xmas, my whole family likes to look and see where the little mouse I love cats. Would truly cherish it if i won. Thanks ^_^

  10. Gary is the name of my dear cat and he just looks like one in the pictures of Gary Patterson. I like the special humour of these drawings – and would definately enjoy winning one.

  11. I would love to win this book, because I collect books as well as love cats! I would proudly display it for others to glance through while at my house! Thank you!

  12. I would love to win a copy of this book. Whimsical or not, cats have a way of bringing a smile to my face!

  13. I would really love to add this book to my cat collection. I love Gary Patterson’s artwork and his special talent for capturing all things feline. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I would “love” a signed copy of his book. He portrays cats so purfectly, and always leaves me smiling. Thank you both for this opportunity, which I have shared on facebook for my fur loving friends.
    (Proud Mom to 4 Furbabies)

  15. I would love a copy of Cat Laughs, the illustrations are so adorable. My cat Purrcy is keeping his paws crossed that we win. Thank you for having this contest.

  16. Who doesn’t love Gary’s pet cartoons? They are very funny and touching.
    I would love to win one – I am more than slightly obsessed with felines!

    Shared the contest on Facebook and Pinterest.

  17. I love cats! I foster cats and often have people come to my home to meet the cats — I would love to have this book to show potential adopters and put them in the mood to fall in love with a cat!

  18. I would love a copy of Cat Laughs because Gary Patterson’s work is amazing and always makes me smile. 🙂

  19. Oh, my! Enjoy Patterson’s cats and I’ve laughed till I’ve had tears streaming down my face! I would so love to get a copy of this book!!!!!!

  20. I would love to win an autographed copy of Cat Laughs by Gary Patterson for my son who has always enjoyed his illustrations and ability to capture the attitude of a cat.

  21. We saw some pictures from this book on another blog and it’s really great! We would love a copy of the book because Gary captures the kitty world purrfectly. 🙂

  22. Thank you Ingrid for introducing me to the work of Gary Patterson! He sure captures the world of the cat in whimsical form. Their world, including us! LOLOL ~

  23. Great title to a book that I’m sure will produce a lot of laughter. Cats are so entertaining. 🙂 Being a bibliophile and an ailurophile, this would be a great win.

  24. I would love to win an autographed copy of Cat Laughs by Gary Patterson. I have bought Leanin Tree cards for years and am familiar with his art from looking at and buying their cards. This compendium of funny cat pictures would be a great addition to my cat library.

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