Moderncat Puzzle Pieces

Allegra and Ruby got a nice surprise in the mail the other day: Kate from Moderncat Studios sent us some of their new Puzzle Pieces! The girls are big fans of Moderncat toys, and I expected that these would be a hit as well.

As soon as I took them out of the sleeve they came in, the girls both went to investigate at the same time. After a brief nose tap over the new toys that looks more like a hockey face off in this picture, they went to work and thoroughly tested them.

kitty nose tap

They both had a blast. Because of their uneven shape, they bounce unpredictably all over the place, and Ruby in particular would tirelessly chase them down, bat them in the air, and run after them again. She was much too fast for me to capture any of it on video! Our house is mostly carpet, but I bet these would be a lot of fun on hardwood floors. They also fly really well when you toss them like a Frisbee – Ruby loves to chase after them.

These Puzzle Pieces come in all kinds of wonderful colors. Kate knows us well enough and sent us the Mixed Berry colors. They even come in holiday colors. These fun toys make great stocking stuffers for your kitties. You can purchase them, along with all the other Moderncat toys, in the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop.

Allegra and Ruby would like you to know that receiving the complimenary toys did not influence their opinion of these toys. They were so excited to tell you and your kitties about these toys that they asked me to pre-empt our Mews and Nips column, which will return next Saturday.


6 Comments on Allegra and Ruby love their Moderncat Puzzle Pieces

  1. I love the nose tap! Better watch out, Ingrid. My poor deprived kitties only get my leftover cardboard scraps and boxes, what would I do if they learned about this?

  2. At first thought, puzzle pieces don’t seem to be a toy that cats would like…but your kitties seem to really enjoy them, so I guess I need to re-think that! Plus, they are very colorful and cute.

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