CatAmazing puzzle toy

The new CatAmazing puzzle toy is a super fun toy for intelligent kitties. This sturdy cardboard toy is incredibly well designed. The clever insert creates hard to reach areas that cats can access through different shaped openings on the outside, making it much more challenging (and fun) for kitty than other puzzle toys. The insert creates three levels of increasing difficulty, using colors that cats see best.


Allegra and Ruby were pretty impatient with me while I put the toy together. Yes, it does require some assembly, but even I, “assembly challenged” as I am, was able to put this one together easily. It comes in two parts, and you simply fold the box, fold the insert, and put the two together. No tools required, and the instructions are easy to follow (see my remark about being “assembly challenged”…)


I used tiny pieces of freeze dried chicken treats and I had barely set the puzzle on the floor when Allegra and Ruby started checking it out. Allegra got the first piece out, but Ruby wasn’t far behind. You can see her concentrating really hard in the picture above!

Watch Allegra retreive her first treat in the video below. Between the two of them, it didn’t take my smart girls long to get all the treats out!


I really love this toy, and more importantly, so do the girls. For more information, and to purchase, please visit

Wouldn’t your kitties love to have a CatAmazing puzzle of their own? One lucky kitty can win one right here!

To enter this giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win the CatAmazing puzzle toy. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States and Canada, and ends Friday,  November 23.

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  1. My Jazz and Leo are always asking for treats. I also feel, as indoor cats, they need more stimulation without me… IDK, I just feel bad they only have fun with me. I want them to have another way to play.

  2. Stuart and Pippy haven’t really been the same since Lilu passed to cancer. She was their “fun” so to speak. I have string toys, noisy toys, cat trees, a screened in patio, and even outside activities for them. They just seem to have lost their spark. Now they do love a good treat, and I’m thinking something like this could get their perkiness jump started.

    • Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited – can’t wait to get it and set it up with some treats in it for my kitties to try to get out!!!

  3. We have five cats and we are always looking for new ways to entertain them. This would keep them busy for hours

  4. We would love to win this give away because we have 3 very intelligent Savannahs that get bored with the standard toys. They always are looking to exercise their bodies and their brains! I am a cat breeder and we are constantly searching high and low for cat toys that can really keep our King and Queens occupied! This seems like a fabulous toy to keep them happy and healthy 🙂

    We posted the link for the contest and told our 400+ fan base for my breeder page to enter here:

  5. My crazy Lilly would love this toy. She has recently learned how to get a ball out of a toy, and the ball is not suppose to be able to remove….LOL!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness – how my 6 rescues would LOVE to have one of these! Could we possibly be THAT LUCKY to win one?

  7. I’ve bought puzzle boxes for my cats for years and all my cats enjoy them but my 16 year old cat Joey will lay on his side for hours, digging one toy out after another. But it’s begging to look pretty ragged and I’ve been beside myself wondering what I would do after this one bites the dust…and Voila, you come up with an even better puzzle box! Yay!

  8. This would be a great toy to entertain my kitties and to keep their little brains active. How fun for them!

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