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Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Today, I want to tell you about hugging. I just discovered it, and it’s so nice! Well, I guess I didn’t just discover it: Mom hugs me all the time. But until recently, I’ve never hugged her back. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when she hugs me. I purr, and rub my face against her arms, and sometimes, I get so excited from being hugged, I roll over on my back. But in all that time, I never tried hugging her back.

Until last week. I was sitting on Mom’s lap while she was working away at the computer, and even though it was nice and cozy, I was feeling a little ignored. So I sat up, and looked up at Mom. When she still didn’t stop typing, I stretched myself as tall as I could! Then I leaned against her, rubbed my head against her neck, and reached my paws up. That did  it. She stopped typing, and hugged me back. You can see from the smile on her face that she really liked being hugged by me!

Kitties, do you hug your humans?

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  1. One of my cats likes to put his paws on my thighs while I’m standing up so that I will reach down and pick him up under his armpits. He lets his legs go limp and then stretches as far as he can toward the ceiling. Then he lets me put his front paws around my neck so I can squeeze him and give him big kisses. I think that’s his version of a hug.

  2. Hi ruby,

    What a cool pic. I don’t exactly hug my Mom but we do have a ritual. When she turns off the light to go to sleep, I crawl up on her chest longwise. I put my face right up to her face. Mom pets and kisses my head and cheeks and tells me how cute I am. I purr up a storm and wag my tail. I usually jump down to do my night time playing with Lucy after. 5 or 10 minutes. It makes both of us happy. Lucy when it turns cold sits in moms lap and lets her pet her. She also sleeps between moms legs to keep her warm. We’ll have build up to the hug thing. 🙂

    Lil’ Rikki

  3. This story brought such a smile to my face that I was grinning from ear to ear. Even though our fur babies can’t speak human language they always know how to communicate with us. It gives me such a warm feeling when my cats come over to hug me, or meet me when I get home, (no matter how long I’ve been gone), or even just when they give me a look, as if to say, “Hey, whatcha doin?”. They even welcome my interaction when they are sleeping. When I pet them they will roll over, or just stretch out letting me know that they really love that. The love from a cat is the best unconditional love I could ever ask for.

  4. Oh Ruby, we love that picture. We are just a little shy about hugging our Mom.We are not crazy about even being picked up but we do rub on her and purr for her. We will have to work on that hugging stuff. That might be fun. Take care and have a great day.

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